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Chapter 5


The Purity of Pity


News 264 SBS TV February 25, 2003



The Twin Towers Immured in Hostile Thought, even NOW!



It is too much, perhaps, to say that one’s astonishment/horror/grief was unbounded on hearing the latest verbal pyrotechnics from Dr Mahathir of Malaysia.


That as a Muslim person, he has aspirations for his religion may be understandable, despite its logical defects (cf. Divine Agenda Ch. 6, More MarvelsCh. 4, SMR Ch. 1). That he should see some gross and invidious, insidious work by the USA in its concern about being amongst the massly destroyed (if one may coin a phrase for the potential victims), or in a world where needlessly, masses are destroyed on this earth with torment and horror: this too one can contemplate without too much shock. However, this time he has gone far further.


In a public oration, he has intimated that for his part, he does not find sorrow, grief, nay, rather was it compassion, pity, for those who suffered, the multiplied thousands who were incinerated, or incarcerated, blasted or penetrated by harsh metals, intoxicated with smoke, stumbling, rolling, rushing, nay, for the firemen who sought to help them, on that memorable day of devilish destruction, September 11, 2001. The entire catastrophe, he opines, is just circumstantial, a needful cost for what he assumes is the USA’s intent. He assumes further that that country has no concern for Muslim deaths and suffering (reasons for this were not heard), perhaps because they seek to prevent the often attempted extermination of Israel at multiplied, international Muslim hands.


Certainly any Muslim suffering because Israel is not exterminated, as a sort of efflorescence of the bouquet of hatred of Adolf Hitler, this has no sympathy. One does not suffer for the suffering of the tiger, interrupted in the molestation of its prey. Many do however feel acutely for those who suffer, however misled, in their foolish self-extermination in inflicting others with suffering, and in their land lust, poverty and lack of the life that God gives, eternally, as a gift in Christ. Nevertheless, the speaker did not appear to have any pity or concern, indeed almost gloried in its absence, for those murdered by Muslim squads, in the performance of their so valuable martyrdoms for the obtaining of submission. No, the Twin Towers can come and go, without any concern, it seemed, for those who once had occupied them. 


He is not concerned at the thought of revealing this state of his Prime Ministerial heart. Quite the contrary, he rushes into print, he orates into public minds, he instils his thought into the populace. This, it is leadership, of a kind.


It is, further, and to the point in this site of Biblical Christian Apologetics, featuring the truth of Christ and the word of God, the Bible, to point out that this has implications for the Moslem ‘faith’.


Without doubt, the intense emphasis, even verbally, of that religion is SUBMIT. To whom, then, is one to submit ? It is to the hordes of soldiers with scimitars, to the host of warriors with whatever means of destruction, mass or other, they may deploy, provided only they do it in the martial name of Allah. It was Mecca which was brought to the religion by the sword, or scimitar, and it is to a haven in some alleged heaven that the faith-driven warriors are to find their delectable rewards with maidens and the like.


There is more to it than that,  far more, but not less (see references above, and in Indexes).


This, however, it is an emotional extravaganza of significance. One has never felt quite comfortable with the Moslem concept shown in the references noted, of second class citizens, people who are brought by the various injunctions to have ALL SUBMIT to Allah, kept in their subordinate and submissive style, and then summarily executed if they dare to move or seek any liberty from this undoubted oppression. One has, in fact, always felt it quite inhuman; nor has it seemed that this Islamic scourge on humanity is alone.


Has not the papacy and the Communist world aspiration dream, or if you want to differentiate the internalities of the things, dreams, done as much ? It is hard to quantify, but it would seem there is a sharing of the palm in this respect.


It is not the Muslim religion but ANY religion or philosophy, political or other, which seeks to DOMINATE by force and scourge, and so subject and CONSTRAIN by means which do violence not merely to the bodies, but to the minds and spirits of man, which seeks that all find SUBMISSION their soul’s repose, and that to the men with the violent  methods at their bloodied hands. Man has not been made by his Creator in order to have people with hands and whatever they find to put in them, substitute force for thought, and dominion for faith. He did not create our souls and spirits and ruminative, roving and cogitative capacities in order that someone with a knife should dictate thought and say he has no pity for those murdered, marred, massacred or reduced to the anguish of years of acute suffering.


This is not the object of making man with all these facilities, that he should so crassly dominate his neighbour*1. 


NOT TO FEEL PITY for people made by God, whom your yoke-fellows in the faith subject, presumably in the interests of the so focussed SUBMISSION (to your own forces and so on) to some entity bearing the name ‘Allah’ is to disjoin what God has put together, heart and feeling and emotion and responsibility and the oneness of the race. It is to defile the essence of mankind. To be sure, there may come a time when justice will be undeterrable; but it is for man to mourn, God to bring the day of judgment when all divinely exposed, truth rules.


Indeed, Christ Himself, the Creator in the flesh, consistently and reasonably, lovingly and mercifully as always, showed that even as God, in man’s form, He would weep for those who, through chronic spiritual fatigue, constant disengagement, would have to inherit the shame from which they refused to shrink, devaluing His salvation and imagining their own sufficiency (Matthew 23:37, Luke 19:42ff., Romans 10).


Truth has pity; and it has judgment; and it has remedy: but when its remedy is ignored (Hebrews 10, John 3:19,36), there is no remedy, and man becomes so distorted that only epistles of hate, in word or bomb, remain as in Revelation 6’s prediction, accurate as ever, in the Bible. It is, indeed, this which is now being shown on the screen of public news, in the Middle East or Malaysia, while Africa is being swallowed up by plagues such as AIDS, and famine, precisely as predicted by Christ, whose word rules (Matthew 24); but who does not use force to secure its sway.





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