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The Lord has already spoken in you,
for your generation as a human being from babe to thinker:
now listen to what He says TO you


In That Magnificent Rock, we find *1 this excerpt from Gitt's work of 1997, In the beginning was information. It is this:


"There is no known natural law
through which matter can give rise to information,
neither is any physical process
or material phenomenon known
that can do this."


WHY can leading world experts make such pronouncements ?

WHY is  information so different ?

It is all rather obvious in principle. Let us follow this. Gitt has made a science of it very strictly; but in logical format it is not difficult.

Information differs from data in several specialised ways. First it has to be available to someone or something which is able to work with it, but not when it concerns the matter of life, not without it.

Secondly, it is provided in a disciplined code which makes its message interpretable.

This involves, directly in relation to personal inter-communication, grammar and direction, protection of meaning, explorable content. If it cannot inform anyone it is not information. If it can, then it has to have such disciplines. Nor is this all. The informant whatever its nature, or character, has to correlate with the to-be-informed party, in such a way that the orderly disciplined deposition of the former matches the orderly disciplined registration techniques of the latter.  It is just like language, and in fact is a type of language, so that in this sense we do not need to look for messages from space: we already have them in the billions within our own DNA code for each generation by generation construction form zygotes to geniuses.

These regulative features then, of information are systematic matters, without regard to what either party or agent or instrument has in fact installed ready for such expressive or receptive feats. It is a double discipline that is required, a matching discipline and a coherent one; it has also to be jointly co-functional to have any value at all.

 Further, all these types of systems have in principle and function to be in order for any advantage to be gained; while the code load would be highly detrimental, even if it could be formed, if dysfunctional.

The small point that matter is NEVER found deploying itself in these disciplines (only applying what is already deployed), moreover has no visible means towards their formation, and further, does not actually concern itself with entrepreneurial works, but implementive ones, also has scientific bearing. Why ?

It is for this reason.

When you look for any explanation in science, it is the natural norm to look for similarities in law or occurrence which would lead to a multi-faceted intelligence of the thing in question, each correlation supportive of the other in a functional group. Here your problem is finding information packed neatly and organised in multi-disciplined ways, ready for receptors which have like discipline, at the input side, so that the two in personal terms, interact meaningfully; or in programmatic form, inter-relate systematically.

To explain you then be inclined to look for similar and not highly different occurrences. In practice, current scientific norm in the case of life is to look for what is most different for inspiration, correlation and explanation. Thus it looks at non-personality, non-entrepreneurial matter, at chance (which implies system in terms of non-conformity to some expectation or hope or special interest) or at random. This is merely to pursue a thought; but it is far removed systematically from what has to be explained, and those who as scientists have used this method, are simply stumped.

They speak in double talk about nothing, and then not nothing, and then abstract ideas, which do or do not amount to nothing as source and make science cheap by this abuse of it. It is common and likes to persecute in practice; and indeed currently (June 2019), there is much discussion in Australia about freedom of speech because of a famous and recent dismissal of a Professor. It is best however in general to follow reason, and not desire, in seeking and providing explanation.

What then of the problem of life's derivation, one case in the field of information ? For answer this requires: Law, fixity for correlation, system for coherence, matching output-input correlation for function, definition for functional cohesion, meaning-symbol interpretability and applicability by whatever means, and therefore meaning without meanders. All these things are purpose-built in actuality in this world; and the normal means is intelligence associated with entrepreneurial ability of conception, and managerial power of origination so that conception becomes actuality, which helps in that this is what has to work, even to be relevant.

All these inter-related systems are normal in KIND and character to man and his mind and his spirit, but matter, which shows no evidence at all of spirit or thought (by and of itself, as distinct from being a medium for its expression, which is what gives human science its name) does not show evidence of such doings, dealings, dynamics at the originative level. The best matter can do is to display as evidence the degree of use of these originative facets which must have been involved where intelligence or its correlative modes, was at work. Thus programs may well capture some of these functions provided that the work has been done to formulate the programs, which is of course far harder than just supplying the communication.

The universe is investigable precisely because the language of its internal commands matches that in the mind of man, whether directly or indirectly. That is one aspect of the way in which, the constraints under which they have been made to be operative, are on display. The  Greek term LOGOS is a very fine tool that can be used, in terms of describing in the field of information, its vocabulary breadth and intent of meaning. It is most apt for this phenomenon. There is, then,  the same logos at work for the creation and formation of the mind of man and for the underlying structuring and law, discipline and direction of the universe. They were literally made for each other.

There is this Logos and there is the spectacle in man and in matter of its work. Matter itself, in its own more limited but intensely complex way, is also subject to law. It is such facts as these which are the basis of the repetitive gift in the universe which science uses in formulating laws, applying them correctly (when it succeeds) and predicting results. There are also overall laws, such as those of The Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, The Law of Biogenesis, which in the case of the Second for example, is in direct conflict with the idea of a self-governing universe deciding to make itself by increasing through information in a natural way. It is bound rather to increase in entropy, in de-specialisation, towards degeneration not in the invention of logic and definition and command and information in a structural advent of the first order.

Whence then the Logos ? If it were not there at the start there is no system to produce it except one which would be superior to it, and this enough to see and formulate all these things and how to make it as well. This only distances but does not solve the issue. Since the God without whose prior presence nothing can be, and what we have cannot come, requires all it takes to make what we have, if one is to keep to logic, then it requires precisely such expressive power, correlation of items and systems, methods and meanings, such powers in expressive mode. They need ot be invented, deployed and rendered operative and co-operative.

Thus this is merely one of His relevant and required capacities in accounting for what we have. He has to be at least personal in order to be able to invent personalities, nor can anything be beyond the necessary God of creation without severing rationality.  His existence is necessary to logic.

One piece of information He has sent concerns the personal entity called man, and it is to the effect that he has vastly failed in the use of the freedom given as a person, has incurred the abiding wrath of God, the disruption in part of many systems, and the erosive facilities that work to degenerate in those who choose such paths who, being many, occasion vast results. Man however is nowhere what he should be, and so God instead of letting him perish in his multiple follies, has freely provided a way out, a way on and a way into the Kingdom. This God has for those who seek Him and the resolution of the judgment due to this world. It was simple in concept, profound in consequence.

God sent the Logos in human format to die for sin's guilt and grant pardon to those who receive Him in this office, with peace and eternal life, a vast soaring above mere continuance and that longing to continue a little longer which is survival. The name: Jesus Christ. The term: salvation.