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To Ch. 9 and to Gracious Goodness and This World in Disorder


Sin, it is the one ground of the disorder.

Mercy is the stay that limits the response.

Thus, in part, the decline falls from the natural order,

as its violation vitiates it, its sanctions ignored, its sanity disregarded,

Its sanctities despised or even denied.

In part, it falls from the supernatural, as judgments arise,

passing all the sublime barriers of restraint,

where love regards and opportunity exists.

† ††

Grand Design, Greater Destiny


The day is darkened despite the successive tenderness of new dawns

Cresting the rises and sending prongs of new light into the rest from which day arises.

His mercies are new every morning, but in the gross darkness
8:22- 9:1, 60:2, Jeremiah 13:16), much of mankind

mouths mockeries at the Eternal Light, even Christ, as shown by many, such as Israel, the nation,

by whom this Light was not loved,

nor yet did it capture Pilate the Roman, governor in the greatest Empire of the day,

who gave reluctant but crucial concurrence with the national adventurism of Israel,

to bring ruin on himself,
though God used a spiritual phalanx from the nation with new avenues of mercy in the Messiah
to reach to the ends of the earth,

as Isaiah predicted (49:6, 24:16);

nor was it loved by Herod the Idumean, symbol of the irascible hatred still seen in the Middle East.

Pilate the Roman, and Caiaphas the High Priest, may not have been friends;

But in action, their resultant was one: TURN OUT THE LIGHT!


Because the Light of this world still continues shining brilliantly,

probing the darkness, multi-sourced and incremental though it be,

its denizens ever dabbling more dimly in things little understood

with all the brio of a Scotch Terrier on his morning walk, with sundry sallies and tasks:

there is hope, but not for this world (John 17:9,14-16,20, II Peter 3:10-13, Matthew 24:35).

Witless, with unhallowed and irreverent hope, and deeds unspeakable,

This present world pursues its love of itself, its spluttering wisdom,

Daft as to its beginning, blind as to its end.

It wallows in darkness, as a film star in her suds,

but this, it does not clean.

Yet time, though straitened, still remains (cf. Revelation 10:6)

to find the very Light of God, for He is the one thing vital,

the word of God, Jesus Christ (Revelation 19, John 1, 5:19ff., Colossians 1:19ff.).

Inapplicable! Irrationality screams in the throat of many an academic
(Ancient Words, Modern Deeds Chs.   9,   13, A Spiritual Potpourri 1-9, TMR    1,    8),

Intolerable! more frankly fulminates the ruler,

as wars, a stack of them, line up for take-off, creating traffic jams at the airports:

Islamic jihad with its rank sanctions competing with other lust and lovelessness,

while the seats for instruction in other passions to promote for grasping,

these are all sold out (SMR 8-10).

This world, in its negligent disorder, ignores its Light as the worm ignores the beauty of the apple,

and that one God who is gracious and kind, has for all that, ordained that

the end is not quite yet (II Peter 3:9).

This spinning globe does not care to see, for its eyes it has closed (cf. Matthew 13:15),

but its spiralling tornadoes give no uncertain testimony to the judgment to come,

which arises in its time, as surely as the ocean breakers follow the storm.


It seems necessary that sin should continue in its squalid war, justified in rationalisation,

rampant in specialisation, as if mice could think only of cheese, from any source,

fascinating by the part, ignorant of the whole,

as that there is a household or a cat to help keep it clean.

Nevertheless, in this life, the ultimate source of the storm can be met, as one meets an enemy.

It can be met with the bright and shining light which dismisses darkness and commands peace,

stilling the squall with spiritual strength (Matthew 8:25-27),

where space and place for it is found.

When He is ready, the Prince of this world will come

and it isHe who will rule this world, whose name is truth,

whose heart goodness and whose way is righteousness,

not in the social flurries of imagination, as if a crowd constitutes right,

nor in the brimming, scalding potions of philosophy, as if ignorance held wisdom (I Corinthians 1:20-25),

but with that eternal Light which both lightens man when he comes to this world,

and is put out, in the scurryings of his detached soul, and the blindness of his closed eyes.

Of His kingdom and peace, there will be no end (Isaiah 9:7, Daniel 7:27);

but out of it, there will be no end to its absence.


If the world is a stage, the end is not a play.

This failed and fallen world, however abrupt

in its dark and dismaldismissals of the Light,

has an end.

It is reserved for it (II Peter 3),

fitting for its fabrications, for both it and its evil works are to be burnt up,

just as the implements of hatred and the belligerence of spirit are to go

to their place.

To those within it, who love God, whose walk is with Him, whose work is from Him,

whose trust is in the Christ whose word of redemption is 100% over,

sufficient and available (Hebrews 9:12-28, Romans 3:23-27, Ephesians 2:1-12),

whose Maker He is, and whose Saviour (Isaiah 43:10-11, Acts 4:11-12),

there is a new organisation of life, a peace past any storm,

and a mission into the doom of induced darkness,

as ambassadors of the Light.

And that Light is within them (John 9:5, 8:12, Colossians 1:27), and with them (Matthew 28:19-20).




When at last this world is dismissed (Matthew 24:35),

His salvation stays (Isaiah 51:6).

It is merely, for these His children, like a former house demolished.

If it is a little saddening that it is gone, for so much occurred in it, much good,

yet it is vastly gladdening that the Creator both of it and oneself, is still with one,

unabashed in beauty, despite the woes incurred in securing our redemption (Isaiah 50, 52:12ff.),

magnificent in holiness, doing wonders as is fitting for the infinite Light.

It is then, for His children, who alone He has redeemed (Isaiah 53:3-6),

Who by His stripes are healed,

A gap indeed, but no more:

For although this world goes, as a house sold,

the new is better (Revelation 21-22).


But what of the Jew ? that chosen vehicle of the Lord,

Who though he went nationally astray, is yet by appointment

For a thousand generations, that is for all time on this earth,

Given a place
(Psalm 33, Genesis 22, Galloping Events Ch. 4, SMR Appendix

They have always been right as to the structure, the Scripture;

Wrong in rejecting its truth, the Christ when He came by appointment,

on time like some ultra-spatial train arriving by expectation (Highway of Holiness Ch. 4).

The Jews of Israel ? the surrounding nations will not bear them:

they are back in their land by strong guarantee,

and the very thought is a war on the words of false prophet and false ruler alike.

Disobedient or obedient, they are not welcome.

Their arrival of 1948 smells of a victory for the Lord of life,

not for the force of jihad arms.

It shines like a light, and promotes darkness where darkness dwells.

In turn, the Jewish nation will not itself have peace without Christ.

Their refusal of Him is more than mere disappointment:

it is rebellion;

and so the rebellious dig their fangs into them, and eat, and eat Ö

to jihad, it seems, the meat is not hard.

Their rebellion, it is one with that of the Gentile, who plays his game by his own rules,

ruling in Godís world as if the Maker were mere absentee,

and not sin the voider of light.

The cauldron heats, and the steam itself creates mist.


What then has arrived since 1948 ?

In highlighted sweeping victories as predicted (for God does not leave His people without adequate words - Zechariah 12,14), they have swarmed back into (national) existence,

exercising patience and artistry,

the aridities of Arab yore prophetically blossoming as the rose (Isaiah 35),

the very forests abounding as the sign for so long said (Isaiah 55:1-3,12-13)

as the vast preliminaries to Zechariah 13:1,

stretch themselves out, conspicuous and clear,

like a high altitude vapour trail, for all to see.

As they dismissed the Son of God

(not some visiting card but the ONLY Saviour for ANY of our race, for heaven indeed,

as such deity designate and definitive, for man, for earth
(Colossians 1:19ff., Acts 4:11-12, Hebrews 1, Isaiah 43:10-11),

so do their sons die in a sombre and macabre aftermath.


In the end, salvation is as the Saviour said, of the Jews (John 4),

for it is so in this, that both the word of God written and living have come

through them (Romans 9).

But alas, the nation is yet not far from the word of Romans 10, and far from Christ.

Indeed, until, as in Romans 11, their (spiritual) blindness is removed, and

In Christís light, they see light:

no foundation for sin and uncleanness is opened in Jerusalem:

But it will be!

It is then, with many in Israel

suddenly brought home to repentance from (diverse) rebellion against the God of the Bible,

the Christ of God,

that marvels follow until at length

Egypt though smitten, is healed (Isaiah 19:22-25), and

she who once was a centre of Christianity (including Augustine, Bishop of Hippo)

is in much brought back into line,

while Assyria (Iraq) and Israel find mutual peace,

there being none without its Prince, at any price:

and what prices already have been paid, on all sides!

Those who follow the Pharaoh complex, arid,
self-righteous, self-affirmative, autonomous rebellion,
whether soiled in private sin or public arrogance,

can see the fruits of their non-exodus from judgment (Micah 7:15ff.);

but to the penitent in the Prince, comes peace (Isaiah 9:7),

whether Jew or Gentile.


So the long odyssey of enlarged odium is replaced by the eternal love of the Light,

who shone into the abyss of sin, and descended to evacuate His people,

who are His.

The fountain for sin open now in Jerusalem, the Lord Himself returns (Zechariah 14),

thus completing the triptych, restoration, remission and royalty.

It is then that Christís birthplace and death-site alike, honoured in spirit

rather than in endless geographical tours,

physical proximity often mistaken for spiritual closeness to the Lord,

are yet honoured in spirit, not for their architecture, but for their

divine art, as the means He used to bring what no mere means can produce,

Himself to the vagrant hearts of men.

It is then the Christ gives to this world its taste of peace,

before it goes!