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Australia is at a cross roads.

One of these, made of moving sand, without foundation, wanders into strange efforts as if to strand our DNA, selectively ignoring its constructive commands, and remake us according to dysfunctional patterns - as if to make the race die out. But they are far from even understanding all the demonstrated wit and wisdom in the constructive commands of the DNA, which they seem flippantly to ignore; and vastly far from making the total integration of parts for the body, mind and spirit of man, even the body requiring knowledge far more technically apt than our greatest possesses. The bodily script we already have in us, through myriads of coded commands, produces both healing and babies in each generation. It works wonderfully with unearthly sophistication.

Nor is it ever seen being written without intelligence (If at all), nor are any means for that visible. What we frequently find is a perilous process in which cavils, foibles and pettifogging of lawyers, and the nothing-based new 'morals' of political invention mix, while reason and revelation alike are wildly ditched  for the rule of an unauthorised, anti-constitutional, new political religion.

Another of the cross roads is instead the theme and demands for freedom of religion, as in the Constitution, where the political avant-garde proceed to use legal quibbles to make the constitutionally granted freedom to exhibit religion (which includes speech) mean freedom instead to obey this invented political religion, ready to be forced on betrayed citizens, one filled with emptiness.  In apparent oblivion of the Constitution, some political personnel threaten to do as they please in matters of underlying values, priorities and morals; and they appear popular.

Long have there been fusses and failures to implement these principles of freedom: some promising to do so, failing instead when they have the power.

Meanwhile, a national dazed acceptance of the first-noted unsurfaced cross road for its part, appears simply a dither to disaster. Liberty in a democratic society is hard to obtain, easy to lose.