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himself a lover of peace, truth and holiness
in the LORD

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson

Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

January 2002



This title is taken from 3 biblical locations:
Isaiah 35, 59:8 and Psalm 119:30.

As to the first: There is a highway of holiness so intense, so prepared, so blessed that the wayfarers will not err on it. That is just part of it. This is reassuring. However the text goes much further. THOUGH they be fools, they shall not err upon it!

It does not matter in what lowliness of mind, impoverishment of culture, imperceptiveness of disposition, in your natural state, you come into the kingdom of heaven. If you but have faith in the Lord (without which nothing - Hebrews 11:6), and know Him (John 17:1-3), which you WILL if you are His, for without this is no eternal life: you need to KNOW the One with whom you are to live forever! If before marriage you should know the lady, how much more after conversion, must you know God. To fail to do is merely to give the lie to conversion.

If then you know God, have faith in Him, have found who He really is - by accepting the categorical revelation of Jesus Christ (John 8:42), then there is a highway, as distinct from a by-way, and on this if you walk there, you do not err. It has the King for your companion, His rules for your delectation, His promises for your propulsion, His end for your destination.

It is, however, a way of HOLINESS, and further, a highway of holiness. It is select and special, dealing with those whose desire is not mixed, but for the Lord, as in Psalm 73, "Whom have I in heaven but You, and whom on earth do I desire besides You!"

The air is clean on this highway, the view as of Him who is very far off, your bread is sure, your munitions available.

In Isaiah 59, on the other hand, we are seeing a picture of a society so debased, a people whose culture is sin and whose god is the devil to such an extent, that it is like watching a volcano, in which the fragments are men. In the midst of this, we see the lament, "The way of peace they have not known!" It proceeds like this:

"Their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity;
Wasting and destruction are in their paths.
The way of peace they have not known…"

Where is the highway of holiness now ?

It is reminiscent of one who was playing a high standard of tennis in a tournament. She then began to wilt. Afterwards her comment: I lost my forehand and I do not know where it went. That reminds one sadly of our own nation, and many another.

There is then in this instance, a void where there should be victory, a drooping where there should be fire, for He makes His ministers, His servants, a flame of fire! (Psalm 104:4).

Instead of design, there is desire; instead of peace, there is troubled heart and attenuated conscience. Instead of righteousness, the wheels of churning industry are learning the skills of deception, abandonment, manipulation, force, violence and folly.

Psalm 119, that forest of zeal, its pines reaching like burning green flashes to the blue skies, has another aspect for us: "I have chosen the way of truth. Your judgments I have laid before me."

In this case, the Psalmist is long a man of God, though he had gone astray. His heart is set in joy, his mind in truth, his zeal in wisdom, his desire in understanding. Now quite consciously, as he proceeds, it is the way of truth that he chooses, for it is good, and his soul desires it. No diabolical entreaty sways him, no delusion derails, nor any aspiration seduces. If at any time, he should err like a lost sheep, yet the integral virtue and truth of this way is like a lighthouse casting its light over a stormy sea, wherein are many rocks. This is his continual choice, his normal fare and his new environment in the Lord, now habitual.

The way of truth is neither the way of deceit, opportunism, drifting or pretence. Here is not the social, the economic, the various forms of degraded man (Little Things Ch.  5,  pp. 84-85, Licence for Liberty    1). Here is the truth as the very path, the support for the feet, the direction for the conscience, the earth for one’s commitment.

Now if we have the highway of holiness for our inspiring companionship with Christ the Lord, the path of peace for our hearts, and the way of truth for our minds, we are faring well. It is not primarily the vitamins for the body or the culture for the mind which is required;  it is the way of truth, the paths of peace and the highway in which holiness lives. This there is not a caricatured contraption of some ecclesiastical kind, or makeshift variety. Rather it is the norm of form, the zest for spirit and the vivacity of the soul. It strengthens, being strong, it makes wise being sound; it has the sunshine of the pure mountains on its sides, for its altitude is beyond all depression, and its views are past all comparison. Of wisdom what do we read: "Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace" - Proverbs 3:17.

In fact, it is here that one "sees the land that is very far off": and here that the eyes may behold something of "the King in His beauty" (Isaiah 33, John 14:21-23), whose command is clear to bring the gospel and the teaching of Christ to all, as He enables, the life filled with His light, having no part dark; and His commitment is this, LO I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVERY DAY to the end of the Age!  (Matthew 28:19-20).

As we  consider these things, in Christ, and concerning His kingdom which is the one which shall not be destroyed, we shall spend some time in compiling the words on the prophecy of Daniel from this site, making one place a convenient assemblage for the major ones.

A word concerning the arrangement here may prove helpful.

The actual coverage of the precision of the arrangement of Daniel, its specialised topographical features, if you wish to compare it with a terrain, and the survey with an aeroplane view of it: this is reserved for Chapter 10, when the excursions are complete! There it may be read.

In the meantime, our purpose is first to deal with elements of Biblical background, and then to move onto other phases, including the personal, the functional, the procedure in dreams with Daniel as a spokesperson for God, before turning to concentrate on the thrust to the end of the Gentile era, in its corrosive force, removing in the interim some of the professional confusions which have disadorned the liberal phase of church history, if it can be called ‘church’.

Then we cherish some of the most pivotal and most impactive materials of Daniel, giving attention to Daniel 9:24-27 in particular, in terms of predictive flair and majesty, leading onto the final dealings in detail with the residual passages of Ch. 11, before finding ourselves rejoicing in the revelation of  Ch. 12 and the resurrection.


Chapter 1


Chapter 2


From Biblical Blessings 1

Chapter 3

Vehicles and Veracity in Daniel and in life
From Deliverance from Disorientation  12

Chapter 4

5 centuries ahead

Daniel 9, and the Messianic Arrival and Death Prediction
From SMR pp. 886—901, 943-946

For a briefer account of the prediction of the date of Christ's death, see:
Christ the Citadel ...
Ch. 2.

Chapter 5


From Biblical Blessings 2


Ultimates: Desire and determination
do not equate with results …

From SMR pp. 510-520, 694-699 and with it from glossary, 749, then 731-732A-C,  750B-E

Chapter 7


More on the focus of Daniel 9

From Biblical Blessings 6, BEN 87*1

 Chapter 8


Clarity Comes from Looking and Light, in the Lord
Closed Eyes Yield little

From Ancient Words, Modern Deeds  10

Chapter 9

 Man facing the Infinite God -

 the Defacement Depicted in Daniel 9:24

 From Barbs, Arrows and Balms  29


The Plateaux of Daniel

Daniel Prophecy ? Let get acquainted with its high Plateaux -
You ascend ‘because it is THERE’

From Deliverance from Disorientation 15



See also Deserts and Desserts ... Ch. 9 and Epilogue on Daniel, and Aspects of the Glory of the God of all Grace, Chs. 1-5; and   

Christ the Citadel ... Ch. 2, News  111. Especially on Daniel 9:24-27, see The Christian Prescription  Ch.    2