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                                                Unholy and unhelpful Holes

The concept of a black hole in which there is an event horizon which may be unavailable for bypass, for transmitting even light out of the hole, or its correlatives, is not relevant to efforts to escape logic re the foundation of the universe. You have to get it first with all that this implies. Whence ?

Nor is a mathematical point, nor any other real or imaginary concoction, brought in fast from nowhere to be there, without having to be accounted for. It is the logic which has singularity in this.

The fact ALWAYS remains, that either nothing or something was the initial position. If nothing, no future is possible, since what has future is something with potential.

If the something suggested for the start, other than the impossible nothing as such, is said to be a black hole with a singularity, or any such type of arrangement which cannot be discerned, or just the latter, or any such grouping, this does not breach logic except it be  called nothing, while yet it is posited as present and potent for developments, a rather large non-nothing. THAT in fact therefore being a something, is an alternative to nothing. Whatever its ways and principles, characteristics and features, THESE are NOT nothing. The mere fact of their in  principle statability proves that. No words alter this, since nothing is definable, and what does not conform is a mere misuse of terms. This is such. Indee, slither in the meaning of a term is just one of the standard logical invalidities.  .

What then is this concept of a singularity, with whatever surrounds, and what is its domain ? It is an an extant thing, definable and declarable: if with clouded obscuration, highly specialised conditions and constituents, yet these differ from nothing, just as it is endued with capacities for explosion inbuilt or in force, and for the cessation of explosion. After all, if characteristics of  something able to be named DIFFER from the normal, then it is not only there to be assessed, but to be compared with other actualities and realities ... somethings!

When it blows up, it has further capacities such as moving in space (assumed) with time elements (assumed) by means of force (equals mass times acceleration ? assumed or other but of this sort), requiring power to push (assumed) and multiple provisions (assumed) for its following the remarkable power to institute order and qualities (assumed) and elaborate interconnections (assumed), in terms of such mathematical sophistication (assumed) that the products run at this level in life, which also is generated by competent powers (assumed), although this has never been shown naturally.

Add up all these assumptions, a mere commencement, and you gain worlds as a start. You are left: Where did it come from  ? The answer is of course, Something. Not this! a mere verbal hiding place for the causative complex, explosive power into post-explosion more things, like a child's prepared water responsive colour page. It comes. It just does. Just put water in it! WE know of course that there  has been a work of art done with considerable knowledge, power and presentation so that this can and does happen. The child may not think. We who are not children, however, do not have that luxury.

It is apparent that this Model, so far from being a sophisticated piece of science, is a barbaric belch of undigested food for thought, where vast numbers of current features of the created universe are imported from NO grounded base, as things proceed: it is as though there were an explosion in a car manufacturing factory so that it all as in a building is blown apart, and then in a sort of counter-explosion, there come foundation by force, space and time provided free, genius available at need, expertise in mental calisthenics and creative thought rushing into place. It is as if a great firm were spontaneously inventing itself with neither capital, nor personnel nor order, in the midst of strange unaccountable forces, which may cease input when the job is done for no known reason, all being contrary to reason and precisely a fairy story.

However, definitionally nothing does not become something (contradiction in terms - nothing has no future), and explosions do not become inventors, nor does unconceptualising material become a series of intimately and nearly infinitely related concepts empowered for cooperative action in the formation of integral objects with definable powers, mutual adjustments and coded commands to enable conformity.

Conformity to what ?  it is to concepts enshrined in these DNA commands, to become operative orders, carried out successfully with correlative materials and organising powers (assumed), so that concept and code and formulation and information and command and availability of materials and all correlatives needed for integrality of the result step fresh from the abyss into presence rather than absence (as in man for example). That is what thought in law and order with logic and power may do;  but the powers that do it are vast and co-ordinated. Nothing is not their father. It is not a relation. That is illusion and contradiction, irrational and requiring irrationality as an entity at work; which, even this, is not nothing.


Free Trade without a Trader

All that this is, is a model without causative base, rank in definition, idle in hypothesis, reductionistic in nature, illogical in assumptions, incapable of basis, a summit in contrary thinking and a marvel of empirical absenteeism.

It is a wearisome way for what well fits the biblical depiction: "...through deceit they refuse to know Me" , Jeremiah 9:6. The deceit is in the use of words that must denote nothing, or simply beg the question. That is easy but not valid.

You cannot have nothing (as father or first totality of all), without nothing being there (null result, try again), or else denoting  something nameable as to having practical differential from nullity. This in turn is serviced, without acknowledgement, with the powers of God laid on, though denied by the model. Thus the Model, through flat contradiction of known power requirements in type, for such inventions, wafted in, and delivering impossible coherence of thought in having God in effect in a series of resultant phases, has smuggled imports.

These need to come from nowhere, or the delusion is lost, and nothing is lost as a conscious or unconscious basis, just as initially it was lost at the outset. Thus it becomes a matter of bringing into being somewhere and some time in some way, all undefined, all that is for some reason, and then stopping doing this, all for no reason. Thus either all this was present and causative in concept, or it was absent in which case I for one could not be here.  You would be in the same boat, and the boat is not available for hire. It just IS. Some things are; some are not; some come to be from what is. But you need what is, to do anything.

Intoxicating Conundrums without Cause

What if a causative basis be not assigned in the Model in view. What if any thought of a resultant consequence way of operation, is excluded in the Model proposed ? In fact, it is on this basis, unknown. Construction from explosion creative power ? Unstated.  Cause of potential of singularity ? Unknown. Cause of singularity ? unknown.

It means that there is, in the developmental model, the Nothing or Words to that effect Model, in fact The question-begging model in which all is provided from nowhere, no scope for acceptance. It is a mad dash into meaninglessness in which self-contradiction and anti-model powers are assumed and used. Thus realistically it operates in terms of a non-nothing, dynamised, realised, propelled by an entourage of lurking powers (nothing does not have them), so that 'nothing' as the answer for the universe' origin is simply distortion and misuse of language. When this is realised, then something is the necessary meaning for the institution of the universe. It needs to be adequate for the task, or by definition it COULD not secure the result; but we do have the result.

The result includes the elements, mental, physical, spiritual, moral, aesthetic and so on, which are attestable in terms of their varied functions: in terms of result. They are here. They COULD not come from nothing. Ergo, they came from something. Space and episodic explosive constraints leading to a universe are by no means nothing (be it big bang or little plop), but a complex like vitamised soup, of vast orders of being. This is merely question begging, and in this business, beggars do not gain, nor do they deserve pity, for they are humbugs, and it represents interpositions of what is denied and applied, both at once.

In simple logic, which cannot be bypassed, since if it is irrelevant to the case, then those who use it are in the same position: if logic is out, how can you account either for it or its removal ? You then CANNOT be right and your  theory is betrayed by you before you so much as open your mouth. Indeed, where indeed there IS no truth, it cannot be stated. Being omitted from the nature of the model, it is not available for the statement,  assertion or defence of the model, which is mere imagination.



Hence the actual singularity has potential for all this. There is, then,  far more involved, such as the institution of logic itself in the matter in view, both for the arguability of the beginning, and its development.  For an explosion to institute logic is not even relevant to thought.  What has the power to institute controlling forms of mental viability is certainly vastly beyond human powers, and is he very sophistication of logic. It is one example of what the singularity must HAVE available in order to DO what has been done. It is not equatable with nothing but with in intellectual and causative power beyond all operative comparison in the result, the universe. You need it for a universe. If you start with it already there, of course, in an originating and eternal form, you are then ALONE being logical.

When it is all surveyed, then the result is that the singularity of the Material Model (mixed with nothing as an advertisement) is a foolish piece of fairy tale, with no cohesion or adequacy of causes, or hope for them. What does have the requirements hence has to eternal, and causeless, for this reason. It is a logical option and the only one left. Something may exist temporarily (for a reason) or permanently (as its nature). If permanent, then origin is irrelevant, and results are dependent on the degree of ability/facility/control of the  eternal Adequacy that creates the non-permanent as a function.

Personal in character, plenary in power, it is not to be dragged into some matter slum surrounded with controls to govern all that is to come, call it singular, singularity, fluctuation of what is not there,  or nothing, but mean the same, for nothing won't do it, nor will  singular expressions of it*MM. This Ultimate Creative Being,  unlike the case with nothing,  is shown in this logical Model, simply to be and to have acted, leaving multitudes of correlative self-attestation*1.

That is verification; this is necessity. As normal, they cohere.

What is of necessity, then, already in being,  of ability acts. What can, does. What is necessarily acknowledged, effectually acts, when and how He pleases. It is not that this Being is nothing, for that does not work and is mere verbal subterfuge, but this Something works at will, just as you in your highly derivative and limited way, do; and personality deploys. Again, but in unlimited measure, this Being STOPS when He pleases, as the evidence of His action shows in the  most straightforward manner, in DNA. He spoke and it happened; He stopped and so did it. That's also just what He said in  Genesis 1 and 2.

We, then, do the same at our own level. There is neither mystery nor competition about this. There is no other logical option. COMING to be requires the basis for THAT. The only way  in which excluding nothing can work, is by having what is sufficient for all, depending on nothing, eternally there. What is eternally unlimited by what He at a phase of action, made, while He being eternal depends on nothing, being independent, does what He independently desires (cf. SMR Ch.1), and when He does it, it happens, in whatever time and space and material, mental, moral, spiritual domain He has in mind, as subject to Him. Biblically*2, He invented freedom, which is why we can discuss it.

This adequate Being  does that of which it is capable. It has no limits. We normally call this eternal ontological Being, God, rather than invent His powers on the trot, taking them from nowhere as we go in measure,  a little here, a little there, as if making a cooking recipe with all ingredients, power and light provided. Who are we ? Here the term does not refer to this author, but to the press of humanly deceived theorists, evacuating all their gear and wares from nothing, from  time to time, as if it were the greatest cause of all. God of course is the valid option, disposing and deploying at will, using thought, making decisions, instituting what He will, man, universe, time, space. Our own limits are profound, but so are some of our donated powers, derivative though they be. Hence man has always this vulnerability to believe what II Thess. 2 calls "the lie", as if being marvellously made means gloriously drunk with power, as man has in one sense been, with epochs of vast folly. He loves to confuse himself with God, though there is no other possible beginning.

Getting back to logical reality, since FROM nothing neither God nor anything else can come, God is eternal, capable, universe creating, logically demonstrably present, source of logic, not subject to what He creates, and not subjectible to that on which He does not depend.

HE is the ACTUAL singularity, but not in physical or material terms, rather spiritual, eternally competent and complete. With Him, there is no problem with coming from something or somewhere or for some reason, or not for any reason, or contrary to reason. Why ? As always there, He does not relate to coming, but to eternal nature. There He is the eternal datum.

As having all power with no limits, He does not need to be calling for new bags of wonders, in any imaginary series of adventitious episodes; from where would they come. More than this is His anyway.  These as with a composer, are just part of the use of His capacities.

As He says in the Bible, before Him there was no god formed, nor will there be after Him (Isaiah 48:8-10). Pretending we do not need Him or His salvation is an option, like pretending the world invented itself. But this atrocity to distort, does not alter what He has to say, or the nature of this race all too well illustrates (Acts 4:11-12). What subordinations to man wait and work to thrash man in Communism, militant Islam, Nazism, new look morals that condemn what approves biblical immorality, with real totalitarian zeal! What millions by groups of ten spill life in war as anti-God enthusiasms work the floor and floor the works!

If I must face the fact I am born and short of the timely return of the Lord Jesus Christ as specified, in this body die (John 11:24-26), then the One in whom I find complete trust being the only One who knowing all, my Creator, offers life that is eternal in His own midst through adoption (Ephesians 1), I am delighted to have this opportunity. There is no room for groanings while the love, power and knowledge of God are on offer in this way. There is however room for delight. Praise God there IS that in which to delight, as it is written, they will come "with everlasting joy upon their heads" (Isaiah 51:11), speaking of the status of many and indeed of any who know Him (cf. I Thessalonians 5, John 16:20-24)..





If you want special adornments on your non-causative car, your Material Model, your chameleon hypothesis, then there is only added complication in having so-called aliens brought in: they merely add to what has to be rationally accounted for, as an additional  imagination to be produced. They have, despite vast amounts paid to imagination for its wares, never been found, the usual empirical failure, this one  merely a potential further  problem anyway.

It is the same thing entirely with having a few universes hanging around, as resource material to assist the building of this one. They are merely EXTRAS to be accounted for, as is the communication connection assumed between all, in having them specifiable and capable of consideration, making really one more complex universe of strangely named universes, another contradiction in terms,

If you have two examination problems, inventing a third does not really help, nor is it relevant in the marking!


*1 See the following on this.






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