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Chapter 7





A king displaying the contours of companionship with the Lord

A pageant of devotion from a disciple of deity ...


but WHERE does it BEGIN ? and HOW!  





Chapter 7





A king displaying the contours of companionship with the Lord

A pageant of devotion from a disciple of deity  


 but WHERE does it BEGIN ? and HOW!  




In this Chapter, the aim is to present three parts of the Bible, Psalms 62 and 63, with the New Testament account of the healing of the blind Bartimaeus and his method of approach to Jesus, which one could call modus operandi, except that this was so clearly a cry from the heart that it would clash with that fact! It is to show the way by an example, to investigate the laboratory of history, of what here is a medical account, but one which is wrought directly by the divine healer, who having made man in the first as the most complex, simple and specific, generalised design you could wish, found no duress in its repair where appropriate.


There are oxymorons for you, but the point is this: the design for man's instrumentality, his body is in fact SO complex that the more men find about it (ah! the genome ... but what of the rest, now becoming more and more important, and so on), the more they realise the sheer magnificence of the input which, of course, is mutually dependent. Further, it is dependent on the specification criteria imprinted within it, and the environmental opportunities for it to be both activated and given care in its early stages especially, and that by breasts and understanding, given to be occupied in the total milieu with just such a task. It IS rather ridiculous to try to abstract, like some Professor Brainstawn of comic proportions, portions of a thing in order to avoid what it is - that classic of reductionism which still seems to squander the time of sincere students in many universities, by masquerading as learning in their unhallowed halls.


Yes this total code deemed by some specialists to contain about the equivalent in information data scope, of 1000 volumes say of Encyclopedia Britannica (if there were so many as that!) or some encyclopedia, integrated, as there, classified for action, is instituted by the necessary causal action,  and here is the point, equally instituted is what is required for DOING IT. It is (relatively) easy to mull over some practical account of making something, but it is surely quite another enterprise when you have to MAKE it. You need the stuff to put together, and the less it is prepared for you, the worse, and you need the nous and the power, intellectual, manual, practical, the persistence and the whole array of necessary causal inputs for such a result.


If YOU were given such an encyclopedia, so far beyond what we in fact have, then therefore you would be only part of the way. If, in terms of information theory then,  you apply it to the information data back of the production of a human body (or rather, SOME of those items), there is some information still missing. HOW TO GET IT DONE! Plans are one thing, orders are another, and power to perform is a third.

You would then have to find a way to BRING INTO PRODUCTION what the things written had to say. More than that, you would have to bring into SIMULTANEOUS  or SEQUENTIAL readiness, whatever the orders called for; and what is more yet, you would have to continue to do this until all the specifications and data, the directives, the commands had been fulfilled!


It is of course all done for you, and you are one result of such a thing; you are far more, but NOT LESS!


As an author of 111 books in ONE SET in theology, covering some 12,000,000 words, I KNOW what is involved. It is colossal, unbelievable, one can scarcely imagine how it could have been done, one is stunned, muses, considers, ponders and marvels. The work to integrate it all, to have it harmonious one part with the other, to have the inspiration and perspective to be ABLE to do that, it is beyond comprehension.


You may ask: How then did you do it ? That is easy. I had HELP FROM THE LORD. It has been more than just general help, far more: to me there was provided such a dynamic, including the thrust to arise early, the impetus into the mind, the enlightenment when in any difficulty, the sheer illumination, that on estimate, one would imagine the result is about tenfold beyond my own personal ability. More than that yet again, matters were shown which my own wits might not have seen at all, given however long.


The Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, arisen from the dead, soon to return to reign, constrained the doing of it and supplied the power for it (Acts 5:31-32, John 14:12). He is very generous, very reliable and very willing to help in labour for the glory of His name, the magnification of His word, the application of His Gospel and the redemption of souls, the encouragement of the saints and the justice to truth. He does not summon to act, and then fail to supply the requisites, any more than He summoned the body for man to be, and did not provide the key DNA! or other requisites.


He wanted it; He did it. In all things, He is wise, has power and in love, has graciousness. God IS love (I John 4), and when judgment supervenes, it is only because the utmost cost in mercy, paid in the Messiah, being rejected, and love not being a matter of force: there is no other result in the application of truth, but that (cf. John 9:38-41, 3:19,36).


The Lord is quite delightful to know, most conscientious, stops at nothing within the ways of His choice, and has the most hallowed beauty of radiance and holiness, almost beyond comprehension: yet like some massif in the midst of altitudinous majesty, He is known for all that, through Jesus Christ, His exact image, His only begotten Son, the Saviour; and remember, ONLY God is the Saviour (Isaiah 43:10-11).


It is with God we are dealing. Nothing else is really worth while at the first, or in the end! (Psalm 73:25-26). It is only then that other things and people can take their place. It is because this world does not choose to realise this, that it is out of place, and people and things are in such a scurvy sort of neglect, with mutual mis-impact and writhing contortions of silly words and sillier deeds (if possible). Hence this world and its little powers, separate from the God of creation and redemption, in its synthetic ways,  is most upset and meets in millenial conferences, and does not agree, and cannot define the problem, and so on ... as we noted in the last Chapter.


Thus it acts; and by contrast, in His own way does the Lord act; and so does this man, does that, find in the Lord when he knows Him (John 17:1-3),  the overwhelming wonder of His ACTIONS and the impenetrable peace of His awe. He is the GOD WHO ACTS (Isaiah 64:4-5).


As to one's own works in print, this is not to think much of what has been done, but of HIM who enabled, indeed there is no other word, DIRECTED it. Nor does this presume its quality: be that what it may be, the input is known to me, and that is the point. It is beyond comprehension, and amazes me, how the Lord was so patient and so staggeringly available. Not once did He fail me and it astonishes how quickly He acts, when He will - which has been very often indeed. Time is always a SMALL consideration to Him who made it; and it is deployed as He will, not a limit but an avenue. Where His heart moves, His hand is not stayed at all. Our creations take some time; His can be like lightning.


For this I praise Him, for what else could any honest man do. The WORKS had to be done, and His power enabled them. They did not fairy like, 'arise'. Such is the way with the verbal, the conceptual, the ideational, the ideal, the enlightenment: you have to be there in that mode to receive it. Spark plugs do not plug into the ground. Electricity has no notable flow through sulphur.


The case, in its own way, was not so far different for blind Bartimaeus to which we turn shortly, from the Gospel of Mark. He was blind, and was made to see: thus the result, though one wrought in him, is so far beyond his own natural capacities, that he marvels. A miracle has been wrought upon him. He asked and sought and was not deterred; and the Lord then STOPPED and commanded him to come.


Before however we proceed to the historical narratives, first in King David's devotional life (and he was without doubt one of the most amazingly praiseworthy of the Jews, despite his one lapse), and secondly to application of principles shown to Bartimaeus, there is a little more to be discussed.


Thus the human body, as earlier noted,  is amazingly complex, and it is useless to ignore the actualities of its coding for continuation, inbuilt, or their logical necessities for ample action at the required level in order to move to that meta-operational domain of conceptual complexity, ordained command to activate it and coherent integration in one language of the whole, which is the empirical fact.  No less to be ignored is the capacity conjoined to implement, with all that is involved in that, simultaneously available, in correct sequence to the millions of operations, for the performance, servitors supplying, or both.


It is however, this physical apparatus of ours, also amazingly simple, and yes, you have probably guessed it, it is so in ANOTHER RESPECT. Its simplicity is, like that of some wonderful car, in its availability for SPECIALISED ACTION. The car has now a computer on board, and may turn on your lights for you when it is dark, and so forth, yes and contour apparatus sophisticatedly to make your turning safer, doing this and that to one or another wheel in this or the other circumstance and so on, SO THAT DRIVING IS MADE EASY.


It is THAT which is the simplicity. You want to go ? Very well, this is FOR THAT. The purpose is driving ? the simplicity is DOING IT! The complexity enables that, because it is purpose-built.


Thus the body is both complex (in one respect) and simple (in another). Purpose is the point: the body is marvellous for walking, running, covering difficult terrain without stumbling, getting intimately involved in exacting work, touching, gripping, implementing complex tasks in demanding series and so on. It is a purpose-thing, and simple for that.


It is moreover, as noted at the outset of this chapter, both specific and generalised, this body design and reality of ours. Its overall nature is general. You can specify the format for medical students, and talk of this and that system in a very general way: the overall design is splendidly perceptible.


On the other hand, when you begin to explore the data and the doings, the dealings WITHIN this so general thing, you find they break up and break down into so many finer points, specifications for what happens if this or that occurs (such as the thickening of the bladder in ways designed to meet the obstruction of an enlarged prostrate, so enabling more pressure to be used to excrete urine, when that impediment arises, a fact one specialised marvelled at), that it reminds one of the car just mentioned. If there is some loss of blood, then many arteries may constrict, to enable life to proceed somewhat longer, so that repair may be done. If there is severe pain, then certain chemicals may be released which are staggeringly effective, to dull it, enabling one to think while the thing is addressed, the more readily. The case is legion. We are the legionnaires.



We are looking at genius beyond genius, and at the hand of the Creator. It is useless to try to escape (cf. Repent or Perish Ch. 7), for the thing is what it is, whatever you call it, and in this world does what it does, where such things come from the realms which are apt for each stage and phase, by necessary cause and effect. This has been implemented, and fairies were not the origin, but due cause to which is available in integral facility, the whole.


The case is closed, allowing no other approach, as it has been from the first, for whether it be logic, it is sure, or harmony on this basis it is unique, or inoperability of any other rational approach, it is demonstrated (cf. The gods of naturalism have no go! together with The Meaning of Liberty and the Message of Remedy,   Reason, Revelation  and the Redeemer Scientific Method, Satanic Method and the Model of Salvation and  Celestial Harmony for the Terrestrial Host).



The Bible, as has in these places and ways be shown,  is logically required as the word of God, and its contents verify themselves accordingly, empirically, just as logical validity first requires them, residing in this domain, nowhere else. It does not change. It was always so and always will be, the principles, causation, the procedures, the realities being what they are, and demanding what they do, which is what HE is!


Naturally, this is not to abort the magnificent reality of freedom for man, who can most assuredly and with every kind of self-assurance ignore it, like those who smoke on because Churchill lived so long, and was a cigar man, and so on: but it simply means that right does not become something else because it is not opted for, nor does truth evaporate because of will. It may be avoided; not so its results!


As Paul made clear in his Romans 1:17ff. declaration,  it is only folly which seeks such function from what lacks it.


But HOW is it to be used, this human ensemble, assemblage, unit and unity that each one possesses ?

It is not ONLY a body, it is not ONLY a mind to analyse and find. It is not even only that.


There is so much more, that the pandemic and chronic failure to act on this fact is one of the reasons why so many hundreds of psychiatrist are, often with small profit, engaged in pill magics. Long work with mental patients, in one aspect of this ministry, has shown how very undesirable and often horrid are the by-products of such pills. Let us illustrate from another realm, to make the clear yet clearer.


When a surgeon seeks to reconfigure an injured leg, it is ESSENTIAL that he knows it is THERE. A surgeon who insisted ruthlessly that it was not there is not the one this present author would choose. Brilliant such a surgeon might be; but delusion is no ample instrument for operation on an object in need! For a surgeon to imagine legs to be absent, this is a call to have that particular surgeon absent! and one who knows better, instead.


Thus the human spirit is above the mere analytical powers of the mind. You WILL and have vision, polluted or pure as the case may be, just as your arteries are polluted or pure as the case may be, and many are finding it is so far better to have them pure! There is even a quite disgusting but perhaps for all that edifying advertisement AGAINST smoking which shows the oozing out of some off-white and gooey looking emulsion from a tube, as if to show the impediment to the nice open tube of an artery, which such occlusive muck provides ... and hence the need not to have it, and hence not to smoke tobacco and so on...


There is spiritual occlusion likewise, and when you see devil-possessed people, or those of the idée fixée, whose poor minds cannot move outside some obsessive compulsion, or the pathologically blind, who WILL not see because they SENSE that if they did, it could reduce their peaceable relationships with in-laws or some other feature of the imagined stability of their lives, or the passionately self-possessed, who want to say, It is ALL ME! and so on: when you see all of this, then  it is impossible to pretend that spiritual pathology with its own hand-book of available symptoms to be realised, is not there. The will is often so bound that it does not appear free at all!


It needs release; but this is available only upon realisation: and that is to the point, as you see from the imaginary surgeon case above, not merely when it is seen that there is in fact something there, but as to this,  WHAT IT IS. That surgeon has to be rid of the concept that legs are somehow and for some reason not to be permitted to be seen! This pracatitioner has to LOOK, instead. This physician has to be willing to seek cause and effect, interaction and to see things at their various levels in terms of their various etiological issuances and backgrounds, if he or she is to be any use at all in that field.


Man's spirit, which like it or not, has visions and perspectives, understanding and generalisations, items and ideas, compulsions or eviction notices, in the most incredibly complex way (or if seeing the realities, then with an intriguing simplicity, which puts all things where they belong - it is rather like an 'impossible' math sum, which, when you SEE the realm in view correctly, is precious close to EASY!): and when you ignore this, it is simply an obsessive exclusion, an ornery omission.



It gets nowhere. It is simply amusing to see the MECHANICAL AGE, when all sorts of new machineries made many amongst mankind all but worship mechanical contrivance, to see the ludicrous mechanistic philosophies, forgetful of the very ground on which ANY theory could be built in the mind, by the will! Then when the absurdly thin knowledge of other fields began to arise, despite the warnings of Max Planck, for example, in his Philosophy of Physics (and he was one of the great ones in that field), there was the desire to have happenstance, as if that solved anything, or such imagined interstices accounted for the most legal macro-phenomena (cf. SMR pp. 419-422W).


Then  you get the pseudo-spiritual stuff (cf. SMR pp. 413ff.), which confuses differentials, rather like someone trying to build a cybernetic machine and forgetting that the spirit is absent, or the options are simplistic, while confusing the issues with fused thought that defies causality and limps into a useless limbo, explaining nothing. So it does soporifically, and proceeds as in a trance, not only so far, but with no basis for explanation, while busy 'explaining' for all that. New Age loves to intermingle. The kitchen sink is similar: much material mingles in the sink, but then it is not so much analysed in that sucking exit for the kitchen, but confused together, for it is all by now quite useless in the throes of a very due exit from the place! You COULD try to mess about with it as to what it now is … but it would not do much good.


What is important however (cf. It Bubbles ... Ch. 9, Little Things... Ch. 5, SMR pp. 348ff., Predestination and Freewill), is to face the realities, each in its kind, and the integration procedures, in their wonder, and finding the cause of each and all, and of the synthesis, confirm with independent evidence its operation, and then rejoice. You have found God. This was done step by step in SMR, cited above.


When you do that, then of course there is still the most important question of all.




If you see fifteen hundred people with their cars in ditches, on some horrific car trail, is it not at least interesting to see what each one of them does about it ? Some sit still, and curse, or drink tea. Others use a mobile phone, for the authorities already over-pressed, who may take days to arrive. Others ... pray.


When you are in the presence of what is so far above you that you are a mere product, it is best to be both earnest and practical. ASK the boss. Now this would be quite a questionable procedure unless He had shown you who He is, what He wants and how to proceed in such a case. As the Bible does all of this, as demonstrated, to name but one case on this site, in SMR, and as moreover the Saviour promised came on time (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4), to die as arranged, and in the circumstances specified in advance by a millenium, in much of the detail, and removed Himself from His tormentors who crucified Him,  by the simple method of leaving their precincts, body intact*1 as was quite clearly foretold a millenium beforehand: there is just the matter of DOING what has to be done.


The purpose of what follows, first in terms of inter-relationship with God, and later, in terms of how you come to know Him so that you MAY HAVE such an inter-relationship, is to show the answer to that. It may seem strange that we start with the going-concern of King David, the Psalmist, and then proceed to finding God; but then, if you consider 'motoring' as it used to be called, then to see someone doing it can certainly help one as to getting a car!



 These things we shall see first in “Watching the Outcome” and then in “Watching the Arrival Tarmac” which immediately follow.







Psalms 62-63 with the Case of Blind Bartimaeus




Fervent faith with constant desire for the Lord breeds praise and realisation of His wonderful works. Watch this way, follow it, engulf yourself in it, and know the Lord.


62:1 Silent Prayer … Heaving the burden onto the Lord, kneeling in spirit, lifting the eyes … there are many issues, but there is one LORD to handle them: “Be still and know that I am God!”, He says.

62:2 There is a single rock, salvation, an ample defence … WAR is on (Ephesians 6:12) – therefore victory is to be sought from the One where it belongs, in His name, by His power, through faith.

62:3-7 Salivating slanderers cannot penetrate the Rock, in which refuge, one is safe.

62:8-9 Slender time is not the Lord’s way – be expansive: He listens to our case, the heart’s prayer. HE invented time: spend it with Him. Detach the shadows of lesser things, deal with HIM, seek the spiritual X-ray (cf. Psalm 139:23), and as you TALK, TRUST (v. 8); and as you trust, trust HIM.

62:9-12 Strike no bond or agreement with evil ways, wiles or their instigators: it is to GOD that power belongs, so do not sell yourself short, but rather give yourself altogether to the Lord, and delight in Him.






63:1-2 Thirst for God ? it is a grand thing. If you have it, it is comparable to that for water “in a dry and thirsty land.” THINK about that!  Seek Him a) at the outset of all events, b) at the outset of the day:
His face seek (Psalm 27:8), and find. Here there comes to you satiated thirst, the completion of restless longing, the heart’s desire (Psalm 37:4).


“Delight yourself  also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” The cry arises, help comes: joy resounds from the caverns of contentment in the depth of the soul (Psalm 145:18-19).

63:3-5  Life itself is less than the Lord’s lovingkindness. It is incomparably precious, vital, alerting, sustaining, blessing (Isaiah 40:26-4`). Thus praise is not mere duty, but joy in integrity.

63:6-8 Reliable help from God leads on to nestling under His wing (cf. Matthew 23:37).

63:9-11 Haters, liars, are assigned to the abyss; but those reigning in life, rejoice in hope. Further, lying mouths are only temporary: their stoppage is coming.


What now of Nineveh,  Assyria’s proud imperial city, of Babylon, a byword for the lost, of Tyre, almost legend, its fall exacting, step by step, into that very sea which had been  its glory! Where now Stalin, by some report assassinated as he lay near death, by opportunists, and where is Hitler, his body burnt in his bunker or nearby ? where is Krushchev, removed from power, or where the Berlin wall, flown over! The world has long been taught in the laboratory of history, but it will not learn. Its final lusts will be international, the Lord’s response global on His return to this pleasant orb, which makes itself so fiery.



III PURSUING GOD – Psalm 63:7-8


“Because YOU have been my help,
therefore in the shadow of Your wings I will rejoice.
My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me.”


Here we have  three images. David is rejoicing in the SHADOW of His wings

Following close behind Him … WHILE the Lord’s right hand upholds him.


Thus in these two verses, we find three great features.

There is the QUIET CONFIDENCE, the REST in FAITH (Matthew 11:27-30).

There is the CONVICTION that power belongs to God (as so dramatically stated in Psalm 62:11), strength arising through faith, that divinely provided life-line for the passage of His power to David.


In this vigorous pursuit of God, remorseless, keen, assured, we are reminded of Luke 11:5-13. This contains the parable of the one seeking bread at night, and unsuccessful because the householder sought is happily in bed. However in the end the seeker prevails because he keeps at it: the word for this pursuit is translated variously persistence or importunity. You remember ? he is heard for his importunity! The Greek word, back of this, can be translated, ‘shamelessness’ or ‘impudence’! It means literally that you have no shame. It is the case all over again of Bartimaeus who, told to be quiet, calls rather the louder; and it is NOT the Lord who told him to be quiet, but associates: so TRUST IN HIM ONLY!








“Now they came to Jericho. As He went out of Jericho with His disciples and a great multitude, blind Bartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat by the road begging. And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out and say, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!”


“Then many warned him to be quiet; but he cried out all the more, ‘Son of David, have mercy on me!’  So Jesus stood still and commanded him to be called. Then they called the blind man, saying to him, ‘Be of good cheer. Rise, He is calling you.’ And throwing aside his garment, he rose and came to Jesus. So Jesus answered and said to him, ‘What do you want Me to do for you?’ The blind man said to Him, ‘Rabboni, that I may receive my sight.’ Then Jesus said to him, ‘Go your way; your faith has made you well.’ And immediately he received his sight and followed Jesus on the road” (Mark 10:46-52 - special focal points selected are in red).


Notice that he began to cry out! He did not suffer in silence as if a Stoic, nor did he rumble to some godless variety of psychiatrist: for his cry was to Jesus the Christ! It was for mercy that he cried. He did not come on some palsy-walsy, you know how it is sort of climate of self-indulgence, but sought MERCY! as a sinner.


He met a warning: but this was not from God. Be still!  Therefore, do not let others dissuade you from seeking mercy from God, whatever you do! Blind Bartimaeus was wise enough not to listen to these dissuaders, so follow his example! 


Notice however that some then did encourage him, because JESUS STOOD STILL. How amazing! God in flesh at the relentless cry for mercy stood still! He listened, He heeded, He was interested, He did not do something else instead, He did not listen to those who were telling the man to be still, for ... Jesus stood still and COMMANDED HIM TO BE CALLED. He did not lurk, smirk, or shirk, but caused a command to go: Call him! Like Bartimaeus, throw off  your garment of independence.


Have YOU been called ? to salvation ? have you come and sought mercy ? and found that God stands still at your request, for whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved (cf. Romans 10:9, which specifies further, and Acts 2:21, where this is written, from the mouth of Peter who pronounced it at Pentecost - that giant laboratory for souls, where INTELLIGIBLE preaching was given to listening crowds because of intelligible languages miraculously supplied for  that grand birth-day of the Church following Christ's advent, to enable the causeway of world missions to be built and shown in advance!).


God is a great missioner, by this means and by that. He does not seek that the world be condemned, but that it might be saved (John 3:16-17), and it being lost (John 3:19, 36, 17:9), He saves sinners who by faith come to Him seeking mercy from His Cross cancellation of sin for all who come by faith in repentance, and with the power of His resurrection by which He arose from the dead to demonstrate eternal life to all.


Come to Him and seek mercy, and He will listen to the cry of faith. Bartimaeus was not silenced, and here we come to that feature we have so far omitted. HE CRIED ALL THE MORE. Think of that. People (or for some, their own consciences!) tell them, be quiet, it is useless. But he cries all the more: instead of being discouraged in his search for divine mercy, he is the more relentless. Why ? it is because he believes that Jesus the Christ is not going to ignore a straightforward request for mercy.


Notice this too, that it is when he comes that Christ asks Him just what he wants. Mercy is not withheld from the seeker in faith, and what particular mercy is going to be given is to be found when you meet with Him, as Bartimaeus did, because in his cry FOR MERCY, he is not stilled, but by faith proceeds unquenchable! What a reward! In this case, he is simply asked what it is that he wants. Why would he be asked ? It is that he might formulate what in such faith he has sought. Often someone may be tempted NOT to ask for the actual thing wanted, but if it be godly and necessary for godly living (II Peter 1), it will be granted. In this case, the Lord set no specifications, and Bartimaeus had thus his heart's desire.



AS you follow hard after Him, your heart meanwhile at rest in faith concerning Him, then HE upholds you, as you see here illustrated that right over the heads of misled disciples, JESUS stands still and calls personally for Bartimaeus to come, then asks him simply: What do you want Me to do for you ? He told Him and got it. Seek to realise what you seek and WHY! when you come to Him!


Moreover, remember that you do not carry the burden, He does, so rest it there.  Your burden ?  First you cast it upon Him (Psalm 55:22), and as you do, HE sustains you. YOU move a mountain ? ludicrous! but by faith you seek for HIM to do so, and by Him it can be done if the task is needful for godly living. Many things appear too hard, but ONE THING is never too hard, that is to follow HARD AFTER HIM! Do you not see that when you see a wonder, you pursue it, forgetful of limitations or apparent impossibilities ?


When you seek Him because He is and is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6), recall that the One to act is He who is, throughout all eternity, the God who acts, the ONLY ONE who does so, the only God (Isaiah 45, 64:4-5). Call upon the GOD WHO ACTS, and expect action. Join with David who knew hardship and ostracism as well as fame, and remind yourself that HE ONLY is your rock and your salvation, your Deliverer, your protector and Tower. Act then on this, by faith.






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