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One has a little to say to our nation at the religious level, currently in high profile and at a crucial phase in its official dealings; and it is said by a Christian author and Minister, out of duty and concern.

In the matter of Jerusalem, a principle is roused. If our nation in its present elected form and format, wishes to do this or that concerning our embassy in another country, in keeping with our general policy elsewhere,  it is utterly unwise to act on advice that this may cost us something, in the form of a challenge from any other nation.

Liberty of thought has not yet been vanquished by some who seem to act as anti-history mutants in our midst. Let us use due liberty now. Don't let us trade in - for economic reasons - morals and mores, let alone any genuine integrity of thought and conviction of assurance. To be sure these things are already being eroded at a scouring rate by streams of irrationalism, without cause or reason or ground. Let us not however SELL them!

Consider more broadly. Is Britain to be subordinate to Europe  ? many find the thought worse than degrading, as if Britain, despite the never song, and its history, yet ever, ever will be slaves. Some, highly placed in government there,  have resigned their posts in protest. Conversely, in Australia there are some who would make Australia not only defiant of its Commonwealth foundations, but of its Constitution, dark passions seemingly sated only when we park next to what is by report the ruling Chinese assailant of Christianity in particular (cf. The Australian, Wang Yi, December 19, 2019).

Will Australia then first be pleased simply to yield freedom of expression and religion nationally, and then sell it at international pressure also ? Will it even be instructed to sell its liberty through its appointed representatives, on pain of losing national trade, or fear of terrorist religious violence from threatening bullies in other lands, who believe in that sort of thing, whether groups or individuals ?

Will it thus sink further to become a subsidiary to the religious orientation of other bodies ? That becomes like progressive paralysis. Is the first step already taken ?