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Penetrating Peace




Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson



Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.


February 2005


ISBN 0 9757291 9 5







Dizziness, Daze, Craze in the Domain of Truth and the Prospect of Judgment

Dizziness is a state of mind and consciousness, of perception and appreciation which lacks solidity, soundness, reliability, so that what ought to be stable, whirs or blurs, and what ought to be clear is dimmed or whirling and thought without actually ceasing, is under arrest.

To walk in such a state renders one vulnerable; but to dash when under such constraints is foolish, and could well be deadly.

Dizzy dashes are one of the trade-marks of our times, where passions aroused, with ideologies like dark glasses obscuring vision for millions, if not billions, and lurching revenge and monetary, commercial and national hopes and lusts joining in the whirling throng, there is every opportunity for inane bloodshed, incredible torture, indescribable indignity and inveterate vice.

Power has grown, and idolatry with it. The devils are no better than ever they were, but their devotees now aim at atomic weapons, such as Iran is reputed to be near to having in her grasp, and North Korea, both absolutist States, where a few dominate the many, with or without any measure of acceptance.

Fear is motivating international cohesion, rivalry is limiting it and the United Nations is more and more grimly under a cloud of suspicion as to its overall motives, its aggregative mission and its honesty and integrity in the administration of billions in the Iraq food for oil program, and the money for loss provision for Kuwait.

While nations, clans, races, violent types of religion and lust of other kinds race like a tsunami through the world, destroying its peace, as if it were the very herd of swine into which the devils were sent, at Gadara, at the word of Christ, ready to rush headlong to disaster, sinister aims are being unfolded continually by this or that national or international think-tank, club, commission or group, and partisan pushes lurk, ready to become partisan putsches on any side.

Thus the very dizziness and impetuosity of flesh is leading to captious competitions of follies, as if it were some football match, and heady clashes develop with pride and power lust, intoxication of spirit and dimness of vision mixed, so that the brilliant harmony of inevitable truth being set aside, as if dizziness were vastly preferred, peace becomes almost an oddity, and reality to many grows into irrelevance.

In such a state, the penetration of peace is being lost, for is like some penetrating oil which, to be effective, must reach to the depth of the workings. Here, it is rubbed with grit as guileful godlessness, whether of the nature of idolatry or secularistic self-will, seeks to intrude its opprobrious horrors into the ways and workings of this world. For its own part, this cosmos is of course close to judgment, and its scope and scale of rejection of the only predicted, redemptive Messiah it was ever given or could be given, since God knows His mind, makes mockery of its claims to knowledge. It is like asking for a literature degree, while being unable to comprehend the letters of the alphabet.

This is the case; it starkly looks like the case; and the biblical prognosis is continually being downloaded into history, as it fulfils to the letter all that the Lord has said in the former prophets and in Christ His only begotten Son, who was sent for a better thing, for a better race and a better destiny, to all who receive Him (cf. SMR Chs.  8 and  9).

This peace is not mere international moderation, but a lustrous beauty which lives within the spirit of a man, and within the children of God, in whatever condition. Now that Islamic assaults are being reported even on orphaned children of what are deemed to have been Christian households, the full ghoulishness of man is being revealed. It would appear that some would prey on the lambs, in order to make them submission objects of a forcible religion which mocks God in such cases, by letting it appear that violence alters truth or vicious arrest stops its course. Faith is not engendered by force, nor is truth helped by vice, theft or torture of spirit.

Truth is not diverted, and judgment comes near. It could hardly be otherwise. The Reformation has reminded the world of the Gospel when it was being subjected to insidious deformities by Romanism; and now many of its churches are astray in their own ways as evilly. Joining in inveterate confusions (cf. cf. SMR pp. 685-706, 867ff.,News 121, 122), they proceed, their own defections assisting the rise of folly, while power not in their profaned pulpits is voided for those who might have heard (cf. Jeremiah 23:18-22).

Meanwhile,  in theft of children, the decapitation of human leverage points, the spewing of blood of others like the vomit of sick minds, it seems force is asserting its brazen bestiality with little difference from wantonry. It has done it in the Sudan, is reported to be acting with the same ghoulish duress now in Indonesia, and the moral reality in this case preceding the physical symbol, the sun had already turned to the darkness to come.

It comes, however, and the brilliant harmony of inevitable truth as set forth
by Jesus Christ, the validated and verified Saviour, is simple
(What is the Chaff ... ? Chs.  3  -   4,  SMR Ch. 6, Appendix C, Biblical Blessings Appendix 1V , Barbs, Arrows and Balms Appendix  1, esp. pp. 279ff.  ). It does not require mental agility to understand it.

HE will return as the nations writhe in their final throes, and His peace will come with Him (Isaiah 9:7, II Thessalonians 1-2, Isaiah 11, Revelation 20): but not to those who have discriminated against His mercy, disposed of His pardon and made of themselves dizzy dashers, clashing headlong and headstrong with the truth, as if it did not possess the steely blades it will be seen to present, at judgment, and were altogether within their dictatorial grasp.

To help in the disabuse of many, and the arrival of some to His kingdom, the kingdom of heaven, where the liberty of the Lord is at work, this volume is written: it is presented in the interests of that truth which, verified on every side, does not wait for permission to exist, but manifests itself in the patience of God as His  program comes to its peak, in the return of the Prince of peace. It is well to be ready (Matthew 24:1-10, 36-51).





Chapter 1

Harmony is not Hapless but Comprehensive, Available and Brilliant


Chapter 2




Chapter 3



simplicity for those who love it


Chapter 4

Holiness, Healing, Sealing and Reeling

A Survey of Healing

in the Pure Perspective of Truth from the Word of God


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Unity and Division:

The Great Dividing Range



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and what it attests

Communication for Corinth, and for us All

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The Advertiser, January 25, 2005



Chapter 8




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