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Chapter 2


The Big Bad Wolf is not a Thriller or a Pillar

but just a Killer


Blood, this way please!

Jihads in the Offing ?


News 248


Reader’s Digest, February 2002

News Radio, mid-November 2002


Jeremy Goldberg, actually as well as notationally Jewish, enrolled in the Haqqania madrassa, or religious school, near the famed Khyber Pass, in Pakistan.


The school, which on one version is a training ground for jihad zealots, might well not have received him, because he is Jewish. On the contrary he was welcome. No weapons training was to be seen, no instruction in bomb-making: it was just that when the Taliban seemed hard-pressed by their foes, the school was shut so that students could go and help them. That was all. Indeed, it is stated that they were sent. In age, they ranged from 8 years to  35. Teaching is not on science, mathematics, computing or world history; but the Koran and its interpretation, memorization, these are basic to it.


School is free, although the dormitories were reportedly filthy and threadbare; but still, the students  are  able to eat and play some  sport: though they are male  only (cf. Ch. 1 above).  Thus many may be from exceedingly poor families, and in one sense, the school supported by wealthy Muslims in Pakistan or the Persian Gulf, they could become virtual substitute soldiers, as in the old days when the rich could send the poor in their own place! What war however ? The Taliban, which drew heavily from such the school Haqqania for leaders, says Goldberg, seems to have a view that there is to be a never-ending jihad. This seems short-sighted in view of judgment day, which will not go away, in which murder for notions is not regarded with satisfaction. THOU SHALT NOT KILL is not only mandatory, but rationally clear enough, when you come to the property of God. It appears however that for many of such zealots, God is as much their property as appears the case in the Romanist Mass, when ‘He’ can be wheeled  about at the pleasure of priests, in the form of a wafer.


Here it is in the form of a waiver from the prohibition on killing. Like the ‘god’ Mars for Rome, he appears here as a god of war, a mere infringement of the truth. HE does not need war to win; He has won already. Although the Koran can make – just as modern politicians often do – various concessions that sound nice from time to time, such as non-compulsory religion, when it comes to the practical enactions of history, the Koran has a stream of injunctions, lethal commands, insistent urgings to kill, to overcome, to overthrow, to subjugate and subordinate opposition, even to fight till only Allah is held by those who manage to live. How then was Mecca first taken by force and with what result, by Muhammad ?


Its intolerance is intolerable. Why ? It is because like all the other sects, it USES Christ, but does not draw on history concerning Him; puts him in a place invented by the leader (in this case Muhammad), and then places something else in FORCE (and in this case the term has a double meaning!), for the little affair of history.


The leader at this Islamic school reportedly advised Goldberg that it was not the Christian-Muslim matter which counted, but the American Jewish one.  Did not the USA support Israel, a thing not to be countenanced. Were not Jews the evil ? Should they not be immersed in nothingness at short order ? Who is this who opposes such beneficial purging! That appeared at least to be the line taken. In later conversation, it appears that the case was extended (RD p. 78), that Jews are of the devil, and they control the USA. All Americans therefore must be dealt with, without exception as the case arises. The guilt is taken to be corporate and the result therefore indiscriminate execution!


That, certainly, it is one way in which to seek to get what you want.


For all the world, one would think  that a journalist was  interviewing Hitler, and that the latter was  saying, No, no England, we do not need to fight. Just let me be free to handle the final solution of the  Jewish ‘question’,  and we will all be better off. THEY, these are the ‘real enemy’. However it is as vacuous a piece of a religious adventurism whether one  sect or another invents, out of due season and reason, some Christ for their pleasure, out of their own minds, and then proceeds to use his name to give themselves some measure of credibility.  There is in none of them, any. Misuse of names, name dropping, establishes nothing but the insecurity of the dropper.


This brings us to the much more recent fact that the latest bin Laden tape continues its insulting and  racist assault on Israel, and its desire to be let alone to deal with it. This unmagnificent obsession, not a little present in the pogroms of Europe in other centuries, and in Russia of old in particular, as in the Inquisition where it was a fiery fury so contrary to Christ as to be an immediate mode of perceiving that it MUST have had another source, just as the concept of the ‘mass’ did (cf. SMR pp. 1086ff.): it continues.


Hitler put on it, the coping stone, but his arch was broken.  SO now the jihad and the Taliban make it seem – just precisely as Hitler did  or rather tried to do – a RIGHTEOUS thing to seek to exterminate this land of the Jews, or the Jews of the land, or at any rate this Jewish thing, to register intolerance, to persecute the race, to obliterate a people who have given the Bible, through whom  came the Christ, on whom the vows of God concerning their return to their land and HIS deliverance for them, remain as in the day of Moses, indeed that of Abraham, when they first began to be divinely declared.


WHY then cannot the Islamic nature tolerate Israel ?


v           Is it because, their house vacated for a couple of millennia (more nearly 1900 years plus), the Jewish presence speaks of the truth, even though they, as a nation, have yet to accept their Messiah ? (hence  all their suffering: truth DOES hurt when you ignore it, be very well assured of that!)


v           Is it this that moves them to such marauding murder units, under the guise of righteous wrath ?


v           Or is it really the suffering of those Moslems who have become displaced persons, since the MANY Arab attempts to obliterate Israel (back in its land by international treaty), having failed, those who hoped otherwise have lost the throw of the dice.Is it because those who lost the war (for extermination) being beaten in war, want to use the peace to continue their obliterative aims, and to seduce by journalism and adventurism, humanity from any sense of right or justice ?


Again, if this were so, even to the extent of concern for suffering: why cannot wealthy oil-Moslems donate funds, not to train murder squads, but to train people in useful skills, in the dozens of lands where Islam rules or is favoured, where there is ample space for the Palestinians. Why indeed are they not put into JORDAN which received far more than half of the Palestine promised to the Jews, and yet does not take the people themselves ? What sort of political debauchery is this, that Islam protests when it is itself at fault, and insists when it has already taken the lion’s share of the promised land! Does it not feel satisfied with more than half of the pie, and does it greedily desire to wolf down yet further sections, slices and nourishing tastes ?


Murder is then mere land aggression, religious grabbing and unethical lust. Who could support such a thing! Blair in his Mayoral Speech (that is, at the Mayoral Banquet), stated that he fully understood the desire of Israel to STOP the terrorists, and he concedes rightly that they have full propriety in stopping them. Any nation would! However, he confuses the Arab situation, in his stated desire to avoid allocating blame.


That ? It is rather like having some people raid a ducal castle, and being thrown out, trying to grab it back, and then more. When the police are called in, they indicate that there is no point in allocating blame. The issue is simple. Try to make everybody happy, everyone ceding this or that to the other, in measure, till a ‘balance’ is achieved. They will graciously accept about ¾ of the castle, so what is the trouble ?


The trouble is that the castle is not the property of the thief, who deserves the full force of the law for his presumption.


The land is for the Jews by divine declaration of more than three millennia standing (cf. Galloping Events Ch. 4); as by international  agreement following World War I, in which Palestine was expressly to be set aside for the Jews (though Britain allocated Jordan most of it anyway). To this must be added the fact that the Islamic ‘faith’ is highly intolerant in multiplied countries: where even death for some real or imagined criticism of the (admitted – HE admitted it) sinner, Muhammad can occur; where women often  are made little more than mules  and child-bearers, and children are indoctrinated in concepts of paradise which involve quite frankly (More Marvels Ch. 4, Barbs, Arrows and Balms Ch. 30), many aspects which are not at all unlike a continuing jihad, as indeed seems to be the concept at the school featured, and LIVED IN for a month, by Goldberg.


Is earth to be made heavenly by hellish means then ? Is hate to make love palpable ? or does not love matter ? Is truth to be at the turn of someone’s pen, without verification, validation or historical confirmation ? (cf. SMR pp. 1080ff., Barbs, Arrows and Balms 30): filled with contradictions and empty of power (cf. SMR pp. 829ff. at *2).  


This then is the story of Zechariah 12-14, and it is coming to pass NOW. What the Bible says ALWAYS and without exception, comes to pass: that is one of the ways in which its origin is found, in its incapacity to have any other. Much has already happened in the past century (cf. Zechariah 14:1-2, 12:1-4), literally and lavishly fulfilling it. That, in turn it fulfils Christ’s declaration that not a joy or tittle would fail till all is fulfilled. So it was to be; so it is. It is perceptible over thousands of years.


The time is now ripe for Israel in much abundance to turn to the Lord (cf. Zechariah 12:10ff., The Biblical Workman Ch. 1 *3, and Ch. 3, *1). It is not far off, since this present time is definably near the end of the Age (cf.  Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Ch. 8). It therefore is “near” (Luke 21:24,28) to the time when the Lord Himself will deal with the internecine oppressors, never satisfied, pungent assailants of Israel, coming into existence now, with much flourish through bin Laden and Taliban propaganda (cf. Isaiah 66, Joel 3, Habakkuk 3, Deuteronomy 32; Galloping Events Ch. 8, *3, SMR Appendix A). They of course are mere examples; but they count well in this, their office!


With some 10,000 schools of this religious typing present in poor Pakistan (not all are poor, but many are the poor), with perhaps 1 million students,one can contemplate the potential for the ample fulfillment of Revelation 6’s scenario of death and doom, without more trouble.


How sad to see intelligent and productive Jews, settlers or officers, killed, as in the last few days, by extravagant bullets and bombs of hate, voicing land lust, clothed in religion, with whatever confusion; for there is no right here. What should be done is that care and ground be provided for the refugees, who indeed appear as one notable journalist in a major paper long ago put it, as catspaw items for distant players. What should happen is this: that lands of like religion and with ample funds should make the appointment true, which gave to one of them, huge parts of Palestine, while for the refugees it is NOT USED. They have the land, but not the people. It should be used for its purpose.


What is this figment, that the improperly plundered Jews should now provide more of the illicitly small fraction they were given of Palestine (indeed, to have ANY, which they had to take! as the war of 1948 abundantly shows), for the sake of the corruption of those who, being given the land  already,  refuse the people with which to populate it!


How sad to see them, as if demented, the Palestinians, made things of hatred, seeking more and more, they who personally have so little, being not received by their brethren of the ‘faith’, so that the ‘faith’ can have more land, the fiction can have more supporters, the hatred more fulfillment and the megalomania more accomplishment.


As Hitler showed long ago, appeasing such lusts is not the way to meet them. They are self-inflamed. In his own way, he was very religious too, having his own absolutes founded similarly on nothing, failing to be what they were purported to be, as in all delusion. This of course is merely one of the delusions to which the world, in its unbelief, is heir; for as Christ declared it, MANY false prophets (Matthew 24:24), and MUCH evil (Matthew 24:12), were what would be coming before the end arrived, and His return: these things and MUCH war (Matthew 24:6, Luke 21:26) and fear.


How sad likewise to see the poor young indoctrinees of other lands, used for such purposes as these, vessels in which hatred scalds and scorches like erupting larva, to their own destruction. Angst may ache in their hearts, released in the bullets of their desire; but nothing is helped but death, which has no need of help.


How unaware they would seem to be, those who fulfil the divinely dictated scenario, from Him who has it WRITTEN in His own name! That, it has been done with a leisurely couple of millennia or so to spare, so that when it happens, you should know indeed that Christ is the Lord (cf. Isaiah 48:1-8). Time is His servant and history His megaphone: there is no contest. Nothing is close; nothing compares: majesty is serene. The squalid squadrons of sin zoom on and away,  accomplishing nothing. When it is done, His word stands fulfilled, fret and fume as they may
(cf. Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 11).


The solution, written before the contemporary problem arose, is not political. Nor is it from some ephemeral subjectivistic religion, whether with atomic bombs or not (and Goldberg in one conversation, was very forcibly informed that since all things are of Allah, and the bomb is one of them, for such exalted purposes therefore, it SHOULD be used!). It takes a lot to turn man around to his God; but with these things ever more fully exposed, let us rejoice, not a few, Jew or Palestinian will assuredly believe.


There is simply no excuse not to do so (cf. John 15:21-23). Who however needs excuse, when Christ has paid for pardon for everyone who receives Him, that vast antidote to guilt, that acme of righteousness and payor of redemption, who not merely covers sin, but converts the heart, enlivens the soul, induces love in His Person, and resides by His Spirit in the very heart and lives of those who come by faith and repentance, to Him, the Lord.