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Adelaide in some ways may be rather conservative. Thus it is still in the grip of the most horrendous cultural clutch one could well imagine, well-equipped with the authoritarian drilling of dogma into its schools, in the irrational realms of organic evolution and related relativisms, which it propounds with all the ignorant fervour of the normal idolators. With ritual exclusivism, the nadir of academic liberty, it uses monopolistic State powers (unless your pocket is well provided for, to the tune of private education) as a substitute for academic freedom and the use of logic. It is this, not force, which is the recommended procedure, as made AT Adelaide University, by triple bio-science doctorate holder, Dr Kouznetsov (from Russia, and please note the irony and the implications). . After all, what is true is able to speak for itself in open competition. It does not need a combination of income direction and academic invasion from political places. This is covered in much detail in That Magnificent Rock (TMR) Ch.8.

It must be acknowledged, however, that since (see TMR Ch.1) organic evolution has nothing OTHER than force to recommend it, this governmental strategy may be a work of desperation which, rather amazingly, the voters seem to tolerate in the instruction of their grossly misinstructed children, for whom freedom in this field is as far off as in Nazi Germany. It is MUCH further off even in the USA than in contemporary Russia, according to Dr Kouznetsov. South Australia seems worse, like a corpse lying dead, instead of a scene of warfare in such an arena, as in the US (which is no copybook case itself, as you hear!).

Whilst therefore such abuse of political power in the academic realm is irrational, it is understandable as power politics:  though this admittedly is a betrayal in the academic field.

This trend to hold on to what is long dead, with passionate intensity and immovable centralised bureaucratic strain, like a sort of convulsive obsession of the mind, is seen elsewhere. It is found in the tertiary level.

Here we have three matters of interest to ponder.

1. The abysmal failure of Adelaide University, Staff or Students to meet a basic, academic, Christian challenge of 3 years duration, propounded on site, maintained week by week for most of the academic year, advertised in the Staff magazine, the Student counterpart and on notice boards many times.

There was very little effort, though some came to discuss; and the main phalanx of opposition, as it eventuated, came to clap and departed after a return visit to ensnare was defeated, to discuss on the Web what was at that time, not a medium of expertise of the author, and so not available for debate. Despite many challenges, for oral or written rejoinders or disproofs of what was demonstrated: no one responded on the level ground of any available common medium. Nor has any done so, though the challenge remains and has been manifest ON the Web these 8 years, just as it was made IN the University for the 3 previous years, thus providing  the opportunity for around a decade, following the demonstration made on site.

It is of interest to follow some of this debacle where young wits, coming on scene with the offer of demonstration, being defeated, never came to defend their lost position, nor ever accepted the challenge of a debate.

The cultural clamminess of imparted dogma is so great that it is hard for some even to begin to realise the depth of its irrationality, far less to show in debate that it is not so. What was maintained on the premises was always triumphant, year in and year out. One intended it thus to be made clear that the academic violations which are common in this sphere of assumption, presumption and violation of scientific method, can only by misuse and indeed abuse of authority, be maintained in the common presupposition list to which they are reverently led, like some gowned minister who cannot, however, manage at all to preach.

For this episode, see HERE.

2. A further irrationality in the field is noted in Adelaide, to illustrate once again the failure at the more individual level, the departure from normal procedure and process, in the interests of mere verbal abuse and irrelevancy; and this,  to the level it is hard to believe possible, for most competent people in speech and writing!

This illustrates the point that in this field, irrationality increasingly is becoming a modus operandi.

WHY ? That is the point. If one reads Ephesians 4:17-19, one finds the Biblical analysis of the position, to the effect that man is alien to God, not in creation which was in His image (or fellowship orientation and potentiation), but by virtue of sin. He is ALIENATED from the life of God, we read, and find, "because of the ignorance that is in them". That in turn has a reason supplied by the Bible, "because of the blindness of their heart." There is in fact a fivefold series in this passage:


1) There is a darkening in this field, and what it portends - OF THE UNDERSTANDING.


2) This occurs in a setting of ALIENATION FROM THE LIFE OF GOD.


3) The ground of this is IGNORANCE, and of that


4) blindness of their heart.

The field is the world, and the exclusion is in principle, in those delivered OUT OF IT INTO the KINGDOM of Christ by His power in terms of His resurrection and atonement, begotten again by His word which speaks better things  (Ephesians 1:4,11, Colossians 1:13-14, Romans 1:4, I Cor. 15:1-3, Romans 10:9, I Peter 1:18,23, 2:22-23,  Ephesians 2:1-10 - and cf. TMR Appendix). Following His word, coincident with the requirement of reason, which points to His revelation with demonstrable force, what abides with fact is found, and never changes (as shown in TMR Chs. 1,8, SMR Ch.2).

The dread disease of sin has consequences like any other; but it is in the innermost sanctuary of the heart and spirit that its dull work is done, spreading faster than cancer, on and out to the allied and subservient modes (Jeremiah 17:9, Romans 7).
Functionally, there is a darkening (like a dark patch on a chest X-ray).
Vitally, there is an arrest of spiritual life, alienated from its source.
Noetically, there is an ignorance that is correlative to the dysfunction of blindness.
What would you expect of blindness, then ? This is the teaching of the Bible.

Our point apologetically is this: not only in Adelaide, but in the USA and elsewhere, the cases mount. There is seething or writhing or tormented or vacating or in some other way, disjoining of rationality and reason, of truth and verification in this field, which seems to take recourse to ad hominems, ad nauseam, and other logical errors, to flight, to irrelevance, to such a degree that not only is it wholly unworthy of the PEOPLE concerned, but wholly EXPRESSIVE of the disease diagnosed in the Bible. In this it is a verification.

For an illustration of this kind, in Adelaide,  in the case of a very advanced student, click HERE.

3. It is however not merely institutions and students. Tertiary employment suffers likewise. Such things have been written up in Moody Monthly as noted in SMR, but the contemporary Adelaide case is both a warning and an illustration of the same theme, in its own local colour! The irrational is undoubtedly rampant in this area, and the more so for the non recognition of this fact, though it be demonstrated: in this, it is rather like, perhaps, some English Club in some far-off domain, where the 'native' living conditions may not even appear to the mind, though they in fact be met on all sides! It is felt, perhaps, not to be a fit subject for thought.

For a startling tertiary confirmation, together with overall review, click HERE.