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June 2016


Moral Movement, Religious Tyrannies and Mouthing Myths

As Australia moves on in the moral-religious area, in contravention of the Constitution as noted in Bulletin One, it is of interest - not that the interest is morbid, but the topic- to look for a moment at some of the basic phases of the degeneration now becoming official, almost the subject of odes!

First, it was necessary to undermine the churches, and an easy way was for 40 years at a hot rate (following earlier less successful efforts) to pretend errors of this sort and the other in the Bible. As a student, this writer had intimate contact with this pretence, and found it often almost impossible to imagine what twist the scoffers, professors no less, were trying to 'sell' in the seminary. They were so circuitous, involved such counterfeit logic, such bias, such preoccupation with things worldly and even subversive, sneering and in wholesale unbelief, that it was difficult to imagine how any church could possibly endure such hostile immigration into its professorial placements.

But they did,  and as noted earlier, around 1974, a Church paper was found deploring forty years in the wilderness, as they sought some kind of reform, and the United Church slid away to become a separate and more radical body on its own.

This was part of a general movement which by no means began in the 20th century, but at this point in pace, was as if one took to  aeroplane for developments, rather than motor transport. Things were inflamed, invasive, and in doctrine, a new Christ was made, stripped of some of His powers, and presented to students. This led to my removal from the seminary, one day after attacking this imposture on biblical grounds.

In the midst of such tortures to the mind and spirit, one day in answering explicit challenge to defend the Bible, this student did so and so successfully as to be terminated. It is always easier to pretend that a legitimate challenge (my response in logical format was never answered by those concerned) is something else and remove the speaker. At that time, it was easier to cut out than cut off, and so one yet lived, to be reinstated 10 years later, after taking and studying for various degrees, and school teaching. 

This merely illustrates a phase in the downfall of many churches, the WCC gradually changing from a godly seeming act of unity among many, to its own brand of radical unbiblical teaching, turning both to revolutionary ideas and accepting what did not even accept the deity of Christ, thus mimicking in its own way, the shameless work in the Presbyterian Seminary, as a known example, which had occurred for some years earlier.

Churches split, the 'modernist' illusion, and the developing new radicalisms proliferating like toadstool. This was worldwide.

Those who remained biblical, tended to be called Fundamentalist*1, although the title was degrading, since while certain basic teaching could become a touchstone of orthodoxy, the essence of the matter was not some new emphasis, but the old story: the words of God, the whole book of them (cf. Isaiah 34:16) which He had been presenting over thousands of years, in two testaments complete, words which never fell. Antagonistic illusions were merely exposed time after time, and so could not believed. Mordant substitutes were made, new christs were made, new gospels were made, new preachers were made - for you CAN make a preacher if the Gospel is not what he preaches (cf. II Timothy 4:3-4). Notice in this text that people gather such teachers to themselves; their fables are by no means sent from God!

So with various tricks of the trade, the way became open for removal of any breach of law in what the Bible views as the practice of sexual perversion (Romans 1, I Timothy 1:8ff.); and then came the use of discrimination as in itself a deceptive discrimination, it being made an evil thing, to make it wrong to condemn such practices, the State contrary to Constitution entering into the moral-religious domain. Those who did not agree were more and more actively discriminated against in the name of anti-discrimination, till the farce was not suitable for 10 year olds. Illusion rapidly was passing  into delusion, and tricky terminology into outright self-contradiction.

This extreme of course needed some strengthening, so the materialistic, naturalistic, evolutionary myths (as foretold in II Timothy 4:3-4) were taught, and made mandatory, their twists evident in exams, exclusion of Lecturers (this author had some experience of that also (cf.  SMR  and Chapter 3 above),, so that things can be seen and felt first hand) and of contrary teaching on creation which, as shown so often on this site*2 , was contrary to scientific method. They did not dare to  allow open exhibition of the two main approaches, but by totalitarian fiat required schools and moved universities to be exclusivistic, monopolistic and the whole totalitarian, supplanting enquiry and education with dogmatism and nil empirical evidence. Words abounded about what was not found, about what might conceivably have been, but not about what was manifestly happening.

What DID manifestly happen, a former tremendous surge of the writing of DNA means of conserving kinds of life from generation to generation, in its sophisticated brilliance of miniaturised and recorded direction in each nucleated cell, AND the subsequent STOPPAGE of the same, was not given place. Not only was this precisely what the Bible had stated, right down to the use of words in the creation, but the starting and stopping had a both biblical and logical thrust to it; for unlike the naturalistic fantasy, there was a both stated and meaningul ground for the whole thing. It was, just as for man in his many mini-creations, DESIRED to be made, and NOT DESIRED after a certain amount of it was done - in this case the entire prodigy of kind creation, with worlds and space and time and cause and effect and logic and sequences on site,  myriads of hierarchical connections.

People, persons are like that: they start things for a reason, a purpose, use all their facilities in doing so, show what they can do in the meantime, and stop when it is deemed timely to do so. Evolutionary imagination has no ground for any start to anything, let alone life through words or their equivalent in action; or stoppage; let alone both in sequence. But empirical fact is disdained, and the  whole symphony of the synthetic and the sequential IN one donated whole is disregarded in its nature. It is mere fact. What is desired is quite evidently in practice, something with no stateable grounds either for being there or being so made or stopping being made, no base, no basis, only a type of evasion expressed this way or that, in the process of begging the question by both irrational and imprecise fantasies.

Nature or nothing was made to make nature, even in the case of the former, before it was there to do it, and the nothing bag was rifled again and again to bring in the most mentally oriented plans and scope, as in DNA, far beyond the confines of normal human thought, but not in type, designs in their natural eminence and abundance making us seem children in comparative work potential. Illusion became King and endless propaganda proceeded, even in parks with their intimations on posts, till the TV and papers intoning along with political radicals, it could readily become deemed EVIL to disapprove of the nothing-to-something crusade, and  all the question begging assumptions, rather than evidence, that went with them, but especially of the Bible-defined perversion.

This biblically defined misuse had to become GOOD, to be approved, and students had to be EDUCATED by endless seeming years of indoctrination*3 as real as in the case of the Nazi systematic subversion. They must learn to call this declared moral evil good, and as so often in history, woe (more or less but mounting) to those who dared to entertain this biblical morality. It would be  persecuted all over  again by the descendants of those who fought in wars, many to enable freedom, including of course of speech, to continue unmolested by any sort of totalitarianism.

Then laws were proposed or even installed to make it a legal offence to resist the naturalistic notions in this way or that and people engaging in commercial actions could be attacked for not breaching their own morals in terms of whom they served and with what. Churches were to become sites of abomination, in biblical terms, and laws were in the making, to force them to  EMPLOY disbelievers in their work. Some even thought of extending this to education in Church bodies. In any case, for examination for university, the mythical approach became mandatory or the curriculum would not be covered, and conformity became enormity as this basic religious presentation on origins, moved into the moral realm, and even into religious presentation, all contrary to the Constitution.

People who out of love of God did not in principle endorse perversion sexually, seeing a better use of the design provisions, in accord with former law and continuing biblical presentations, were said in some obscure sense to be homophobes, a sneer at their love, as if seeing the way a design works means you are hating somebody. It would be exactly parallel to call those who appealed to smokers to stop misusing their lung design/health, homophobes*4, in that exhortation to good is termed evil. How far has the misuse of moral categories proceeded!

As this judgmentalism mounts to the heavens (literally for they act to deny God in His works, misteach children and now even expose them to insufferable intrusion and direction in the area of fluid sexuality as if nothing could arouse shame, or stop an insurgence of insensitivity), so the freedom in this land (and not this one only) moves to the dust; and many glory in it. Many declare they have some approving god; but the God of the Bible is another altogether. It is shown over millenia that it is easier to reject Him than remove Him, and no vans for the purpose are ever at His door, though many chant or rant for them. Many have countered Him only to fail, such as Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Germany of late in its dictator and his end, Russia in its USSR folly, and its end; and those who have been naming His Israel for deletion, are now themselves instead embroiled in wars of hatred that show Israel is not the only focus of evil words and deeds. The British Empire indeed, which in some evangelical ways had done so much good, not arising to the challenge as it might, instead of achieving the wonder of an utterly unique body, fell short also amid many errors, not least conjoining with a mass murderer in attempting to deal with another*5.

The coming election in Australia gives even more radical opportunities in the abuse of the Constitution for those who gather around even further extremes; and as for a stoppage of the abuse, there is none in sight.





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This provides a glimpse, in passing, of what Britain might have passed on to be.
While it is easy to ignore the prosperity which so much good and wisdom helped create, whether by restraint of worse evils, or in bringing in perhaps millions of actual believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, many with vastly important outcomes, as also the help given by a vast thrust of evangelical means, it is  also impossible to ignore the misuse made by many nominalists and formalists and even specious hypocrites, who used religion for soulless means of self-advancement, as if taking up the cross were taking  up monthly cheques.






If it takes courage to  counter these things, and to seek deliverance for one's children, then consider: this is not the first time State religion has been used, looking right back to having to worship the Roman Emperor, to intimidate, alienate from God, whoever the ultimate agent in this matter be seen to be. Fox's Book of Martyrs, we have in a family heirloom from the 1700s.

It is never wise to trim the wings of truth in the interests of comfort. Hebrews 11 tells of some of the penalties suffered by Bible believers, Jesus Christ worshippers in the past. Now Australia, with a current 7 year plan to precede special submarine construction, is very exposed not only from within but from the outside. Intolerant political regimes parade in many lands, some nearer, some further, and totalitarianism which proceeds past our financial and social outrages in this field, to physical deletion,  abound. It should be realised that when you play with people's reputations,  means of livelihood and professions, even bodily freedom, in the interests of forbidden excursions into religion at the State level, and educational extensions, there is already a very physical result.

This is merely ADDED to the abuse of mind and now of morals which accompanies these degradations in our own land.

Others have in mind for their ideologies, far more, and more brutally. It is not wise to play the potentate with God. There are ever so many little gods only toofsssss willing to help you (Ephesians 6).



The Words of God

You "welcomed the word of God, not as the word of men but as it is in truth, which effectively works in you as you believe." This is  I Thessalonians 2:13, and it brings home what Isaiah was given to declare (Isaiah 59:21), and that ? "My words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart from your mouth nor from the mouth of your descendants nor your descendants' descendant's, says the LORD, from this time and forevermore."

Nor was this all. THOSE words in Isaiah 59 had a vast compass, centring on iniquities so foul as to become a classic of condemnation, investigatory analysis, repudiation and horror, include the inviolable thrust into the mess of His salvation, the site of Jerusalem as one of contention and possession as the Lord inhabits and He still comes in this sweep  as the Redeemer.

Yes, it is not for nothing that He so nails the words to the judgments to come, and the salvation which interrupts in those who believe, its fully sanctioned and horrific force.

But see what 59:21 is saying about what God is saying, how it characterises its presentation. As to these words here given through Isaiah the prophet:

1) They are, as Paul declares in Thessalonians, the word of God, not that of man, indeed they are HIS, His production, not a cultural equivalent or a shared issuance.

2) The referent moreover is "My words", they are plural, itemisable. Their origin is God,.

3) Their destination is highly multiplied, but first, they are "put into your mouth." If you  poke your finger into your mouth you will  make graphic this dictum. They are transported, in an image, TO your mouth, not lost on the way, polluted in transit. They are inserted, not dribbled about the general site of the prophet's mouth. They are specifically put into this prophet's  mouth, not into the generality of many mouths, or from a generality. That is where they are originatively lodged. 

4) Then and then only are they dispersed, not in composition but in further emplacements, further mouths, not for dissipation but for conservation.

This is something of the construction of the case. As to its instruction, this is most dire and most delightful, the latter clearly from  what precedes in Isaiah 59, the fiery justice due uppermost, but the relief available conveyed to the last for those who absent themselves from the maddened social milieu, and  find the Redeemer as in Malachi 3:16.

It is very close in the production mode, to I Corinthians 2:9ff..

It blends with I Thessalonians 2:13, like beauty with Spring.

It loses nothing in splashing about, but moves like a mighty stream from the mouth of God to its site in this earth, irrescindable, inavertible, resolute and both irrefragable and irrefrangible, neither to be diverted nor converted to anything else, inexorable but at the same time touching on that mercy always available till the roll is called.

The Redeemer is STILL the term used here of the Lord of justice and truth and faithfulness, and as such He is the refuge for anyone who still in the midst of derangement among mankind, calls in faith upon the crucified Christ, the resurrected Lord, on Him whom the grave could not hold, not yet this world in its clammy hands, a world for which He does not even pray (John 17:9), a seduced system. It is for its people that He prays, not what makes it lapse.