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The Corrosive and Continual Vapours of Anti-Freedom

and Illicit Government Religion

Cases in Point

The Australian, a national newspaper,  is to be congratulated on its timely front-page depiction of what appears a gross persecution both of proprietors of a magazine and a Western Australian photographer. This with the front page heading, 'Religious freedom lost as magazine shuts' seems just criticism of a fast growing area of national complacency. In this instance, the Press did not shrink, or pass it over. The land is not dead yet despite its long continued, brassy, heedless departure from the source of any greatness remaining: the God who made it. He makes no apology for the fact. It is not as if it came from what isn't there (cf. Bulletins 105 and 107).

Commanding Christian schools  to accommodate teachers  alien to their long-held purpose, as is envisaged by some as the next freedom invasion if they win the election, is like compulsory use of a cricket ball for a tennis competition. This new case parallels that.

Entrepreneurial freedom is mocked. The threats and withdrawal of advertisement from the White magazine, frightening their Staff and the like similarly are intimidation of a select purpose and special interest, which happens by reported intent to be peaceable, as with many specialties, medical or otherwise. If anyone wants to fight about it, it seems they don't. They must just leave the work of many years, with many of their supporters in the line of business, frightened away from the rough and rowdy attacks, that they should dare to have a special field that does not accord with the increasinglyl totalitarian new popular religion, so unconstitutionally and irrationally being adopted by more and more of Government in the land.

Another case appears in the news. It is this. When reportedly a photographer in WA, simply indicated to a same sex couple with children, that they might wish to know that this was not a case akin to his own thought, so that they might prefer to use someone more alike, he was sued and ORDERED to admit discrimination, even REQUIRED to submit a written apology and publish it.

In overview, there are principles involved here, assuming the reports correct, or anything like it. Here we find what is an ideological invasion, dictatorial assault on convictions (for what but a lie is likely to meet the requirement to ADMIT, confess 'discrimination' here), an attack on conscience,  and on display a fine example of religious totalitarianism: DO as directed, THINK as told! Are the  anti-discrimination authorities here found rather in the role of discrimination enforcers ?

Is 'religious freedom', as in the mercifully extinct USSR, to become a hypocritical horror, merely masking religious invasion!

Rev Robert Donaldson, VP  World Wide Web Witness