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News April 20, 2017

Trump invites Abbas to White House for
"Conflict ending deal"



The Israeli situation should be sufficient to turn anyone with feathery down concepts of the human race into a realist.  Excluded by divine prediction and performance, for some 1900 years following their occupation of Jerusalem for some thousand years, and willing, on winning a war in which their extermination as a nation was the intention of the 5 anti-Israel aggressors - since God defines whose is what, and had gifted them the land to all generations (cf. Genesis 17:7-8) - they were still willing.

Israelis were willing to do what ? They were in 1947 willing to accept Jerusalem as an international city with bits of land, strewn here and there, as also parts for them, as locations for their people. How generous for a people promised the whole of Palestine by both the British (1917) and a little later, by the victors in the war! This, World War I, was one in which the British Government was grateful indeed to a Jewish chemist, Dr Chaim Weizmann,  who helped signally their power in the area of explosives, and in this way, they showed its depth.

Then the UN reneged on this donation, and made its own, like being given a house and 30 years later, when you have done improvements, taking it back, and giving you the toilet.

MOST of Palestine was thus taken away from a grant to Israel. Much went to Jordan. This is therefore a prime partition site for those wanting Palestine for themselves; but abused by Israel-assaulting immigrants, and troubled by a civil war, Jordan ceased the offer of citizenship for many of those displaced by the Israeli victory. (There were, of course, many Jews displaced from neighbouring lands as well, with the same victory, and they were not wafted by magic into Israel; but this is a prime topic for avoidance, perhaps because it has to do with reality and justice.)

As predicted in Zechariah 12, when the Jewish people came back to their land, there were to be - as there indeed transpired - vast triumphs almost inconceivable by Israel against its marauding and grasping foes. Life Magazine put out a special issue for 1967 on just one of such triumphant battles, as a masterpiece of military history.

So with the help of God, on the way towards leading them back to salvation through the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ (as in the next step shown in Zechariah 12:10ff.), they conquered their opponents, and held Jerusalem and various lands extending their site, avoiding the alternative of being destroyed. One might have thought that avoiding this sort of multi-national destruction, poised and pushed by a number of invasive nations, would give Israel some standing. But not so! The opposition, during Clinton's presidency,  having been offered at Camp David a deal which was extremely favourable to them, rejected it; while Israel, for its part, as in 1947, was willing to accept the offer. It is therefore a simple fact that it is NOT Israel which has baulked at the peace deal.

IT WAS WILLING to take it. Arafat was not keen on Israel's existence. It is strange that what has become a sort of charity has been extended so that those receiving it can and evidently do use some of it for even more terrorist attacks on Israel. It is more strange when you realise the immense riches and territories of those who seek to snip off more from the tiny residue, size of the State of New Jersey, left to them, so small as to be regarded as virtually indefensible, and more certainly with more removed yet! You see that with birds, at times, a group determined to attack and ruin one poor victim, for some reason or other.

Others have continually wanted her destruction fuming as if it were an assault on the so-called human rights, not to be so indulged. How on earth the grossly slanted UN (seen in terms of numbers and intemperance and one-sidedness of its many anti-Israel resolutions), could imagine its anti-Israel dicta were just, when THIS was the FACT, is not difficult to understand but impossible to justify. One side only was repeatedly not willing to accept highly favourable (for it) resolution of the matter, the virtual grant staring it in the face, failed for it left Israel still standing, extant, alive, a national entity. Why easy to grasp ? It is only so because man without God is inclined to be intractable and impervious to good, wisdom, understanding and grace, and this illustrates that.

The result of this repeated refusal on the part of the crusading enemies of Israel, to accept the peace offered is that those who left Israel to its doom or did not want to face an Israeli government in various wars, after losing, wanted to come back to what they had sought to destroy; or at least a large number were in this category. Now if an enemy points a gun at your head for nearly 70 years without ceasing provocations (such as air rifle slugs), it might be understood that the association of the peoples involved with Israel was not attractive... and that the resurgence of its enemies into the tiny strip of Palestine which Israel had occupied under death threat, did not encourage acceptance. Handing over more of it to the assailants, moreover, so that the Jews might be statistically overwhelmed in their own land, using those who left it and hoped to run it, might be deemed ridiculous. Yet it is pushed.

Indeed, those who are not now IN Israel want to ruin or run it and seek international aid to accomplish this, having failed repeated extensions of anti-Semitism and desire to capture Israel and make it instead their own land. How on earth could justice endorse such gross injustice, ludicrous ethics, utter abolition and seek to make those who curse Israel into components of it, is a mystery in terms of the paralysis of human understanding involved, the extent of injustice portrayed and the disproportion of enemy forces, wealth and vast lands on this earth, to the tiny sliver of Israel, from which they seek to make a slither yield, or better for them, paint the quasi-heroic picture of the assailed Jews sliding out!

With Jordan already recipient of most of Palestine, and no more willing to receive, following abuse of its hospitality, is there no room then for the Islamic desire in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, or money in the oil countries, or any others of like mind for defraying the cost in people and failed destructive agents, or can they not create anything ? or are they too busy fighting! If you want to lose a few wars, as the enemies of Israel have done, it is rather much to ask others to tear out some of the tiny territory from the victor, for you! But it is being done...

Now the BDS, attack on Israel by economic means, continues the antisemitic blasts of Hitler and the failed efforts of vast and wealthy nations, to overcome this donation of God to a particular people harasses their imperious designs, many appearing even to want to re-write history. They will fail; for in the time that God has appointed, He will humiliate and overthrow the insurgents. However, in the interim, the con, the apparently deliberate confusion of facts with feelings, as when a murderer fails to despatch his victim  and then asks for a share of his house, and objects when it is not given, continues.

It is made to appear by many that heartless Jews DARE to want even some of the homeland already internationally granted to them, and now taken away as far as possible from them, by relentless and heartless seeming, rocket-toting, child-slaying enemies. They are apartheid-proprietors (as in effect the UN once said) for wanting a homeland for their people, and not to be a part in a conglomerate. Is there no limit to this seemingly sadistic hatred of a race whom God chose to do a job for himself. Is even God to be denied the assignment of use for any, in and of His land ?

In fact, HE is patient, and states (Deuteronomy 32) that when Israel's power is gone, HE will act to deal with the insatiable alienists, who want Israel out as if their very digestion depended on it.

Thus now it appears a coup may be waiting as this world seeks to negotiate, many on the one side, Israel on the other, as if there were anything to negotiate. Yet the news now is (April 20), that Trump wants to start a negotiation as a deal to be wrought! Certainly there is judgment to be wrought! (Deuteronomy 32:32-35, Micah 7)! Men tangle with God and inherit in the time, a burning wrath; but they do not in the end, having been tested and put on display before Him, triumph over Him.

As in any other state, apart from the above traced history of this one for our times, if you want to enter it, there are rules and laws and conditions and as in our land of Australia, these may become more acute when the nature of the country concerned seems itself under threat. Again, Switzerland as is well-known, is very zealous in protecting itself from entrants who may not fit in to its modes and ways and manners of living. The present ones desiring mass entry into Israel, by contrast, would be perhaps the most outrageously unfitted by their defiant and devastating passions and indiscriminate physical attacks, that could even be imagined!

Applying horrific pressure in utter injustice, nations are talking of a resolution, as if the escapee from internationally forced doom, which Israel has repeatedly gained, were now to  face aid, on the other side, as if it had something MORE to give, than the Sinai which it gave back in the interests of peace, and the Gaza Strip, which was then used as a base for thousands of indiscriminate rocket attacks on its people.

If then it had to give up MORE, in the illusory name of resolution of the 'problem' of those wanting to enter and run it, then the con about the case, becomes potentially a coup.

The signal has already been given for nearly half a century, that the return of Jesus Christ to judge is near (as in Luke 21:24). When people leave out the ONLY one whose WORD is ALWAYS fulfilled in the multitude of prophecies made, whose power started and was basis for everything (as distinct from the fairy tale self-contradiction that nothing did it, using special terms for nothing as an eye-catcher), then they must watch their own misconceiving sides. In the end, the truth and not the power of multiplied antagonists will prevail. The cost of the manipulative measures of many against Israel, is heavy as Micah 7 at some length shows. There is an end, and there is a beginning to it (Micah 5:3, .

When the crime is against God, from 19th century pogroms to the twentieth-twenty first century UN tactics, as in anti-semitic luxuries of destruction and theft (as still happen to many in the Syrian wars), the penalty is not only heavy, but as the heart speaks amiss and will not relent - destroy it, harass it, bash it, rocket smite it, alienate it, selecting His weapons as He will:  so that the compulsive aggressor receives due come-uppance.