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It is amazing how many things that are obvious become fashion parades of a profoundly ignorant, negative pseudo-sophistication. Let us examine one from this perspective.

Take information. One major feature for transmitting the same, is that it informs. It is not data in any old additives, for that does not inform. It is not data with variabilities of this or that kind, signifying nothing, for that does not inform. It is not uninformative convolutions of great splendour or great intricacy or complexity, for these in themselves, do not inform. Being informed is the question: do you find this without intelligence, as an offshoot of matter ?

To inform, you need data that can instruct, and their subjection to mind, their subjugation to format, to make them ordered in a way that can inform, and that has a logical structure so that a logical being can receive the information, which without a reception suitable, does not inform. How then is it information ? It is then merely what could have become information, awaiting the correlative receptor which can receive the information, and so, being informed, take the meaning, without which there can be no information.

But what kind of a receptor can take data which have been linguistically worked upon to the point that they are intelligible, and so CAPABLE at all of informing ? It is one with not only a logic correlative to the one in the information, susceptible to its mode of controlling, ordering and structuring that information, so that it can mate, but one with detailed correlation, so that the information is not lost in transmission, but conserved. Since the mode of stating data at the first, and of working it to make it informative to another, and the correlative other with the logical, structural, counter-code recognition, must match, there is a vast amount of work to do, in order to inform.

It may be person to person, or person to personally correlative program, where the work has been done to form an automated or directed receptor; but it must be done, and the canons of communication kept, for how could you communicate without informing, or inform without communicating!

One must possess the informative qualities to be invested in the code*C or language; the other must in parallel possess not only a potential information-receiving quality, but one so closely correlative to the one in which the information sent is expressed, that the one system, analysis expressed in conceptual fashionings for transfer, may function in specific correlation with the other.

Just as logic requires a source, and its removal of validity from what breaches it is part of its operation, and functionality a source,  so the formulation of data and its expression in transmissible form as information requires a source; and the common character of the donor of information and receptor,  requires a source; just as matter requires a source, and intelligence such as recognises, uses and imaginatively applies logic and the expressive and imaginative cognitive areas in information expression, requires a source, and the cohesion of all these qualities in one operation,  requires a source.

The source for all these things is not these things,  for to say A begot A is to tell nothing, if it be the same A. It is an evasion of the question. HOW did A beget A, and on what grounds is it asserted that what is there is its own source, when before it is put there, it is not there. In absence it cannot magically institute its presence. Such a claim is a mere identity statement. How did it get there ? that is the question.

If in any multi-system orientation, if you do not know the basis of any element, not because it is not available, but because you do not choose to recognise it (illustrating the religious approach of the quasi-secularist, known as The Cult of the Forbidden in SMR pp. 150-151, 330-331,  a presuppositional refusal to consider certain kinds of data), what then ? Then your failure to find an examinable answer constitutes a defective hypothesis. It does not cover the case, examine the presuppositions, let alone support their exclusion. It has nothing to say, and if this be the case in any phase of orientation and application for an hypothesis, then it is invalidated by its non-testability.

Each term needs rationale, just as the body to live, requires not an  account, say, only of the gall bladder, but of the blood system and cranial apparatus and so on, as in the DNA. Yet  more even than this, it requires a suitable source for each element, in case any point is inoperative, while  something else is fact is doing the work,  so enabling an explanation when this is realised and applied, and the case changed to allow for this.

With no basis for any of these things, without the Eternal  Entity, intelligent, communicative, informative, source of ONE logic, and one LANGUAGE using it in our bodily instruction manual, the DNA, as in large part it is, hypothesis fails, and that multiply; just as with failure even to verify multiply and cohesively, it fails all over again. If you cannot spring the first or last 10 yards, you are not in the race, merely an encumbrance. Who on earth sends messages to a signalled party without knowing the purpose of the construction and constriction, the depiction and the point of the transfer!

These are inseparable affairs of the mind, where what MUST be is replaced by a creative construction at option to make, send and signify, embracing a code-signification, word-object cohesive and consistent choice for the operation of code. The deposit object, receptor, is similarly selected and secured for the despatch, and unless elements align, it is meaningless. Alignment, selection, consignment, conversion back to meaning, response to such assignment (message) are all in this creative work of information, message meaning, transmissible or not, according to purpose, and hence able to start or stop, whether directly in inter-personal communication/information, or indirectly according to receptor-programmed participation, to be activated or annuled, started or stop, by suitable creative  correlation.

To inform, you need, in the end, a mind to do it,  a correlative mind to receive it, or a constructed substitute for the matter in hand, and content so ordered as to be correctly subjected data in the first place, and correlatively constituted agent or agency for information reception in the second. Without this, nothing and nobody is informed. Such functions of message-information and reception are no part of the inherent properties of matter; indeed messages require mind and with it purpose, for such matters are not only indicative of thought, but constitutive of its very nature  in significant measure.

This requires intelligence to do the work, and to be receptive of it, or their programmatic substitutes, which of course require greater diligence yet, for this artificial construction to be able to do the work as instructed. You need meaning, for the meaningless cannot inform, and you need in the human case, ordering power associated with the data, and with the reception, so that what IS ordered CAN happen; and ordered receptors, so that what is, being ordered, sent to inform, will happen. Those are the specifications for the organising data behind life, and nothing less.

Does matter order, other than by established laws ? does it attest in itself powers to make directive communication, for you cannot order without it ? Do you ever find it making the correlative communication system, or any part of it, assimilable to advance in information base ? You find DNA which mutates through transfer from something else already possessing some element or advanced property, but this needs its own source, and it is never shown to advance the design type, if by design you mean that correlated complex of elements which produce one examinable resultant, possessed of an integral character involving many artful features and cohesive characters!

MATTER IS NOT FOUND TO MAKE DESIGNS, BUT TO POSSESS ONE, IN TERMS OF WHICH IT WORKS. It is never found to  transmit information. It does not even begin to write examinable and interpretable code. It is not a creator, but attests one.

What we DO find however, in designs, is intelligence with purpose. That is why we NEVER even once find information, possessed of meaning and addressed to the informable, BEING created except where intelligence is. The concept of self-making information on a null-intelligence basis is outrageous in principle, lacking the testable means for it; and empirically null on the other hand, being as void as is carnage of life.

Spouting out stuff, or even ordered stuff, has no more bearing that the cry of a baby, for the transmission by it, of a message. It is an harassment, not a meaningful ingredient for whatever the information is sent. So far from ordering, as with the DNA, it is not even susceptible itself to order. Even if ordered, only if it is SO ordered as to fulfil the above conditions, is it even relevant to information. Rather it is a drag on the imperfectly informing, or a void impact on the receptor system.

What then ? These are reasons why sources not associated with intelligence cannot propound effectively the information and its pointed receptors.

The other chief aspect, it is this. Sources not associated with intelligence are not found to be carving or creating or conducting themselves so as to inform.

It is rather like saying that non-babies on the one hand, and dead-babies on the other do not act like babies.

Making information is a laborious job, a disciplined one, a logical one, a cohesive and coherent one, an analytically enlightened one and a two-fold one, for what does not actually inform is irrelevant to the cause. It is never found being created except with what sources its needs, meets its criteria and founds its kind, intelligence.

It is a mental type of entity, involving concepts for transmission, whether direct to what is to be informed, or indirectly to an apparatus built to do the work of intelligence, semi-automatically. It involves the selection of symbol type, language type, of what is signified, of the matching between them, of the syntactical, the semantic, the substance, the message, the mode of consistency with other messages, the co-ordination of all these elements not only within themselves and their tribe, but relative to the receptor and the availability of a receptor able to match, part for part, and whole for whole, the message to be received.

It means the making of meaning, for you cannot be informed without it, together with the translation of that meaning, and the whole business of making one thing stand for another, in a systematic and pervasive manner, in which the content is meaningfully discharged. If matter ever managed to have the mind to do such things, we would have a different world. We in fact, however, have this one.

Information is for persons, for what CAN be informed, or for what is matched to do automated service of the type apt for them. It is never found being manufactured by what CANNOT inform, being merely an extant entity, ready for building but not granted or attesting the imaginative insight, for which messages are to form a resultant, nor indeed,  having the symbolic capacities, which underline information, or the coded commands which express it. If it were otherwise,  we could find entities being informed, entities capable of being so treated and so receptive, and not mere blocs of data suitable for block-heads, because they lack meaning, let alone concerted meaning that involves instruction, rather than disorderly fragments of what informs of nothing, with much ado about nothing.

What is needed to transmogrify matter is not what is found, except when the intelligence to use it transformatively is present. Hypotheses to the contrary are contrary to empirical reality. They are magic emblems of revolt against what is found, and exhibit refusal to come into the light; while every day we ourselves create information with all its requirements, and imaginatively construct what is the meaning and coherent surround of what we have in mind, producing results, just as our own bodies are result of such meaningful information, constitutive commands, seething in co-operative constancy*1 and unified consequence.

What we do, in our own small way, is what is exhibited precisely in type, in what has been done in order to secure our creation, our coming into being from a position where it was not so. The principles of and requirements for communication are vast and vastly  exercised all the time, for we are informed, or our correlative apparatus is informed, in order that we might BE formed, and neither null or deformed, as operative beings ourselves. Then we inform by the formation of which we are composed, to make us persons capable of such synthesising activities.

It is an  exquisite business and the consequence requires an adequate cause, not in a romance about what might have been or could be wished into being, but in an hypothesis which meets every call, is eminently testable and adequately attested in principle and correlative practice. When this position, call it hypothesis if you will,  is applied, it must meet every rational challenge, and leave itself without parallel. Thus scientific method words; and thus is sound thought attested.

Indeed, it is always necessary to have everlasting energy, for if at any time, all lacked energy, and was null, evermore would it be the case; but were this so, one could not write, or be, nor could anything else, for energy is needed for anything to be done. We are here; so it was there, always.

That energy must always have what is necessary to have the intelligence needed to create its ilk, or all be lacking, it could not have 'arisen' to do it; for nothing as all has no effect at all. Nothing could not have done it, and being the only entity, not even formulable for that is something,  would not have done it. Nullity would be the position, verbalisable now, but with none there to even do that. Basis on this is self-contradiction.

What is eternally there, however, is to be capable of giving  the orders of for what is to be, which is sourced in this Eternal Entity, and not in itself before it is there to do anything, as if auto-generative before it is made and while absent!; and it is to be capable also of bringing in the exquisite intricacy of the ceaseless interaction of what is formulated, formed and created, or these entities could not have gained it. Nothing is very unproductive, while intelligence plus power plus eternity plus adequacy, the minimal cause, is highly productive. Even in our own mini-versions of intelligence, we are intensely active, and even, some more than others, immensely creative. That is the nature of what has been placed there, to be investigated.

If the capacity were not there, neither would be the consequence, whether in matter or mind or spirit, or the diverse activities assignable experimentally to each of these. You need an informer to inform, a mind to mind the relevant activities, and a spirit to conceive and create what thinks and imagines, despises law or logic; and you need logic so that what you investigate with mind, can  receive its match in the area under survey. You need logic over all, being before all, applicable to any, capacity sufficient for all, and an originating source not in the results that are delimited and directed, for these are they which logically require a cause; but to delimit and direct and so make and maintain the derivative, our universe, with ourselves in it.

Making something make itself before it is there is a trifle wearisome. WHEN it IS there, it already has to have a cause. The ONLY way to have a cause always there, and not in turn subject to a round of meaningless circuits, none founded, is to have a self-sufficient intelligence, concertedly making the dependencies, with all their characteristics, which cannot make themselves from nothing, and depend on what can and does make them from its eternally sufficient adequacy. It is eternally creative intelligence, or nothing, literally; and nothing does not work.

Communication, information, intelligence, causality, the prevalence of logic, the pain of transgressing it in terms of function, the ascending order of matter-mind-spirit, the liberty to curse law or find it or breach it on the part of human beings, the freedom to fudge and dodge or conform to reality and  seek truth not by distortion but by research and reason,  heeding the limits of the empirical and not inventing them, putting theory for fact: all these things require different orders of causative power, and their sum giving them coherent summation, this also requires a comprehending and comprehensive cause.

Imaginative constructions do not come without mind, since it is needed to do the imagining, and imagining that imaginative beings make themselves out of unimaginative matter is merely a peculiarly offensive breach of scientific method. You look NOT for the most distant relationship, with imaginary and uninterpreted ground, but for the most coherently close; and in assigning what is never found, in violation of systematic characteristics, to this or that, as an explanation, one merely exhibits imagination in pique. This is far from hypothesis to the point.

Of this pique, one may advisedly say, There is nothing to it, to justify it; just will, to insist on saying it.

The identification of the eternal intelligence is dependent on evidence, a testable variety of attestation of that ENTITY, and as shown in Ch. 11, this is superabundantly available in unique consistency, meeting every test in its own right. See also Ch. 4, and Ch. 2.

The greatest meaning and the greatest information given to mankind, to this composite integrality of mind, matter and spirit, is the reason for it (Genesis 1), for its fall (Genesis 3), for its dissavour (Ephesians 2, 4), and the ground for its recovery (Romans 5), in the Gospel of the goodwill of God (Galatians, Titus). The message and the meaning and the purpose and purport of the same is the highest communication available to man (John 3), as part of the word of God, conveyed in the Bible (Isaiah 34, Matthew 5:17-20, 20:28, John 10, II Timothy 4, Luke 13, II Cor. 5:17ff.). That word is final, its gift activated, its grace unsurpassable, the meaning not this time to the gene, but to the heart of man, the resultant accomplishment of the grace of God.




See Logos Uncreated ... Ch. 4

Jesus Christ, Defaced, Unfazed ... Ch. 4.

There has to be


a basis for a code,


a meaning for its words,


a fixity for its meanings,


a constraint for misspelled words,


a meaning maker


a cohesion of meanings in one intelligible system,

and therefore


an intelligible system maker,


a logic maker so that syntax, semantics, sequence, cause and effect work,


a correlation between order giver and order receiver, and


an APPLICATION of reception of meaning,
 to empower, and a functional constrain to constrain its embodiment in action,
as well as


an intelligence to make the messages thus systematically concocted, commanded, commissioned and constrained, with


a reciprocal work of intelligence to receive their intelligible character,
since message means meaning and meaning means symbolic assignment of ideas,
essential to and essence of mind.

Moreover, since the sending of messages requires the sphere of mental interaction, and information is to inform, not diffuse - required is


 purpose as a participant.

Mindlessness is not even in this league, nor impersonality. It is sui generis.



Even the achievement of selectivity, the actual selection of a letter within that option, as that of a word, of a message, its transmission to a  cognate receptor, suitably grammatically geared as semantically for the reception and any correlative action,  this is not natural law, assignable to matter, covering matters in continuity like gravity. What is grave is the confusion that would try to make it so!

Instead, it is in fact in type, a series of constructive purposes. Its method is creation, in the institution, selection, transmission leading to product situation. It is not a natural selection; it is an intelligent one. Its method is creation; and the entirety is a creation, whether personal and direct or programmatic. Hence it may be started ...and stopped. And that explains in entirety two massive faults in the ideas of those who want to explain what is in terms of what is, and yet have it start, a contradiction at the outset.

And it has been both started and stopped, the creation which is our  site and  situation. The competent creator has done it as in all such work of institution, selection, series of creative acts, total overall function, with their origination and openness to cessation. There is nothing different except the scope and the fact that in entirety, it is a total institution on the grand scale, unified and correlative in interactive laws, and logically investigable results, like other rational and personal creations of mind. Communication is one aspect.

This situation remains so whether the work done - and it is work, not a natural process, is stopped or undone. This is  as in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which cites an overall increase in entropy, the downgrading phase over time; and in the human  genome in particular, this is the demonstrated situation, as shown from the labours of the Dr Sanford team on this aspect, relative to the human genome: the vastly negative decline is net at best, a peril in any case, and is the direction of flow. Decline does not create; but what is independently created may as it does, indeed decline, in strength depending on the situation - thus in the USA cars not relatively rapidly corroded by rust are common; in Australia this case is not so, though a slower wearing is universal.

Tests like those of Dr Sanford are the essence of science, not lofty extrapolations never confirmed, based on a philosophical dream, in turn without logical foundation (cf. his work, Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome). As he indicates, science without testing is virtually a contradiction in terms. In science, tests are not only best for quest, but an insatiable need.

Stoppable at any time, a work of  creation in this world, to institute it, has been started; and it has stopped, as declared by the Creator in the verified and validated Bible (cf.  Ch. 6 above, *1); and as in other matters, the claim is confirmed in practice. Such writings of code with relevant creative aspects are never seen outside intelligence. Empirically, that does not happen. It is not found, though searched for. The creation stopped with the attainment of the purpose; for all such selections and transmissions of such mental objects as symbols assigned consistent meanings, and sent on a directive, are such. It is so whether it be indirectly according to plan or purpose, or directly at the personal level as in all  communication directed to a code-sharing receptor. That is the norm in creation. It is not an oddity, or inexplicable as in organic evolution's gushy guessing; but an expectation, in verification duly noted.

Such  are the principles of the phenomenon of creation, one of the commonest, among mankind, at his own level. We constantly use them ourselves, in our communications, conceptions and impartations to our neighbours. They too start and stop, and having a mental and principial base, are interpretable in the common logic. Indeed, to institute logic for man is a far greater gift shown, than merely using it with which to surmise, argue and reason, now! The Logos of God (John 1) has ensured that this is the situation; without whom and which we could not even argue. There is a just source for the validity of reason and its applicability to reality.

There is no mystery in these things, nor is there any enigma, except for those who ignoring the data and nature of this phenomenon, wish to create items never found, processes never perceived in the face of a coherent, consistent testimony to creation,  whether of information, messages, creative and constructive overall orders, selectibility or law or form or architecture, or time or space or any other derivative.

Indeed, the insistence, as per the  express statement of Harvard Professor Lewontin, on what does not have these capacities as source, means and must mean the sort of 'just-so stories' of which he speaks (cf. The Splendour of the Biblical Coverage of the Meaning and Matrix of Man Ch. 3), in his evolutionary orbit. Indeed, that term is justly applicable to the organic evolutionary irrationalism, and virtual anti-verification crusade, in the interests of a barren philosophy (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7). The use of the philosophy is admitted, and held to vehemently!

Just as doctors may be the unwitting cause of a physical problem, the iatrogenic fault, so philosophers, whether also scientists or not, can be the cause of a logical, empirical and hypothetical fault, irremediable while they insist on this course, like a doctor who refuses to cease the iatrogenic action, leading to unwanted disease and mysterious medicaments that do not cure.

When such action is indulged in, then you have in addition the collision with God, as in Isaiah 47, concerning Babylon, in one of the accounts of that nation, connected with the irreparable judgment foretold and forged, leading to its entire devastation and destruction. Forecast and found, its grounds are in the same theme park as this. It would not listen; it insisted on itself until it drowned in it.