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Frank and his Angelic Friend

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As Wing was winging his wordless way aloft, Frank could be seen - or more to the point, heard, intoning sadly.

Wing thought he looked sad, so drew near but quietly, with scarcely a flutter or disturbance of air, so that Frank did not notice. Soon Wing began to discern what Frank was saying, in the manner of a soliloquy.

He heard these words...

That children should be drip-fed this disastrous emulsion of secular myth by concerted compulsion, when the energies of science should be open-minded and developmental, not absurdly repressive, is an atrocity in much of the Western world. For this, it pays successively but not excessively as the social inanities such abuse arouses, burn into life ... if you can call it that. The young, poisoned, frequently take colour from these potions.

Wing could not stop the intrusion in time, and declared:

Frank, I could not concur more. I admire some human endeavours - but this is desolation, deprivation and annihilation of realism, by some kind of irony, foisted on science, entirely witless and worse.

Wing, whatever are you doing here ?

Why, much the same as you, I suppose, winging it to my destination.

Is the locus of your flight so organised that it intercepts my flight path in this way ?

Not really, it is just that I saw you ...

And heard I suppose ?

Frank, why not ?

Well, then, hear the rest. It is the beauty of science that it is bent on finding out; but this current  obsession with exclusion of the only field at this level which produces either rational or empirical answer, or rationale, not to mention its doing this systematically, while providing testable results for thousands of years, what is this ? It is the futile defilement of science. Numbers following this secular mental tic, which amounts to a false religion, are now being cited as if this had some possible relationship to truth. It is almost as if Stalin, had he been actually told how many divisions the pope had, would have drawn conclusions on Romanism!

Such puny pretensions appear nothing less than pretence.

Frank, they are tantamount when thrust about, like the thrashing tail of a captured crocodile, to misused power. Do you realise that they are ready to dismiss, or deny tenure to creationist scientists, or deny research funds ?

Of course, this has been well verified, and oddly enough one sort of evolutionist was deploring this concerning another sort of this genre, that his hopelessly dead theories were achieving research funding irrespective of merit (I noted that in SMR, p. 203). He was referring of course to Darwinist having a ludicrous hold on funding, despite its empirical eviction with hooting.

It always struck me as part of the death knell in science that such propagandising preferences should be appear as interest on the mortgage on truth, sold.

Well Wing, we'd best be on the wing.


Frankly, Frank, it will be a relief to move into the upper air after this pollution.

Yes, these torrid times are kindred to the sort of gushing and volatile  pollution one used to find in places like Gary, Indiana, where glowing lights and shadowed gaseous turmoil made a mark on the imagination, if no more.

These belchings, however, they manufacture only myth, though their noise is no less strident. They are repressive, irrational and equipped with all the zeal of false religion. I seem to recall how the famed Director of the Commonwealth Institute, Dr W.R. Thomson, F.R.S., declared that when young, if he had wished to publish anything, it would not have been possible for him to mention anything about creation, for it would be stop press, and he would not gain a place! Unverifiable speculation and even deceit (SMR pp. 199ff., 312ff.), he cited as the philosophic fantasy in unprincipled instability, attaching to Darwinism.

Darwin, he stated (p. 200), could not support his ruminations with discoveries, could not prove his views, and what he produced was adverse to them. On the grand scale, life simply doesn't do what it is recklessly supposed to do, and instead of the feelers of feeble mindlessness (if it could feel at that!), showing their exploratory endeavours in myriads of cases, we find what is frequently attested as the vast assemblage of designs of the utmost complexity near the earliest of times, while the potent principles and disciplined procedures of biochemistry and codal competence appear in the very matrix of life, to match the testimony of time.

Vacuity is substituted, hope becomes gen, and Into this empirically anaesthetised folly, money is poured. Science stultified itself, living on hope, ignoring reality which spoke on every side, but had few ears to hear it. It is a little difficult to know whether this is an art form of impressionism where the only thing to be excluded is what you find, or repression, where what is found is penalised if brought to the light of common day.

Such invidious devices are the very heart of repression, which in the 'free' world are now beginning to look like those in the intimidatory turmoils of the totalitarian. Some are even trying to make it look, in desperation seemingly, as if the principles which are NOT exemplified, are the real powers of material things, and that it is on these that the matter rests, as if the empirical side of science had become senile and what is contrary to all reason and information is to be forced into service, precisely as fairies used to be with children. Consulting my wing-witness, I recall that you find that in SMR pp. 159ff., 315Bff. ff., in Sparkling Life ... Ch.    8, and News 57, 59.

It seems rather like divorcees. Perhaps they tend to marry to readily after that split up, without adequate concern for what they are doing - especially when young.

It is good that it won't last long now. The return of Christ is near, when the desecrations of equally irrational and unempirical scientific myth-making can face Him in person.

Myths for adults, in the name of science (a book on that was Secular Myths and Sacred Truth all those books are free and so easy to get on the Web), this became a virtual program. It was forced into the minds of Children for Crafting, the young and the vulnerable,  without even a chance for rational debate and logical argumentation to a clear result by prior arrangement: this is a horror story that would be sad for Russia; but it is happening in South Australia by authority (that was documented in TMR Ch. 8).

You did hear, didn't you, how the Russian scientist, Dr Kouznetsov, with three bio-science doctorates and the Lenin prize for science, about the time of his visit to Adelaide a few years ago, declared that it was becoming easier to speak of creation in Russia that in parts of the West! noting that he was forced by evidence to become a creationist long before he became a Christian. (That was in SMR pp. 218-221.)

In that case, it begins to look as if the South is going West.

My greetings to your archangel!

Farewell, good flyer.






However, our mutual friends were not yet to leave the pleasurable company of spirits and minds they had been realising! Some time later, after the angelic meetings had been made in the realm of such things, Frank and Wing met again.

This time it was Wing who was enthralled.

Frank, he said, as the air bowed lightly aside at his advent, information, what is it ?

I beg your pardon, Frank responded, wondering what kind of spirit had hit him - not physically, since these are not a physical kind of creation - rather cluttered in a way, but marvellously vulnerable and excellent for exposition of divine principles - but atmospherically in their own mode of venue.

Nothing is wrong, is it Frank ? Wing asked, for it was he.

Wrong ? Oh, I see, it is you Wing. My thoughts were thousands of spirit domains away, just then; sorry I did not recognise you. But you seem to be burning with something, burnished, I should say.

I am. Information, what is it ?

So you were saying.

In fact, I was asking.

You could put it that way. Myself, I took it, said Frank arousing his native skills, to be some kind of a rhetorical question.

Half-right, I suppose, responded. It is true that it was a ploy, device or procedure designed to enable me to pass on some information.

So in order to do this, you asked what information is !

It sounds beautiful like that Frank - and if you had been human, I might have been tempted to suggest a career as a lawyer.

You feel, it seems, that I have done less than justice to your ploy, if that is what it was.


Well then, suppose you tell me all about it, said Frank, settling into a steady state of genteel flutter.

Information, what is it ? Wing asked, remorselessly, but this time, before Frank could reply with suitable expostulatory comments, he went on with his method of passing on information to that angel.

It is FORMED material, processed into intelligible symbols which, either by system devised by intelligence or between intelligences direct, can be returned from that FORM to the data to which the form in the sender-receiver duality, referred. Thus it is PASSED ON. It is formed, set into structure, sent in a system, received in a system, taken out of form, recognised and referred, while orientation is assumed or conceived, depending on the direct or indirect means, and acted on. This may of course be nil action, excited action, action by excitation or other. However, the form has passed on and has been received as emitted, taken as sent, realised into practice or into mind, or both.

Information, Frank, it is a term meaningless, or if you prefer, evacuated of meaning unless there is form, symbol  in (by intelligence, direct or indirect, to initiate, recognise or cognise such symbols) and symbol out, the datum or data then coming out of form into the reality conveyed.

Precisely, said Frank, waving a wing absently in the breeze.

Information that does not inform is a contradiction in terms.

Indubitably, responded his friend, who was wondering where all of this was going.

To inform, Wing persevered, is to make  aware, or provide its correlate in some automated system.  You do not for example, by means of form and symbol in system, take the raw datum and inject it into the blood stream of the one to be informed, or in our case, that of angels, attach it by some intelligible device to the flying equipment. It is not merely internal, but intentional.

Not at all, replied Frank, beginning to become faintly interested.  You or someone will have an event occurrence, law, event, specification, characterisation or whatever it may be, and orient to it in terms of your understanding of the cosmos, the Lord, your fellow creatures (angelic if angelic, human if human and so on, according to the capacity inherent in the case). In so doing, your orient this datum, subject it to orientation you might better say, and having FIRST done so, you will symbolise it so that it can be conveyed to another mind, as distinct from another body, or form, being first careful to be so aware of the mind of the recipient in its language, verbal capacities and so on, that you have sound ground to believe that that mind will, directed by a purposeful motive of spirit (for minds are used for purposes), be able to use this.

The form of the information supplied to it, by you, must be so adapted to the total system in which both act, and to the individual actions and knowledge of the recipient, that the latter can derive from the symbols themselves, part of a reciprocal system of understanding to your own. In this way, that party may be able to find

®    a) the datum or data themselves  

®    b) the sphere of reference for them, to make them mutually intelligible and meaningful, and

®    c) the orientation in which they repose; and then,  most probably, though not necessarily,

®    d) your purpose in the information access given, to enable an apt reply to this transmission.

If however a system has been devised to enable form input and output in response, as in DNA, then it is nonetheless information that is given, between the donating dynamic and the recipient dynamic.

In this case, instead of provision for response, there is an order, a command, as occurs in some inter-human informational situations also - such as in an Army.

There can even be degrees of information for response and for order; but the principles are the same, the scope is the same, some parts being ordered instead of chosen; but ordered or not, they are in need of direction by the recipient or the authority, through the recipient. pre-empting for it or him or her.

In what way, then Frank, would you consider that the principle is the same ?

In this, replied the older angel: the functionalities of the situation are all there, whether or not they are contained in pre-empted script, or chosen response. Those areas have all to be covered in one way or another, by the initiating or the receiving intelligence, or in one beyond both which can, if sufficiently capable and equipped with relevant power, pre-empt for both. The initiatives are to be taken, for the information transfer to occur, where specific orders or other information is provided by a specific and specialised information transfer system, as distinct from a merely reactive device, as in chemistry.

It is just that the language, for example (in all non-conscious life, only ONE language is used, a specific pre-empting), is provided by pointed prelude, thus guaranteeing that aspect of information transfer, at the outset. The mutuality of orientation can likewise be supplied, in the form of a total overarching system, providing for the availability of transmission devices and receptor units with instructions covering their mutual activities. Symbolic means in pre-empted systems are not as flexible as inter-personal information transmission, but such are difficult to CREATE. However, removing options and providing commands enables the system to convey information without consciousness, by that superior consciousness which enables it all, cognising concepts, providing percepts, pre-empting as desired, and indeed, to the degree desired! So mentality is exported in different ways and at different levels.

Yes, Frank, you are right. In foxes, for example, information as order would be greater than in humans, in various cognitive and recognition aspects, but this would not remove the operation of intelligence in terms of the system, given the system, merely the more limiting the recipient's use of intelligence. With man, there could not merely be less limit by the system for the agent who receives, but  even limited operation in terms of the system, as where genes are damaged, so that the orders, being understood in some measure, and orientation discerned, action at a slightly higher level could be taken. Thus steps could be taken to compensate  for the pathological action of damaged genes. Such gradational increments in participation power however are not able to be pursued at the level of man's making what is not man, as if it were man, since the spirit of man is the purposeful part, and this is not engendered by automation, except to the extent that it is hypnotised by corrupt culture, other drugs or invasive desire.

You mean as in organic evolution ?

 That is one statistically interesting and simplistically darkened case, yes indeed, Wing. There the remaking of man is not actual, but symbolic, a verbal display of pyrotechnics, as in some volcanic eruption, which does not make the earth, though it may defile it.

When however there is a pre-empting to the point of simple DNA action, then the mutuality of orientation is guaranteed no less than the unitary character of the language, and the means for the execution of the orders are also provided in the total system in which the various options have been automated in a manner which, though unable to duplicate it, we are able at least to understand. We do the same ourselves in a much smaller mode, by symbolic manipulation, invention of computer languages and the like.

In practice, we are always at it; in theory and in principle, the means which we use do not have to be the same as those used in the creation, not of our programs for our use, but of those which constitute the material facilities of our ability. You always need a sufficient causewhether for putting data into form, into symbols, into a specifically common orientation field, into a reciprocal provision for action when the data are taken from form to function and so on.

These affairs are those of the mind, when it is able to enact in the physical realm what it will, in terms of multiple, overlapping systematics, each one a choice, none necessary, none relating systematically to any lower system, or derivable in any experimental or rational way from it. It is an imprint of purpose. It is in a different realm, with different means, and a different kind of system to convey this where system is the entirety of the construction.

Frank, let me add this. There are 2 forms of information

1)  that of two, inter-relating imaginative intelligences, capable of informing and of receiving  material sent with the paraphernalia of response, which is multi-layered, with potential to rise enormously in complexity and light of understanding. This paraphernalia however is in this case a phenomenon of spirit, of purpose, will and of conception (or misconception in many cases, and that for many reasons, such as ill-will, or deceit, desire for fame ... or other!). It is in this kind, not determined as to result, but free for action in response, and indeed, in the mode of reception of the transmission, for reasons other than technical!

2) two relating system given an automatic correlate for the above, but where the whole domain of choice has already been made, rendered fixed, by the constructor of the two systems - that of the giver and the receiver of information.

These are the elements of information, to give and to receive, whether or not some elements have been foreclosed, resolved in advance, and programmatically constituted and then instituted. The means are of interest; the necessity for adequate ones to cover all the elements is the principle of causation, and it is irremovable.


A) the first type is a natural function which may be witnessed, for example, in human spirit, competence, power, cogitation, comprehension, in a cognate base, with operational equipment dowered at birth, to flower at age.

B) The second type is that work where some (but not necessarily all) the ingredients are made to be automatically operative, thus bypassing the need to rouse persons to do this work of information transmission and reception. It is like automatic pilot; but you need to have the equipment oriented, activatable and programmatic, resulting from an understanding of precisely what you wish to bypass, but which nevertheless MUST be done for the operation to be functional, rather than a mere evacuee from reality, like organic evolution, always proposing means, never gaining results to show them.

We need to have what it takes, or as you find in practice as well as in theory, it simply does not happen, no not by this means, nor by that. You need the relevant resources and the relevant framework with the relevant powers to operate them, institute and manage them. Fairies are fine; but in books, not in flight. In practice,  you have to get there!

The requirements of type A have been analysed and are many, in order to cover all aspects undoubtedly present in the operation. It is useless for anyone to shut the eyes and say, 'Nothing did it!' as if childhood had overtaken wisdom, and laziness law, grass grew on fleas and you had only to wish or see an imaginative need, to have it fulfilled, consummated; as if dreams were facts, romantic thoughts begot children or a formulation of the principles and procedures involved in reproductive processes would continue the human race;  or life were immune to the necessities of adequate causation, a flit without wit.

In fact of course, it is so intensively correlated in provisions, codal and executive, so synthesised that it is a veritable marvel of the kind, intricate in the means, exquisite in their most obvious exhibition, as if to say, Look, no magic here, it is all instituted and directed and you can even begin to read the CODE! All requisite causal work has been done. There is no escape in dreams. Principles donít do work, any more than day-dreaming. They describe things; the things themselves have to be wrought. Description is not creation, nor is formulation function. You need the action bit.

In short, the requirements to institute type B, do not cease to exist simply because the process is automated. Elements of it, as in such cases are mandatory in substitution for agencies, have been abstracted and covered in order to circumvent direct inter-personal interaction. What is required has been done by means, not magic.

Here, in the ultimate case of type B, two parties are replaced in respect to their potential, original orientations and choices by one agent. This, in institution and oversight, is  capable of and active in making the integral constituents and the integrality of the whole; and has therefore, being able,  imposed for both a pre-choice systematic language, versatile enough however for all relevant tasks, deploying brilliant miniaturisation, providing symbolic realms for presenting data in format - linguistic, activistic or situational, or two or all three of these, as well as return or response mode: and altogether what otherwise would have required separate decisions by each party to the information transmission episode

It is for this reason that information does not, or integral reality (as distinct from contrivable duplication or re-orientation devices inbuilt) increase without a new creation by intelligence, with correlative systems in life, or else by direct inter-personal transmission of type A.

As to that, it is empirically the case; and information science is declaring that information decreases without intelligence. That is something to be explained.

As one read in Holiness, History, Review and Overview Ch. 4:

Dr Werner Gitt  from Germany's Federal Institute of Physics and Technology in Braunschweig, has made a flat statement which for years has gone effectually unanswered. This fact was noted in Creation, Sept.-Nov. 2001. It was made in 1997, in his work, In the beginning was information. It is this:


®    "There is no known natural law
through which matter can give rise to information,
neither is any physical process
or material phenomenon known
that can do this."

As to why it is so, the one who had the imagination, orientation procedures and dynamic, inter-woven devices, has declared that He has instituted the creation with kinds, and man is one of them, made in direct inter-relatability to Himself; and has finished this episode, given the unchanging Gospel for remission and redemption, and there is an end of it. As the Bible has declared for these millenia, so has He done; and what He has NOT done, is what is NOT found; and that is what He HAS said. It is finished.

Thus the logical requisitions and the empirical findings agree, and both are in the hold of the Biblical ballast, long-time there, and of the Lord whose word the Bible is, and from whose words, in various types of devices, and in spirit, man is.

Wing, Frank replied, you are darting about like a young colt.

But don't you see Frank, the Lord is the ONLY one whose word has been not merely testable, rationally and empirically, but found true and implemented.

See ? What else is there to see when truth is involved.

That is why the Lord declared, I am ... the truth.

What else would it be ? some interaction, amongst the ramifying interfaces, defying model-definition and getting outside itself, to find a truth which, on that basis, is not even there to find. Still they trumpet what they deny. The naturalistic model is a logical catastrophe.

And these cannot find an absolute truth which for them is not there, excluded by their own premises, for they are ridiculed in stocks of their own making, hung by their own hangman,

And that is why all such systems CANNOT be the truth.

And that is one reason why they never do work.

And that is another reason why we must work, for there is much to do.

Nice seeing you Frank.

Delightful to be with you, Wing.

Frankly, Frank...

 Yes, don't say it, it is time to be on the wing.

Suddenly there was an aura from which there seemed to come the words, The Lord bless you both. The earth is in spiritual drought, but wisdom will never fail.

Thus fortified, the angels went on their angelic ways. It is so rewarding to meet angels who can weep, and be blessed, and discuss things so sweetly.

It is sweeter yet to know the One who was seen by angels, received up into heaven, who came from there, who has called and commissioned by information given divinely, the path to the same; and even paved it with His own accomplishment, simply wrought on the Cross of Calvary, that whosoever will may come. That is the sweetest information of all, and does not John 3:16 express it!





* You recall the transcript of our conversation in Ch. 2 don't you, and the data in Endnote 3I and *9, especially that of SMR  Ch. 5 and causes1.html ?