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The word of God continues in its orderly,
authoritative way to cover its extraordinary scenario,
towards the consummation of events





In the latest edition of Creation (Dec. 200 - Feb. 2001, p. 52), one reads the oft-noted fact that Einstein had been seeking for a unification of systems, the electro-magnetic added to gravity, so that they would all be ONE. He tried in vain for some 30 years. In view of his productivity in the earlier years, this is an impressive negative.

In SMR pp. 299ff., we noted likewise that he had been intelligent and alert enough to realise that all his premises depended on a missing premise, namely the ultimate subjectivity of his analyses, because of data and no ultimate referent, no self-declarative God (for he did not believe in the true God, but in an ultimate rationality that wrought). We have excluded this consideration of the missing premiss, at the structural level in our work on Kant (see Predestination and Freewill Part IV and SMR Ch. 5), and because of the self-contradiction of such imaginary parameters for man (see SMR Ch. 3, pp. 73ff.).

However, the structural accessibility of reality to man is by no means equal to the functional availability of it. In other words, just because REALITY is available and is demonstrably DECLARATIVE, whether this is desired or not (SMR), this is not in itself sufficient ground for KNOWING IT. It could, for example declare you outré, excluded; or all people to be excluded. However, the Bible has been identified as the word of Reality, of the Creator, of the objective Basis and Builder of all things, who Himself uncreated, is always there to perform the works such as constitute yourself and my own.

Now here, in both cases as admitted by Einstein, are TWO areas, and not just one, where he is systematically blocked. He CANNOT (actually, in the end, the case was there, he would not) find the objective basis to enable his work to be more than a fussy empiric, busily working in some arena or other, the actual characteristics of which do not need to relate too positively to the vision, view or estimation of them given. ALL he is able to find, and even this hypothetically by this means, is that IF his intuition of a reality underlying everything, sound, logical and rational, is correct, then, assuming he has access in some way or other to it, and there is no interference, intervention or contravention, what he is saying would be in line to be correct, provided he has not erred simply (as he did in the zero denominator case noted in SMR p. 422D, Barbs, Arrows and Balms 15) in the procedure.

It is intensely interesting that the unconscious reason for this amazing error may have been his preference for a highly static and inspectable universe, rather than one with a creative flair of dynamic, which could ... issue not from a rationality principle, from from what makes principles and laws and strategies and purposes, namely that person called God, with whom we have to do, like it or not. If we do not like it, it is only that the merest trifle of personal folly has intervened, as if OUR power were to supplant His, which having the thrust of love and the knowledge of creation, and the willingness to sacrifice, leaves our best efforts merely tragically superficial run-away wantonries.

But let us return to the matter of validity, which was not a casual error but a systematic chasm for Einstein.

This PROVISO he knew, acknowledged, and it constituted an absolute barrier for his work. The other barrier, his failure in some 30 YEARS to find an integration of all the systems, including the electromagnetic, made this maestro a magnificent failure at the uttermost level.


Do not misunderstand: there is NO occasion to assume there IS any unitary systematics which allow all the various physical systems, in material things, to be integrated. God is the Creator. When I create a garden, my brook, my trees, shrubs, pools, fish-ponds, shady walks, stones and so on, DO have a relationship. It is not however one which is transferable from one to the other. There are VARIOUS, diverse created objects the REAL and EXHAUSTIVE unity of which is NOT within themselves, or relative to each other. It is true there is a relationship in each case; but it is not an intra-systematic one. The exhaustive GROUND of their being together and in interaction to SOME extent (thus, I walk through both one and the other, and my eye is able to scan first one, then the other) is simply one thing. It is part of the design.

I created it. It is my creature. Its oneness depends quite simply, given the system which allows discrete objects and diverse thought, on my having CONCEIVED them as part of a PICTURE, or COMPOSITION in my mind, which was received with relish by my spirit. Only then was it transferred by other kinds of abilities, into form and format, outside my own mind.

The components are NOT there because the water or the air or the DNA of the trees had some conference, or some corroboree, or were mixed in some mix-master, or wrought in some material format. There are combined in a picture because I saw it and seized these particular things to become, what they were not before I did this, synthetically related things in the visual, visionary sphere: MY GARDEN.  Their physical relationship is first and foremost dependent on that fact. Without it, they would NOT have come together at all. Design was the call for their relationship: not theirs, but MINE which I made in my imagination. The special design features of the individual rocks or grass seeds is ANOTHER and DISCRETE matter, which does not EXPLAIN my design, but is simply a resource for its implementation.

In other words, the concept that all material things, at a merely material level, HAVE to have some interactive and mutually reciprocal unity is merely a misplaced presumption. It would be nice for materialists to have this sort of dummy for the delusion that matter is all (see its refutation in SMR pp. 422Eff., and Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 11, Repent or Perish Ch. 7, for example). At once the nonsense is apparent when we realise the assertion of materialism or idealism or any other, is true or false, valid or not, and neither of these concepts is material, for each can be WRONG, so that it is not a HAPPENING but an insertion of mental assessment which is assessive, not processive.

It is amazing how materialistic the minds which use matter with inventive creativity all the time, can become; and it is perhaps the most self-forgetful act of this present world, that, like Hume (cf. SMR
Ch. 3), it quite literally forgets itself at the construction level, the functional reality plane, and putting a theory which it makes above itself, the theoriser, cancels its capacities while asserting their results.

Thus in these two matters, validity on the one hand (cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch. 5, Barbs, Arrows and Balms  6, and  7, Repent or Perish Ch. 2), and unity of material things on the other (cf. , secular man is stymied; he cannot go.

It is the same on material particles, as has been noted earlier (Spiritual Refreshings for the Digital Millenium Ch.13  ). The effort to find the ULTIMATE particle is likewise based on nothing, which is where the creation comes to be assigned, so unhappily, since given nothing (as ALL), that is what you get, by definition. Letters have, as we recently noted, certain similarities to a point, but there is no FUNDAMENTAL particle in the symbolism of mind; it is a fundamentalism of CONCEPT which is in view, not means. ANY sort of means could be chosen; and the concept that there is some underlying unity to these symbols, these operative designed elements, is purely illusory. Indeed it is more than amusing to watch the endeavours to split, slice, crash, slash, various material particles into things lasting a brilliantly tiny fraction of a second. If you smash bricks into little pieces, great; it is not the bricks which make the architect, however, but the architect who (or his deputies) makes the bricks FOR the design. THERE is the unity.

That is just one obvious reason why in FACT (that almost forgotten word in much of the delusive science substitute which- as if in party-attire, theorises away as if the world were merely a side-show) the language of life is both ONE ONLY and ALWAYS that SAME ONE, and also, why it is OPERATIVE, transferring COMMANDS to UTILITIES able to respond ACCURATELY to such commands and the conceptual munificence involved (as for example in our bodies, which have not only immense numbers of different parts, by the billion, to be placed, but places for them, prodigious miniaturisation for the select dispersal of these parts, and sub-places called organs, for the various, one by one integrable systems which proceed upwards until you have the whole piano of life, flute of function, creation of man's body, ready for the exercise of HIS OWN MIND, when he matures, and his own SPIRIT to use that, with purpose and understanding, seeking out his own validity and so on).

It is what you expect in such a scenario: ONE LANGUAGE, ONE SYSTEM, ONE STRUCTURE, with variabilities to match individualities, but with ONE GROUND PLAN, and ONE PROTECTIVE SYSTEM of defence, and ONE MENTAL MODE for conception and imagination, and ONE SPIRIT for creation and love, for purpose and worship.

THAT is the ultimate particle in the DESIGN of the material world. It has a material aspect, mental and spiritual aspects likewise, and the whole is bound in just ONE trilogy called mankind. The ONE series of amino acids (in their multiplicity of operation), and the ONE code (in its complexity of use), and the ONE result, in its individuality of variation, with the ONE mind, with its enormous variability of special capacities, just as a series of landscape works by an artist might have much in common, but all sorts of little side walks, expansive views and so on, and ONE spirit with its capacities towards other people, towards God, and its worship mode and wickedness correlate of liberty.

There is ONE BOOK which from the ONE GOD who uses the ONE LANGUAGE has ONE GOSPEL of the ONE SALVATION, and there is ONE LORD who made the lot, to whom it will come with its ONE liberty, whether it wishes this or not; for it is not a god which is made, but a man. There are MANY ways of trying to DIVIDE this attested unity (cf. Acme, Alpha and Omega Chs.  1,  9 for example, with Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 8). There are many confusions in trying to force material unity  and indeed spiritual unity (Spiritual Refreshings Ch. 13), where it does not belong, being a diversification of creation on the one hand, and a purity so profound in the spiritual realm, that merely intrusive thought is objectively vulgar, and endeavours to subordinate the divine reality to convenient abstractions for secular security and agreement and so on, is something rather beyond blasphemy.

It is interesting to reflect what would be a good word or phrase for it - blasphemous spiritual vulgarism or blinding presumption or arrogation ? See I Timothy 6:16. God's place and power are attested by His works and are indicated by reason; but His actual mind and heart are revelatory ONLY. Even yours, dear reader, is not, one imagines, worn on your sleeve...

As always, when you start with the demonstrable reality of God, and then find from His word the works and ways He has, then there is simply nothing which does not become subordinate to His reality, comprehensible in His witness, coherent before His testimony. Indeed, we have enormous amounts of reality to learn, and will learn it, those of us who know Him, when He comes for us. But the STRUCTURE and LOGIC of His ways is unique, unquenchable, always has the answer, is wonderful EMPIRICALLY. It can be tried; and it answers.

Nothing else does.



How does this all relate to the divine agenda ?

It is just that these affairs of the mind and heart of man, these intense desires and designs to build (although it is ALREADY built) ONE universe for the ONE race which has the desire for ONE sort of life which may, alas have to be inserted by ONE Beast and ONE antichrist so that there will be ONE humanism which will allow ONE effrontery from man, the vulgarian, and ONE destiny (damnation, but miscalled, heaven on earth and by sundry other names): they are having a rather conspicuous result just now.

They are PREDICTED to do so, in this GENERAL AREA OF HISTORY (as sketched in some little detail in Answers to Questions Ch. 5 and SMR Chs.  8 9, from the Bible, as it depicts it in advance by a few thousand years). NOW is the "latter days" as there shown: that is, those in the tumultuous moral, physical, astronomical, geologically tremulous, starving, spiritually delusive days looming after Jerusalem is back with the Jews and before Christ in person, returns to this earth. AT this time, there is to be a double action in this area. Man is to REJECT, and then DESPISE and EVEN MOCK at the concept of CREATION. Indeed the very word is to be used in such a way as to be exclusive of the action of the living God, and he is to MOCK at the deluge, the divine judgment expressed in the flood. (Cf. II Peter 3:3-5, presented in Joyful Jottings  8, and News 74, pp. 103ff.; and inspect The Other News 1.)

The matters we have above been tracing are SYMPTOMS of this reluctance, this high dudgeon against the Creator daring to be real, to be there, to have done it all; this rejection with reason, this disinclination to be disciplined in thought and this intense rebellion. Hence this is all this academic aspect of the phenomenon,

  • from the works of frustrated Nilsson, who is WEARY TO DEATH of the delusions of GRADUALISM, in creation and in catastrophe (he is not a Christian, but became aware of the monstrous character of the fallacious assertions so airily being presented, as shown in his 1300 or so page volume noted in SMR),

  • to those of Stephen Jay Gould, who is aghast at the EARLY forms of DESIGN being far in excess of those NOW RESIDUAL. His Cambrian rock treatise is in some ways a classic; but then he still is in revolt against the testimony he so expertly presents. (For some detail on this, see Wake up World! Your Creator is Coming... Chs.  6,  7, News 68, and SMR pp. 226ff..)

  • It is seen likewise in the unstable directions of
  • particle obeisance if not worship.
  • the desire for the soon to be lost creations, dying out.
  • the insistence on what is never seen as the mode, organic evolution, the rash irrationality of the endeavours (cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch. 1, SMR Ch.2 ).
  • the sacrifice of children to the dream (as in That Magnificent Rock Ch. 8).
  • the aridity of materialism, despite its instant dismissal rationally (ref. above), and all the political correlates such as Marxism

(cf. SMR pp. 925-926, and Indexes, Communism), which morally enjoin you to do the Communist thing, while denying ANY rational basis to morals; get everything out of matter, without ANY basis for the performance of interfaces in the most distant and remote degree scientific, while making 'scientific' predictions which fail to happen.

It is found in

  • the sheer empty-headed splendour of objectively asserting a world-view based on the insusceptibility of reality to knowledge.
  • the intense, almost psychotic-seming intensity with which the deluge is resisted while is evidences are almost as overwhelming as was its flood - a guilt reaction, like a murderer's in the presence of policeman, hoping they do not see the blood (but of course, it is not always conscious).
  • the celebrated pleasantries of having for so long denied the RATIONAL NECESSITIES of creation, that the sheer oratorical humour of suggesting NOTHING as the source is not seen as the most glorious instance of reductio ad absurdum which you could possibly wish. What is it like ?

Johnny, why have you broken that dish ?
I did not break it mother.
YOU were the only one in the room, washing up, and the air was still, Johnny.
Oh! nothing broke it mother. It simply disintegrated into all those little bits, and then they feathered their way slowly down to the floor!

But this, it HAS happened. They DID suggest it! (cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms 29, That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7). There is more to nothing than nothing when nothing is made the source of all! There is a sweet nothing if ever there was one, in this, that it amply fulfils the entire atmosphere, direction and style predicted for resistance to CREATION in THIS FLITTING FINALE OF OUR EPOCH!

That ? It is objective prediction, gloriously, triumphantly, right to the atmospherics of the thing, FULFILLED, verified, vindicated, illustrated, seen, heard, watched, read. (Cf. Barbs, Arrows and Balms 29, That Magnificent Rock Ch. 7.)

That ? It is part of the divine agenda.




  • For more in this field, in areas such as

cosmology, chronology, physics, law
and the whole realm of the visible in terms of the invisible background and basis
(as in Hebrews 11:1-4), see:

·       Stepping Out for Christ, Chs.  2,  7,  8 ,  9, 10 ;

  • and relative to an intimate correlation of the visible and the invisible in ACTION and observable correlation intimately,
  • Ch. 5 with SMR Ch.6, Joyful Jottings 25, REF Chs. 5, 6 and The Magnificence of the Messiah, Endnote 1.
  • On the logical correlation, see
  • Repent or Perish Ch. 7, That Magnificent Rock (TMR)  Ch. 5 , Barbs, Arrows and Balms  6, and 7, and
  • SMR Ch.3. On foundations, see SMR Ch.1.
  • On associated scientific method, see  TMR Chs. 1 and  8, SMR pp. 140ff., 931ff.. with 299ff..


These of course are merely selections for convenient survey, and the Indexes can readily augment them.