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Are significant fractions of the USA to turn into a pack of murderers, would-be murderers or malign ?
to join many of the same in the world Islamic population and not there only ?
for if not all such are adverse to the removal of Israel by force or its deletion,
yet many such nations of this persuasion do seem to follow this path, some acridly.
It is well for America that Trump is not among them.

Is it not enough that there are, by report, some 44:1 Palestinians and Arabs ALONE,
in ratio compared to the slight population of Israel ?

Do they need international help to cover the case ?

Does the "international community" as given doubtful expression in the UN, have to follow what appears the blanket and routine habit, the citing  of Israel through its condemnations, while there are far more astounding things ignored elsewhere! So much is this so, that many have to protest the UN's almost mono-manic seeming preoccupation.  Certainly there are vigorous counter-movements in the US, but it is finding it difficult to discipline them as they persecute with venom, and often childish abuse.

Do the vast numbers of varied people, persuaded contrary to Israel, need to assist the statistic of 44:1 which already is the kind of disproportion facing this slender land ? Do the several incredibly generous peace terms offered, beginning in 1948 and proceeding through the Clinton era, have to be ignored by what appears almost some kind of class memory loss ? Do people usually help those attempting to murder them and training their children to hate or in many cases, love to kill them and chant hatred ? Would every capital city on earth like to be dispossessed, where a country bears rule in a land, or acclaim the use of  bombs rocketed indiscriminately in the land (or even with slaughterous INTENT), and try to assist rather than seek to frustrate those doing it ? Name one.

Does this tiny Jewish population need international vileness and violence to subdue it or to disintegrate it and so please multiplied millions if, indeed, it is not now billions ? And with all this being precisely what God said He would do, in defence of a returned Israel, as in Bible in sites like Zechariah 12, and more fully in Ezekiel 36-39, Micah 7 in kind, amid the very promises He would fulfil, then let us ask who thinks of the biblical verification that rests in this simple fact ? This  simply verifies the Bible as the book which never misses and the very suddenness of the re-institution of Israel as God said (cf. Isaiah 49:13-23, Ezekiel 36-37, Jeremiah 33)  was indeed with sharp report like an explosion (it was by swift announcement from David ben Gurion in May, 1948).

Even the smallness of the land for the increasing population is there predicted. It is well to remember in all this, that God knows it, shows it and takes pleasure in fulfilling His own counsel. His patience is exquisite, but His power no less so.

The simple fact and the sample act is precisely this, that it is too well-known to cover up that God foresaw and predicted these now empirically tested things, though rebellious mankind does not hesitate to seek to violate the word and will of God. That section of this world therefore is wounded by Israel, to the heart, by its just being there, till seemingly soon, God recalls this people largely en bloc spiritually to Himself, with His other children, and then acts.