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The current plebiscite, asking whether the law should be changed to enable same sex couples to marry, is very naked.

It does not specify whether this permission should be the basis for a dominating, national preference attempting to make citizens conform to its viewpoint as right, perhaps even choosing language for you, commandeering liberty,  whatever your religion or morals. It neither seeks nor could grant this.

Nor does the plebiscite legitimise using this permission as a cultural criterion, pushing people to treat it far beyond mere legal possibility. The  plebiscite doesn't say whether the law should be changed to enable the same sex marriage approach to be rated above the natural way our bodies are constructed via DNA.

In short, relevant ability to marry is all that is being voted on, not some change in underlying religious approach, as if the DNA despite its precision, means nothing in a meaningless universe, making it wrong to think or speak in other terms, except with special permission!.

That would be to turn permission into philosophy or religion, and acceptance into dominance and possibly domineering. thus requiring a referendum on Section 116 of the Constitution (freedom of religion) before it could justly be  considered.