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The method of approach used by Dr Sanford is cumulative. The earlier genetic field has been plotted. Its results are applied to another field.

In his Genetic Entropy, we are introduced to the many reasons why it is the case that mutations, normatively interfering with extreme complexity and multi-task equipment, and hence adverse to efficiency and proficiency, and not free from the Second Law of Thermodynamics any more than matter is free from the First Law, that of Conservation of Mass and Energy, are overwhelmingly harmful. The details of these findings are fascinating, but even more so is the necessary and as a system, overwhelmingly heavy burden or load to carry as the increasingly failing genome for man, advances in age.

Even now, he shows, our  burden of copying errors each generation, instead of being the one per generation once thought as being near to deadly, is considered to be nearer one hundred each time a new generation arrives and matures. Marvellous are the closely studied little machines that rove over the copies of this mind, and amazing their brilliant methods of securing many corrections, yet it is far too little for the declining result to be cancelled!

Proceeding to a new work, as Professor Emeritus of Cornell where he worked as geneticist for many years, now turned to one on fossil residues of various species, mainly human, in a new two year specialisation,. Some of the work in the areas of Genetic Entropy was evidently moved, as if a lighthouse beam were temporarily turned in a new direction as it surveyed the  maritime environment; it seems he now painstakingly pondered, assessed and critically analysed in what appears another classic: Bones of Contention.

Here arises the application of the survey of entropy in his former book, to the analysis of very numerous findings in considerable detail, and always with the special topic of genetics available as his main life specialty, to the palaeo- , chemical, genetics and of course the radioactive aspects of that human fossil field. Thus we have the cumulative, the consequential approach and it appears applied with meticulous care, as he casts a wide net on recent findings to the point. As he reviews and analyses,  he finds that just as there is one field of fact, so there is another developing in recent research and assessments of the same by numerous specialists in fossils. They attest repeatedly that as more and more data are assembled, there is less and less evidence of any observable sequential progress from ape to man. The progressive mutation is all and only in the mind of man, as Denton in his own field of micro-biology frankly charted more broadly, and genetically some decades ago in his work, Evolution : A Theory in Crisis.

There are apparent branches and departures here a little, there a little, here in one direction, there in another, and mixtures of bones are repeatedly found (as with Homo habilis) which may not credibly be turned into an assessable progressive assemblage. There is no ape to man line in any realistic line-up of comparatively disparate fossils, often mixed.

This being the case, Professor Sanford declares it time to consider all the information together. It is indeed the more obvious SINCE the backward dynamic on man in particular is a fact, and one increasingly attested by more experts. Thus, instead of trying, vainly, to invent an ascending scale of fossil findings, forcing it on unavailable evidence, the logical thing to do is to apply that assessment backward. If indeed there is not a forward line to be drawn through ascending variations of human kind from fossils, does a line going backwards, one of downward variation exist, with its heterogeneous liabilities to this and to that defect as time progresses, as so often found in other fastidious creations of our own, so that it is a backwards regressive line, moving in deadening pockets here and there, or new defective ones ? It is not that man invents himself, before he is there to do it, or that Nature creates itself before it even  exists to do it.

It is not surprising therefore that in  his look at this combination of law and data banks, at what based after all on scientific laws of the first importance as well as on empirical facts at the causative level, the Cornell researcher finds that the array of variation fits excellently into that negative, directional milieu. Preparing a third book in this, rapidly becoming a mini-series of his, he presents the view that here is a summation of considerations and evidences of great promise, bringing the empirical and the testing to one account where the facts and principles move fluently, instead of getting in the way. To be sure, the result appears a realistic as well as a negative one. Life is after all, not an affront to the natural law, nor is the Second Law of Thermodynamics flouted so casually, but this wonder called human life in its visible framework, is subject to deterioration, decline and dysfunction. Entropy is far from arrested and creative magnificence is put  back to what preceded its operation, equipped with the power to perform it. Magic is then aptly treated as delusive.

Indeed, that deterioration in general through massively warping mutation moreover brings the age of man's earthly existence back enormously, in line with the findings of Dr Nathaniel Jeanson, in his work, Replacing Darwin. There is no laughter of the gods, since there is  only one God, but the derision of the only God has long been marked out for all this nature-worship as in Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah, Jeremiah in particular declaring the folly of looking to a stone (or 'nature') as the source of a magnificence in concept, creativity and mathematics, engineering and architecture, both ends and means, called mankind (cf. Psalm 2 and Jeremiah 2:27).

For how long has defect been urged in the sheer emptiness of the hollow Darwinian concepts, as it was developed! BY NON-SURVIVAL of what is defective, deficient or inefficient, do you actually for one moment imagine that you can draw on a vast factory of geniuses and wonder programmers (for the oncoming successive generations of mankind to be born) in the heights of complex, systematic and synthetic presentations, for fascinating and intriguing advances! Indeed these are far beyond the achievements of man in his own most profound and even joint efforts, and does one expect the ARRIVAL of ever more advanced work, surrounded by meticulous multi-purpose methodologies with an imaginative quotient almost beyond so much as conception!

First, for the worst to go is that really logical ground for the best to come...

Sheer nonsense. Failure does not produce success; departure does not entail production of what is ahead of where you were at best in the first place: this is all nothing other than the precise opposite of scientific method. It is not a matter of looking for a solution to the scientific findings - the empirically observed facts - in what is as far removed as possible from any likeness whatever to the case before you. On the contrary, it is normal to look to things which might contribute some understanding of your latest discoveries, in case somewhat similar methods might provide you from you know for what you do not, as yet know.

What makes it worse, is reductionism. Many of the blind used to make new arrangements for man, USING their philosophical powers, to misuse words and concepts. Man became a piece of machinery, or an oddment from the factory which is never identified, which is not there, and some figment of the imagination was put forward. Mis-assessments which used the logic it could not account for but nevertheless found in the systematics back of both human reasoning and that analysable in the  universe at large, to invent that trilogy of mind, matter and spirit called mankind. It proceeded so far that man can use HIS OWN reason to investigate that implicit in the universe for discovery.

These match like two volumes of a series by the same author.  Their sense and systematics accord as if someone inventing a space-ship suddenly found lying about, another half m ade one, and the two fitted together perfectly. It is not however necessary to abandon all reasoning, testing, verification and law, in order to understand. It is both normal and common for one author to have such things, as he moves now here, now there in a developing work. It was on Contractor who did it, and His name is God. Making logic (so that it exists) is one thing. Apply it to the internal working power of man's mentality is another. What marvellous powers are ultimately in such a model, attributed to nothing, and what facilities of functionality are available in what is not there.

As man hurtles towards extinction, and adds to the sheer speed of it, his radioactive guilt and his unreserved hostility, the one (person, race, nation, country) against the other, so that environment becomes an overlay in burden and his sheer anti-God folly shines like a darkening, nightmare lighthouse on his path through the waters of degeneration of body, thought, morals, self-discipline and understanding.

It is therefore of the more massive interest, added to this, to find helpful signals coming from the reasons of advanced empirical and conceptual combinations of specialised scholarship. It is time for grown-ups to cease playing children, without their (relative) innocence but with their capacity to merge imagination with factuality in somewhat  hilarious ways. As they are not yet mature, the danger is less. When adults, however, become fanciful with fact in ways that lack evidence, and are contrary to logic, the judgment is merely one result. Due for extinction, a race that does this is to be pitied, but the passion of provocation appears to know no shame, and pity is dismissed by many among mankind as useless.

Divine pity is on the other hand the only hope of man, never the product either of nothing nor the chaotic, and it is a wonder with God has provided it with power in the  Gospel of His personally coming, confirming the words and predictions of many generations, to make the way of escape clear and obtainable, in a work of prodigious generosity called the Gospel (John 3, Romans 5).