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News 328, The Advertiser, November 23, 2004 Ö and Prince Charles



Prince Charles has recently been reported as making some comments on his household's motivation which are not our current topic. They are susceptible to interpretation in various ways. He has made some moral moves in his own life, which likewise are not our current topic; and these are not susceptible to interpretation in biblical terms.

These things however do not remove from propriety the need to be just in considering what he says on other topics; for justice is not to be forgotten even if some of its ways seem forgotten. Error is not improved by more error; nor is cleansing best gained by crotchety censoriousness.

In The Advertiser , November 23, 2004 there is a treatment of the Prince's comments on social engineering. Cited in the article concerned are these words from this source within one of the world's remaining structures of aristocracy. In this Charles criticises "child-centred learning emphasis which admits of no failure ... It's the result of social utopianism which believes humanity can be genetically re-engineered, or socially re-engineered, to contradict the lessons of history and the realities of nature."

More fully the report of his statement reads as follows:

What is wrong with everyone nowadays? Why do they all seem to think they are qualified to do things far beyond their technical capabilities? This is to do with the learning culture in schools as a consequence of child-centred system which admits no failure.

...People think they can all be pop stars, High Court judges, brilliant TV personalities or infinitely more competent heads of state without ever putting in the necessary work or having natural ability. This is the result of social utopianism which believes humanity can be genetically and socially engineered to contradict the lessons of history.

When we see the context more fully, it is more apparent what he means. This is important since in The Advertiser article, these words appear: "I have read and re-read its slightly tortured English, and for the life of me I can't come to any other conclusion that the obvious ones: Genes and social conditions dictate where you are meant to be in life, and you might as well get used to it."

In fact, however, this does not appear even in the slightest degree in the text cited, in its fuller form. He is rather saying that your abilities are limited in every case, and those limits have to be accepted. He does not say what the limits are, whether genes, ambition, opportunity. He merely indicates that there are limits, capabilities. He does not state in what way they might be advanced, and in fact he later made it clear that the Prince's prize which he forwards, is to extend the opportunities and so make for social mobility with less needless restraint.

It is true that abilities are limited. It is useless to pretend that a mongoloid child can be Einsteinian except by a miracle resembling that of the initial creation. Some people have strong verbal flair, some have not; some vast mechanical expertise, some do not lend their hands to such things. Whatever the cause, and it may be genetic, educational, parental, cultural, sub-cultural and so on, or more likely some combination, there are limits. In fact, even in the neurological realm, we learn that in the first couple of years of human life, there are many connections between neurones which are made at use, and many not. You cannot readily regain two-ness; or obtain parents other than your own, or teachers other than the ones you in fact had.

This need not be unduly emphasised; but it is there. Thus some children, like Handel, may be justly famed for overcoming considerable or even substantial resistance in order to fulfil their inborn, their innate talent.

In fact, the whole trouble with social engineering is this, that it tends to forget God. Man becoming as if God would fiddle and fiddle-faddle man in ways which seem good to his Platonic-style wise men who are either dictators or parliamentarians or consultants. The blue-print for what they want out of man, whether the acclamation of racial superiority as with Hitler, of social dynamics of a weird kind, invented by man not history, or a race of honour to the Emperor as in Japan, with strict honour codes, yes or a liberated society, ready for Aids as in South Africa, failing to consider what you are free for, other than a free-for-all: this is known by these power-wielding savants.

They know, they show, they tell, they sell and the means are sought. This is social engineering, and it is based in political engineering to give it the power, and may be founded on academic engineering to give it thrust, to invent a 'must'.

To detest the godless scenarios of arrogant and contra-factual superiority of arrant philosophers and panache-toting politicians is not a strange inclination. Man as man can be fine; man as God is useless, unless of course it is the case of God as man; but then, that needs verification as we have often shown on this site, in terms of wisdom, power in bodily matters, intellectual matters, reasoning, and attestation which precludes any other interpretation. When it comes to God, He comes to you, and you have to see the evidence. Thomas was not wrong in wanting the evidence of the physical resurrection of Christ; he was wrong in not having seen the necessity already, as John did (John 20:8). Indeed, faith was warranted far earlier (cf. John 14:11, Matthew 11:2-7). Let us hear the latter:

"And when John had heard in prison about the works of Christ, he sent two of his disciples and said to Him, "Are You the Coming One, or do we look for another?"

"Jesus answered and said to them, 'Go and tell John the things which you hear and see:The blind see and the lame walk; the lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear; the dead are raised up and the poor have the gospel preached to them. And blessed is he who is not offended because of Me.' "

It is important to see this in its context: that ? The Coming One was predicted from Genesis 3:15 and Deuteronomy 18:18ff., and in detail shown in Isaiah 50-55, Micah 5, Zechariah 11-14, Psalm 22,45 and so on. His reason for coming was stated, His deity was indicated, His sole saving situation was shown, as a prerogative of God and a disposition of Himself (Isaiah 43:10-11, 53), and His powers were often dwelt on (Isaiah 11, 35).

It was not an advent of adventure, but a coming in terms of prior comment. Prediction ruled. Princeliness was to be apposite because of origin, and the point about origin on this earth was simple: it was to be from the One who in existence knew no origin, being God. There is something about an original piece of art, and infinitely more about the original of the universe, who is not only original in that there is nothing before (and hence NOTHING having no future, HE was before anything assignable or consignable, and so eternal), but original in His ways, being the basis for man (cf. SMR Ch. 1).

The origination of man from his original is original. There is nothing like it; and for that matter, since there is and can be nothing like God in essence, since what is eternal and source of all is by that fact incomparable, and since man is formulated and formed as a created and hence, in a decisively distinct sense, divergent being from God, who is infinitely diverse in power and significance intrinsically: it follows that God is Himself the creator of creativity. He is the very source and origin for all created originality such as God's. More follows: man's originality is limited by the fact that it is based on that of God and that man is NOT God.

This does not remove the lustre of the wonder that man can think idiotically for pure fun, or impure social engineering; but it does put it in its place.

Yes, there is a place for man, and it is next to the God who made him, not as on the same throne, but as derivative, dependent and answerable, capable of loving but incapable of making himself. That is why the idea of being a 'self-made man' is so ludicrous, strutting and blind. If you make money, you do not make yourself; and it is only because you ARE made that you can at all make anything to purpose.

Now when you revert to the concept of social engineering, you readily see the intrinsic problem. All right: so you are going to make for more freedom, so that the innate talents of the individual have more opportunity to develop, and hence to enrich man and show in a competitive milieu, what can be done. In this way, the diversification of culture, the innovations for dream-worlds and the sheer luxuriance of human invention will adorn the globe. It sounds fine. Have more freedom, then, and more competition. Let us cut loose from dictators and use graduated income-tax to take from the rich and enable the poor to develop talents, and this ? best for all.



What however if the thing is taken too far ? What IS too far ? On this basis, it is using a freedom for some to capture as prisoners, certain others. Thus if income tax becomes 90% on incomes past a certain not so very opulent figure (and Britain surpassed that in the case of some incomes in World War II!), then the reward of risk is vastly reduced, and the danger of large losses can become reasonably inhibitive of innovation so that the objective is lost to that extent.

Again, you do not want iron laws casting poor man into captured moulds, so you make him free to have 'same sex marriages', whatever that means, and to exhibit perversion in Mardi festivals, and congratulate your society and its sheer, non-engineered marvels of innovation. You give monies to some groups who then, not to the man or woman, but to a significant percentage, use these to buy drugs, become drunk, abuse females, become potent discontents, losing life in the ardent respectability of being supported. You give them to others who use them to feed their families, seek to develop their talents and then take off in some useful direction.

Much is lost in this moralless mess. Some are being ruined by it; some are being helped; and both groups in this nation alone, could number in the tens of thousands. You do not say anything about morals, since this is taboo, potentially upsetting to the idol structure that underlies much of society.

Is money then an engineer in such cases, in the way it is provided ? Of course, since there are NO moral ties. It is power without glory or story.  People, often dis-invented by the devices of false philosophy touted in schools, try to 'find themselves' but their navel is ineloquent, and their society is muted by fair-play practices, which really mean materialistic machinations, as if examining the stage made the actors 'free' to take any part. But then what ARE the parts, and why ? On such tame and tampered bases, there is no vision, understanding or wisdom, and money is mere soulless mockery, give it as you will.

Now the Prince may have meant that all this sort of effort to change society is beyond the reality of life and beyond the facts of history, that you do not 'create' what is not there by mere adventurism, and if you begin to do so, it tends to dissipate in terms of its underlying meaninglessness. He may not. His words could well mean this, depending on his definition of the term 'social engineering'; but it is clear that tampering with what a man is does not constitute joy for him. '

It is not at all apparent what history lessons he had in mind, what realities; but the 'capabilities' do suggest that man should see some limit to his dreamings, in terms of his own natural input. Again, in a dismissal discontent, he may feel that people can become so fascinated with 'advance' by ambition, that they do not linger long enough to get rich in the grain in a given occupation. Advance tends in such a case to superficiality, and that to loss of tone, grace and goodness. He may not.

It is however entirely possible that he did, and it is a perilous process to guess!

What he meant is not our actual interest, but the use of this situation to examine, under its stimulus to many, what social engineering really is, beyond the immediate input of words which, though not saying very much, did certainly address 'social engineering', and for that matter, the child-centred education. That too is biblically an abomination much sought after now, and already having its delusive philosophy exhibited in delusive results (cf. Ephesians 6:4). It is good not to make education an object lesson for those in power. It is good to leave out the use of it to pander to pet philosophies of society, lest it become hide-bound and defeated in its arrant notions.

It is however an entirely different thing when you make the child the CENTRE. When you do BOTH, as is being increasingly the case, then of course you are uninhibited in your social discharge down the slurries of presumption, mock reality and move indeed as if to invent humanity, which having been done already, becomes a mere tedium of over-writing in a not very legible hand-writing.

What diddums feels in his or her innermost being (when the young, nowadays, sometimes represented by a sultry, squawking being which becomes so wilful as to look and sound almost like the devil, in spiritual thrust), is to be met at all costs. It was the concept that women were better than silly martial men, killing and destroying in their two world wars in the 20th. century, not to mention many others; but that after all, this was rather rich, so then children, yes children, these are better than all. Why, went the jingoism of the day which continues rather nauseously - they will evolve (though they never do, but this is part of the social engineering which is leaving man's bridges broken). So!  it is thought, so let us see the cutting edge and where they lead...

They lead, when so misled and following ... to lost lives, drug intake, inebriation, ludicrously granted automobile licences the excuse for murder of others and maiming of themselves in numbers reflected by their young insurance premiums, to cover the cost of their loss. They lead to people not knowing what they are for; and finding the myth of evolutionism taught (as in South Australian State schools, with a meaningless intensity and a gross immensity of confusion - cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8), they use it to allow themselves to justify self-assertion, self-fulfilment and self-centredness.

In this way, the educational arm of social engineering, allied with its psychological counterpart, engage in a cultural thrust to alter the children into muddled youth and machine-made persons, lost in proclivities and intimations of mortality, going where they will, how they will as far as they are able. It gives of course more jobs to Social Service personnel, and this increases employment; and it is all a matter of deployment, so that people carefully inebriated from youth with convictions which are contrary to FACT (cf. SMR pp. 149ff., Ch. 4), become products, as far as may be, of the engineer squad.

Far is this from even seeming to justify a failure of critical evaluation of prominent philosophic models in education. It is precisely because in many places, such as this South Australia, this is not done in vital areas, that such engineering is more and more used for mass-production, crash production and mental ills. Thus evolutionism is not only the only one by dominating authority ALLOWED to be presented as a model in science classes, it is not even permitted with religious views of some other kind (cf. Secular Myths and Religious Truth Ch. 8), to be discussed rationally towards any conclusion.  It is pandered to, pampered, like those other implements of social engineering in such cases, the children.

Such is the case in this benighted State, as in this crucial respect it continues to be. It has been challenged many times, and is being challenged currently, the issue raised in March not yet having reached the Minister of State to whom at last, it appears, the point may be committed. In this arena, the wheels of 'progress' turn not only slowly, but it may be, backwards.

While thus in education,  the conceits of self-importance, for all the antithetical irrationality of desire, are nurtured, discipline is not. One reason for this is simple: Lacking a depiction that is even self-consistent, let alone consistent with biological or historical evidence, in a moral maze, itself a self-inflicted wound from erratic thought and undisciplined understanding, the cultural constraint moves towards the results of such nullity. Like a childless marriage in this, is an undisciplined child; but they say, He is disciplined ? In that way ? By words, by contracts, by reasonings, by requests, by seeing (this they may not add) teachers leave the profession in sheer disgust at such unseemliness and pandering, lost thought in the mines and pits of ill-thought out philosophy.



In this aspect, therefore, of the general social engineering role, in which organic evolution is so prominent a dynamic (in indoctrination, not in logic), discipline is relevant and we cite from Beauty for Ashes Ch. 9, first considering the background and basis, before dealing with the currently increasing aversion of physical discipline, even of a moderate, kindly and capable character.

What IS such a philosophy ? It is moral subjectivism*2 or relativity. How could you KNOW (judicially, with the robes of righteousness upon you, as it were) that morals are subjective ? You would have to reach BEYOND your theory in order to apply it. If subjectivity and non-subjectivity are assessable and definable in terms of morals, then to man is given the power of oversight and objective assessment of the moral case.

This merely contradicts the assumption that morals are subjective. If there is no truth in any sphere, then for you to know that this is true in that sphere is itself a contradiction of your assumption. We have in News 19 considered the nature of morality, and the reader is referred to that analysis for detail and divisions in the sphere; but the point is simple, that if good is the aspiration of many, the desideratum and the appeal, it is quite different in qualitative kind from desire, which by nature may conflict or not, with it. Its kudos, its appeal, its summoning is of a different kind from mere desire; for it can direct desire, correct it and discipline it, in order to be fulfilled.

All assumptions that people are mad, or effectually so, are prone to the comment that in this case the author of the concept being a person, one need not listen to a madman! And so is the case in the various stages of repudiation. If people are so foolish that they imagine that what society is clamouring for them to do, is right as such (leaving no explanation for those who rationally and carefully, historically and analytically reject a given movement in social morals), then the debility of mind, the surrender of perception implied, is total. To be sure, self-serving people may readily co-operate with Nazi or Communist, rather like the Vicar of Bray, who knew what to say, in order to stay in his preferment!  This however is merely one approach, of which many disapprove, not difficult to read and to avoid. It is not HUMAN PER SE!

People are not mad per se; they do not suddenly lose all perception, all deviousness or studiousness, all consciousness, all power to think. They are as they show themselves to be, capable of considerable blindness, amazingly manipulable concerning God (some of the sects leave one almost speechless with horror that anyone could so treat the evidence), but not at all deprived of reason, of capacity to see now this and now that element, and the chew it publicly or privately.

Thus if a society, like that in Australia, wishes increasingly (indicated by the trend of its ACTIONS and RESOLUTIONS) to distance itself*3 from its founding moral principles from the Bible (in that it was founded by Britain, which ostensibly at least, had such principles in the book presented to the sovereign as wisdom's place), that is one thing. To seek next to ENFORCE relativity in moral conceptions per se, is another. This is a trip!

We return therefore to the fact that the concept of smacking includes a large diversity of elements. The concept of legally prohibiting it does no less! The concept of justice is not wisely abandoned by lawyers, and it is not something unknown to man, or to his most basic actions. If then, justice is to be considered, not irrationally philosophic reductionism, the case of smacking would depend on the nature of the event, of the child, of the circumstances and of the response.

If the child has insulted its mother ludicrously, wilfully, repeatedly, against reason, appeal, despite grace and goodness, then the question arises: "what is a good way to indicate to the wilfully thoughtless child, that things hurt, when its spirit is evidently gleefully astray, its mind indifferently applied and its actions grotesque ?" Smacking is one option. It is not (properly, in terms of normal usage of the word) risking any permanent damage, or major affliction.

It is a reminder in short term of the needs in the long term. It may be efficient. The author remembers one slap given on one occasion for which he is heartily glad. It was deserved, it spoke. It was not really painful, though doubtless it was felt; but it was a reminder of the scope of one's action, that it needed immediate change. It stung the mind to think, rebuked the spirit and by its very surprise, shocked into consideration. It was very economical, efficient and just.


You do not, however,  discipline your gods; and when your gods lie in the forthcoming events, or are to be found in outcomes, you perhaps treat them with an absurd indulgence: and this is one of the bases of letting children become objects of awe, with degrees of self-discipline to be discovered on application, whether the case be one of discourtesy, degradation or distaste for virtue; or later in life, one of disinclination to wait before producing children to the day when one's competence to keep a family is sure, simply distancing from lively moral principles and despising preparation, while showing readiness to experiment in nearly anything.

To be sure, this is merely a trend, but it is at trend in values; and many are they who in part or whole manage to resist it; but the waters move that way, the changes in authority ('the disappearing dias' was one title) have this flavour, and the engineers of education have such pre-occupations. While, then, they like to see the outcomes of their indulgence, they likewise assure themselves of the INCOMES of their indoctrination, insisting on myths as if related to science, and discovering for themselves ways of ignoring the clearest of scientific laws in the meantime (cf. TMR Ch. 1, Secular Myths ... Ch. 7 ).

Thus social engineering in the field or realm or fiefdom of education becomes double in its imperatives. Its brings about attrition in the practical realm, and idolatry in the  theoretical, making evolutionism a protectorate, closely guarded by intolerance, as barren of testimony as the Emperor's new clothes in the parable. It yet lies naked, like that Emperor, as every lie in the end must be.

If it is desired that contortions be used to preserve it as far as may be, then this is the way, and it is a low-way on earth, a four lane whisk for the quick, to where all lies lie.



While thus a defiled and contra-factual moral system is indirectly or directly inculcated, in thought and action, directly or derivately, from its own base or the basis of such thought in wishful thinking and authoritarian duress; and while it is inserted into the curriculum and the school, free of competition, divested from innovative or other challenge, dreaming itself as if immune to truth, becomes increasingly a thing of pomp and circumstance invented as a dictator by those who rule in the State: there arises no small question. It is especially for those who prefer God, the actual engineer, to social engineers who lacking deity and its wisdom, make social abortions regularly of their seedy plans. In passing one may note, that something of this kind MAY (or may not) be what Charles meant; it is one possibility. Meanwhile, these social abortions are psychological cases, called people in many cases. The reminder is salutary as one ponders the crash landing from the clouds of pretence to the world of actuality.

Small wonder that with so very many delusions, those of the West, the East, the Middle East, man is doing this so often, and with such violence of man-made winds to ensure that the crashes occur frequently. Such is man whether pretending a God or not, when he lacks the One who is. Substitutes are more than useless (Matthew 24:24, Jeremiah 23, Ezekiel 14), as when one trusts in an air-bag in one's car, only to find at impact, that ... it is not actually there.

Child-centred education is merely a variant of humanism, a man-centred world, and it is like all its other avenues, a product of irrationality, blindness and a producer of an invitation to destiny to apply the truth. This may sound desirable, but when truth meets fraud, it is like an atomic explosion: the very interstices of things are disrupted. If the result of truth comes in stages, it comes not the less, rather like a steam-roller without brakes, on the top of a hill with bushes, at first, moving cumbrously, so that one wonders if it will ... go; but in a little while, it howls along, so that one might well wonder if it will stop!

It is not that you HAVE to follow the inane (cf. Earth Spasm ... Ch. 1, Beauty for Ashes Ch. 3, That Magnificent Rock Ch. 1) objects of human invention, new 'gods' without warrant or even antiquity (cf. Deuteronomy 32:17-21), mentally moulded shrines of folly. Organic evolution is one case which does not have to be followed just because it is so sedulously indoctrinated. Students can fail if necessary in some of their exams, rather than 'buy' it (since it is often found that the ASSUMPTIONS of evolutionism are PART of the question); and 'jumping in the lake' as one lecturer advised students at the outset of a course in Sydney University, is not conducive to good results, for it tends to wet the fingers and decrease available time for examination and learning ... and how often jump ?

Why did the Lecturer so advise, antecedently to all instruction, with no warrant but the dead cultural wand of statistical wishing  ? It was advice given, academically in that institution of what is sometimes called learning, to those who did not BELIEVE evolutionism, as to the nature of discussion on that topic. A submarine departure from the scene was the method of logic deployed...

No you do not have to jump; but you do not have change your course (as this author did when a student in view of such folly and related items). That too can have cost! Some do not pay such costs. They instead are imbued with the clammy culture of bacterial reductionism, so that into them folly readily is made to inhere as the joint motions of ambition, fear and hope move them. IF, however, you love truth to the point that error is inconceivable, then you do not do this.

Yet, alas not all refrain from such soul sales, and many are they who having been inveigled once, and having devalued their own morals once, or else not even clear once, but simply taking the course of least resistance or most apparent reward, become habitual moral cripples. It is not unlike the taking of other drugs; this one is the social engineering drug A. 'A' is apt for advancement.

The direction is not notified.

It IS engineering because it applies NON-PERSONAL implements to secure personal results. Thus it is not a personally appropriate matter to bring the hunger for wealth, prestige and power into play as a ground for selling truth. That is the sale of the soul. It is an impersonal manipulation of reality which does not work in the end BECAUSE it is not reality. It leads to pride or pomp or the custom of situational ethics to the point that you have people partly depersonalised, not acting as people but  as stimulus reactors.

It depersonalising what man is capable of, working in truth and for truth, in terms of reality; and it moves him to working in convenience and for convenience, as if life were a utensil for achieving something alien to its nature, and the nature of 'nature'*1. Debased, defrauded, such are the objects of social engineering, and worse, that on the path where bridges constructed, being based on air, have to collapse when the hydrogen of inflated talk seeps away.

In two World Wars overtones of this folly of organic evolutionism, with its survival of the fittest and intimations of superiority were seen in the drives to SHOW who is great, who is not going to suffer the post of second fiddle, who is great in genes, in philosophy, in stature. It applied firstly to man, and then to the more managerial races among man, or philosophies of force, as with Hitler*2 and Stalin*2, who invented ideas without foundation to fiddle with people*3 who having been founded by that Adequate Original, were not malleable to measure. They did not actually manage to make supermen or super-societies, but being divorced from their foundations, they hence became foundlings with all the results to be expected in identity crises, brutality and the other results of confusion, captiousness and irrational crankiness.

In Diamond ... Ch. 10, we pursue this further, with some adjustments for our present purpose.

It is an ENTIRE world, utterly prone to flesh, philosophy and delusion, that is sought: ONE to become a prisoner, WHOLLY taken.

It is however to be one without an England to reach for safety (it being leg-roped to Europe), or a USA for help in war (it being devastatingly in debt). It is to become an unbecoming world, intent on becoming but unclear on just what: a world subject, subjected, subjugated, making quasi-morals*2 from arithmetic or other social irrelevance, producing children as a queen ant pops out eggs; and on these it acts with the militancy of the mission of flesh, its waiting maw, to devour these objects of creation, into creation's rule. Man the master of man becomes the ranting rule. It is humanism, that rocky resource of the inhumane, debasing man by pretentious pre-occupations with being deity, while displaying none of His power.

Without rational base, like Communism, despite the plagues so amply provided, in defiance of design, such a coming world designs itself, makes war on God, and congratulates itself, honours itself with the wild, demented frenzy of the lost. It erodes away the sandstone of its heart, divorced from the granites of God, like the waves at Thunder Point on Victoria's Great Ocean Road, moving inland in their power, carving roads into the rock in their vehemence, breaking coast into islands and islands into ruins. It thunders as it does it, and the product is rubble

Thus does man illustrate his defeat by insisting on the irrational at the outset, and then applying it with reason at the onset, like someone in a huge fever. The heart fibrillates, the mind is fogged, and so it goes to its sunset, that One whose words and works agree as nothing else does on this earth. When received, it is not sunset, but its opposite. He is then that dawn of beauty which was for man, and still is, for as many as receive Christ in reality and truth, by faith, as Saviour, Lord and Counsellor, Truth and King (Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10), these become the children of God. Children ? they dawn, are born and grow (II Peter 3:18). God's children grow on God's word, in God's presence. They need no engineer, since they already have the Architect; need not licence to live, since the world is the work of their Father, and need no Master among sinners, since theirs paid for them with His life, integrity assured, love clear and power confirmed.



The only way to avoid social engineering, intended or spontaneous, is for there to be

bullet PERMITTED the free search for truth,
bullet so that authority is tamed by FACTS,
bullet and social preferences are disciplined by SCIENTIFIC METHOD (not its abuse cf. SMR pp. 149ff.,
with references below),
bullet while research is tolerated without prejudice, on the basis of what is sustainable, not agreeable,
bullet and for indolence and destruction to be unpaid by society.
bullet THEN, it is necessary to cease the policy of indoctrination, and of permitting horrors (including little ones...), on the false assumption that good will come from mere self-assertion, as distinct from sustainable expression.
bullet NEXT, it is necessary to find the basis of life, for otherwise, cultivated man,
replete with spontaneous or deviously dealt idols, coming of age, asks, WHY AM I ALIVE !

If he wants society to be run this way or that, having tasted of the fruits of unreason in biology and social studies, he may well conceive it good to be a terrorist, following something that rattles, like a drum, or roars, like a ground-to-air missile, so that he can count for something, and make a difference. Philosophic nature also abhors a vacuum, so that artificial deprivation of air leads to the utmost of folly in what seeps in.

In providing an artificial answer, society slants the soul away from what is true, and hence accentuates its own problems. This is natural and even necessary if it insists on the delusion that 'science' has the answers, rather than being a mere investigative procedure which is accountable to method, and has no standing whatsoever without it (cf. Secular Myths and Sacred Truth Ch. 5, Deliverance from Disorientation Ch. 7, Delusive Drift ... Ch. 7).

Man has in fact no answer to social engineering, philosophic putsches or military adventurism except in truth; and this has no place except where it is not excluded by model, in the mind of man, at least in the area of thought. Thus it requires that one realise that  absolute truth IS and is available (cf. Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 16); and that man is not madly contending as to where the truth lies, on the basis that it is not there. When this is done, it is further necessary to FIND IT!

This is NOT done by shelving it, making myths which exclude it and declaring them true, or by any of the other so popular games in the courses of social engineering currently available under other names, in so many schools and universities, where it might appear that geology, or biology were the topic.

When and only when this is done is there scope to look for the end of the inherent folly of the pursuit of man to be made into this or that, by this or that power or force, with partial parameters of choice and cultural preference from time to time.

Only then is there stability in peace, in truth; for lies change and are exposed, leading to necessary turbulence. Only when the Signature and Source of man's construction is found is there a way for man to proceed, not in atrocities of vile force used to ram folly into hearts, or fantasy into heads, but in the restoration borne with relinquishment of error and the dynamic of the everlasting God who having paid for salvation, applies it freely (Romans 5:12-17).

We need less engineers and more builders, in this realm; but man is not so disposed, and so employs architects to make him this or that, and social engineers to apply their inventions, since man is as a whole, really and completely not willing to be moulded by God (Romans 1:17ff., Matthew 7:15ff.). That, however, the return to the Creator, to know the Mind of the Maker, and the Salvation of the Lord and Lover of mankind: this has the most singular advantage that since you are then in the power of the personal Being who made you in the first place, you know the One who can detect without X-ray or blood analysis in the tomb when it is too late, just where you err, show you how to correct it, what you are for and where you should go ...

This He does without that silly sham of pretentious pomp which seems as inveterate in idolatrous man, as is the ludicrous panache which he provides for his chosen objects of worship, made by his own thought and moulded by his undisciplined imagination.

If you want that sort of stuff, it is there. If you want God, He is there. If you want to come, as you can by now see so clearly, you must first repent. It is useless going to receive pardon while still dressed in the clothes of self-will; you need to surrender to His salvation and find in Him your point and pith, as a personal being. The discovery of God leads to the realisation of your own identity, as when a lost air-craft finds the signal coming from the home aerodrome, in the midst of a storm.

Luke 6:46 with Luke 14 show this, as does Matthew 16:24-27.

God has come for us. If men choose to be high-minded and found themselves on lofty thoughts hidden in the clouds, misty inspissations, treason to truth and lawless to logic, they will fall all the faster.

The light of the glory of God has been revealed in the face of Christ Jesus,

declaring, Behold your God!

(emphasis added: Isaiah 40:9-11, II Corinthians 4:6).


"O Zion,

You who bring good tidings,

Get up into the high mountain;

O Jerusalem,

You who bring good tidings,

Lift up your voice with strength,

Lift it up, be not afraid;

Say to the cities of Judah,

'Behold your God!'


"Behold, the Lord God shall come with a strong hand,

And His arm shall rule for Him;

Behold, His reward is with Him,

And His work before Him.


"He will feed His flock like a shepherd;

He will gather the lambs with His arm,

And carry them in His bosom, 

                    And gently lead those who are with young."


As foretold here,

bullet He took the lambs in His arms,
bullet came when He said ( Highway of Holiness Ch. 4),
bullet died as He declared (Isaiah 50-55),
bullet rose as He decreed (Psalms 16,22, cf. Joyful Jottings 22-25)
bullet a millenium before,
bullet granting the Gospel precisely as notified in Isaiah,
bullet on His foretold rejection by Israel, the nation -
bullet to the Gentiles (cf. SMR Ch. 9).


When the fog is gone, it is magnificent with what clarity one sees; and the sight itself, when it is of God, is ultimate glory, the lively reality of Him who has spoken. Man without this real glory, seeks a meretricious and factitious substitute; and it really does not work, should not work, does not meet reality, vitality or history.


You may now care to read News 82 and News 87.




*1 Cf. Aviary of Idolatry, SMR pp. 925ff..

*2 Cf. *1 above, SMR pp. 971-2  and in addition, peruse the excerpt from News 68 below.



One of these says that we 'just grew', like Topsy, amongst the wilds. However

bullet 1) when we look for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence units, or space-men, or XTs, what do we find? None. The expectation relates to the idea that others too, just grew...
bullet 2) when we look for Extra-Terrestrial Life, XTL, there is furore, but facts do not co-operate,
no not when billions are spent in the search.

bullet 3) when we seek supermen, SM, on the ground that some might just grow better
in the wilds of our 'cultures', we find disillusion, betrayal, pride wounded and nations destroyed. Hitleresque pictures do not work, any more than do Communist bee-sweat proletariat productions. They never have worked, and never began to work, whether based on race or ideas.
What did work was slave labour and ultra-bestial violence in both cases, soon shed,
as history goes. It improved nothing but the death rate.

bullet 4) when we look for laws by which such progress expectation might be justified, we find none,
only the precise and direct opposite in the Law of Thermodynamics, the 2nd. which tells us that specificity tends to reduce, not increase, in a given system such as our universe comprises.

bullet 5) when we look for creativity, which alone would justify the expectation of such a law,
we find our own tempered but impressive originality - which does not create life, or matter,
or mind, as part of our parcel; but we do not find the MIND in the materials provided,
which creates minds.

bullet It is curtains and blinds when it comes to man making minds: only servile slaves
occupied with man's visions and his dreams and his hopes, these arrive to attest
his subordinate status, and sometimes to feed the insane pretences of many.
Minds however? no. Spirits? Far from it. They do not come; they do not arrive.
Thus is not the state of our case on this present earth.

bullet 6) when we look for a line of transitional objects, TOs, from major type to major type
in the rich diversity of different kinds of living things, we do not find them.
Variety is the order of the day, incredibly ingenious combinations;
but no transitional sequences.

bullet 7) when we look for mutational episodes, MEs, even brought on by 40 years
of X-ray bombardment as in the case of the famous fruit fly Drosophila,
we find they do not provide the advances desired. Nul and void is the effort
to make impact create design. Increased design specifications do not "arise"
however much they are looked for. This is scarcely surprising; but surprising or not,
it is certainly fact. Intelligent work and effort is needed.

bullet 8) when we look for means of variety production, we find them in abundance,
precisely as scripture implies: both in its selection of the term, 'kinds', and its specification
of variety, as in the case of giants. But variety is not kind; it does not advance vertically,
merely spreading horizontally. Ingenious provisions for variation, as in skin colour and eye shape, are included; and the spice of individuality is as surely programmed into being,
as is the basic type on which variation is made, like musical variations on a theme.

bullet 9) when we look for Upward Design Increments, UPIs, the 'arising' of superior kinds of things
all out in the wild, by themselves, we do not find it. NEVER do we find it. NEVER have we found it, NEVER does law lead us to expect to find it, NEVER could the evidence, law and logic be clearer. UPIs are not there. They do not happen in cars, in Ph.D. theses, in things old or new, high or low. Design by its nature as by its practice, takes understanding, and this is not resident in 'Nature',
that bogey-woman of imagination which is crowned, 'mother nature' by the superstitious.

bullet 10) when we look for Downward Design Decrements, DDDs, then on the contrary, we have no trouble at all in finding mutational descent, when things get damaged. We knew all this.
It is not new and in many cases, not accepted because it is not desired.
There is no other reason.

In fact, NOTHING is the result, wherever organic evolution is used. In what could be terms a wry humour, were it not that it is presented as sober physics, Paul Davies then apotheosises nothing, and says, Well yes, it does seem that this is where it all began! (for details, see That Magnificent Rock, Ch.7, Models and Marvels). For what is not there, that is quite a leap, especially definitionally. Still, when there is nothing else to talk about, one supposes it can serve; though not of course logically.

Definitional dilemmas apart, and amusement aside, there is only one place where the answer is YES. In that place, ALL the answers are yes. In this place, there is NO answer which is 'No!', 'Nothing doing!' or, 'What are you talking about!', as is the case in this tedious prodigy of the nineteenth century, organic evolution.

By contrast, in this select place, whether it be a question of epistemology, of metaphysics, of general logical method, of scientific method, observational data, scientific law: there is only one result. What then is the answer in this place ? It is 'Yea and amen!' for God and the word of God, the Bible, at every point. Let us be clear about this thing. THAT is a FACT. It is verified everywhere, in ALL details as they come up for examination.

(End of Citation.)

On Hitler, the quasi-spiritual, esoteric character of his yearnings, far from atheist, is to be seen in the well-researched article by Jackson Spielvogel and David Redles, featured in the Simon Wiesenthal Center, Annual 3. An interesting deposition is this:

Hitler's racial ideology stemmed from what he called "the basic principle of the blood."
This meant that the blood of every person and every race contained the soul of a person
and likewise the soul of his race, the Volk. Hitler believed that the Aryan race, to which all "true" Germans belonged, was the race whose blood (soul) was of the highest degree. God Himself had, in fact, created the Aryans as the most perfect men, both physically and spiritually.4

The *4 refers to these references: Mein Kampf, pp. 327, 381 and especially 396 on blood and soul; also on God's role, see speech of 1937 in Gordon Prange, ed., Hitler's Words (Washington, DC, 1944), p. 80.

It is by no means strange that the pope of Hitler's day did not open his mouth while some millions of Jews gave their blood for purposes other than blood bank.

It is by no means strange that General Franco, moved by Hitler's death, conceived of this same Hitler as a good catholic.

It is by no means strange that Hitler so admired the Jesuitical discipline. Nor is it strange that reports are found that the orders FROM ROME, to end a competitive Romanist-related party in Germany,  were a prelude to Hitler's rise to power (cf. SMR pp. 969ff.) and electoral victory.

His concept may have been as far from Rome's as Rome's is from the Bible; but there is a subtle concurrence in much, and most of all in the concept of RULING THIS WORLD in terms of the BEST HUMAN BODY, from an EARTHLY SETTING of power, with Europe as a bastion of power, as was the case in the Holy Roman Empire days, than which little could even conceivably be less holy. As with Nazism, as with Communism, as in Russia, as in China, so in the Romanist religion multiplied MILLIONS suffered for the makers of men by human force, the ultimate MILITARILY BASED social engineering! Force is however irrelevant to the spirit of man; and whatever abortions may be obtained, they are mere scarified scare-crows, without life. (Cf. SMR pp. 1032ff., News 101).

Their desiccated remains continually disadorn the earth, and make new entrants for hell in the form of the tormentors, torturers and other social engineers who may be called upon (cf. Ezekiel 32:17ff.), who disdaining the origin of man, seek to make him something original to themselves; and who, not being the Original, are but novelists in flesh.

As flesh is not mere flesh, but a contrived, articulated, body-mind-soul derivative from the creative action of the Creator (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7Stepping Out for Christ Ch. 9, SMR p. 925), this approaches the ultimate in arrogance and the acme in intrusion. The honeyed words of any of these proponents will always in the end become a sharp and painful contrast to their earlier  professions, for in the end, it will not work since it mis-defines and seeks to manipulate man; and hence force becomes the agency of frustration, and abortion the consequence of its deployment. Romanism, Communism and Nazism are examples.

All of these now are in the delusion of the Darwinian road, which the current Pope belatedly adopted not so long ago, just when its exposure was total, rather like buying shares in an international firm when its long harassed reputation has finally brought its shares to the verge of ruin, soon to be worthless entirely. Here surely is that bathetic descent from the pseudo-sublime to the anti-biblical and irrational ridiculous. We must always remember that it is not the ostensible but the evidentially actual which is in view.

 Thus in is October 23, 1996 speech to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, he declared:

Today, almost half a century after the publication of the Encyclical, new knowledge has led to the recognition in the theory of evolution of more than a hypothesis. It is indeed remarkable that this theory has been progressively accepted by researchers, following a series of discoveries in various fields of knowledge. The convergence, neither sought nor fabricated, of the results of work that was conducted independently is in itself a significant argument in favor of this theory.

In this way, the pope contrives to combine in one type these theories, although of course he recognises their diversity, in that he views the development as integral over time in terms of convergence. In fact, Darwin has come to a demise so total in scientific method terms, that it is already too late for a decent burial, while the options in view are each one in fact, refuted by evidence in such a style that there is the comic in their continual failure (cf. Earth Spasm ... Ch. 1), the only 'success' being in keeping a willing populace always ready to 'believe' that some day in some way what every day in every way is missing, will arrive, contrary to method, contrary to logic, contrary to evidence, and worst of all contrary to the powers seen in such intimate detail, in 'nature', which lacks not only the result, but the reason for it.

It is a testimony to the powers of propaganda that the pope has confirmed the earlier errors of his predecessor, and indeed, gone much further. It is a sad purchase for the pontiff.

It does however make excellent sense that Romanism finds here its mind! It fits with the actions of its own survival earlier (cf. SMR pp. 1032ff.), and proceeds to more miracles that do not work, in the form of godless arrivals and irrelevant survivals. You cannot have it both ways: if God does it, nature does not; if nature manages to become the Creator, then God is not. If God created nature, then it has nothing to create, merely diversifying on models left; and if He made it the 'creator' after Him, then what is 'after' ? It does or does not originate designs. An upward movement in that direction has never been found, nor the means for it. This was beautifully shown in a recorded interview with Professor Dawkins (cf. Secular Myths and Sacred Truth Ch. 6).

If it had done so, it would be Darwinesque; if it does not, Darwin is dumped. Since it does not so act, he is dumped, just as the papacy thumps the direction of his delusive theory on the back! Nature is as inert as argon when it comes to creating itself (cf. Wake Up World! Ch. 4, Delusive Drift ... Ch. 3, TMR Ch. 1, SMST Ch. 7), and neither pope nor prince can make it otherwise. Punctuated equilibrium is fine on the punctuation, but lacks the sentence (cf. Wake Up World! Ch. 6, SMR pp. 315Aff.). Suggestions of all kinds for making evolution DO something, have one kind of result: it does not happen, has no ground for it to happen, has an underlying magical construction which, not being found in our universe, does not operate. It all hits the ground like an inept aircraft made by a kid.

Yet the magics, the tone of the things, these have much in common; and in Communism with its Marx, Nazism with its thrust on a racial version of it, and in this papal Romanism, there is a certain consortium of interest.

Here, in this trio of philosophies then,  is a bond of force and survival which all have used abundantly, each in its potent days. Darwin was dear to Hitler, as it was to Marx and it is far from alien to the current Pope, who has gone even further than Pius XII in his Humani Generis, opting for an evolutionary development as physically notable as that of the other two; and as to Hitler, his 'God' mingles with Darwinism just as, in significant measure, does that of the pope with the Darwin Express, moving as it goes nowhere with the same address and assurance as a doomed express train, oblivious to every signal.

To be sure, in the pope's October 23, 1996 utterance, on the occasion of an address to a scientific society, he made it clear that only the body would be involved in his conception of evolution, but it is as clear also that he conceived that multiple things had confirmed, buttressed by scientific studies and   since the thing took off, in fact in a popular sense, with Charles Darwin.  All three of these past or present potentates insist or have insisted that the world submits to themselves, or to their words, even though it manifestly does not, and their combined pomp has this additional harmony.

The abundant use of force where only faith is appropriate; the abundant use of torture; the removal by vast multitudes of opponents, by murder, often slow and exemplary; the belief in Darwinianism or its synthetic seeming developments with some of its various implications, and belief in either God, in some sense, or some system meaningless without Him, and indeed, with Him:

(cf. SMR 179ff. 195ff., Calibrating Myths ... Ch. 6, A Spiritual Potpourri  5,8, 9,
TMR 8, Appendix 1, News 16, Barbs... 14, Beauty for Ashes
Ch.† 3,
Biblical Blessings
Ch.  7, News 82

these are clamorous claimants to comradeship!

God however has not abdicated (Acme, Alpha and Omega: Jesus Christ Ch. 8), either as creator, saviour or judge; nor has He conferred His almightiness on any man or system, as all men and all of men's systems show so abundantly that the earth is being shattered by the demonstrations. Negative, they negate the world; affirming this world and power over it, they simply shorten its tenure! It seems from relatively recent exposures that Lenin, to take another example, was not himself so much convinced as manipulative! (cf. SMR pp. 965-966).

THAT, it is surely one of the things history shows from Babylon, from Assyria, from Rome itself in its earlier Empire, from Napoleon, from Hitler, from Stalin, from Tyre, from Egypt (cf. Ezekiel 29:14-15 cf. Pitter... Ch. 4).

These powers, pulsations through personalities of presumptuous claims, they arise; they have their come-uppance from Him who is above; and they go down. Sometimes they take a whole apparatus of thought with them.

The experiments of social engineering, with or without military power, are one of the more elaborate deceptions of the devil, whose delusive powers must be measured in terms of the NUMBER OF TIMES he tries it, and the number of those who in successive generations succumb to his wayward charms, much as some birds to the snake.  The mongoose has a much better idea!



*3 From Cascade of Truth... Ch. 10, the point is made in some detail.

Why ? Lust can be sexual, political, ideological, physical, social, financial. It is an endemic disease to man without God. Some simply lust to be themselves, as much as they want to be, how they want to be and so on. It is like the seed of wheat of which Christ spoke, which failing to fall into the ground, rots (John 12:24-25). Lust kills. Loving your own life kills it. Nations too can play that game.

Japan lusted for its OWN version of a Greater Pacific Rule did it ? Too bad it meant destroying some of the US naval power without declaring war. A trifle perhaps, in view of the need to help the Asian region ? Germany lusted for its version of a Greater Europe, reaching even to Russia, where true Aryan greatness expressed, would bring blessing to this world ? Fine. It did not however do so. Spain some centuries back lusted for Protestant blood with Torequemada a chief surgeon, and such things as this went on for hundreds of years; and it lusted for gold from the Americas, and took a lot coloured red with the blood of Aztec or Inca;  and so it was they exported verbally only, poverty of spirit,  while seizing riches of hand. Portugal had its fair share of it.

Romanism lusted for blood, not only Protestant but Jewish, and Hitler capped it, that great admirer of Jesuitical discipline and organisation. Europe under such leadership as that rubbed out some 6 million Jews, making a fitting end to the centuries that proceeded.

Unpleasant thing death ? Yes, when it is merely for human purposes which are philosophically absurd, logically impossible, politically naive and recklessly ruthless. That is the norm now for a very long time.


From Red Alert Ch. 16, we find ground for the groundless imaginations of man, which covers them in full and to perfection.

In motive, men are forever seeking glory where it is not to be found.
The glory of the (humanistic) race,

of Rome,

of Muhammad,

of war,

of winning,

of racial superiority,

of Communistic doctrinaire aridities,

of the Pope,

of Mary,

of Aryans,

of genes... you name it!

This is readily interpreted by the Bible: it is because there IS glory so that it is rational to see it; but they seek it where it is not to be found, through unbounded rebellion which is producing increasingly confounding results! Here is 'Babylon' *6 ablaze! (Contrast Isaiah 55:2-6.) And what says Jeremiah 13:16-17!

"Give glory to the Lord your God
before He causes darkness,
and before your feet stumble on the dark mountains,

and while you are looking for light, He turns it into the shadow of death and makes it dense darkness.

"But if you will not hear it, my soul will weep in secret for your pride;
My eyes will weep bitterly and run down with tears... "