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The Definition, the Application and the Desecration

Creativity is the facility, ability, agility of an agent to place things in mind, not before there or known to be so used, or from mind to matter, or from spirit to mind, by that agent in such  ways, or in some combination of such aspects, as to invent such things and invest them with being, whether for good or evil, or with whatever motive.

In view of its constructive capacity, however, the term is less normally used of means of destruction unless there be a constructive outcome. While destructive power would not be antilogy, it could verge on it, according to the style if usage.

In attributing creativity to a personal  outcome of whatever facility, the criterion is achievement rather than assumptions concerning the means. The  concept may be used of any action in the  field requiring effort and input  at the agency level, though such creativity does not of necessity involve the conscious mind in engendering, assessing or actively contemplating the expression, rather than having  a surge or urge of dimly discerned desire. For some, this may become more precise during the construction and would tend to be relished by the maker, more or less, according to the fuller realisation of the meaning or implications of the outcome.

Objectively in terms of such normative definition, this world demonstrates enormous creativity  as a major criterion of its nature as a product. It is the most creative physical and mental exhibit of creativity available to our senses, and any denial of this would itself represent an abuse of terminology exceedingly creative in itself, one for which the terms 'desecratory' would more normally be used.