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Want details ? It is a question whether the better analogy is Hitler youth in its ideological and disastrous mistraining, or slave capture, with its entangling brutalisation provocations. This CENTURY and in this arena, even this land is NOT at all genteel, alas, and about as far from enlightened as its lacerated dead would suggest. Read this section now in full below.

9. State Affairs that demand Christian attention, and that are applicable in principle in the world at large.

A) Here we must first concentrate on the


which has hit this part of Australia like a plague.

in the form of unprofessional,

pre-emptive principles

laid down for School Principals.

This was done in an explicit document, long contested and protested, to deaf Governmental ears. It was called the "Circular to Principals", an intrusion into science, education and religion of a high order, for which the Government is wholly unrepentant.

These vain and unsustainable principles follow and parallel the philosophic follies of #8 above on the Homepage, with this difference:

that the young are taken in tow...
They are given place, in effect, as the philosophic pawns of the Party in power.

It is inexpressibly sad to see this abuse of young minds by something not even standing when challenged, but simply ... continuing on, like the last dive of a bomber, out of control.

This leads us to EXPOSURE of nothing less than:-

(cf. Micah 3:5-7 where God levied just that criticism earlier in history):
You do not have to declare war to make it; nor do you have to know what you are doing when you assault. The Cross of Christ was for many such a case. They thought they did well; but the result was the same.
We witness:
As this challenge is presented repeatedly over years, with full opportunity to respond,
it is found that Governments in this matter
sit supinely sipping philosophy
(That Magnificent Rock Ch.1),
whilst through their Education Department denigrating
(without reply beyond slogans and fictitious ideals,
ideals not met) -
many basic premises of what they do not, and cannot invalidate!
Challenged to defeat challenge,
they do not;
asked for answer, one replied,
I cannot argue with you!
Another has made up his mind not to change, and SO advises he will not meet!
Asked to debate an international challenger, the official concerned said - No!
Instituting a dogma, and creedal code of their own, they rule the schools, refusing and declining all debate.
Is it more like the ideological foibles of the Hitler youth camps, which ended in far more than foibles; or like the forcible arrest of African slaves, to ensure the economy went well elsewhere ?
Can such things happen only in totalitarian countries ?
Are children to be pawned to philosophy ? Bad philosophy that finds no ground ? Silent philosophy that here can mount and sustain no reply but slogans ? Are we to have a political papacy, never elected for such office ? is this right ?
Not at all. Apathy, custom and the dreams of heady power can mislead in any system, where the people sleep, or in a democracy, where most of them do so. It is time to awaken. This sleep is not beneficial!

B) Indeed we have now come to:

Prototype Principles for the Antichrist:
Foothills for the Future Peaks

One Place where South Australia Leads, in Reverse Gear

The Brown-Banno Detention Camps

currently continue by courtesy of the current

Olsen Government,

this fulfilling a decade-long tradition in State Government

Schools which become -

The Juvenile Penitentiary called Education.

This large Chapter of That Magnificent Rock, provides a consideration of propaganda in South Australian High Schools, introduced and maintained irrationally despite protest, petitioners and LOGICAL challenge, in what has become a bipartisan, and indeed highly partisan fashion.

Outside all reasonable educational practice, it is without any logical defence provided by the government, when challenged. Incorrect descriptive generalisations in the field of religion, and hence touching Christianity, merely add to the unscholarly botch. Educational prescriptions to School Principals, based on this, consummate the error.

Premiers came, went perhaps with some eclat in their going: and did not act. Nothing is more unbecoming to this State, than this evil,

both discriminatory

against the facts and faith of the Bible,

and gravely undiscriminating

IN ITS IRRATIONAL ASSAULTS on objective Christianity,

while simultaneously

selectively oppressive of the young.

Will they enter into any debate? Over 10 years, NO!

See hyperlink Detention Camps, below, or Chapter 8 of That Magnificent Rock for a detailed coverage of this fact and a consideration of remedy. From Christians, this land requires valour as well as virtue. Children are at risk.

C) Updating on:

That Juvenile Penitentiary here called State Education ... The Detention Camps - Are these now to become the hunting grounds of yet a third government ?

1) So far, the answer must be yes, since in our last approach,
the offensive declarations that have for so long been in force,
binding School Principals, the religious abuses focussed in our correspondence,

in a marvel of disregard, were not even MENTIONED in the Minister's reply to the presentation of the hundreds of petitioners. That was a startling achievement. One writes under a heading, on a topic, focussed by a textual arrow indeed, and in the reply, many things are said; but the TOPIC, the CIRCULAR: this is NOT EVEN MENTIONED! How remiss can an omission become!

When the TOPIC raised, as a ground, is not noticed in the reply, we have something which in this must surely compete with the best Russian examples of the past, when religious freedoms were guaranteed, and rationality was amply provided for, except in practice.

2) Now in April 1998, the Government Education Ministry replies at last a little more to the point, but briefly, with a total rejection that does not even DISCUSS the specific and crucial points of exposure, either 

which have been presented. As may rightly be replied concerning the Circular to Principals, in this abuse of religion and ethics:
"Embalmed in authority, violating and inviolable, it is not available even for discussion."

Now in this second letter, the topic, the Circular, does rate a mention, but no more. There is no need to discuss it since there is no plan to change it. End of reference!
What may be said of this? When the answer at length mentions it in order to dismiss it, we are in the best traditions of disregard.

Thus the second Government reply has MENTIONED the Circular but made no reference to its contents, merely noting that it is NOT about to be changed, so no discussion is permitted! The travesty continues.

Has not China entered on the same road in its variable but numerous attacks on Christianity ?

Will we then imitate our trading partners in their weakest field,
that of doctrine,
and dogma supplied gratis by the State:

will this State do so in one new abdication both of reason and righteousness,
in the place where the human controls repose !

Is this our gratitude to God, or our use of the reason He has granted us?...
in South Australia.

That such an authoritarian intrusion can occur 

without debate,

where indeed debate is declined,

in discrimination of the most blatant kind,
one not reinforced by any presentation of validating reason,

in the real defilement of religion:

there is an abuse which has neither grounds of reality nor of contest,
but mere command, guidelines to govern as if they were ... some kind of god,
while the truth is slighted as if by obsession, we certainly have something tangy.

It is a testimony of a type, and it is not likely to be allowed to continue in its shameless shambles, in defiance of any open and testable form of education.

To what then is it a testimony ? It is testimony to the decline and perhaps soon fall of something other than Gibbons' Roman Empire. When falling, however, it is well to arrest the matter before the ground is hit. Truth is not altered by preference; and should stand in the midst of all challenge, accepting willingly its need to declare itself with abundant testimony. 

There is a principle - That which is of the light comes into the light. Here however the obscuration in retiring refusals is pitch darkness. No debate, no discussion, no reply in writing to the specialised areas of folly exposed in the Circular is allowed.

What more, other than use more force than is currently in play through the Circular, can be done that totalitarian government does not do? If people choose to ignore such things, as so often in history, the time may soon come when they augment themselves into those broader follies which may not be ignored.

For a careful analysis of this whole matter, use this hyperlink, Penitentiary called Education. The original document, the CIRCULAR TO PRINCIPALS is available.