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Planning Department and

Relegation of Magic from Mystery

to Intellectual Misfeasance

Aeroplanes in many cases are so similar. It some ways they may even remind one of the increasingly similar aerodynamically based shape of many modern cars. For fighters the wings seem to grow shorter, the blast more pronounced, after-burners more remorseless, programmatic profundities more marked, weapons systems more digital and so forth, but as a tribe, though their are many environmental "adjustments" for a given style or model, yet the question, in biological parallel, of genus and family and order might arise, some like the notorious Warthog attacker, the most obvious and strange 'beast', so specialised that it demands not just a little thought to create and to use.

Might not these aeroplanes, some more digitally controlled, some less, at least some of them, have been separately made ? No say the morbid enthusiasts, they MUST all, or almost all, have been devised in some kind of fluidity of non-thought, so that nothing produced matter and matter produced these planes. It is SO obvious!

That might well be the case in the thought of many,  if the manufacturing factories were not visible and paid for by different PEOPLE, GOVERNMENTS, ENTREPRENEURS, CORPORATIONS, by secret means, by open, and so on. Now one says, But this is life! It needs nothing.

When, however, you go to the far more sophisticated realm of life itself, where so much more input has to be made, much still beyond our still developing COPY knowledge of what is happening within through the combination of symbol and what it signified, after the normal manner of mental working, which is personal and imaginative and requires assigning by will: then reason depart! Let need be irrelevant. Such is the virtual cry. Let domain - mental with conception and creation - be irrelevant. Let nothing be the goad and code word, both for origins and directed existence in general, and for developments. That is the propositional magic current.

But this is ludicrous! More demands mean more input from more creative components, not less. In any case, creative inputs cannot be attributed to what NEVER shows them. That is why the increasing lists of whole co-ordinated areas of mutually adjusted genomically controlled options in meeting challenge for a given species, are so important*G.

Just as matter needs planning -

electrons, protons, neutrons, circuits, rules, laws,

at this level electron movement among molecules,

and at that

(such as mass-energy law based on what is conceivable
from investigation and imagination,  and thus in the domain of conception,
and thus for its origin in the domain of mind,
and thus in the domain of purpose related to mind,
that what is in mind comes to be in substantive fact):

 SO does life.

What has a more magnificently maestro-like dynamic of construction needs the powers inherent in what is constructed, not some kind of querulous divorce from logic, observation, characterisability based on inspection and investigation, research and empirically-definitive work! Life (cf. Life, What is it ? SMR pp. 140ff., 332Gff.), has MANY features which stagger the imagination when they are separately examined and codified. Nothing has nothing to do with it. The operative features correlative to the ingredients have everything to do with their source. It must be adequate.

Dropping a mental cog, a rational correlation, is not a work of science, but of scientism.

So let us look and see what is involved in features of correlation in any sustainable definition of design (cf. Deity and Design... ). What you need in principle for any production of multiple functional features, domain dynamics and conceptual containments known to us as laws, is not hard to formulate. There are in principle features of input into all such objects as these, which show their laws on their mode of working, and demand their cause for those laws, forms, conventions, commands and the like by which and through which they function.

Thus the similarity, even in our own rich and varied use of creative-mind-imagination-objectivisation in bringing things to be in visible realms, what was conceived in thought, to a place as things in this world, is not hard to see. It is not hard to test, or investigate. What does what is testable, and the result is describable.

Creation of such clusters of conceptually based character and empirically testable powers (and lack of them as the case may be) require what produces these. There is the thought-planning in some sphere. There may be the management commitment (to make the mental labour actually occur to the point of feasibility), or it may be individual, but it must be there for use, and so put into existence, not by void, nor by matter with its assessable qualities, but by mentality with agility, conception leading to the formulation, formation and application of law by suitable imagined and then instituted means and powers.

In short, the principle is this: required is causation with all the components IN the result from a justifiable cause (cf. SMR Ch. 5). Otherwise, magic rules and mystery is a hobby-horse, masquerading as if it related either to science - of which it is the opposite - or thought, or logic, or rationality in any way. It is an avoidance mechanism, a mental tic, an uproarious comedy, a perversity of thought, and rupture of order, a wand of magic and desire.

Even in our own domain as humans, we plan and manage and seek different wonders of inventive thought and entrepreneurial self-discipline linked to capacity, and many firms proceed to create cars or aeroplanes which, whatever the diversity of many, in the case of many are in SOME ways, very similar. Could people POSSIBLY, the jungle citizen on exposure to our civilised ways might ask, duplicate all this effort, yet do it under different auspices ?  You just have to do this and that, and behold, ten aeroplanes could virtually roll from one plant. Fancy imagining that things that SEEM so similar would be made separately.

Oh no, say the actual makers, you can have things which SEEM so similar that it staggers you to find they are separately made, even by separate organisations. Actually, the differences have taken profound thought, separate inventive capacities to an extend you LEARN about when you try to do it. Relatively little problem or function areas can be crucial and require a degree of imaginatively conceived and conceptually wrought actions which have repercussions back to many levels of thought and manufacture.

Thus there is a MANAGEMENT INVENTIVE PHASE, there is an ENTREPRENEURIAL CONCEPTION PHASE, there is a DIRECTIVE DYNAMIC STAGE TO INSTITUTE, and also a VARIATION WITHIN TYPE facility, to enable a given aircraft to react and respond at different levels, each built in and with controls to activate, so that as one unit, such facilities may be activated. It has parallel with computer types, where various apps may be added, allowing specified alternatives, variants to function, things made with elaborate congeniality with the existing system, and provide a series of new powers to the old device, applications, transformations WITHIN KIND, and these may be used or not, according to the provisions in the existing hardware.

Or new hardware may be wrought.

It is an option, and the levels of inhibition to change noted within the genome*G, are an objective indication of this. The first order is against change, the second permits strictly limited change, and the third allows adaptation more freely, on the fixed base. It is all fashioned despite being unfashionable, and works, despite being discarded, at levels man cannot reach. Humility and realism alike are strangers in this fastidious addition to fairy tale.

Funny how hard people like to make it, first wanting something from nothing, creation from the uncreative, definitional confusion without discipline of thought, causative evacuation without concern, while using the very same feature to reason about the topic, in the midst of confusion, self-contradiction and folly that fails any rational test! It is a high cost of production of materialism (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7), which blunders on, increasingly seeking to grab the minds of students with its provocative and inflammatory nescience, masquerading as knowledge, its intrusive religiosity, of the totalitarian type, which leads on the latest in the degeneration of thought in Australia, for example.

What is that ? With ever increasing boldness, the inventive artisans of cultural fashions are now reported as declaring that sexuality like weather is very variable. Not only may all kinds of design-irrelevant, coding contradictions be imagined, and fulfilled contrary to DNA specifications, coming by the billion in the cells of each individual human person, so that even the productive institution of marriage for the race, is to be declared (perhaps) applicable to what uses the designs for procreation (literally) unnaturally. No, now even children are to be TAUGHT contrary, brought-up contrary, living self-contradictions, instructed into what interferes with generation by wanting to do it differently, even TALKING about such things, as if they were other than they are, for the race and its continuation and the means installed thereto.

You don't mean to tell us, many of such provocateurs would say, that you believe that things creative in character had a creative background! and even tend to contend. SURELY you do not think that such things are in the main and generics, creatively conceived in a kind of planning department of the Creator, and instituted with a mind of administrative zest, so that conception becomes creation ?

But yes and of course comes the answer. That is what is showing in the genetic structure (cf. Michael Denton, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis pp. 229, 276-282*1 , 290, 75ff., 353ff.): singularity at the micro-biological level, not merger sloppiness, actions where the complex and intimately correlated components*2 are mutually dependent and interactive at many levels, in a sophisticated conception and operation tour de force, that is coherent like tissue! You need to have separability of what is so individual in so much that it passes all merely adaptive elements, and requires its own set of variables in kind.  Dispositions of genomic provisions include not only the aggregated, but the hierarchical, as distinct from the merely fluid.  That is what you find, not wholesale movement but studiously governed motion within kind and conservative of kind, along with scope for restricted diversities with due correlation of components which can be of the most exquisite and complex multiple type of use... control operations, conceptual and coded, coercive and yet allowing measures of internal variation for reactions.

There are order upon order, organisation upon organisation, mutual orientations amass, mini-machines in operation added to others, to preserve, enable, facilitate, hasten this and that, like protein folding, and there is found corrective machinery lest anything however good should fail through overcrowding of uncontrolled errors near the very outset! It is one sophisticatedly CONTROLLED whole, and interactive integrality brilliantly enabled to retain what it is, like many other creations, and at the same time, while allowing a certain amount of 'give' or adaptation to the rigorous of reality, keeping these under controls, surveillance or constraints.

It is then revealed as precisely like other creative labours,  with which we are continually made aware: it is operative at various levels, conceptual in concoction, controlled in type, may be susceptible to stress adaptation, and so to endure as what it is. From the same source, one may produce many similar works, in sets, or unique exhibits. It is as extensive as imagination; but it is by no means wrought simply by that!

Why buy what is not there ? Why teach what is not so ? (cf. Secession from Supposition Ch. 10)ff

Why obliterate reality in the vested interests of magic. Indeed, for that matter, why talk against racism while in a confused and contradictory manner encouraging it as occurred with Hitler, and evidently the Kaiser as well, so that whole peoples are forced to die in millions showing how great they are, or as an alternative, how great their political philosophy is, when without much in the way of exception, its very greatness so-called, is a measure of its abasement and its abasing influence! It is because self-assertion and self-inflammation reaches domineering proportions, so that not only must man murder in millions and pat himself on the back for it, but do so with such magnificent delusions as this: that he is the nearest to god there is, and as he so muddles, and so the world is muddled. How far from God he is, in playing God, is shown by his results: for creation is work, and He who did it makes man able to work in logical systematics and find information built in just such systematics in the universe as he investigates it.

Masquerading a mighty, as if he made himself, man whimpers and wails, vaunts does victory rolls, blundering as if force only was the making of him, in manifest truncation of truth. Murder is increasingly popular as the Bible predicted (Matthew 24, Revelation 6) and as one sees, fulfilling the prophecy, in the case of ISIS, it becomes a vehement mist of delusion based in part, on a caricature of Jesus Christ and leading to a caricature of man, as if he were an occasion for murder.

Jesus Christ however remains the only hope of this world, His word of its understanding and the unchallengeable source of its duly predicted ways and destiny. As with cancer, when this condition comes - whether literally or as here metaphorically, it is well to take account of it, for otherwise, it may take account of you.

Whether or cricket by the bowler or in life by the artisan of deviation, it is easy to flow with a given idea, only to find it disruptive of an innings, a culture, a hope, a peaceful continuance. To sit and be beguiled has an end. A better way has a beginning (John 3).



On this, see for example Journal of Creation Volume 28(3), pp. 73ff., Alex Williams, in Heredity is foundationally cellular, not genetic, and life's history is discrete, not continuous. Parallel re the latter is Denton in his Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, p. 353, where he notes:


"The concept of the continuity of nature has existed in the mind of man,
in the facts of nature." (Colour added.)

Though he looks for it, and this in two volumes, as concerning what he finds micro-biologically in particular, he can discover no such thing, but rather a hierarchical type of disposition in control. Words control actions; they sustain types, with a fixity for basics and a flexibility for additives, apps turned off or on, that is part of the always increasing revelation of the initially stated divine origin of life, its kinds and its limits in  variability resulting. It is not throwing up the hands at complexity, but using the mind concerning such artistic, animated complexity's origin, while observing precisely its commanding, commandeering and specialised inventions, methods and dictates.

As it says in Genesis, so it is found in life: the word, the symbolic intrigue and wonder, is SPOKEN as in DNA, and the result is SECURED. We ourselves at a vastly lesser level, but in type, tend to  do it every day. It is not news but a functional facility back of the universe, and found in us who live in it, those of the KIND called man.

The adequacy of the source of this information is required, and it  requires intelligence. To avoid this fact is to avoid scientific method, which looks for causes akin in power to the results. Assuming that writing with its conceptual collations, symbol-object associations, coercive controls to secure meaning, all mental facilities not found in matter or in nothing,  without being there, writes itself is mere a technical version of a Midsummer Night's Dream. It is better left there. Scientific dreamers like other dreamers, exist, but it is important not to confuse their child's play with work.



Denton notes on p.p. 277-278, that as the study of protein sequences proceeded in the 1980s, it became clear that this line of study was not going to "provide any evidence of sequential arrangements in nature," but would rather re-affirm that "the system in nature conforms fundamentally to a highly ordered hierarchic scheme." From this, "all direct evidence for evolution is emphatically absent."


See for example on these complexities and interwoven correlativities within the cells, the adaptive plasticities for shape and various  peripherals, and their rapidity of response, as pre-organised for governed adaptation,  to changing circumstances, the following.

Journal of Creation 28(2). 2014, pp. 75ff., and 28(1), 2014, pp. 91ff., from Alex Williams. See also Journal of Creation 28(3), 2014, pp. 67-79, with  Jean K. Lightner and Williams, contributors, and 29(2), 2015, pp.40ff., from Jerry Bergman.

The data and the writing in this technical journal can be both recently discovered, at least in part, and presented.