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                                  IT IS TIME TO  LOOK -

 Dealt the Demonstrative

and confronted with


Sometimes it is good to go over foundations, review reality and cast the mind simply and freshly on what has long been known or even obvious. It is like looking for something. You KNOW where everything is and cannot imagine where the lost item COULD be, but on a little fresh look with the mind wide open, suddenly you see what was there all the time.

Let us look to the Maker, the grand Maker, the One who did the work; and not dream.

There is nothing, said the physician. At that moment my own words also came, so what  is nothing is not clear; but it seemed possible that he was talking about the presence of God, while I was talking about a direct line to God indeed being available, except that in one sense it is indirect, in that it moves through the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who being Himself God as man,  a glorious enterprise, still makes it direct with a robust realism.

But let us assume the doctor's idea was that no one was there, no basis, no beginning, no hope, that all was some kind of material bloc, which could not even keep up its energy, but always running down had no way to be run up - like a dressing growing old, but with no one to run it up in the first place, or to patch or replace it on the other. It just grows old and you have to afford a new one from the person who does that kind of thing and provided it in the first place. Isaiah 51:6-9 stresses this aspect.

It is truly amazing how vacuous how much thinking is on this topic. Thus, in scientific method, when looking for the cause of a phenomenon, you go to the nearest, the most closely allied conceivable basis, especially if it has independent confirmation as to type or action, and try to move till you get to the precise operative reality, and find it then verified as the concept or theory is applied.

But when it comes to the source, beginning, origination, explanation, basis for all that is, mind, matter and spirit, suddenly the age of dignity seems so often to pass, leaving people like young children, nonplussed, impotent, fluid in thought and without ideas (though some children may be outstanding here). Oh it came from nothing! say some, despite this being a flat self-contradiction. NOTHING is what is not there, in a situation where there is no there, or space or time or causation, or future or past or potential. It is merely cheating with word play to pretend that this represents any kind of valid thought, but rather is it a denial of reason by ostensible reason in one more self-contradiction. When there is nothing, there is no explanation either, and it means a surrender of the issue, as by one flabbergasted.

That is not a rational position but rather a vacation from one and THIS is taught in so many countries by people who are not children to young people who are. It is like telling children that when you are crossing a road, there are no steps to be taken,  nothing you can do: you just cross and hope for the best.

What wisdom is this, and indeed what a fouled up instruction for the instruction of the young! It is nature worship for a nature that is not there; it is the production of nature from nothing, making it one more manner of achieving a contradiction in terms. So a contradiction in terms is the basis of thought for the young, and you tell them the truth which has nothing to it for forbears, form, force or function, and this in a merely relatively  existent earth, which is not there either, and with nothing to relate.

You escape by denying causality ? Impossible unless indulging in more total irrationality in the non-answer you are providing. If not merely romancing in idle disconnected thought, one has  to account for causation itself - being made to appear really only this or that. To do this, however you have first in self-contradiction to re-instate causality, on the validity of which you explanation depends (cf. SMR Ch. 5, pp. 423ff., Predestination and Freewill Section 4l), so that you can say why it should be neglected ...

Thus, Causality as a principle is undismissible from rational thought, and its violation is mere evasion. So you start after all with complete logical necessity, with something. You do this instead of making some explanation depend first of all on the presence of time and space, or maybe add matter, and certainly add for such a purpose, logical validity (otherwise you are in self-contradiction of message and method at the outset), and this both in the realm investigated, so that reason may move relevantly in its midst and so gain knowledge, and in the mind of the analyst (you) investigating: so that the joint effort, investigating and being investigated, coalesces in results coherent and duly related.

Indeed, you may prefer to declare perhaps somewhat grandly, There is no truth. Then you have merely one more self-contradiction. If there is in existence simply no truth, then of a certainty, you cannot have it, since it is not there to have. If then you cannot have it, you cannot state what you do not and cannot have, as if it at least this were true. You cannot even utter rationally what you have in mind, in that scenario, model and evasion.

If on the other hand, there is truth, and it does exist, there is such a thing, and not something less, inferior, a mere reaction jab: then for this to be, you need also to have its cause. It is not inherent in matter, in which no thought at all is found inherent, nor nor are the means for it, which involves knowledge. If it were, it would  simply be a question of showing matter produce it, rather you yourself with it, by some magic within whatever it is that is not there.

If however we happen to have something that is there, say matter, and try it out for truth, which involves thought, and it does not happen, has no causal apparatus citable, then to operate on the contrary assumption is quick moves into the realms of the irresponsible - explaining a different world. We do not need to worship irrelevance in an imaginary world. We need to explain, account for, give a basis in thought for this one; and if wearying of it, in a desperate thrust to evade the obvious, God who is competent to produce all this and is beyond our type of created time (and space), you make some kind of leap into the dark in order to obtain light, then nothing changes. It is not logically productive. It is a matter of one more misfit effort left out.

What is needed with ANYTHING is inherent characteristics, together with outside provision or WORK, when it MAY yield what you want. Inherent characteristics need a cause, and an exhibition and outside provision needs what is outside to do the providing. Naturalism, having nature make nature before it is there to do it, is just one more self-contradiction in dissident concepts. All these things are the equivalent of babble, logically. Now if you want anything which is not the result of what is already there, with that potential merely to act for you, then you have to WORK on it to  secure it (if indeed possible for your capacity as cause for transformation). Work has to be done.

The gleaming metal does not come freely from the pit, the ducoed car from the metal, or the paint from the thought of it. Whether it be you or anyone else, there has to be work to get (again, perhaps, if you are competent at the required level) what ? What you want out of what is there. If it is not even there (or for that matter if you are not), then work has to be done by what is there to gain both you and what you have power to work on, for your desired purpose. If you have no purpose, or are not there, then for there to be anything, there must nevertheless be work. Note that we are discussing what is either as a whole unable or not activated to achieve the desired transformation, where system-on-system has NO basis.

We know this; but when it comes to ourselves, many tend to deny it, with a pseudo-authoritative flick of the mind, like the snap of the fingers, on the basis of nothing. But it cannot do anything, as is the case always with what is not there, with  nothing.

With what care we tend to know or seek to find out the precise causal steps on the way to gaining this or that, like food or life in disease; with what rationality we tend to probe and pursue the very details of the needs, and how we might obtain them! Yet just take one look at what is indubitably by any feasible definition of design*1, the greatest of all, at what requires the most delicate and intricate thought to  project and produce, institute and in detail execute, namely the human body, to cause it to exist: and what do you find ?  It is this. What lacks the Eternal Being (neither it nor anything else can 'arise' from nothing) has still the logical need for such profound competence. It does not arise out of thin air, or no air, or no space, or no place, or non-existence at some time, when time also is not there: in the matter of origins.

You still need, under whatever name, what is adequate to produce all, not lacking what is personally self-sufficient. Without this, the dilemma remains, to get what you want, based on no base, placed from no place, build on no thought in a vacuum, a stasis which is not there. You are as normal, left without a rational answer to a rational question (how come ?). This is the atheist choice.

It is as if you decide to print your own money but lack the machinery, the artistry, the grounds for acceptance and a few more items constituting the need for that purpose, and then smile at need and dismiss necessity but still consider the pecuniary  production as a done deal! It become like the occasion in Yes, Minister, when having skirted an answer to a query, and asked again for it, he queries, "Didn't I answer that question!"


 Finding the Corroborative

Bravo!  In such a case, next time start with what is THERE (or you must of necessity finish as you begin, if without it, and of course without yourself in any total account), and make sure it is adequate for what is to come: namely a Being expert in logic, mathematics as is found in the interstices of DNA, in expression, in inventiveness, in entrepreneurial ability, in function, construction and integration capacity to cover many systems for an overall program: check it all out, find what fits, test its self-exhibition as you test for anything, and you will find that is done in The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, already.

Not only is the rational answer available, to the question, Is there such a Being; not only does it validate and verify itself; but it is not silent to its hand-made communicator, man, in the most rational of manners. To him, this eternal Being declares in His creativity, what, why, in essence how and in what overall procedure He acted, made us and environment. Revealed in His attested speech are mazes of fulfilled words, which we see, and the solution in terms of gracious remedy to the predicament which through lust, laxity, lovelessness, negligence or hostility to our source, the human race faces.

Moreover, from this same source, both suitable and adequate, we learn that just as God finished in us a work giving competence at once, in making man, so that there was no ambivalence or systematic inadequacy, but competence to live for him, so mankind wandered. Despite all the wonder, our race made itself lost, this which had started FOUND, had commenced as known and with all due provision. All the gifts God has given us attest Him; but many prefer to test Him with a type of indolent or casual confrontation, and instead, as the Bible says, BELIEVE THE LIE (II Thessalonians 2:11). What, it is declared, helps to create this impasse is initial refusal to believe the truth. It is like someone eating trash because food is denied, when after all, it is there if one looks.

God is, is eternal, creative, the basis of our buildings and imparted capacity to build (in logic, matter, method, creativity) and the ground on which they are built. He has indeed  had much to  say, as you would expect of a Creator of all this, to declare to a logic-wielding invention called man; and He has evidenced it most profoundly in proposition, prophecy, principle and Person, the last in unveiled history, with its own attestation to add to all the rest (cf. SMR Ch. 6). The author of consciousness and sanity is a maestro in both, as is normal for what you bring with work into being; and He has not left us without a witness. This is both thrilling, and methodically delightful to find, both available for search and utterly unique in kind, a repast for the mind and an answer for the spirit.

The Bible is continually found adequate and sufficient, for all test and required results, and provides the propositions that exhibit paths and principles in profundity; yet not only this, but Jesus the Christ, the personal and biblically predicted intervention, the information expressed to persons, to be effective ... personally. He, this Jesus,  displays love without bullying, desire for good without impotence and sacrificial provisions for Himself to meet the matter of man's self misrule in His own Person. He has acted on behalf of His human creation, for those deceived, confused, alienated amongst  other things, through our race's own developed deficiencies, as by the miseries of mountebank man, who often loves to display what he neither has nor could have, with a cheap crudity, marring history with his untold turbulences to dictate to mind or body or spirit or heart and  frequently with a surpassingly vile violence.


                                     Impact - the Corroborative

Logic is unimpressed by adventitious coming from

nowhere to somewhere,

nothing to something,

ignorance to knowledge,

irrationality to rationality,

program to purpose and

pointlessness to program before that,

without particular propulsion or constructive capacity, concepts, thought or creativity.

When therefore we look for corroboration of this dismissal from reality of the atheist and evolutionary theories (NOT theorems, not in the least, but lazy substitutes, with the same impossibilities provided in bits instead of in bulk), we are not slow to find them.

Thus a normal way of procedure is fitting ideas, theories and approaches into reality, and seeing whether it jars or else converses, confirms, unites aspects of solution... or NOT. We should expect to find as in the case of cactoblastis cactorum, the death for cactus used in Australia, in this approach the results of gobbling  up the reason for, explanation for and impact of the truth by fancy. Here are eleven such corroborative aspects.

1) The current empty idol in view is EXPLAINED. Thus there is a REASON for the amazingly defective provision of self-contradiction and irrationalism with a self-destroying method of procedure on the part of many, very many persons including a good percentage of scientists, in ways so crude that they transmorph themselves into far lesser thinkers and very blighted ideational entrepreneurs. WHY is there such a sudden fade-out in so many for so long ? it is because like a drug, they are gripped, indeed more like the case of being subjected to a strong magnetic field if you were an iron filing, by such passion, compulsion, attraction for denying God that the maximal boldness in doing so seems almost too little.

They shriek, bleat, breathe fire, persecute, indulge in the most immature of rash generalisations and appeal to what is never found, such as the construction of DNA from a non-DNA base without intelligence, and teach the children as if explaining by a totem pole, with a weird-seeming self-assurance, as they all but unwittingly smash their minds with anti-empirical, irrational scenarios.

2) That in turn, which of course applies to much of their interchange of ideas and philosophic presumptions, at the adult level, as to the scenes of war, leaves a trail of the blood of millions, as a significant contributor. The COMPULSION to LIVE the outrageous theories readily becomes a thrill or lust to kill, delete, deny, ditch  - as with Iran's attitude to Israel, Hitler's to the Jews, Stalin to his detractors and academics very often to the well-deserved reputations and tenure of those who oppose them.

At best, the idea often is that Progress requires the destruction of the opposition, so that murder seeks to become a virtue and deletion of millions, a worth-while thing, even an anomalous duty.

Yet it is with Someone Else's property that they in pseudo-divine arrogance seek to to slash into submission. This seems secretly known by carefully constructed holocausts applied to the facts. These, as seen for example in Bulletin 149, involve blitzkrieg on God as owning His own world, appointing what parts of it He desires to those whom He chooses for particular purposes (just as a sheep station owner chooses the spot for his homestead, and does not expect to be harried for it, or the matter to be contested, and proceeds on his own basis and in his own purposes in what he bought). With God, He not only bought - He made it. He  it is who chooses what is to be done with what He constructed.

In society, the parallel would be for all real estate documents to be lost, burned or ignored. Wilful ignorance is no excuse, and clashing with the power of God as stipulated by Him, has a nil percentage of effectiveness. In the process of the conflict, in anguish and agony masses of persons die, for what is sometimes little more than smart-headed power play with satanic self-belief, founded literally on nothing.

3) It also explains why many are so reluctant to leave such dreams, even when they are mightily impacted with the fact that dreams they are. As an apparent example, is the brilliant micro-biologist Michael Denton, who dismembers the micro-evolutionary dream with no small conscientious detail, and keen enterprise, but instead of turning to the self-sufficient, eminently adequate Being so multiply attested, and logically necessary, he seems to merge his mind into some kind of principle as base. Now as pointed out in SMR*2 , a principle does not perform feats. It may describe what does so, but in itself it is an index, indication, description of what does. MANY principles are to be found in the nature of creation, many laws, many procedures, but their source and builder is not found in a word man may choose to use, but in a Worker with ALL the multi-competences in word and symbol, power and precision for discreet application that is made manifest in the empirical reality.

4) A further corroboration of the consequences of omitting what is necessary in the deterministic, atheistic, materialistic or evanescently irrelevant spiritual aspects invented by man, is the fact that in large and almost overwhelming multitudes, the misled adults are KEEN, persecutory of opposition, to share their unutterable confusions with the young, in education. It is as if there is no limit to their harm, sheer suppression of the sacred by the shearing off of the true. It is not often that they seek the destruction of the continuance and realism of the human race; it is just that they in this way, contribute mightily to obtaining it! The children ? It is like teaching them to drive without wheels. It leaves in this case, frustration, purposelessness or superficial purposes in charge in the minds of many of those who though young, in this way are systematically afflicted. It is answerable.

That such should be done to the children, even this, is the corroboration; the devastation in principle of the delicate, the forthcoming, a new generation as far as misused authority and seniority is concerned, indeed is corroboration in its bald nihilism or materialist obsession or calling for miracles of information while acting as if to delete God, were it possible, is such a self-contradiction and shelving of reaism that it, this also, attests the rigour of the ruin with which this charade invests the minds of its subjects. That it should be done with active SUPPRESSION by omission even of survey of the truth, of an outline, of something approaching the academic by reference and citation, as often also the harassment of dismissal of those teachers who do not so act, who insist on the facts found not the ideas substituted for them: this makes the impact of the error not only speak, but shout!

It is the kind of thing that from such a mistaken base, so brutally pushed into place, you would expect. It bears comparison in one respect, with drunkenness, where practical things may not seem so much to matter. It is a state of which the Bible says  much, being the class of action which tends to envelop civilisations in active  wars, becoming almost pervasive in this world, wars with what is there, and with Him what put it there (cf. Isaiah 29:7-14, Matthew 13:15,  Revelation 19:19, Micah 3:5): hence with what it is, with others in a confused melee of unreasoned irresolution.

5) Explained also is a great mystery at the outset: Why should many people of enormous aptitude believe even with a withering passion and contest, in matters setting their fine talents at nought, in ways utterly disparate from their normal performance! Why such a hollow where the genesis and maintenance of mankind is involved in such numbers of people ?

It has however its own causal basis. That is a systematic spiritual malady, one of the effects of a kind of spiritual fever (Romans 1:17ff.), that can have many manifestations, like other fevers. It tends to grip, not merely grasp. It tends to disperse understanding and distort motives. So action follows far below what one might expect from a given person. Much indeed is to be reaped from what is sown, and the prima facie inexplicable, becomes all too apparent when one returns from logical lapse with personal involvement, to adequate origin for the human race.

6) Explained also is why many nations which have even had centuries of large and sweeping fealty to the Bible in many phases, now seem ready to abandon their heritage, even knowledge of their culture, to say no more than that, and avoid education of the most sold book in the world, as if ignorance were education, morals were immoral (with the special exception of socially manufactured substitutes, from time to time)l as if past eminence in this world did not happen but is swallowed up in the mist of some inward compulsion. It appears like a dog without a collar, treated as a pest ready for the dog-catcher, sniffing here and there, one that has left its master, and finds aggressive authority or plight on every side. Jeremiah 33:30-33 shows one prelude; Isaiah 1:4-5 a more advanced case.

7) More and more, we find almost total social blindness to the achievements in Great Britain and USA in terms of human freedom: in the case of Britain, relatively and famously free from compulsive philosophies of simple dictatorial status, and highly esteeming freedom (and hence indirectly the vitality of truth), in that of the USA. This has been given a measure of spiritual stability, vigorous labour (the more because self-directed with the vision of the heart, again to an important degree).  Yet it must pass as a confused nation battles out its substitute catch-cries, in clangorous confrontation, one with another. Thus, , all of this grand if  mixed attainment, is dismissed like a casual servant, by those who use their liberty to do this, and seem to relish their chains, self-imposed!

Hence in growing strength, we find a new cultural stray dog-itis: an alienated public, past morals and integrity, wallowing in power plays, keen to divorce from distinctive and notable elements of their past, instead of progressing and prospering.

What  is it like ? It is like someone who cannot stop drinking, because of the surge of feeling while rejoicing in the disappearing inhibitions while AWL from far greater cohesion and concurrence.


8)  Confusion, and as clear in Britain, soon there are hidden consequences which enter; and then some of these rule. Thus in the US, certain good things found in the past combine with some bad ones of the present, to make a political division to cover different elements. Unstable in mutual opposition, confused, partial but prejudicial as they stand to prosperity, these weaken the country, making it divided against itself as well as degraded.  As the Bible states (Proverbs 14:34), righteousness exalts a nation; just as sin is a reproach to any people: and God does not change. Man does, and when he does so from a better beginning, it tends to be small change as in the pocket, which results. Enormous power is lost, and mutual striving awakens like a policeman to disturb a drunkard's dream.

9) Demi-god status of leaders becomes more and more common, even some who would have a leader actually using a biblical name for God, for themselves, others taking some of His unique powers and using them though so ignorant for such authority, as to make this idolatry. It becomes something not only unreasoned but unreasonable, a type of philosophically null impersonation. This manipulates millions into sterile because mis-based thought, enslaves multitudes often with either the rambunctious or the platitudinous mixed with self-serving or weird types of merciless nationalism and naturalism, and mis-bases, misplaces and  trivialises the race.

Much of the world is under such control now, with the additive, that it is not mere ignorance and romanticising but deviation from well-known and tried norms. II Thessalonians 2:4-10 shows the eventual outcome of this type of god-absorptive self-elevation on the part of leadership in our human race, with the predicted spectacle of a man showing himself that he is god, as in himself, what replaces all that goes by that name! This, because of the disparity between the wonder of God and the wilful woes of our llimited race, is an infinite blunder. The disorders which are coming to disadorn out present world, are all testimony to this error: relying on man instead of on God, and using man as a barrier against God by an infinite confusion of identity.

10) Ignoring the necessities of work in making Nature make Nature before it is there to do it, leads to a dizzying Alice in Wonderland impact. Thus the illusory, the recourse to the irrational, to the anti-historical based on anti-empirical concepts looms like fog. It stretches all the way to ignoring the DNA gender specifications, though they are presented billions of times in a given normal body, showing the obvious procedure and limits to and for man, underlining the unlimited imagination, enterprise, wit and power needed to  construct such a race as ours,  by ANY  method, real or imaginary.

Reaping what you did not sow becomes a new watchword for the world, which because of its oblivion to this fact, is reaping what in fact it did sow, with painful, signally ironic and very just crop duly arriving from its spoilt seeds. In bypassing this necessity of work, which needs to be done for our production, and which has been done, there is also a mode of ignoring fact, which has the normal outcome that its results do not ignore you; and you are neither ready for them nor appreciate their rollicking arrival.

These may be any type of disorder in our delicate and magnificent balances of items in our globe, growing more and more intrusive as wild dreams based on nothing but impiety and impishness, or hatred of God (Dawkins indicated that he does not like the God of the Bible! a grand dismissal of his source), as these brand the earth with their fraudulence, and people occupy themselves in their solutions which solve nothing.

Nothing, indeed, is neither a good beginning, for it does not begin, being simply not there, nor a resolution of what in fact is there. Insoluble problems, spiced with hatred, ill-will, wilfulness and self-seeking then act as a tart sauce on the disorders  man's self-trust impose on the race, the globe and its destiny.

All this corroborates still, and with increasing truculence as truth is dismissed with the dismal contentiousness which guilty ignorance, obstreperously projects itself, in warring words, fast-tracked by spiritual war-lords and shiftless mockery. The seas rise but the riot against reason continues; the heat rises, but the cool chill of realities to be faced remains dismissed; the irreconcilability of man to man, or women, or children continues as self-advantage and gaining it becomes a new religion,  based on strife, seeking for victory however vain, like a body composed of cells which lack neural connection.11)

11) Also corroborative is this ultra-strange insensitivity to the casually  murderous invasions of little Israel, which because most of Palestine was given to Jordan, did not receive Palestine as the homeland promised by both Britain (1917) and the League of Nations (1920). Israel's efforts to deliver its often heavily traumatised people or their descendants from the results of places like Auschwitz, are condemned by many with an odium almost inconceivable as it is directed against this nation, as if it were nationalistic, racist or horrific in some way. The spitting venom involved which appears to know little if any limit, make one wonder what the USA would do if hundreds and thousands of rockets were trained on its Capital city. What if these were trained on Washington from a few miles away, from territories given for peace' sake away to those who now abuse the gift!

It is because Israel has been most prominently in the religious news in the Bible, predicted and almost now entirely fulfilled in specifications (cf. Bulletin 149, and SMR Chs. 8 and 9). It is also because in this scriptural scenario, the land surrounding it is devoted to Israel for a purpose divine. It was to be lost for disobedience (Deuteronomy 32), and was, and yet to be regained for mercy's sake (cf. Ezekiel  36:22, Jeremiah 31:18ff., Genesis 17:7-8). It is because God has made this restoration a sign of the near return of Jesus Christ - indeed He spoke it (Luke 21:24), not least that the world tries once more and increasingly, to banish it.

It is mordantly spat out in part also because the miraculous impact of Israel as in the Old Testament times, was of vast international impact, and its return now is no small reminder that God is on time, in time, has appointed a space for history and the re-appointment of Israel is a means of conveying the fact that this world has an appointment with God on this issue (as in Micah 7, Deuteronomy 32, Isaiah 66, Ezekiel 37-39). A prominent feature in these sites is judgment, rarely desired!

He will give this world a call about it, maybe very soon. This world likes to forget such things, as above along with many other corroborations of its modern tendency not only to dismiss and deny God, but to defame Him for interest! This is one reason for the vast spreading anti-semitism. It is in part, an international desire on the part of many nations, to protect their flank, and dismiss their vulnerability - like a barrister, troubled in court because he can see a troubling question coming ... soon.






See for example DEITY AND DESIGN, DESIGNATION AND DESTINY, including both the prelude and especially Sections 2 and 8.



Here follows an excerpt from SMR p, 159

Denton's later trend to find a principle to propel, impel, draw or whatever, things into being is categorically misplaced. It is God not principle which is needed, with the multiple, integral powers appropriate to the result.

What sort of a principle thinks and conceives and even constructs conceptual apparatus in man ? Oh well, not quite a principle. After all, a principle is a name for some thing which is caused to operate in some way. It is the cause which makes it do so which is needed.

A principle is a description of an order and procedure; and because of this, it needs its base, the force and creative content which it describes so that it can be a principle. You need the worker to make it work, the creator to allow it to happen, the structure in which it is to work, the imagination to formulate it so that it might work, the thinker for whom it is a thought, the functionary for which this is a function. Something which is in order needs the orderer, if code then its commander; and what operates needs the gear in which to operate, the power by which to operate and the basis on which to act. (Cf. pp. 252B, 315B-316G, 348-353 infra.)

Very well, as always you need God: all we are seeing in modern evolutionary gasping and panting after immediate 'creation' is a denial of the cause and a clamour for the effect. It is always the same: God is smuggled in and His name is smuggled out.

For a more extended refutation of the type of idea in Denton's artifice that he created later, see Logos, Uncreated. incorruptible, Inestimable Ch. 4