Potential Drafts for a Newspaper Letter

Letter One



Consider  the worst of all viruses, one currently centred  in the Victorian Government. Reportedly, a Bill is being considered, including invasion in some matters, into other States. It features prosecutions, fines to $200,000 for interference with what in much is a totalitarian substitute for an Australia of free thought and action. It even provides prison years for  breaches of certain amoral, atheistic assumptions in the gender domain.

In this Bill, religions apparently may not at times be permitted basic freedoms, like free prayer, if unauthorised by the Melbourne directorate. In effect, they are not in practice to believe in the God who spoke the genome, or His unique performance in doing so,  but must conform to such government despotism, God a name only.

The huge, integrated block of commands in DNA still schedules babies built to specifications before our eyes. Atheism and correlatives still imply 'nature' making nature, before it is there to do it, empty if disguising  phrases being common; or even nothing serving as basis for everything; and the removal of the worse products a path of production of better ones, a thing not seen. It takes work to make things, not little stories.

It is time many believers  in the God of creation, His Christian salvation and destiny, or even spiritual liberty, turned on this indirect, unspiritual way of Bible blasting, publicised debates occurred, and Australia dealt decisively with what is a far more dangerously contagious spiritual virus, than any physical one.


Letter Two


Did you know that you soon might be sent to prison for praying for someone, or fined $200,000 for such actions as seeking to preserve your child from having genes that command one thing, and surgery done on the body, to try to have a different gender! What confusion in misalignment! You could be libelled as cruel if you believe the Bible and act on its instructions to obey God, rather than disrupting what He made without even comprehending its workings. A child's eminently changeable emotions become the dictator, as interpreted by the State.

Infamous discrimination threatens, with no one else of any account, they, their liberty from prison, their wallets, desires, religion, morals or anything else all dismissible, apparently contemptuously. Practical freedom of expression of religion, is assaulted, parents mere bystanders as the extremes of items such as atheism and interference amounting to violence, find their way with the harassed populace!

The Victorian Bill, already passed in one House of Parliament, that has such contents or implications, waits like a cobra.  On February 2, 2021, it might become law. Moreover, the Bill appears to provide for fines and prison terms to be made applicable in other States, whose electorates by no means approved this fierce, anti-biblical attack, an  invasive spiritual virus. It should be far more publicised, a matter of vast public debates with liberty not sold to a slavery to some, forcing their ideas on others ruthlessly and relentlessly.

R and M Donaldson

Banksia Park



It appears the oddest thing that what this amounts to is this. Not merely are mature adults to be told in priority what to do in terms of children's changeable emotions, for it is these that are followed. In addition, does it rationally concern their  young minds? let alone meet those who consider this rupturing eruption of distaste for the constructions of the Almighty to be the most unsafe, distorted way of action! It is a matter of partially ruining by irreversible, physical change in many cases, the operation of what they did not construct. It is interference in childhood with a sledgehammer where a scalpel might be used. It can cause acute remorse in maturer years, a broken yearning to follow the template genetically and generically implanted, and could well lead to the suing of the Government for violence.

Can the parents protect their offspring from State controlled compulsion that they believe may ruin their children ? Not in this at all. Christian parents, for example, may not according to this marauding Bill, seek to have their variant children brought up according to two things: their genes and the Bible. The third prohibition is this, then, that parents have no capacity to seek what they believe to be healthy and wise for their children and to protect them from messing about with what is by no means fully understood.

Parents thus become instruments of the State, and the State is this would be posing as, or even beyond, God Almighty. And in the next Dunkirk situation in a radically changing world, you can see if indeed instead of deliverance, you really do become slaves to usurpers. It is pleasant that it is not now Law, but less so that it threatens in February and is not satisfied with such violence to other people's minds, emotions, wallets and freedom, in one of the most discriminatory and dismissive acts even seen in the Commonwealth of Australia, for those duped by it; but imperiously tries to involve other States, citing fines or even prison beyond the bounds of its own electorate.