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Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson





Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

August 2005

ISBN 0 9757881 4 0



There now is, and has for some time been, a generation of ideas which is not mere merely blasphemous and otiose, but casual and carelessly flamboyant, like the little flicks and flings of ignited gases, when a log, hissing, is being well baked in a large fire.


People are in great numbers, placed high and low, dancing with words, ideas and imaginations as if the very devil had possessed them. Casual denunciations, as in the South Australian government education field, can be made of 'religion' as if some undivine right enabled or allowed what is logically, empirically and historically wrong, to be asserted and even bound on children, so that no answer is given to challenge, nor any debate allowed.

Cannon fodder accumulates, as such provocation reaches to the heavens, and descends, unadmitted, with radioactive force to the decimation of the hearts and lives of the young and old alike; nor is it limited in kind, to this State or nation. You even find a major denomination with its so-called evangelical 'head' (though in Christian terms there is only one Head, and that is Christ Jesus the Lord, before whom we are all brethren), reported affirming of the faith, that he may be wrong!

Inimitable errors are being made as if a student in examination were to align ink blots in intricate geometrical forms, without it occurring to him or her (for we must not omit a gender, even if none seems to lament the usual lack of a female 'devil' in the thoughts of modern acclaim, any more than of a male maestro of comprehensive morality outside the triune Creator Himself), that there is need to be rational, coherent and realistic in this, above all fields.

While man


in his philosophic pondering outside the truth, endlessly and cumulatively bankrupt
because he seeks what cannot there be found
(that is, there is no path to gods by reason, but one only to God cf. SMR),


in his military adventurism and political posturing


 is thus pre-occupied,

God is not so.

He is acting precisely as He said, and from Revelation 6-8 in its accounting of the military, environmental and food problems, to the asteroid advents now a subject of no small human frenzy in undelighted anticipation, to Matthew and Luke and Mark, you find the program set down just as it is now arriving. The hearts failing for fear of Luke 21, that programmatic prediction, is now not at all for the fringe benefit of the allegedly 'unstable', but is found in London or Madrid, and in many nations in anticipation of more acts of possessed folly, as man becomes a bomb for man, and seeks to obliterate the wonders of many generations in the explosive power of splattering matter. It is beyond the grotesque, the cruel, an irony, that man in his very own self and body, is at the task of destroying man.

It is as if man is without limit, now seeking by profound scientific theory, to invent hideous blasts past all former thought, now by contrast, blowing up the odd body here or there, and bringing in its defilement and devastation, the ruin of many other bodies, by means not so very sophisticated at all, so that instead of a fist hitting you, a leg or head may do so, though other pieces of in human matter, inhumanely disjoined may do likewise. Such is the brilliance of the generation of spiritual plague in which we live and exist.

Those of us who know the Lord, however, find this merely the external shell; for when you know God, the actions, however inane, of the environment are no more than that, as if one should watch the mice at play, or the rats in their gnawing, the geese in their gobbling or the comets in their courses. There is a limit to feral action, whether by government or group, to the wildly despotic abuse of the coherence of this world, to produce incoherence for man, by blowing things apart. There has been much practice in World Wars I, II and till 1990, World War III; and now it is beginning, this World War IV, in which Islam seeks anew, in many of its devotees, to apply the licence and incitations to be found in the Koran (cf. More Marvels Ch. 4, Divine Agenda Ch. 6).

Communism and Romanism having had their efforts for no short time, there is now renewed from the climacteric Battle of Tours of 732 A.D.,  this third totalitarian approach: more direct than some, yet it is equipped with the same appeal to illimitable force, which however, though it has stricken hard, is not available for the purpose. The final horror of presumption will declare to find God in himself (II Thessalonians 2), forsaking the ways of his fathers (Daniel 11:37 cf. Highway of Holiness Ch. 10). The end is as inglorious as its beginning, as you see in II Thessalonians,  inscribed.

Unless you deal with God, there is very decidedly a limit.

Thus the Lord indicates that He will not ALWAYS strive with man (Isaiah 57:15), for man would fail; and Jesus stated that unless He intervened, no flesh could be spared - that is, the earth would become humanly uninhabitable (Matthew 24:22). It progresses. In the end, man will be divested of the earth altogether, since its day has come, its tests are provided, and its demise proceeds, very much like an old car, except that it will be an event of utmost magnitude, of tremendous force and power, like the creation itself (II Peter 3); for when enormous creation is made, or removed, there is a certain brilliance of power and performance, the more for the more! and this ? it has been very much! (cf. Highway of Holiness Chs.   4,   5, with Dayspring).

Dancing in new morals, new decrees, new diseases of mind, spirit and body, prancing in pseudo-power, as if some blasting equipment made man into gods, just as was the equally deluded folly of ancient monarchs (as in Isaiah 37 with poor old Sennacherib, whose boundless might did not preserve him from patricide, in his very temple when seeking his non-existent gods, to boot), who thought far too much of themselves, and too little of their actual Creator.

Lancing with forays, like soldiers of old, caught in aggressive posture and 'fearless' in the fray, advancing implacable on the foe with outstretched lance, man also makes motion and action, as if to become ferocious or impactive, in principle, perhaps not unlike a pouter pigeon, or a snake 'standing' on its tail, and staring, almost blaring defiance and hatred, as it looks at you, and in the case of the more horrible, seeking to spit in your eye.

The curse from sin is coming to its final fruition (Romans 8:20, 5:1-12), and the vortex of the terrible is increasingly felt by all; yet for the Christian, composed in Christ, it is but a typhoon to pass, and if it takes yet a little while, soon its place will be seen no more. Its devastations of millions of souls, a matter of far more importance than the body, this will remain; but he who trusts in the Lord, happy is he, for the thing is all contained, and its end approaches like an express train, its noise echoing in advance on the trembling rails.

In this volume, then, we shall have scope to watch the ways of dancing, prancing and lancing, and to contrast with biblical truth, that inveterate and invincible exposition which covers all these things, and without change over some 3 and one half millenia, tells it 'like it is'.  For those seeking such answers, rest assured, they will be sought just as they have been found for this author, for one, in the last 50 years and more,  without exception, intermission or meaningful competition, in the Bible.



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