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What of living things ? How do they come to be ? By having worse ones doomed and better ones create new advances because the worse ones went ? With what childishness mankind will believe phantoms, rather than think, or turn to truth.

How do better ones exist when there is no life present, even to compete with itself to perform miracles of production ? How does ANYTHING come to be when there is no being ? What PRODUCES ? what is  SOURCE, whether of better ones or any ones or anything ? Why in an effort to explain life is explanation the one thing which is not even faced! Call it fairies, and it is no difference. There is no serious effort to explain things from beginning to end, but only processes of removal are faced, with nothing to be there in order to be removed.

Production-free accounts of products is like having a sentence with nothing but the full stop. You need go, and push, and preparation and endurance, and source, not sauce as if some inane process explains the very idea of process, some twisted obliteration explains institution and dusting makes furniture.

Very well: cutting off weakened members of a group by deficiency defaults may limit loss over time, but it is not even relevant to gain at the forefront. The idea is nothing to do with science. You do not find it happening before your eyes, as new DNA arrives like the writing hand on the wall at the epoch of Belshazzar's feast. THAT was an exhibition of the necessarily eternal being known as God, without whom as originally extant there is NOTHING for ANYTHING to come from, nor any explanation of anything. That, in Belshazzar's day was a relatively simple matter, like the running of a hundred yards record, on the part of a trained athlete, having what it takes and applying its working with its power.

Survival of some, then, is not the arrival of something better, nor is it a rationale of anything better than dead logic, which having died ceases to be attentive to need in explanation, ground, causal sufficiency: and being dead to the world is no way of giving it life, or even existence, let alone logically formulated existence where the power of human science rests on the repetitive and rationally grounded operations of laws which being found and applied, enable one in some measure to look ahead to future situations in the material field, provided it is not invaded, deleted or deteriorating to the point of lacking power, availability of power or form, format or regularising controls.

As a rationale, evolutionism is not science. Rather it is a quirk of philosophy, a wriggle of fantasy where some negatively poised missionary scientists place and push their artful wares unwarily. In statistics you have an interesting phrase which in another context can be applied descriptively: it is "standard deviation." In a literary sense the term describes evolutionism well: it is now a standard of a mass of more or less dictatorial, directive institutions which demand conformity by different and sometimes devious means. I have myself suffered in some of them.

In one famous fatuity I was forbidden to lecture in the area of scientific method with no other ground given but this, that such a broader coverage of the issues as I was making, despite unanswered challenge and protest  to an aroused antagonistic authority, was  "not convenient." In vain, I referred to the concept of a university as including the properties of being a search agency for revered truth. That was dismissible with a wry grimace!

The same underlying fantasy, directly or in underlying assumption, has been met in seminary or college, one after the other in this or that part of the world, and in failing denomination after denomination. It is like an evil theme in lively music.

To deviate from truth has indeed become standard, and if not entirely exhaustive, is a rnajor plague and embroiling infection. No false god is pursued with greater insistence and persistence than this one. Communism palls in comparison with this doctrinaire divagation.

For this wry fantasy we have to pay. It comes, this demand for payment, whether in small things or great. It came in the form of almost routinely removing tonsils and post-nasals, on the mistaken notion that they were vestiges of an evolutionary past, when now even this year 2018, they are being verified as of multi-use aid, safeguarding against numbers of conditions. But no, they were whipped out in a superabundance of evolutionary zeal. There is for many an organ, a time when  disease may compromise it and some may THEN need removal. That is different. The same fluent folly was wrought on many appendices, maybe whipped out when the surgeon was near, or taken away with a freedom in certain cases, which was not warranted.

Now that facts are  in these areas displacing fantasies because of tested evidence, the losses of a stricken past cannot be restored, but at least the increasing awareness of ever increasing design components in life, present in potential and operative under stress or environmentally challenging situations, is reducing the romp. The verified uses of the human appendix are an exercise in practical realism, being both fascinating and impressive.

Further, now that the practical realisation is increasing that multi-purpose facilities and functions-in-waiting are present - as eminently exhibited in the research-intensive Replacing Darwin, from Dr Jeanson, even the language of design is sometimes found used because the characteristics of it are so forcibly present (cf. Deity and Design, Designation and Destiny Section 2) that failure to use that vocabulary is both cumbersome and alien.

A similar cost of the fantasy of evolutionism is the millions lost, slain, wounded, traumatised, horrified, broken in pride-wars, conflicts to show superiority, that some race or nation is the cutting edge of some weird process. A process ? One that allegedly advances through spoliation and succeeds through deceit, corruption and horrific sights, experience and tortures if not of the body, then of the soul, of the spirit bent on destruction often of others whom as in World War I Christmases, many might prefer to embrace in brotherhood.

WHY kill ? Some wars are to protect against arrogance and enslavement, but many have at least a large element of pride, national, racial, cultural, or a type of gluttonous dissatisfaction unless and until they show themselves SUPERIOR, stronger, more advanced, or whatever else may  be the pander phrase of the day, in inducing servility or capturing land. The idea that through wickedness you enhance the race, through cruelty you advance humanity, through lying you walk into truth, through inhumanity you forward the human, through impious presumption and acrid arrogance you secure progress  ... is right only in one respect - the progress is toward extinction that is both just and timely for the veering and sneering found in the human race.

The taste of blood, as in some dogs, may become a fever. Yet how these unguided and foolishly frenzied wars brutalise the feelings and savage the soul of the expendable young! You get poetry revealing in its underlying acute pathos, as from Wilfred Owen or Siegfried Sassoon. Yet the advance is often not in means for man, but his subordination to more methods of murder, and a sickly cynicism which loves pleasure and power, and knows no values, understands no responsibility beyond one's self or group and begins to talk grandly of a take-over from 'nature', as from the mode and model of its own construction, as if acting as a god were an effective way of being like one. So man clambers down into the pit without even inspecting its sides.

This, in the form of the epidemic of powerless evolutionism, is only one of the outcomes, in the cost structure, in the race for a progress which has no means, where phrases substitute for propulsion and clamours for construction. Destruction becomes a phrase without a future, except in the degree of totality (cf. Isaiah 24). It is all part of the wilful blindness which obscures more and more of past necessities in present dreams where sight is not an option, where nothing (or a cunning verbal substitute) is the commencement in a mere verbal farce, a phraseological futility.

Yet 'nothing' AS A TOTAL BASIS HAS NO FUTURE, POTENTIAL OR POWER, PRESENT OR TO COME: THAT IS THE HORROR OF IT ALL WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH ALL THINGS. Never could this condition be present or it would forever remain; but it has not done so! An eternal competence for all that is to come is not an option or mere belief, but logical necessity. Nor is despising logic an escape route, for then your own reasoning is falsified and none need listen to you.

Quavers and equivocations do not alter this. Neither matter nor energy are 'nothing', let alone a governed situation in which there are means for the one to be translated into the other, where space potential resides, time arises like a mist, force exerts its stresses and creates its strains, sequence follows sequence in a creative crush of organised events that make things that work by law and symbols. Banging a (hidden) potential into a glorious universe is neither based in reality, explicatory in its procedure nor coherent in its method.

The big bang, for instance, is a big harangue that simply imports everything by fantasy, and smuggles it in without giving either ground for it or account of its coming.

Nor does it provide means for a series of further advances, technical, mathematical, of engineering expertise, as if it were prepared paper for children: water it and marvellous designs appear. But this, this also, needs productive preparation at the relevant level. The fact that created systems can work without reference to a particular person or program or hope, often called 'chance', does nothing whatsoever to make more systems, except they are inherently inscribed in the original or original situation.

Some may suffer in a 'chance' and not a chosen environment, and also, it is grievous;  but it is deserved entirely when mankind is wilfully - and in greater and greater proportions divesting itself of divine emplacement, and going without warrant in will and time and space - as in the search for 'intelligent life' in space (cf. Psalm 115). When I was a young child, dreamily I rested a hand on a cog of a non-moving machine, not a good place, for the situation was not made for this. Two relatives, with the exuberance of youth, suddenly raced down to turn the handle to make the machine whirl. My hand being out of place, was in measure spoiled, though a notable surgeon made the best of it with some skill.  When a person seeks the Lord and follows Him, that one looks for emplacement in His will. It may involve suffering but not meaninglessly.

Words of dreamy inadequacy do not create logic, law and organisation, and no amount of survival makes the immense sense which is written into law, other law, their correlation, their constructive utilisation. The one is as specious as the other: nothing does not produce being in the first place, matter runs down in available energy and exhibits NO power to make itself, life deteriorates as Dr J. C. Sanford so well illustrates, in his work, Genetic Entropy, and this is not quite the same as growing up into ever greater glory. Ho wto die and why, is not the same as how to live and thrive.

Time as he indicates concerning life's deterioration, is not unlimited. As a race, we get our come-uppance in going down!

Creation is a fact and not a theory, and it depends on what creative being was there from the start, and indeed started it, being eternal in stature. The TYPE of creation exhibited, in fact, is materially built on and with laws, the repetitious nature of which not only gives science its power for a certain measure of material forecast, but is a prototype for moral and spiritual laws, which express the Creator's ways, specifications and requirements for the mind and spirit of man which are of another type, just as a radio in a car works in a different KIND of system than do the tyres.

Freedom to rebel, to refuse to think clearly, to dismiss foundations and make hay while the sun of time still shines, it is so very different; but even in the relatively simple case of man, he himself is very different from his directed programs, and as a source for his particular purposes is way beyond them in perspective, understanding and penetration.

The splendour of method in life, its phases and plateau, its functions and its power to look for its Creator, find Him accessible with instruction manual supplied  (cf. Bulletin 117) is like an orchid in its fascinating wonder; and to discard it in derogation, detestation or compulsive rebellion is like an orchid trampled underfoot by a crazed crowd. THIS orchid however, the Creator Himself, though despised and rejected in His work of salvation on this earth (cf. Isaiah 53), and trampled, yet beyond time and not subject to it, rose from the dead with a perfume of permanence and a form no longer vulnerable, with a mission achieved and death, appointed as the curse on man, not only remote but without access to his immortal life. Such is the lead of the Lord; so are His for whom meaning and method and means, love and understanding, wisdom and help are ordained.

It is great to be a child of God and not a dupe of irrationality, irreligion, amorality, cynicism or the brutal and costly flares of rebellion (I John 3:1ff., John 5:24, I Corinthians 15).