Reading in The Australian, May 6, of the irrational persecution in Australia of Christians, as non-conformists to new philosophical dreams, one reflects.

I would like to see a Commonwealth of Australia not ashamed of its sound traditions through which under God it was first brought up, for all its faults. I should like to see an end to this self-mutant thrust to change our social and national mould to something moved at every impulse of sordid philosophy, cynical negativity, sightless aim and braying  opportunism, with a return to understanding of where this miseducation leads: abusing first the minds and now even in some cases the bodies of the young. It is not  adaptability but fluid, philosophical folly.

History, morals and creation alike have been slanted through a vast, gaunt, anti-scientific selective process,  frankly omitting major areas of knowledge, disjoining from rationality, generating ignorance.

A recent media letter has assailed churches as too silent in the face of these challenges, but in fact many from various angles have acutely defended the truth, and left gaping and irredeemable holes in the assault forces. Our own church body has in fact not only over years repeatedly warned, remonstrated, exhorted, both government and opposition against the doctrinaire, evidentially starved and dictatorially directed oversight of what was education! but also freely published on the Web,  a 242 volume, Biblical Christian Apologetics set. Started in 1996, this is demonstrating biblical truth, with Jesus Christ the eternal Word of God, the Creator, and only and necessary Saviour, presented as far more than a mere option.

We are not silent.


Rev. Dr. Robert Donaldson

World Wide Web Witness Inc.