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News 261,


Laogai Report 2002, Vol 10, No 3






WHY do the nations strive ? WHY do they seek to cast away the cords of God’s apt and glorious morality and His intimate and vastly refreshing spirituality, accorded to man, as if gifts of love were sinews of restraint ? It is because man is a sinner, and love is devalued in the name of lust, self-control in the name of self-assertion, realism in the name of self-esteem, especially when the deeds through pride, arrogance or self-conceit are anything but excellent.


Where baseness of the earth is not the luminary to guide by its filth, then baseness of spirit is the black star that leads in the mist, with moral atonement provided from one’s own works, as if these were of entry value before God whose word is slighted,whose  way is despised and who Himself  is made a Resource Person for whatever spiritual goodies toward which one may feel some attraction.


Into this maelstrom of muddle and floating debris of truth, of wanderings severed and smitten, far from the base and foundation in God who made us and in Christ whose redemption is available to each and to all, there comes this increment of spiritual excrement, called imperiousness. Just as the gift of God is presented out of one motivation, love, and in one way, grace, so in eminent contrast,  it is not with grace that it is dismissed by man!


First, let us exemplify it, unpleasant though it be.






The Organ Trade? Yes, but Consider the Pure Bestiality of Spirit


This title may seem to be set in rather an outrageous red, but when you consider this example of many, of what the imperiousness of Communism in particular can perform, then the colour may seem merely apt.


The Sad Fall into Fallacy that Binds, Blinds and Slaughers


Harry Wu is well-known in the US, having founded or participated in an Institute which is devoted to his sort of special cause, the unveiling of a monument to ghoulishness and a statue of desecration. His purpose is not ceremonial, but to secure deliverance for many.


In prison for many years in China, and knowing the tricks of the political prisoner trade, down to sold organs designated before death, bringing in millions of dollars to Hospitals, and even reaching to a reported case of kidneys removed before the actual onset of death, perhaps in view of the superior freshness, as recounted in some detail  in his Laogai Report magazine, he has spoken before the US Senate, been captured on one of his historic trips to China, and released on signing some account under duress, before continuing in the USA. It was Mrs Clinton who, on a visit, apparently had some effect on his release.


It is however not of the supreme ghoulishness of the organ trade (so that training in organ removal may now be prohibited to doctors coming from places where such practice is known, to the USA – Laogai 2002 Vol.10, No 1), that we wish now to speak. Nor is it of the article republished in that Report,  in supreme exposure of the organ trade and its incredible cruelties, from the popular German magazine Stern 26/9/2002 based on personal witness.


The godliness of Chinese Communism does of course lead to a soullessness, not in fact, but in maneouvre and attitude, which leads in turn to a mindlessness about man, a ruthlessness about life, its devaluation and its exposure to commerce like anything else, through the manipulation of the masses to the minds of a few meandering men who understanding nothing of their own creation, responsibility and judgment, act as judges till the day come. Russian Communism, was it other ?


Did not the State become the only fundamental entity, with the Party its life and soul, so that the individual was a mere utilitarian object, destined whether for Siberia or KGB headquarters, to be twisted and psychiatrically moved until the desired outcome might follow! People like Solzhenitsyn were unco-operative, and his case was not hurt by his being a Nobel Prize Literature recipient, or by his having manuscripts lodged abroad for publication,  were he to be … removed from this world. His works such as One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich and First Circle, not to mention the Gulag Archipelago are well worthy of the worst in Chinese Communism, as reflectors!


If the term were Ruthless Humanistic Atheism it would be more descriptive, so that seizing ‘morals’ from themselves, and inventing a world without a designer despite designs, a Maker despite being made, and a Creator,  despite its resting solemnly on laws and workings undifferentiable from institution from mind, it then makes morals where none could conceivably be. Man can WANT something, or he can ORDER something, but it is not for that reason, a something moral. Only the Maker of man, being outside and  above his designs, can institute what has obligatory force, moral sanction and authoritative reality. The rest is mere self-pleasing in those who are in power (cf. News 19).


As often noted, the descriptive pretensions of Communism cannot of necessity invent the prescriptive dimensions of morals. If you mean that a body of people with power ORDER you to do something, then this is still irrelevant. They may order someone to murder you, but how is this morals ?


Yet they denounce you if you do not follow their mandates and pounce if you stir your head in ideas that do not please, or put you in prison if a youth leader asking for liberty, or exile you if you are most fortunate, and act as if there were something other than self-pleasing at any cost on their own parts, and actually use the word moral, and act as if there were some shame or wrong attached to decline from their IMPERIOUS DICTATES, when someone with soul, acts like it, and someone who knows God, does not make them bear, fallaciously, that title. This is merely one of the asinine oddities of this outrageous system, which cannot stand for two minutes logically (cf. SMR pp. 925ff), and stood for a mere 70 or so years in Russia, while in China,  capitalism rages (rightly there so-called, because from the Party room, really moral-less), and foreign money and expertise readily rage in like the waters of a broken dam.


All very clever, but nothing to do with morals. From first to last, it has to do with exploitation, and the organ trade now so well attested, is not merely devastatingly inhuman, ghastly in concept and of supreme earthiness, unfit for human consumption, but rather a commentary on the mind-set which is dead to life, and devalues it to the lowest pit.





It is however when we come to that perverted power to rule in man which can make animality seem sainthood by comparison, that we need to pause here.


Man an animal ?  What an insult to the animal in vast numbers of cases. The animal may seek its prey, but as for the pure torment of dictatorial exploitation with hatred, disregard and roused passion to demonstrate that nothing can stand in one’s god-like way: leave it to man to devise, to formulate, to construe, to impose, to verbalise and to build castles of pure vice, neither useful nor mere matters of exploitation, Rather is this routine frequently found devilish in conception, execution and cunning, in wile and brim-full of judgment, like a cup-full of potassium cyanide.


Take the case in the Laogai Report p. 8 (op.cit.). It is provided by a former inmate of the Tilanqina prison, and here published by Harry Wu. Keen to expose the base in which he so suffered, Wu has become a specialist in locating prisons and factitious factories which instead of being commercial operations are covert convict centres of devious kind and derelict ways in that unchanged reality, the moral. Here there is grind for the ‘blind’ as the Party deems its opponents. To what debasement do they refuse to stoop ?


The case before us here, taken from among so many for so long, is that of a political prisoner. He was housed, we read, in the Counterrevolutionary Detachment, 7th Division, and the record is this, that he died of a heart attack. What a heart he must have had to bear with what follows, before at last and of course dying.


Faced with the demeaning exploitative combination of virtually impossible quotas of WORK (USE them for the State if they annoy it, and make money) and incredible seeming disciplines if you fail, the prisoner has much more with which to contend. Thus the practice is exposed by which relatives can pay money to administrators in the commercial prison, so that they can then allow some designated prisoner (called a ‘lieutenant’)  to beat another, while the guard ‘walks away’ and does not know (the variety of morals discussed above) that it happened. Hence the illegal happens and the outrageous is ADDED to the other considerations in ‘re-educating’ the political prisoner.


Yet this is just the beginning. We are told how the prisoner Zhang Siyi met his mortal end. He did not confess to doing an evasive tactic, in the face of the work demands. “I did not do it,” was his claim, repeated from first to last. It is now that our special interest arrives. It was not merely that the exploitation is gross, inhuman and covert (so that people can still buy the products in the ‘West’), nor that such buffoonery of guarding can occur, nor indeed the severity of ‘discipline’ to keep the political prisoner cowered and productive, and control fierce. That is the beginning of sorrows. Consider now the end of this one.


“You didn’t ? Very well,” says the Commander. “I’ll speak to you after National Day.” Now what we need to consider here is the mentality of the man, and of those who helped him. First of course a ‘lieutenant’ was conveniently allowed to beat Zhang. The prisoner continued his statement in the face of this violence, with the declaration “I didn’t do it!” It is here that the pivotal reaction sets in.


The Commander, ‘irritated by Zhang’s stubborness’ (how would the Scot fair there ?), hit him with a 380-volt cattle prod. One would consider this might not be helpful to one’s cardiac condition. Zhang ran from the office. The ‘lieutenant’ tackled him and felled him to the ground, while the Commander cuffed him from behind, followed by a further red-eyed performance, as two policement beat Zhang with their boots and the cattle prod. Quite a performance. Others of authority then rushed to the scene, and beat Zhang with electric batons.


Note now the aroused spirit of the persecutors, that devilish streak of OBEY ME and DO IT NOW, this obstinacy of domineering degeneration to which, with many another evil, man is heir when he plays god and has surrendered his heart to earthiness: a fatal combination if ever there was one! ‘Playing dead? We’ve seen enough!’ was the word of a policeman.


Not wishing to curtail the production, on that afternoon, they brought the ‘obstinate’ or possibly truth-telling Zhang again to the office. With a small backboard on his back, he was now paraded before other inmates in order to intimate, intimidate and propagandise with the impression presumably of “All power to the Party!”  On the board, the report continues, were these words: “My name is Zhang Siyi. I am a die-hard. Do not follow my example.” His hands held back by two ‘Lieutenants’, he was thus USED immorally to TELL what he did not believe, so expanding the lie, and then, believe it or not, brought back to the office.


Policemen then hit him between the legs with the electric baton until he was felled once more. He became unconscious, was brought to hospital, and died. The sovereignty specialists then announced that he died of a heart attack, had possessed a weak one before coming to prison! ‘Science will make it clear!’ was the verbiage paraded by officialdom.


So the lie parades itself. What in the world has science to do with finding the exact degree of devilishly arrogant perversity which the unfeeling can inflict on the brutalised, before death, and then using the term ‘heart attack’ to suggest that the cause and the effect of vast suffering were in some way divorced ?


So the worship of man by man, of his knowledge in that tentative form known as ‘science’ always changing in so much, is paraded in that soulless and irrational way, as if the word meant something more than what we are finding out. Even then, it is often confused with bad philosophy, as here with bad politics, so that it has a double burden as an idol; but by many, it is still worshiped, for when God is not worshipped, the frippery with which man can occupy himself is precisely what makes it a profound insult to compare him to animals.


That is, it is so to the animal.


The fact is this, that man has a spirit, and is equipped with capacity to understand intricate symbolism, and hence to develop  notions and applications that give immense opportunities to tap the power inherent in the designed and created universe, just as if kids found the electricity supply on some street, and at night used its power and gloried in it: making themselves kings of other kids, and talking of the wonder of their ‘science’ , while forgetting the generators and all that.


That imaginary situation, however, it would be almost a pleasure when it is compared with this gross (no, not ‘brutality’, for that is not merely insulting to animals, but inadequate to that case) devilishness, this distorted orientation linked to self-assertion, group-assertion, lie, fraud and connivance. This has a perverse self-exaltation, Party exaltation, Power exultation, which is nothing other than a perversion of the spirit of man, supposed to govern this world with grace and joy, but where God is ignored, instead proceeding for pride or power, self-congratulation or suppression or whatever else comes to hand or to mind. It is capacity misused, it is a car used as a crowd-slaughterer, though it be meant for the roads, for going to selected places to do good.


This suppressed sovereignty in man, this desire to RULE, to BREAK, to MAKE things happen to others, to thrill to the kill or to breach all bonds is precisely what was placed in Psalm 2 as the distorted deliberation of man.


Hear it:


·      “Why do the nations rage,

And the people plot a vain thing?


·      “The kings of the earth set themselves,

And the rulers take counsel together,

Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,

o     ‘Let us break Their bonds in pieces

                    And cast away Their cords from us.’

·      “He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;

The Lord shall hold them in derision.

·      “Then He shall speak to them in His wrath,

And distress them in His deep displeasure:


·      “Yet I have set My King

On My holy hill of Zion.”

·      “I will declare the decree:

The Lord has said to Me,

·      ‘You are My Son …’ ”


There you see the profound rebellious desire to BE RID OF GOD and all HIS MORALS and all HIS RESTRAINTS, His design-oriented advice, His permissions and grounds, His bounds and His words and to KILL His Son, so that the world can humanise itself into some kind of trance against truth, and inordinate in its passions, grasp a power so that none can intimidate.


It never gets it, it always tries it, it is impossible because God is: but it still tries. Communism is merely ONE of the ways in which the trial to get the power and the place is ORGANISED so that there can be a cohesive formula and formulation to ‘overcome’, by endless intimidation of enemies, with slaughter as required (tens of millions attributed to both Mao and Stalin, and consider EACH ONE of those victims individually if you will, and then keep thinking…).


Our interest for Biblical Christian Apologetics, as by now may be becoming clear, is the attestation in this of a far more than bestial, indeed a belligerent and intensively domineering CRAZE, a pathological OBSESSIVE COMPULSION to INTIMIDATE, RULE, FORCE without regard to truth or justice even as considerations. Why ? It appears to be this, that one be thus FULFILLED,  ASSURED, while the activation against God and His creation, seen in this slow slaughter and gross lie, is executed … as required. Is that not then, one of the essences of any dictator, or dictatorial system, whether clothed in humanistic religion or irreligion!


It is almost as if the REAL EXECUTION in such hideous cases for which Russia was at first famous so that the International Psychiatric association had to protest its political misuse of drugs, is not merely that of people, but that of truth. The REAL objective is REBELLION against God, the real intimidation is that of justice, and the real answer desired is that there is NO POWER which can stand against man: no, not heroism, conspicuous courage, intensive fidelity to ANYTHING or any action BY anything. It is all very much as in Isaiah 59.


MAN MUST rule. The Party, the system, its functionaries, whatever it is that man erects, temporary or otherwise as its idol, this MUST be worshipped, MUST work and man MUST be enslaved by it, when he does not elect to be enslaved to it!


Here is perversion par excellence! People are mere cogs. The issue is the machine.


Let us however see further, now. The machine, the party, the deployment, the political creed: it is itself a mere contrivance. The issue is the maker of it, man.


Unknown to such men, however, man is but contrivance, for the issue is devilish power, divine exclusion, and a puny potency of the created against the Creator. Such people are inhabited by a devil which is justly so termed, a spiritual desire which has indeed a source, an origin, a desire and a destiny. The last two do not agree in the heart of the devil, so that we get this spurious furiousness which, as Revelation 12 intimates, is just part of the fact that the devil, thrown out of access to God in his insane self-exultation, is FURIOUS because he knows that he has only a little time. The game is nearly up now (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5), so naturally he gets, to use a childishly apposite turn of phrase, ‘furiouser and furiouser’.


It is not at all funny, however, to the recipients. What Christ calls the “prince of this world” (John 14:30), and Paul, “the god of this world” (II Corinthians 4:4) is not a pleasant personality, and his chameleon-style exercises are truly remarkable. Thus he can debase man to an earthiness as astonishing as in the above record and account, through thwarted desire to rule and an actual result of being ruled from beyond; or he can so elevate a man, that he worships his own attainments, or even his own imaginary moral heights, and puts before God Himself, this account of his prowess as his ground for acceptance, despite being told in advance of its presumptuous futility (Matthew 7:21ff.).


Misplaced things can be perilous, and misplaced pride on the one hand, or rule on the other, are like sand in the works: gritty and shining, they are mere dross.


Revelation 12:11, anticipating in the normal way for the word of God (because He being God, and His word being His, it naturally reflects His lack of containment, His divine perspective past chronological incidences), has long advised us that the saints are to overcome by the word of their testimony and the blood of the Lamb. If the unconverted are treated with such fury, what is for those who have the actual Power and the operative Felicity of God with them (cf. Matthew 28:19-20, Colossians 1:27) ? It is not the desire of God to overturn the point of the exercise, HIS LOVE for the world so that anyone in it who believes in His personal envoy, no rather His Son, His incarnate self-expression, the eternal Word in flesh, should not perish but have everlasting life: this is not forsaken because of suffering.


All these things are laboratory intimations to man: THIS is what you are like left without your God. If in many ways, cutting words and evil intentions are masked in some societies, let us see whither can come this aborted rule of man, who seeks to rule instead of God, whether privately or publicly. What is the nature of its activities ? The sight is a spectacle, spectacular in grime and crime of the heart, the spirit and the body, illuminated by flaming passions, but not elucidated; for it is dark, and does not admit light.


Psalm 1 puts it pithily: If you forsake the Lord, then you are as chaff that the wind blows. You may hit this post sooner or that later, or become soggy in some ditch, later still. It is the Lord who knows His people, and it is Him that they exalt, in Him only exult, who alone does wonderful things (Psalm 72:18).





Let us however not concentrate unduly on China, where as normal, it is not the people of the land who concern us – rather our concern is FOR THEM – but the godless regimes with which they are afflicted.


Take Iraq. The work of Saddam Hussein has often been estimated, and a wide literature is available on his works. Attributions, in the British Parliament (25 November, 1998) were of the order of 500,000 for killings by Hussein, another specialist giving at least 1 million. However, not the numbers, which do not yet appear to reach near to the minimum of 10 million for Mao, or 20 million for Stalin some provide, but the method is striking.


There is a resemblance to the exploitation of man by man; for while the ways in Iraq are peculiar to itself,  and it is religiously so very different in arrancy from the position in China (where the religious humanism is so gross as to make mockery almost impossible, since it mocks itself with great swelling words and most miserable deeds, which even the imagination could scarcely have invented for impure, perishable horror);  it yet bears a common mark with the work of oppression in that country.


It is as if the false religion does not much matter, so long as DOMINATION or DOMINION is in view. Now of course, this is not the only or necessarily the chief pathological obsession in a man without God, or a regime. It is however a common one, since most of them have one sacred rule, that they must SURVIVE. It does not seem much to matter who else does so, unless the leaders who may deem their own selves signally important to the survival of the sacred regime. In the case of some kidneys whipped out of a still living man, as in the Laogoi Report above, the point that it was for a Party official that this deed was done, his organs nice and fresh for his continued living, it is apparent that the regime and its administrators often share a sort of joint sacredness.


Nevertheless, though this is but one aspect of the satanic life, the poison that torments the human soul into acts of atrocity so fearful, that hell would seen not less than a fitting end, it is one, and it is our current concern to consider it.


In the case of Hussein, one of the most prominent feelings one gains on reading many reports and records of his actions whether against relatives, Kurds, Iranians or other, is that HE MUST WIN. He must be seen to win. He must appear astute, unbeatable, dominant, ruler with might, accountable to none, available to none, impressing his WILL on all sides without cease. Whatever it takes, this MUST be done. Thus the same obsessive selfishness as in the Chinese case, the same illimitable domineering drive, the same ruthlessness; and perhaps, with the Green Book which is attributed to him, it is the same desire to paint black as white, cruelty as necessity and atrocity as wisdom, appears.


It is for Allah, or for Marx, or for Muhammad, or for Man: it does not really matter. ANYTHING can be done when it comes to


v          WINNING, to

v          obliterating opposition, to

v          hacking or hocking, cutting off Islamic hands, or using electric gadgets and hanging by hands, as in China or Iraq, on the opposition,

v          acting without limit, without measure, without pity.


It is said that Hussein used to take associates to watch torture and execution as part of their training.


There must be NOTHING, no morals, no limit which oppresses the oppressor. He in fact is training to be god, and more of a devil than in some of these systems, it would be hard to imagine for that very reason, that having not the felicity to BE God, they act as if they were in such a morass of intellectual stultification, mental obtuseness, moral depravity and spiritual decay that if particles went high enough, it could reek to Mars, which, indifferent as any Communist, looks on witless. (Cf. A Spiritual Potpourri 1  -3.)


All of these systems, to which the Romanist one can be added (notoriously in Unam Sanctam 1302, product of Boniface’s regime cf. SMR pp. 912ff., 1070ff.)   in very explicit fashion, love to dominate, whether by calling the lords of the party, or the lord of it, by some suitably impressive seeming name,  by mere power, or by attributions in some trivial but pompous fashion of authority, or even morality: but they all love the reins.


You could never meaningfully talk of Reign without Rein in these cases. Many regimes have been little better; but these are equipped with such a tyranny even over truth, if it were possible, and of such statistics of horror, that it provides a commentary on man without God, or man with a distorted god, whether compressed into bread (SMR pp. 1042-1088H), or the Party Room, or the Decree of Mullahs, with or without continuing ‘revelation’ in the very presence of the only meta-religion in existence, that of Christ crucified, yes rather risen, that it makes it relatively easy for man to recognise living among the dead.


How might this readily be done ? It is first of all unscrupulous (or invents some scruples of its own), secondly immeasurable in appetite, wanting either this world (always), the next or both, thirdly ruinous, in breach of reality and hence in the end, passionately pursuant of survival, and thus sure to be creative in modes of tyranny, while it is finally terminable at divine discretion and in terms of announcements of the stages to the end, made millennia ago, by God, as befits actual authority. Christ of course, as He said, did not seek His own will but that of His Father, long on record in precise fashion, and laid down His life, which is to say no more, not the usual mode of seeking survival! (John 8:24-47, 5:36-43, 7:18).


The complex combination syndrome which grips the earth, immersed in massacres of man, morality and truth indifferently (cf.  News 152, Divine Agenda Ch. 6, Galloping Events Ch. 7) is a new movement on an old basis (Babel – Genesis 11): it is one to construct, synthesise, amalgamate, renovate, but above all implement the rule of the prince of this world with his obfuscatory splendour, his indulgent metings to his lieutenants, his delusive posturings and his acrid avarice for power and glory.


He may refine, or even coarsen his methods – for the earthy tends downwards as rain from the heavens, but alas without refreshing – but the aim is the same, the name is the same, and the result, the destiny is the same.


With its earthiness of choler, the earth is thrusting with its misaligned trust, in fiascos of fervour to a destruction so entirely unnecessary, but wholeheartedly pursued that one can only lament for it and provide the escape from it as widely as one may.


You have only to release its hold on you, by accepting the hold of Christ and then you are in the hold no longer, but held by the holiness of the God of all freedom, who values it, having made it, and loves His people, His creation, and has long since finished His entire program to redeem, now allowing history to course, off-course of course, to its losing post, which some seem breathlessly to await as if the day of the Lord were not a day of darkness and gloom (Joel 2, Acts 2).


They are right, in the same sort of way in which those who gamble and lose are right: had they won. Life is however no gamble, or gambol, but a test, a time for seeking the Lord, and this with the exquisite fact that He IS to be found, when only He is sought WHERE HE MAY BE FOUND (Isaiah 55); and that, it is where the sin and the sovereignty met, when the latter was that of a LOVING SOVEREIGN, also the CREATOR, who knows what is best for His creation, and delights in the truth, lavishing freedom on His people, so that they may truly find the wonder of reality, and loving Him delight in Him all their days, which are then for ever. That appointed place for the anointed Saviour, the long-predicted Messiah is the Cross of Calvary where sin in its disfigurement is exhibited as a portrait, and love in its effectiveness is presented in its peace; those who do not like to face it, must face the Face, nevertheless!


The nightmare of all murderers, it is one which was quickened again to life, in the resurrection which out-dared death, for although it was GOD who did it, it was as MAN that He suffered it, and as such that He rose, evacuating the scene of death with a life irresistible, that of the Creator Himself. It is here that you may turn, to leave the prince of this world, and it is to nothing, to no one else; for God is not in two or more minds, but made up His mind to mire the horrors on Christ that He might mind the blessings for His people (II Corinthians 5:17ff.).


What then do we find ? The Celestial Face, one, Christ’s was mutilated as the prince of
world used his religious and civil implements for this purpose; but that merely did the job, for His sacrifice which was planned before time (Revelation 14:3, Ephesians 1:4), for a stated point IN time (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4),  then eventuated with a delicious precision despite its horror
(Joyful Jottings 22-25).


And the beauty of it all ? It is this, that even those performing it, a ghoulish disaster day for deluded man, were invited to the feast of pardon, as He cried, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” He cried this with some continuity, a message not to be missed. That, it is a sovereignty which deserves the name, one over sin, one in love, one with knowledge, one with power, one that would suffer for its subjects, and at that not subject them forcibly.


That is the One who as the Truth, willingly sacrificed Himself, rising to demonstrate power and love in harmony. Man however without Him, continually and explosively, sacrifices the truth whether in Iraq’s rule or Rome’s, in Beijing’s or in the end, elsewhere (cf. Pall of Smoke, Diamond of Joy
Ch. 10), because it is NOT CONVENIENT. WIthout the Creator, man can find no way to be HUMAN and at peace! Hence the imperiousness that pre-empts enquiry and tortures instead, whether the mind, the spirit or the body.


Truth must go! That is the word of the god of this world. It is a failure from the start, a desecration of truth itself, and a degradation of man. It cannot manage for the simple reason, that without God, there IS no truth, and the created cannot replace the Creator. It is a limping substitute for the walk of life and the work of man. Truth, it is axiomatic with godless man in his government as it develops: it must go. It went in Christ, and the mood, it has not changed!  While this continually verifies the Bible, it is a lugubrious triumph, yet happily, one which can be made glad so simply, in the available Christ, as He is to this very day.


Meanwhile, the message of man in myriads of the deluded, still imperious in conflict though his very globe is now at risk for usability, still irreconcilable with his absolute source and beginning, still opining ‘truth’ when he denies it leave to so much as exist (cf. SMR Ch. 3, TMR Chs. 5,  7), continues to provide simply one more verification of the God whom He refuses to adore, and in adoring his own self, systems and survival, he loses just as Christ declared He would and must (Matthew 17), his life*1. It does not work, and being thus wrongly founded, it is rightly confounded.


To exchange this sordid earthiness for that Celestial Face, and this self-seeking for that Sovereign who gave, and provides, it is the work of vanity, wrought in muddle, continued in pride, surpassing all outrage, approaching its destiny by described steps (Answers to Questions Ch. 5, SMR Chs. 8-9), being played in this very generation before its face, like music-minded lemmings marching into the sea. And notice, the imperiousness in the step of these poor, misguided creatures!


Not in imperious dissension but in holy conformity to the Person, the Pattern and the Program provided must man move; but if not, then there is nothing left but the destiny of damnation, that exclusion without restoration, which is founded on a preference for darkness, even while it looms not now mistily, but in blights to light, which gather like a storm.





*1   Then Jesus said to His disciples,


‘If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?  For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works.’ ”