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News 395

Answers, Jan.-Mar 2008


 The Message:

The Lord, He is God has been the biblical message from the first,
through the confrontation by Elijah, and it continues to the last:
the Alpha and Omega who rules, because He has created,
He lapses in nothing, is the only alternative to nothing,
providing both propositions and power for man.

It is He whose wise wit is for man and malady alike;
His wisdom makes what has it, without which and whom,
there is only folly, that stricken staff of modern man.


"You are worthy O Lord,

To receive glory and honour and power;

For You created all things,
And by Your will they exist and were created"

(Revelation 4:11).




Come, Coming and To Be Consummated

If God is your enemy, you need no more!

Europe that cradle of culture, nurturer of niceties, scavenger for slaves, archway of science, grasper of territories not its own, seed-bed of empires, cluster for war, has now in its own always not so sweet way
declared war on God.


That is not so strange. Significant elements even in ancient Israel had done no less. You see the testimonial to this in Micah 3:5:

"Thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who make My people stray,

Who chant "Peace"

While they chew with their teeth,

But who prepare war against Him who puts nothing in their mouths.

Therefore you shall have night without vision..."


That is Micah 3:5, but by Micah 5:3 you have the designation of He on whom they made the most war when they could – when He, whose goings are from eternity, came to this earth on His glorious purpose to redeem. Now, instead of merely crying ‘peace’ while they ingest their devious rewards of vice (cf. Jeremiah 5:30-31, Ezekiel 34:3,10), and declaring war on the God whom they seem to  serve but actually misrepresent in their religious hi-jinks, false prophecies and foolish pronouncements, ignorant of God while effectually warring on Him, they strike their very Judge, Christ as God incarnate, on the cheek (Micah 5:1), and proceed to HIS slaughter (Isaiah 53, Hosea 13:14, Matthew 26). Thus does philosophy become murder, and vainglorious pretnece strike for the protect ion of its own privilege, though both demented and faithless.

You see the ghastly picture - and do not sleep, gentle reader, for Israel, the nation, has paid, and paid and ... in its ultimatum to the Almighty, at Calvary, paid in its own chosen coin, the reduction of mercy to death. That He arose did not alter the death imposed, or the deletion of their prospects of pardon for the nation till they should repent. False prophets were leaders as here in Micah, in Jeremiah 5 and 23, Ezekiel 14. Such was and is the position prior to judgment. Israel is not alone; it has its Gentile co-conspirators against the Lord.


You see the ghastly picture - and do not sleep, gentle reader, for Israel has paid, and paid and ... in its ultimatum to the Almighty, at Calvary, paid in its own chosen coin, the reduction of mercy to death. That He arose did not alter the death imposed, or the deletion of their prospects of pardon till they should repent. False prophets were leaders as here in Micah, in Jeremiah 5 and 23, Ezekiel 14. Such was and is the position prior to judgment.

In Europe, we read in the magazine "Answers", Jan.-March 2008, by a 48 to 25 vote, the Council of Europe's Parliamentary Assembly passed a virtual announcement of attack on the Bible as on truth, on God Almighty and His work. Its name*1: "The dangers of creationism in education."

The AIM for these European dissidents from design, in onset on deity ? To keep biblical creation and intelligent design as input topics out of science classes in its 47 member countries. They express fear of theocracy, without reason, but do this while instituting anti-God exclusivism instead of freedom of thought. They fear, they officially claim, that creationism could harass social development. As if a manual for life would soil the spirits of those who live! accordingly,  in removing the realities of what scientific method*2  shows, they also gratuitously attack not only the empirical, the logical but the Lord.

Thus embalmed like a grub turned into chrysalis, they seek in defiance of the word of God and the testimony of His works, to insulate themselves from the testimony of truth to youth, and so become ready recipients for what is in principle against God, that antichrist who is predicted for their premises by Daniel (7, 9, cf. Revelation 13,17-18). At present the resolution against creationism is not a binding one; but yet it is a blinding one, just as it attests blindness. Just as  in other martial cases, the action may proceed by high-flying U 2s, or be assisted by stealth bombers, so here this appears as a prelude, as so often in human history, to what later comes openly, no more shrouded, to stamp its foot  with the illusion that right of might. So does history lunge towards its consummation, and the propaganda work so extensively growing for centuries, become a more obvious movement to putsch. In terms of World War II, this would be like the Hitleresque thrust to absorb Austria, the anschluss!

Europe versus God. They have tried Germany contra mundum, to rule it, and before that, the Holy Roman Empire to rule soil and soul alike, on infamous penalties, enslaving other nations for cheap labour, ransacking land and lore for their law; but God ? In this, they arise to their doom.

Europe has been such a chrysalis of culture that the new (as yet shrouded in mystery) butterfly to come shortly will exhibit what is now merely on the way. The new creation to come, as the butterfly slowly flexes its new wing muscles and appears in its own colours for all to see,  will to some extent crystallise the nature of man-in-rebellion. It will  give Europe not so much a partial racial identity, as Hitler would have had it, but one intended for all mankind. What kind of man is this ?




It is the kind you find outside Europe also, as in South Australia which by POWER is excluding creationism as an issue of fact not only from science, but also from the School Curriculum, a ready agency for what is to come; and in the USA, where despite substantial Christian testimony, the philosophic lore of effectual results from ineffectual causes, and causes lost in the mist of mystery continues unscientifically to stir that scientistic community.

It continues despite substantial and detailed resistance from those highly qualified scientists following the empirical and logical realities,  such as those with Dr Henry M. Morris and his establishment, Answers in Genesis and its large scientific body and similar bodies in Australia, such as Creation Research and Creation Ministries International.

Always contending, never effective, this anti-Creator movement, in some seeking to obliterate Him, in others to render some slight likeness in surreal art forms*3,  proceeds like a steam-roller down-hill. Often acrid, it moves through law and political prodding,  in its unceasing desire to purge schools of their liberty and students of their wholly justified faith in the Creator through His own uniquelly attested word. That in all points, the ascertained facts mirror that Creator's own verified word, makes this magnificent testimony even in this very field, a thing allocating shame by its exclusion. Religiously, rationally, morally, spiritually and scientifically alike, like all shame, its starts in itself and proceeds towards shambles. Incoherent logic and undisciplined thought alike, lead on to anti-realistic results and increasingly pathological humanity.

It is not only dictators like Stalin, who used this fiction to further their ruinous rule, but the very conscience of children is aborted increasingly, making of them 'teenagers ready for sucyh misrule, their own lives as a starting point.

Indeed, in this scientistic mirage,  increasingly nationally popular, logic is life, except when it hurts, and those assailing the word and defined work of their Creator,  who argue with it while denying its bases, and ignoring its testimony even in creation itself, lapse into models of logical unconsciousness. Quitting its rigors, simultaneously in self-contradiction, they with daring indifference to consistency, arraign their audience by conscious logic. If they thus but contradict themselves, they are in vain at the outset.

What sense is there is denying not only the senses, what they see and find, but the laws of logic while using them to convince! All is either brought in by begging the question of creation, or directly taken from nothing by a transfusion not acknowledged. This is dissidence from reality, and in its being bound, it is attack on God, precisely where the maximum number of millstones may be achieved: in misuse of the young who believe in Him (Matthew 18:6). While such appetite for man'-changing control is sensational, so too is the judgment. If truth can stand, why make it seem to fall by psychological and social force, excluding very often, even debate! If it cannot, why not show it, instead of the list and litany of failure in University debates which have been so striking with Dr Duane T. Gish, Dr Philip E. Johnson and others for so long. For years, your present author held court at Adelaide University, without once being shown wrong, holding to this and other facets of creation and biblical truth (cf. TMR ..Ch. 1).

Quo vadis ?

In this, these assailants of student minds, ambivalent orators of what they reject, make nothing out of everything and everything out of nothing! Blinded, as the Bible depicts it, shutting the eye to what is there as in Matthew 13:14ff., they run the gauntlet before the Almighty,  as their confusion is made mandatory for the young, or as near as can be. That is the biblical perspective, and it fits the case of how brilliant minds can serve in obfuscation, become passionate in the innominate and become proselytisers for what is manifestly irrational.

It is the sort which delights to find ways of getting something out of nothing, which in one aspect only, was the intention in physical slavery earlier. It has moved from the economic to the scientific, or rather, pseudo-scientific. However, in the case of slavery, it was not REALLY out of nothing, but just out of what they preferred to regard as equivalent to nothing, the African communities from which their thoughtless rapacity gained access to cheap labour. So too in this, it is not really nothing - itself,  a creation of the mind with no counterpart in potential and so a mere self-contradiction the moment it is applied with any actuality - that is the source, since this CAN have only itself, with zero everything, as a productive basis. This becomes a necessary denial of ALL potential, and so is excluded (cf. Dig Deeper, Higher Soar ... Ch. 1).

Meanwhile, the movement from atoms to electrons, protons and neutrons, to quarks, to 'String' (Creation - magazine, March-May 2008, pp. 32ff.) is merely symptomatic of the illusion.

What does it matter whether you start irrationally with nothing or prefer to start with electrons, or their progenitors in a system of reason and rationality, of dynamic and development, of stories adducing these in order even so much as to be told at all, with words expressive of discernible characterisation, which require characteristics, which require form and force, designability and direction ? It is all begging the question. If 'string' matter with one dimension is to be conceived to exist in nine spatial dimensions and one time dimension, how does this string things together ? What does it matter if they are conceived as branes, vibrating sheets of flat tubes or any other imaginable thing ? The principle is immutable.

You HAVE something with potential in a system SO complex and delicate that it can have PHASES or features or foci in nine spatial dimensions. That implies ordered space, numerically itemisable space, and depending on the choice for concepts, vibration, interaction, susceptibility to construction, power and process, citable characteristics, verbal correlation and systematic harness. Whence all this ? Whence space ? whence time, that unleashing modality for method ?

What is the good of making up something, true or false, partially, totally or merely imaginatively conceived, putting it in a system, assuming the relevance of logic so that you can speak about it, granting it multiple characterisability and inducing it to have the power to create, the potential to create, the systems to create and the totality of parts, principles and particulars needful to create such things as matter, mind and spirit as they are ? It is merely to cut up your picture, like  a jig-saw, into parts and then proceed to assembly them along the lines, curly or other, that you have pre-cut. You then add what is entirely different, the art-form and assessable logic and imaginative initiatives of spirit and mind, as if by after-thought: as if to add an engineer to the airplane that you plan to sell. It is best to be explicit however, about additives.

You worship process in this, and ask it to do all that is required. But what KIND of process turns the dynamic, form, system, multi-variable figments of your creative hypothesis into creation ? and what KIND of process, power and instituting being makes such a splendiferous alliance of parts, principles, features, foci and characters as this ? And why ignore the causal realities as you trace in word the causes for what you ostensibly wish to account ? Or how COULD you account for what is barren for reason, or how invent as reasonable, what denies reason, or with what reason would you get the ingredients for this, your cake which bakes itself into the deliciousness of its final readiness to set on the table of thought, and in their splendour of potentiation, and engulfment of relevant force and skill, assemble the kit!

What is the good of such kits, whether they are partly actual or bizarrely imagined, when they HAVE to have features apt and adequate for all the mathematical finesse, vast dynamic, multiple, co-ordinated systems, rationality and understanding that has to exist in the end ? They HAVE to include the conceptual facility for all this, or they could not be subjectible now to conceptualisation. They have to have what it takes to do what comes to be, or it could not be done.

Postulate the definitionally inadequate and you are hunted by your own model. Postulate the definitionally adequate and you are bound by your own definition to all that God has. You have merely compartmentalised it, segregated it, assumed the power of cohesion and co-ordination and chronological sequence and surreal vitalisation and unleashing this, have in your own mind concocted what is never found, thoughtless compilation, reason-free programmatics and information-creating nullity of mind.

What is the good of that ? It is an exercise either in mere futility, fatuity or escapism, or some or all of the above!

What is susceptible to reason requires reason in its own interstices; and what is not, is unaccountable, making a mere antinomy of the antic of trying nevertheless to PRESENT the account for it.

The sort of thing that is missing, even granted all these meanders of thought and demissions of logic in the account which by nature should be unaccountable and a mere blather of undefined terms, if that, includes a few features. It is well that these should be spelled out.

Thus there is the provision of programmatic sequence to enable systematic results to come from itemisible parts. Moreover, there is the chronological tension which induces sequence to come at the right point, as in any other production line, so that the matrix and the material meet happily  and indeed even meaningfully.

There is the symbolic sovereignty of the command, the dynamism of life which instructed, acts; and the integrality of the product, which attests the causal sufficiency of ingredients live and inert, systematic and chronologically sequenced, with the power to provide all this in the first instance. Mingled in the crowd of preliminary assumptions and imports from nothing and nowhere by no means, there is likewise the power to govern it into existence as a program and then into action, with continuing capacity. Thus is it wrought to become one, by correlating instituted relevant power, sequence, chronology, vitality with command as by providing material sufficient both in existence and in specification to meet the all but endless list of necessary constraints. Past all this multivariate facility and sophistication, there is the will to impose such constraints on what does not embody them in itself, to … create.

Such is creation. These, like those specifiable for entrepreneurs, are its offices. Just as Communism in its inert irrationality, sought to avoid the necessary ministrations of the functions of entrepreneurs, the dynamic, the imagination, the vitalisation, the correlation of concept and materiél, so here the desire is to avoid these multitudes of features, foci and directing dynamics from the situation. They are however there, never found in advancing kind in cells or other, in the sense of half-formed, and attest empirically precisely what they show product-wise, and NON product-wise, in what is not in the rubbish basket in the office.

It is creation which is denied, its entrepreneurship, its initial products, its schema and its regimen. In a sense, this sort of nihilistic nonsense which speaks and blinks and ignores the requirements for requisition which logic makes, snaps its fingers at logic and then uses it to develop its 'case', resembles the follies of creative-education without discipline which from the 60's has been a strong wind, like the roaring forties, sweeping across bewildered pedagogy. For one's own part, there is seen need for comprehensive realism in teaching.

That is, one needs to have the discipline to learn detail if one wants to achieve that mastery over it which is NECESSARY in the finished product; but to gain this without withering of imagination which is to USE this knowledge with facility, freedom and skill when the time is ripe, and make strong efforts in this field as the very time it is learning the ingredients of thought and speech, grammar and understanding.

It is composite, comprehensive and to be adapted to the type of maturation process apparent in various children.

So here. The effort to make imagination king and knowledge a somewhat trifling accessory has been a failure of the first water. Ungrammatical, analytically feeble work proceeds in a race which has seen in masters of the art of writing such as Dickens and Shakespeare, only to grovel in the dust of ignorant denials of everything except the current pedagogical fashion. It is devastating, exactly as in a war, which destroys much of the products of culture, the expression of the immense powers provided to man, so that system overarching system, much that is fragile enables strength, and strength is actuated by understanding and this by the spirit of man which must find its nest, the outcome of its quest for meaning and truth, or die as a muddle.

Muddles are possible, as in someone partly assassinated and left without medical aid; but they are merely provocative of outrage at the waste. Better things are readily available.

Let us return however to creation in its vast and basic exhibition and meaning.

In the field creation, the effort to make a 'nature' with all the hallmarks of discipline, exquisite chronological and sequencing facility, codal capacity, symbolic mastery, happy sophistication in the whole arena of interface between concept and creation, correlation and unity of product in the end, indeed imaginative provision of plans for freedom by means of discipline and the like, becomes one more maestro in the  pit. It  starts as nothing (since anything else has first to be created, and so there is no 'explanation') and then learns law and licence alike, system and splendour, beauty and art: this is certainly as good as any other child's dream; but no better.

To start with something elemental, as we have been analysing above, and having grabbed that from nowhere, or from some immersed god of the mind, then to make it in the mind to be possessed of ALL the requisites for the product to come, and hence for the multi-disciplinary powers, dynamics and sophistications in tow, and then to translate this, again in the mind, into life as we have it, is what ? It is merely an exercise in abstraction.

To be sure, if you want to make a book, first imagine paper, and a typewriter or other instrument, symbolic actualisability of things in mind, though without mind in which to have them lodged, and then imagine cohesive entrepreneurial ability to gather the ink and glues and the like, and then imagine manual dexterity and then imagine someone to have it without actually being there, or these functions floating about without source, recourse or a setting in which to function:  and then wake up.

It is unfortunately a culture of omissions. It ignores the transition from dream to reality, to and then from chronological specification to actualisation of the same, the movement from thought's nullity to sequential notation and the grounds for this, to integration amid the absence of impetus for this, capacity to conceive it or induce it. It is a wonder trip of spooks for children, of imaginary ingredients, now like a will-o’-the-wisp present, now absent: where ALL that is needed is fed into a shredder, and then used and the whole called 'nature' which does not perform*4.

This is the all in all in naturalism, in all such reductionist endeavours or procedures to massacre the Creator and make His powers to be resident where there is neither evidence of their existence nor of their action, in 'nature'. It is the replacement of deeds with words, of the empirically visible with what is unseen, and of THIS unseen with the follies of unreason, while reasoning concerning it. It is the end of science, the beginning of confusion, logic in and out like a mouse before the cat, powers intruded from nothing and nowhere, or the corpse of the slain Creator at whim and will. It is an odium of pretence, a holocaust through hypocrisy; but more kindly, passing from the nature of the case when viewed in the light of logic, it is a testimonial as complete to confusion as is the atomic bomb to devastation.

In other words, there are two realms for notation: one is the actual and eventual basis of all such endeavours; and the other is the degree to which any particular agent or agency for it realises what is happening.

bullet It is meanwhile rather amusing in a grim and perhaps gaunt sort of way
to consider amidst the increasingly apparent monarchy of
Europe -
bullet that is, ordered, systematic, conscious power to direct and represent its members in a way including some degree of reason and symbolic correlation, as in other aggregates,
such as the human body, which however makes less mistakes,
even after thousands of years of its carefully edited DNA copy-rendered generations:
bullet a namesake.


That is the monarch BUTTERFLY.

What better than a butterfly expresses, symbolically, the fairy-tale look of the irrational-reason combinations, the nothing-something affiliations, the tidily begged questions and the floating ideas without base which it has been our duty to examine, in looking at some of the more recent flurries of naturalism.



Take the monarch butterfly as presented in Creation magazine, March-May 2008. A team devoted to its investigation for years makes presentation with amazing photographs, of its processive, progressive, multi-compartmental, myriad-directed arrival.

 The grub is found,  hanging by adequate and deft attachment device to some wood. Then comes its use of hind legs to shuffle off the mortal coil of the old casing structure, its flipping of the cremaster, a separate attachment device NOT in the old skin, but available now to the creature to make NEW attachment with a hooked tool which, though slender, is capable of holding it to the stick once the old casing is gone. Then proceeds the development of an entirely different creature, its final and finished form not oozing but flitting, not crawling but flying, its wings not grubby but delicate and flimsy, its aeronautics not that of a falling grub but of an airborne device: and this proceeds to its fruition with the immolation of what was useful in the past and the creation by code of what is to be required in the entirely new type of structure. If the covering hides these monstrous achievements, like a mini-creation in itself, a coded re-organisation, with the impress of command, they are nonetheless most delicate in disposition and precise in composition, just like a good essay.

Much depends at all times on little. Let us take a very simple example.  

How dainty, delicate, precise must be the flipping of the cremaster over and beyond its departing form, to receive direct and sustaining hit for its own part, on the support. Even if such sophisticated art-forms of engineering, such mobile devices of the physical gymnast, the artful director and the strategic engineer WERE vested in the mental capacities of the grub - alas not the case - how could it perfect a procedure which leaves stark extinction as the lot of failure! Since NONE of the above is there to be found, you are simply staring at just one of the billions of devices deployed in creation by superior and mandating skill, to achieve by adjusted and programmed symbolic command structure, allied with synchronised material provision, the design in view.

To abort the definition of design, as we have seen in earlier chapters, is merely a nonsense of the recalcitrant in science, who refuse its methods of gaining respect, while pretending it is applicable, or at least confusedly parodying its requirements.

The presence of design requires designer; and designer requires whatever the input exhibits in ingenuity, art-form engineering, computing-programming skills, felicitous imagination and practical purpose. Sew up all designs, omitting all the non-designs which do not exist in a non-abortive 'nature', and you merely intensify the requirement. By mental design, seek to extinguish the Designer and you merely abort your own design, which is possible since your liberty to do so is part of the design called man (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR pp. 348ff., It Bubbles ... Ch. 9).

In endeavouring to get rid of the Creator, as Europe seems designing to do, and perhaps to make of itself the designer for man, very much along the lines of one of its former children, Adolf Hitler, the European Parliamentary structure is merely serving spiritual sedition. Its teaching are very much in line with sexual seduction, only it is the mind which is the target, not the body.

It will, just as was the case with Nazism, live to regret it, as may many of those to be afflicted by its perpetual push for putsch, at last biblically to end in the antichrist! Some will not be seduced by the splendour of admiration for their controlled exploits, their politically correct thought, their induced oblivion to reality in these fields; but many will pay as they did in my own youth, for not heeding a warning, such as Churchill wisely but largely in vain, was making in the thirties.

Alas, an insufferable child makes its own insufferable consequences, and how one would weep for Europe, scene of so much splendour, majesty, power, spectacular invention, industry and science - and none excelled the  vast litany of creationists like Faraday, Maxwell and Newton in originative extensions as a group! Yet its course is set, and the USA which twice has laboured hard in its rebuilding Europe after woeful wars of the spirit in which the flesh was not spared, wars of ideas and ideology in which matter was flung about as by a madman, and those seeking deliverance called not without effect, on the Lord for deliverance: this is now poised to slip into the same sink ... this time! The USA has problems like immense indebtedness, of its own, and these include its very direction!

Alas for Europe, an elegy for Europe, a hat removed in admiration for SOME of the past attainments and a grief assumed for its headstrong, headlong flight into fantasy: alas the landing from that flight was hard last time, but this time, it is the ultimate.





When man acts as if God were a nit-wit, a non-savvy natural process, or summation of techniques, built on nothing or nothing much, and as if man were a wise wit whose work was to subject nature to investigation with a view to correcting its deficiencies, then the summit of arrogance has joined forces with the acme of asininity and the results has all the sound of a braying (cf. Romans 1:17ff.).





Light Dwells with the Lord's  Christ ...

Deity and Design






This volume includes an account from many aspects, of the abuse of scientific method with its worthy endeavours, by outrageous divorces from its findings and procedures, when the topic of God is brought in. Thus is concocted in this phase of culture, a selective extermination endeavour, this time not as with Hitler against the Jews, but against their hope, though Israel betrayed Him, and their mercy, to whom yet they will at last turn (Romans 11:25). It is however also the ONLY HOPE for Europe or any other, and in this insurrection against the certainties of science properly so-called (sensitive to evidence and pursuing what best covers it), they betray themselves as surely as their own past.

The stakes could not be higher: this is the end-phase of the Age (cf. Answers to

Questions .. Ch. 5), and while a fall at the first may be overcome in the end, a fall at the end has nothing but evil to portend! (cf. SMR Ch. 7, as marked).

Europe is far from alone in this; but gives as in much, a strong lead in the wrong direction, in contradiction and contravention of divine rule not only regarding creation, but the moral rules that go with it (cf. Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming Ch.  3). It has not always been thus, though evil has been rampant in it at times, and wonderful deeds and faith have been seen  as well; but now as one whole, it is increasingly devoting itself to a contra-deity crusade, through peripheries that threaten to become central at an increasing rate in its irreligious moves to Constitution as in its rules for members. It grows larger as a vast market for men, ideas and misrule, defining itself increasingly, as also its desires. As it increases its unity and size, so in a greater peril to man than that of Hitler, whose time had a divided Europe, with acute resistance, and a drive in Britain against his domination.

All things proceed as prescribed in the words of the Lord, from Daniel to Ezekiel, from Isaiah to Matthew, from Romans to Revelation. Who would not weep for Europe, filled with new morals, new look, new dissolution of creation, new hopelessness as it approaches its final role! Praise God there are still some there who seek the Lord, just as in Israel, even in Ahab's aweful day!




Cf.  SMR Ch. 10, pp. 179ff., A Spiritual Potpourri Ch. 4, The Wit and Wisdom of the Word of God Ch. 7, News 57.



From History, Review and Overview Ch. 5, and Glory, Vainglory and Goodness Ch. 1, some of the systematic and delusive omissions are noted in this way.  We consider minimal requirements and hence requisitions for the result.


It is all or nothing. It is not only

 irreducible complexity, but

indivisible integrity,

indissoluble co-operation,

inter-and intra-systematic proliferation,

coherence of logic and symbolic notation with
executive receptors, skilled to catch meaning and execute orders, 

continuity of sequence from

connotation, to denotation, to implementation,

in a series of systematics incomprehensible except in totality

(indeed see SMR pp. 332Gff., Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, in End-notes,    and   for further considerations!).


The path of true reductionism, false to science, of course, is always to ignore what you have got, and to explain what is not there. It is however the essence of the challenge to meet the case as it is, in all of its sequential, symbolic, integral and mutually intimate and pervasively singular procedures, whether in code type, implementation, co-ordination or exuberance of methodology; and to do so in a world which likes energy for construction and time for destruction. The other point about the construction ? it is direction. The third ? something to do as directed. In this world, and by any form of valid logic, the specifications of life parallel the requisites of intelligence with available power.

The result, life, it matches nothing but mind, requires nothing less than something as far beyond mere genius as the heavens above the earth, requisitions an artist, artificer and maker down to the last electron and the least of the biota. Paintings do not paint themselves, Raphaels do not come by omission of the artist, and life is as far beyond these things in what it demands, as a genius beyond a talented toddler.

The perspectives and nuances of art, its undertones and its overtones, its sentiments and its modes of communications to receptors called human beings, who may decide to pretend not to like it as a competitive device, such is their programmatic liberty of will in certain arenas: these do not arise from what does not cognise them; but only in what goes far further than that. It must with enterprise not only appreciate but perform, and not only perform, but meaningfully perform, and activate the executive elements of the body of the artist to ensure that the result actually appears; and that the way in which it does so can be 'read'. Art is merely one facet of life. ALL functions must be accounted for in any reputable endeavour to present its basis.

As soon as one discovers one phase, feature or facet of human life in particular, there are realities within, meanings beyond, there is all the grooming of a thorough-bred horse, all the intestinal reality of a cathedral, the coherence of a great speech, the intricacy of superb mathematics, the intimacies as of love, such is the subtlety and the inter-dimensional as well as intra-dimensional sophistication, as if intelligence were easy, and brilliance a manner of life.

As if ? THIS is the testimony. If someone places a new Boeing 747 on your drive-way, it is not as if it had been built! It is not the nature of life, or logic, to give output without input; and what we see now as the centuries progress, is no more input, but the same residual decrement. In design terms, there is to be found, as Gould emphasises, DECREASING residue. The progress of centuries in this system is the regress of design types. What is needed is simply NOT NATURE. It needs its author.

In the light of our other concerns with excerpts and text above, we may now add to the above list, so that to preserve it all in one we repeat it:

 irreducible complexity, but

indivisible integrity,

indissoluble co-operation,

inter-and intra-systematic proliferation,

coherence of logic and symbolic notation with
executive receptors, skilled to catch meaning and execute orders, 

continuity of sequence from

connotation, to denotation, to implementation,

in a series of systematics incomprehensible except in totality


To this we may now add:

physical, ethical, moral, aesthetic, discursive, ruminative, intellectually integrative, spiritually imaginative and metaphysically cohesive unity of perspective, operation and concentration,

unitary understanding explicative of all,
derived from the summit of experience and
comprehension in the Creator.

The last is as demonstrated in an earlier work, which it is pertinent to provide in its full dress on this occasion. It is -




Bible or Blight, Christ or Confusion:
The Comprehensive Resolution of Man's Intractable Problems
is Found Only in the Bible, the Word of God