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A Drink and a Wink or a Wise Attention ?

This week-end, the Advertiser (April 1-2, 2000)  has given us a two-page spread in its Magazine, concerning life to come, as the world sees it... or death to come, as some see it. Citing various Nobel prize winning scientists in a larger congregation of professional opinion, it talks about man becoming a nocturnal creature, by 2030.

The World as seen by the World ...

Featuring Canadian expert, David Suzuki, it speaks of the 1992 statement, with 1500-strong backing of scientists, warning that "no more than one or a few decades remain before  the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for  humanity immeasurably diminished."

They were not, Suzuki declaims, "fuzzy-headed do-gooders, ecoterrorists, neo-Luddites or simply people interest in alarming the public to raise more money."

The British Royal Society in 1992 likewise issued a statement that far off must the eye look to find anything to parallel "the loss of biodiversity" that is occurring, currently threatening the world.  One of the "fastest moving aspects of global change," they noted, it is "irreversible and has serious consequences for the human prospect in the future. The next 30 years may be crucial." Now, we learn, what is deemed the "dominant life force", humanity, is causing the mega-extinction. Suzuki, we read, finds it "intolerable to think of 99 percent of humanity dying when it may be preventable."

Concerned likewise at genetically engineered viruses, he is put in company, in stress on environmental peril  and human pollutant power, with Colorado physicist, Adam Tromby, of Project Earth, who notes that even the national Centre of Atmospheric Research in the US has ceased its sceptical stand on humanity's destruction, and it is they who have made the reference to man as a putative nocturnal species by 2031, if the ozone continues its current depletion rate. The threat of melting antarctic ice and rising sea-levels continues a picture which was noted in a meeting some millenia ago.

The End of the Age as Predicted by Jesus Christ,
the Glorious Pastor of Saved People

It was one between Jesus Christ and various people, including disciples. In this, He allied His words with other scriptures and indicated that the time would come when unless He returned to this world from the sojourn in heaven, "NO FLESH COULD BE SPARED". He also in this vein foretold that the "sea and the waves" would be "roaring" in the astronomically mutant epoch before He returned, whilst the famines, terrible sights and earthquakes would be allied to multitudinous wars and RUMOURS OF WARS, so that the hearts of man would be stressed, disquieted. The book of Revelation amplifies this. You see these things in Matthew 24, Luke 21:25-26. (You see the detail of fulfilment in SMR Ch.8.)

The book of Revelation matches that amplification. Thus in Rev. 16:2, 8-9, we read of men being scorched with the heat, and of foul and loathsome sores. The loss of species is noted in the Advertiser article; but in the Bible we are informed that at one advanced phase of the scenario leading to the Christ's return to the place of King on this earth, all the life in the seas will be removed; and of what appears likely to indicate an asteroid impact, such as many are now scouring the heavens in the hope of avoiding (Revelation 8:10).

In Revelation 9, we read that in the midst of such debacles, "the rest of mankind, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons.. and they did not repent of their murders, or their sorceries or their sexual immorality or their thefts."

The case of Alan Bond has been large in Australia, in that it appears there occurred in that scenario, a theft of several billion. As to demon worship, witch shops are now not dark dens for the lost occult, but pleasing palaces for the unwary, whilst schools play and toy with the literature or the methodologies of what are the ways of sorcery. Far from repenting, they amplify it, like the people of Sodom who, when being visited by angels who were sent to rescue Lot, before the destruction of the city, had an idea of perverse intercourse with the angels! So it goes . .. but it goes SOMEWHERE, not nowhere.

The end is judgment. Death is a mere staging post, where form is changed. Life is meaningful, sin is far from meaningless, judgment is assured, and salvation is necessary. It is not some ethereal notion for the psychically disturbed, opiate for the neurotically inclined, as is Communism, or Freudianism: it is a necessity of the righteousness of God and the sin of man. Heaven is no haven for sin, and it must be remedied and its guilt removed before even a casual visit could be paid to that loving establishment of God.

The Beginning Again, the New Creation as Paid for by
Jesus Christ, the only Saviour, and the Necessary One

Doom ? It is far greater than that merely of this world, that staging post for our journey.

NOR is it the case that we can avert it, as far as this earth is concerned. GOD will avert it SELECTIVELY, but not on the basis of COST EFFECTIVENESS; for that is all illusion when you come to the real program, and come to realise that God in the format of man, suffered death in the flesh, to PAY for the sins of humanity, even all who come to receive it! But the end, it is coming. It has taken enormous intelligence and energy to arrange and construct all these things, including our selves (cf. Repent or Perish 7, SMR 2, That Magnificent Rock Chs. 2,7). It starts, as even physicist Paul Davies notes. It is not infinite in energy. It ends.

Watch Egypt in the days of Moses and do you think that the UTTERMOST of plagues began to touch the spirit of THAT proud people before ITS end came ? Not at all. They followed their noses as if they were stars, until they fell in at the Red Sea. God has His ways, and they do not change (cf. The Other News, Appendix 2). People seem so unwilling to LEARN! God is NOT mocked. Have you then never learned the meteorology of sin ? Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind, as Hosea puts it.

But God! He  is also great and wonderful, and it is so atrocious a defalcation to carry YOURSELF off as if you were a thief, and to disregard the marvellous lovingkindness, meaning and power of GOD! That is far worse than stealing several billion! YOU are alive and informed, conscious and communicative, responsible therefore at the very highest of levels. Certain things are essential.

That it is NECESSARY to be moved in headquarters to the kingdom of Christ is clear in Acts 4:11-12, John 3, Colossians 1:13. That it is paid for, relative to those taking the change, is apparent from Matthew 20:28, Hebrews 9:12-10:14. That what is required is nothing short of a transformation which is called a RE-generation, is clear not only in John 3, but in Titus 3:5-7. That HIS people are to seek unity WITHIN the words of God (not beyond them or contrary to them!) and show just the love they have received from God, to one another: all this is shown in John 17.

That there is a time to come to salvation, a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ who, by His Holy Spirit and in exact accord with His word, performs this great work, is clear from Matthew 25:1-10. It is wise to read this and to consdier the case there put of the 'sleeping'.

Sleeping when the earth is reeling is unwise. Being blind when sight is needed is foolish. Being changed in sight from blind to seeing, when the teacher who made the universe is speaking, is what is necessary. To start, repent, for without repentance NOTHING can be done (Luke 13:1-3). God is a Spirit, and He is not interested in mere forms and appearances. Read Matthew 23 on that! As to repentance, then, GOD DEMANDS it. Respond. If you do not wish to respond, then tell yourself  that this is like refusing to escape from prison when the door is open. Fine if prison is your choice; but of course, prisons... Now you are invited to go and read that Appendix 2, above, if you have not done so already; and to consider. If you are not yet Christ's, then repent, receive Him, put your trust in the only One whose word is never broken, and rely on Him. If you are already His, then act as He commands.

Why ? What of this: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the Age"  - Matthew 28:19-20. Isn't it interesting, that 20:28 shows the redemption price to cover sin being available, and 28:20 is showing the way then to go!

This is far from sensationalistic, just as the ozone material is well-supported. This is better supported, having come from further off with more perspective and utter confirmation from the One who fulfilled the necessary power exhibition IN HUMILITY, of the Saviour as predicted (cf. SMR pp. 755ff., Barbs, Arrows and Balms 17.). As a Christian when you HAVE come to HIM (objectively, and not in some neo-christian imaginative reconstruction), you LIVE soberly, patiently -"Possess your souls in patience", and nobly, with the love of God in your heart and life; and you have the grace to pass on this vital information to others. It is better than ending, to begin ... regain original specifications (Colossians 3:10, Ephesians 4:23-24), with God who made you, alive and at work by His Spirit in your heart (II Corinthaisn 3:18, Romans 8:16). HE is your meaning and without Him, you are not precisely meaningless ... you are merely divorced from your source of meaning, and so growing daily in the likeness to that sort of thing ... known as garbage. That in fact, the tip, was the image of Christ for the willingly lost.

It is NOT that you may not be great as an original construction of God; it is that there is an end to all greatness, that is not of God. There is no competition, really, with Jesus Christ. He is the acme, the alpha, the beginning, the first, the omega, the end. It is the same thing really, put in different forms. The God who is the first and the last in Isaiah 44:6 is the Lord who is the Pastor of souls in Revelation 2:8. God is One, and wonderful, and needs to be KNOWN. This you do by coming to meet Him in His exact image, eternal word and only begotten Son, incarnate some 2 millenia ago. When you come, do not forget the calling card: REPENT, RECEIVE, BELIEVE. Do not forget also, the spirit of the thing, TRUTH.