The Board of World Wide Web Witness Inc.  praises God for the following notable developments. Relative to  the productions on our Christian apologetics and missionary site, the

International Biographical Centre of Cambridge, England, has taken 4 steps.

This file has been updated here, for 2006, and later again,  at Author for 2013.

This concerns the work of Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson,  whose published works have been featured and distributed largely by this site, during the last decade.

We are advised that the Board of the IBC has:

1) included the name of Robert Donaldson in the following biographical volumes:

2000 Outstanding Scholars of the 21st Century

2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century

      due for publication and despatch to libraries towards the end of this year.

2) further accorded him the Centre's

21st Century Award for Achievement, and
3) declared him an
International Man of the Year.
We trust these things will forward the impact of this work, designed to bring blessing to many, and that it may help open their eyes in obedience to His command (I Peter 3:15); and through His infallible word lead on to Him (John 5:39-40). We thank God for His faithfulness in our enablement as a team for His service and congratulate the one who has received these awards.

Robert Donaldson stresses that not merely as a doctrinal fact, but as a fact of experience, the power and the grace for these productions has been a provision of the Lord, whose Christ lives (Rev. 1:18), and for whose sake they are provided and whose presence has been vital. If, he declares, there is any honour, it is His who has stirred, led and helped so that the writing has been in itself, a blessed experience in companionship with Him whom he serves. The URL remains:

¶  The International Biographical Centre at Cambridge, England has now further announced
that Robert E. Donaldson, the author featured on this site in exposition of and defence of the
Christian faith, is included in the forthcoming Ist Edition of their work:

                       WHO's WHO IN THE 21st CENTURY.

For this, as heretofore with the other features, we thank and praise the Lord, for whose
glory all this is intended, and by whose help alone it is able to be produced. May it be a
blessing for many, in the love of Christ, and the beauty of His truth.