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Rev. Dr.  Robert E. Donaldson



Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

May 2013

ISBN 978-0-9875948-0-8




In Ch. 1 below, one major emphasis of this volume is to be found.

God is not some startling, alien mystery, but the Maker of mysteries for resolution by man, and the giver of knowledge, for the delight of man, concerning Himself and His works, of which man is just one. He is the light and it is available to man (Deuteronomy 32, John 8:12, 9:4-5).

In the beginning, there was a certain fresh delight in seeing, seizing, naming things, and finding exquisite joy in the apprehension of the massive realities of creation (Genesis 3). As youth often sours into manhood, some now just waiting if we are to believe reports and sights, to kill, expand empires, overcome others in vile violences too odious to dwell on, so this race is now the more souring into a manhood which so far from being a post-adolescent strength of young adulthood, is more a pragmatic set of variable purposes, set with whatever it takes to get whatever is wanted.

It is in short without the LOGOS, to a catastrophic degree. Smiling at God, while defiling the bodies, minds and spirits He has given, with inane fairy-tales, naturalistic legends, evacuees from reason, branded on young minds in desperate efforts to  avoid creation, these deluded and delusive, come like a dust storm (Jeremiah 23, II Thessalonians 2:4-10). They gather in the polluted skies, worse than those of Shanghai or now Peking, in spiritual suffocation. Toying with trifles, they have an ultimate basis in nothing, or question begging, or a combination, as in Ch. 1 and its references. They go like a tyre-less car, minus engine, with logic abandoned into myths as predicted (II Timothy 4:4), where his Lord is concerned Increasingly, as the Judgment Day comes near, man has found a certain camaraderie of contention (cf. II Timothy 3, Romans 1:21-32), as he blasts his way into this or that folly, each of increasing magnitude. As he goes,  he assembles mass devastation devices, and remembers to thumb the nose to his Designer, by ignoring the sexual differences given as plain method of continuation of the race (cf. I Timothy 1:8-11). With propaganda push and putsch, he is inventing new designs, without a designer, and contrary to exquisite reality, as if through thought alone, they themselves were nevertheless that very one, whose word made what is, barring sdin, what it is.

So man, in philosophy as in physiology becomes a creative creator of variables not visible in the reality which they bear, and starkly contrary to it (cf.  SMR Chs. 3 ,  4 and 4 Extension). So they the more with time go on biblically cursed expeditions, till their designs on the Designer merely become more discernible in this way, as in war and pride, thrust and toss, they play the bull in this little yard of creation. You CAN stamp and fume and toss; you CAN try to intimate, deceive and gain some dream (Jeremiah 23 specialises in this phase, and on God's assessment of it); but stamping does not create, except ruin and in the end, a sore foot.

The good things in man, his creativity when nobly harnessed with care of construction in view, and concern in responsibility at hand, the love of parent or wife or friend, the reliability in co-operation, the sacrifice for those being serviced, the desire for truth and for peace, these have not come from nothing, any more than has the order of the atom, the DNA or the logic of the human mind. It is by this that it may investigate meaningfully the rest of creation, which has the same LOGOS back of it as appears in the construction of man and expressly in his mind, so that the mind of man and the mind of the Creator, the LOGOS, match fruitfully. On the one hand, this may be done  by virtue of the facilities of its construction enabling it logically to enquire, on the other by its capacities for being enquired into, by this self-same logical method; and back of both hands, there is the body of truth, the non-invented and eternal God, always there, always adequate, dependent on none, who made, synthesised, activated and produced it all by the speech which governs, by the word of command, which makes laws both moral and physical, both chemical and astronomical..

The uncreated Creator expresses Himself in His eternal Word, and this became man as the best means of introduction to God, who had long shown His will, way and love in His word and former deeds, using Israel as a nation to display His mind, way and will (though it fell and so itself came to the point of inordinate need of that same LOGOS), and the Bible as the continuing text. The eternal Word becoming man, It is He on whom all responsibility and integrity and love and wisdom and power depends for man (I Corinthians 1:30). In Him, as source, inestimable in magnificence and depth is ground for devotion, just as He has been so devoted to the human race (as in Titus 2-3), that He became for a season, part of it.

It is well for a man to have been a child. What richness of depth and sensitivity is thus personally conveyed to maturity, as it deals with children. It is becoming that Christ became flesh, starting as an infant, for then, not only in mind, but in living in events, He has BEEN there already. As to suffering, the same, He has felt this already, and AS man He has felt it, and this amidst depravity, injustice, infamy and appalling neglect, when He had for man something far better in salvation for the life, than  E=-MC2 could ever be for the mind, distilled from the logical creation of God  as that information is. This gift of life made available, eternal as God is, though for man this has to start, requires repentance for its adoption. Since other ways, invented by man with the liberty given to him, were unsublime and did not match reality (Ecclesiastes 7:29), this is not only the right way (cf. Ch. 7 below), but it also enables rescue, for drifting spirits, and the necessary redemption for sinners, with salvation for the lost.

Lost sinners is man's status quo; redeemed sinners is his opportunity; denial is his option (Acts 7:51, John 3:36).

Man IS lost and that is why he so looks like it, his inimical crusades and fatuous philosophies (cf. SMR Chs. 3, 5, 10), being a sure testimony. He now increasingly CANNOT handle the various issues arising, because in terms of the absurd naturalistic basis, or spiritistic lunging, there is no rest, and that ? It is because there is no reality reached. Now the sure enormity of having one madman able to kill millions and ruin much of the earth with casual radioactive contamination merely illustrates the growing madness which this race more and more follows (cf. Hose 9:7). It finds out more about the works of God and tries to take them over for itself, but finds to its alarm, that this presents an impossible situation, through wicked hands, a little able to ruin a lot, indeed most things, rather easily.

The end of a road tends to look like that, when you try to travel further, on  and on, where in reality there is no track!

Thus we look at the true source, and rejoice that despite the wildness of contemporary mankind in so many and in so much and in so many nations, philosophies and talk fests, there is still the same LOGOS and He, having both known and spoken of these last times, remains what He always is, faithful and true, and as such will, at His own time, end the turmoil in truth and in reality (cf. Revelation 19-20). Certainly this will involve judgment; but what could you expect! The time provided for a significant measure of trying anything else and the power for it has been prodigious (cf. II Peter 3:9). God does not proceed by halves. The same however is true of judgment. The marvel is that it applies also in salvation. Of this, the time will come to speak.



Chapter one



Chapter Two


I Corinthians 3:10-11, Zephaniah 2



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Revelation 19:9-10




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From Facts to Acts,

From Scene to Scenario

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There's Never 

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Master of disaster, mandate of mercy