A Pair with 130


following the plebiscite for legal permission for homosexuality

Is it to become legally necessary, to avoid punishment, to pretend that you do not disapprove of a religious position, or one in violent confrontation with or  impact on religion ? Is legal toleration of a practice in fact contrary even to our racial DNA construction and provision, to become a pretended new, approved standard of intolerance ? Are the tolerated to become intolerant ?

Is toleration of a practice to equate with authority to enforce it as a standard on others; and even  by implication on the words chosen in their speech! and is what in the name of a plebiscite meant  to grant  toleration to be abused instead, not only to authorise intolerance, but sanction a breach of Constitution and a cardinal lack of freedom in a country which, in the passion of many, sought in twentieth century wars of  notoriety, to preserve us  from becoming prey to slave drivers ? Are we to endorse such a situation even without our specific Constitutional Change procedure being rigorously applied first ?

If so, legal quibbles or not, in that such an abuse of terms  becomes a device to make no mean yes in religion - as in the former soon failed USSR,  such a step becomes a political coup operative on our Section 116.

To vote for any who compromise religious  toleration in such a way and pretend that what some may now legally do, all must legally seem to approve:  is repugnant. It turns legal permission to act in certain ways (the plebiscite), into authority to change religious standards, repress freedom of thought in others and discipline non-conformists in what appears a devious coup. In a democracy,  request for a toleration in practice, thus becomes belligerently  regarded as a grant of new intolerance against non-conformists to a new rule, as if it sanctioned a breach of a  constitutional bar and barrier to protect our independence.

In these fields of dictation, to the contrary, it is vitally important, if you aspire to command others, to say what you mean and mean what you say.