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November 2002


Rev. Dr.  Robert Donaldson






There is a need to consider not merely the disorder in the world, but what disorder actually is (Ch. 1), and how it relates to the Gracious Goodness which not only instituted order, but the minds with which to savour, utilise and understand it and the wonder of which it IS order; and then to see these in relationship. Man is sailing not into the sunset, but into the dawn of the darkest day of history, not excluding the universal flood; for that led to judgment for this world; what is coming is judgment for the next as well. Even the first rays of that ultimate day before Christ’s return actually meets this world, are lurid. He comes to rescue from the whirl of judgment, the people who are His. The rest INSIST on having their own world; they shall  see what this brings.


God has not forgotten to be gracious (Psalm 77); but His grace is not left lying around to be picked up like gold nuggets at whim and will, any more than is your electrical power lying in lumps on the ground. You need to find where it comes from, and go there. The unsearchable riches of Christ are available at call, but at the call of faith dressed in repentance, not at the summons of spiritual dignitaries; not at the summons of pride and self-obsession, but at the contrition of coming in rags, to be re-dressed, reformed and regenerated into a life which is HIS (Isaiah 64:6-7, Ephesians 2:1-12, 4:17ff.m Galatians 1, 3, 5).


Just as it is all from grace, so it is only IN grace. Seek therefore the Lord WHILE He may be found (Isaiah 55:6). He is not hiding; it is just that the mists of sin cloud the vision, and the wisdom of self-will makes the ‘light’ that is in you, without Christ, to be darkness; and if darkness, how GREAT is that darkness (Matthew 6:22-23). It is not a matter of discerning between blackness and various shades of deep indigo, but of coming into the Light of this world, Jesus Christ the righteous, the Prince of peace, whose offering ignored, makes the offering of this whole world too small for peace, but merely the offering of new offence to add to the old. In this volume, we plan for all these features will be in focus, and not least, the current and contemporary developments showing both of these contrary realities, and surveying all of these things.







Chapter 1      

Orientation Upwards and Downwards           



Chapter 2   

Displacement and Deity 


News 241

The Australian October 21st.,  2002



Chapter 3

Violins and Vile Inns                                                

News 242


The Advertiser, October 23, 2002



Chapter 4                                                          


The Pulsing of the Arrhythmic Heart

and the Unvarying Virtue of Truth


Much afoot underneath the arches in the Middle East


News 243


Guardian Unlimited, October 28, 2000 et al.




Chapter 5


Bruises are Disorder: but By Design

Blessing is Order, and With Purpose


Celestial Perspectives for a Scorning Earth

CNN October 29, “Uncovering Southeast Asia’s jihad network.”


News 244


Getting Behind the News to its Spiritual Sources


Chapter 6


Genesis 1-4

(with due reference to Genesis 5-11,  the prophets, and the Messiah)


How can you understand the End,

If you do not grasp the Beginning!


Chapter 7


Three Lines

and One Marker


Three Cheers, or Biers in Israel ?

The One Thing  Needed!


The Case us Grievous, but it need not be so!


News 245

SBS TV, News Radio, 1st Week November

Chapter 8


Parallels that Do Not Meet


Hussein and Nebuchabdnezzar


Principles that Do Not Cohere

Love and Lust


News 246


Guardian Unlimited, November 7, 2002

Robert Fisk, Independent,  December 30, 2000

David J. Scheffer,

Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, Sept. 18, 2000



Chapter  9


The Egyptian Thing



for Ch. 9
and for
Gracious Goodness in This Disorderly World