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The Paths of “Peace” without its Prince are Perilous

Predicted and Zooming into the Front Page


News 251


News Radio, December 21, 2002


An interview on News Radio featured the work of John Miller, in his book, “The Cell”. In the course of related discussion, reference was made to an interesting feature. What if the USA suffered just one more major bomb assault, such as the September 11, 2001 slaughter ?


In that case, the view was put, there would be a near certainty that there would be a national readiness for EVERY transaction to be recorded, even the purchase of magazines. The concept has been put, in essence before on this site: as in Lord of Life Ch. 8. One major effect of the bin Laden burden is likely to be this, that nations will increasingly unite against evil in the form of violence and madman’s dreams of subjugation. After Rome’s efforts, say 1000 – 1750 A.D., and they were amongst the most morally grisly imaginable, the Inquisition (q.v.) being merely one of the debaucheries (cf. A Question of Gifts Section VI); and Napoleon’s and Hitler’s and Stalin’s, with now a little sauce from  North Korea’s reclusive President, following some hysterical sounding denunciations over not a few years from Iran through the persons of mullahs and the like: following all this,  the world is possibly getting near to saturation point for anti-messiahs with anti-constructive, anti-feeling antagonisms, denouncing this and that, and liberating the other from comparative peace and security.


What is the normal purpose of such contemporary spatterings and scatterings of eruptive passion in their multiple sites?  the abnormal. What is the use ? Of none except for the zealots. As a general rule and principle of behaviour, when men play God, they do not work  well. There are no exceptions to that.


In view of this, it is entirely likely that Europe, moving from 15 to 25 members in its EU, and even  considering, if rather distantly, Turkey for the future, will be more interested in using government to obliterate the ungovernable, than being obliterated by them. After all, any fool can destroy, and they who live by the sword can die by it; while to create requires other and greater gifts than these directed to destroy! Communism like Romanism and Islam are all creatures of man’s mind that have murdered countless numbers for visions that find no support from God or reason. Their words have not been fulfilled, but their passions rage.


They have tried to rule the world*1, and have failed. Europe, as predicted (cf. SMR pp. 723ff., 886ff., 902ff., Biblical Blessings Ch. 2), will doubtless try more guile, and may be using just that now, in its very close relationship with Islam and oil. It is decidedly (and who more than Germany) cautious about alienating powers that could be dangerous, difficult or devious.


The fascinating feature of course, in all this USA exposure on the one hand, and on the other, the European diplomacy, currently so very different in style and tone from the way of the USA, just as Europe has suffered much less than has the USA from the marauding Islamic push for putsch (after all, bin Laden has directly claimed an interest in restoring to Islam what it once had in this world!), is the treble motion involved.


FIRST, the world is increasingly troubled with the predicted anxieties as we saw in Ch. 2 above. This is here important, since it is rather a natural psychic prelude to capitulation to something, in the interests of the priorities. Thus peace may seem worth the sacrifice of liberty; safety may seem a good thing in exchange for spiritual conformity; and rigorous measures intrusive and more and more exhaustive, for protection, may become feasible to many, in order that they may live, like ants, within the crawling mass of organised people.


SECONDLY, as appeared in the interview noted above, ONE of the things that may most readily be yielded, is FINANCIAL secrecy. Better, some may say, to be financially exposed than annihilated on this earth. After all, if everyone has to be watchable, observable, inspectable,  transparent in all buying and selling, it will become most difficult to be subversive in various financial traps,  tricks and trills; using this and that means of hiding the nefarious means of slaughtering humanity selectively will have increasing retardants. Rather than have more World Trade Centres become a flaming flash in history, many may decide to CATCH those who do such things,  FIRST.  Long has the world been moving towards plastic credit and means of exchange; and more and more, in the astounding advance of the computerised society, are all these things most feasibly CHECKED.


This of course immediately leads to the situation in Revelation 13, where whoever does the WATCHING, may watch and govern, as did Hitler, for the good of the … state; and by this time, in order to increase the facility of prevention, there may be an international co-operation in closing gaps for those murderous denizens of the Koran, who so proclaim their intentions, but not their whereabouts. That man, in his prominent desire, apart from God, to be dominant, should quietly and reliably hide his strength, and when it becomes available, not at all abuse that power, it would seem naïve to believe.


Republicans do not relish the Democratic White House occupant, and vice versa and so it is, in many nations. To get where the power is, where the hour is, where the prestige and the importance is, is one of the major cheese-mouse situations of the Satanic; and we need to remember that the PRINCE OF THIS WORLD is precisely he whom Christ depicted as bringing in his very unlovely and very lordly regime (John 14:31). So the nations have had their day, some with empires, and some of the ideologies of force, like Islam, Romanism and Communism (each has more; none has less), have shown their talons. Their claims remain in their texts, whatever their public image renovations may be!


With these soon to be discarded remnants of old social and economic, yes and religious lusts (it is nothing less to desire to be FIRST, when Christ so strictured the disciples on the point, and so characterised such a concept of primacy – Matthew 20; 23:8-10), we need not think we shall lack company of this kind. Revelation 13, 17 makes it clear (cf. SMR pp. 946ff.),  that Romanism  will specifically become passé, as she is tossed off her beast support (as in the Holy Roman Empire and in all the alliances and nuances of which the Vatican has stood for so long so guilty, in view of John 18:36).


The beast will thus be quit of her. However, this centralised world power will not be like a riderless horse; it does not particularly like a rider, never did (that is why the so-called investiture contest occupied its odious time over centuries, as Emperor and Pope absurdly and anomalously pushed their respective primacies in each other’s faces, yes and poor Henry of England had his problems with the pope likewise).


It will pursue its penchant to govern, to rule, and to be anti-christian in character. This is a third principle and portrait in the oils of contemporary history. Despising Christ (the actual one, the devil can always seek to implement some other thing, calling it a Christ or anything at all that will … work with the populace cf. The Other News  5), the one world government with its one world religion which it will promote and promulgate with the false prophet and the second beast (the ‘lamb-like’ one - Revelation 13:, the specifically religious power base that so many have sought for  so long, in effect as a sort of shadow-cabinet for the antichrist), will proceed precisely as in Revelation  13.


HENCE and as there stated ALL transactions (in principle) will be governed, watched, checked, and a mark on forehead and hand will be usable as safe identification, it being difficult (but not entirely impossible as we have recently seen surgically), to steal a face. These very marks,  as shown in the Bank journal noted in SMR  906ff., have actually been considered for implementation and tried to some extent, as a possible concrete, secular plan.


What, then, do we find in this development as some of those deeply informed on such matters as “Cells” and violence measures, speak ? It is that the biblical picture now has not only current attestation in the Bank pre-run concerning the marks required for identification, but relates closely to the psychic state of the more powerful and developed nations. This is becoming one which, in conjunction with the need of security, is actively being envisaged as leading to total financial control. That is one way of trying to do the thing, if you want to make people do what you want, or drop dead.  It is the foretold way. It is now the forecast way, at this journalistic level, also! How interesting to see the long declared ways being envisaged by man millennia later, as if it were the latest insight! God has it all marked, and man, not God it is who is mocked when in his rush for the universe (an expensive and valuable take-over bid for those who cannot create them), loses sight of reality, and increasingly works in pseudo-philosophy and virtual worlds of his own.


What could aid such a process of OVERALL supervision; for if you cannot buy paper, how write books, unless on the computer, but if your electricity bill is to be supervised, how much can you do without it being known; and if your ISP provider has his accounts watched, what then; and if all these things are to be inspected by social vigilantes,  dressed up as government employes, what then ?


In other words, it looks as if freedom will increasingly become an expensive option; violence will become an impelling ground for restriction, and restriction a useful ground for control.


If a religion is to be in competition (just as in the days of Nebuchadnezzar) with the State, too bad for the religion. That is increasingly the concept, as we already have seen in our adjoining State, Victoria, which has substantially sold out religious freedom for inspectability and social harmony, already (cf. Pall of Smoke, Diamond of Joy Ch. 10,  News 42).


The subjectivisation of religion, the massive religious unity movement (cf. News 121, 122, Tender Times for Timely Truths Ch. 8), the World Council of Churches (cf. SMR p. 743) in particular, the increasing use of ‘tongues’ as a substitute for doctrine, and the combination of those believing in idols and those not, in tongue phenomena, all these things allow a ready mulching of religions. This is a phase of the third biblical principle concerning ultimate corruption.


Some may come willingly and many are already so deluded that further manipulation of leaders or led seems virtually certain.


Some, Christians, may not be interested in exchanging, trading in the Bible for some composite of philosophy, some pretence of massive and ‘supernatural’ power (cf. Revelation 13:13); and so will have to overcome as Revelation indicates, by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony (Revelation 12:11). Notice what follows:  “and they did not love their lives, to the death.”


As the pressure mounts, both in divine judgment (as in Revelation 8:10-11) and human violence (Rev. 6:4,8), the counter-pressure to control will mount. ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST then becomes the work of the leadership (Rev. 17). There will be no limit to the guile, to the deception and to the unholy pseudo-glory culminating as in II Thessalonians 2:4ff., in the mad self-admiring parade of the antichrist figure. Confused and corrupt, he will actually attribute divinity to himself: showing himself that he is god.


It is all so simple really. Christ came, being sent, and did what was required. The devil cannot do this,  does not love, does not understand, is ambitious and seditious (cf. Isaiah 14), a liar, and so deception is his trade.  Hence an imitation product, a false Christ, or man of sin, a false prophet and false spirits, not the Holy Spirit, a false father the devil, and not the Creator, all these ‘parallels’ and artifices will be deployed (cf. Biblical Blessings  Ch. 2). Safety, security, unity, fraternity: these will be calls. In fact, the unity will be sought by FORCE because it is not in the heart outside of God; it will be secured by trickery, since honesty cannot be united in pretence. It will be very much as in that trial run, with Antiochus Epiphanes, as in Daniel 8: guile and godlessness will unite to deceive many. (Cf. Biblical Blessings Ch. 1.)


We are on the way. It does not matter to the saints. Their victory is already assured through Christ; but in the interim, before His quickly nearing return (Answers to Questions Ch. 5), many will be tried and tested, just as Daniel declared so many centuries ago (Daniel 12:10) in dealing with the matters which would end, amid the turmoil, a monolith of such horror since the world began (Daniel 12:1), in the resurrection of all, to judgment or to glory.











*1 It is quite extraordinary, the impact of European nations in world domination stakes, empire construction and ideological imposition.


Look about the Mediterranean, and starting North (a little), move southward and then eastward along it, and what do you find ?


There is England, the most benevolent of the Empires, and yet for all that, toasted as one on which the sun never set, swaying in the breezes of the orient, allured in the darkness of Africa, bounding out to America, setting up an economic marvel and a bond between such nations as Australia, Canada and initially what is now the United States, with India, South Africa with islands not a few, and spheres and degrees of influence of an astounding proportion of the earth.


There is Germany stretching from the rigours of the North to the luxuriance of Bavaria, a nation which twice in three to four decades endeavoured to subdue the earth, in the twentieth century. Nearby is France which, under Napoleon (and eventually over him) sought to control Europe and to include Russia in the swag, as if setting the scenario for Hitler, who fell in the same vast coldness of the North.


Below (in latitude) is Spain, which in her heyday of grabbing gold and slaves, exporting Romanism and oppression became an adventurous thrust throughout the globe. Nearby is Portugal, whose fight with Spain over territories led to an intervention by the pope, to tell them just where their ownerships of the earth met, by making a line of separation between them. Amazing that they cut it up between them ? and the papacy ? Here is a European religious emblem, for many also, operating in the Holy Roman Empire (neither verifiably holy nor particularly Roman), with arms to enforce religion in Europe itself, as well as in such sundry places as Western and Eastern America, where the oppression of Indians reached such heights that it almost breaks the heart to see documentaries on it (cf. Earth SpasmCh. 2,   an excerpt from which is given at the end of this note) or to hear of missions in California where work was exacted and health neglected in the enforced, enslaved recipients of imperial favour.


Move along the seabord of the Great Sea and what do you find but, of course, Italy, where the Roman Empire thrust out its prongs with the strength of an octopus, but with considerable statecraft for a time, before mad religion took its emperors and various powers into a necessary decline, for she was so inflated that her civilisation, that her glory, was her ruin; nor was she the first in such adulation (cf. Isaiah 14), self-generated.


Move further East and there is Greece, from whose northern clime came Alexandra the Great, one of the most dynamic meteors to flash across the European sky and far beyond it, never satisfied, displacing Persian hegemony with his own, humiliating, tramping, overcoming, taking Tyre by the simple device of casting her stones (of the old city, vacated in flight) into the sea, to build a causeway to the residual island to which the Tyrians had withdrawn, and so taking it, just as Ezekiel had pronounced centuries before (Ezekiel 26:12ff.) To India, he trudged, like a nascent Napoleon slightly differently directed, where he was wounded; and in a little, while still in his thirties, he surrendered the conquest zone to become a vassal, in death.


Move now a little south and lo, you are in Arabia of old, where Muhammad had the imperial visions which led to the onset of the Moorish invasion of Europe, the Islamic devastation of North Africa and the threat to all of Western civilisation, exporting now here, now there, the scimitar and its success; only to be defeated at the Battle of Tours in 732, so that the vast volcanic outpouring of passion and glory for the victorious,  completed with heavenly rewards for such triumphs, began to falter. In time it was held back to the residues of the Ottomon Turks and their ilk, Western Europe being no more threatened.


With oil, it has sought once again, and with the fleet feet of ideological conquest, is now seeking to use the money oil brought, to bring down the civilisations which needed the oil! It was however in the Middle East, near the borders of the Mediterranean that it began, and still cites its holy places, not least in Jerusalem, where it has sought to take over the Jewish Jerusalem, and  still does.


But it does not take it. Its Mosque still sits in Jewish territory, while the Jews must suffer it, a fitting rebuke to both religions (cf.  SMR pp.  822ff., 829ff.), christless Judaism, which rejected the actual Messiah duly dated from the celestial scriptures they themselves have held (cf. Highway of Holiness Ch. 4), and Christ-defiling Islam, concocting a new model for the Saviour of the world, without historical warrant or logical ground, for their own satisfaction (cf.  More MarvelsCh. 4). So does the world gobble up grace and produce waste, as if it were so set on a spiritual spree, that neither misery nor reality really matters to it! But it will…


It is easy for Islam to have some success, as Israel has forgotten its power in the Provider, the Christ; but for all that, the Muslim thrust in the Middle East to take over Israel has failed because God has other, long announced plans as we have often seen (cf. SMR Ch. 9, Appendix A, pp.  829ff.). It has failed successively and amazingly, startlingly in view of the ‘odds’; but there is nothing odd about the revelation of the Bible concerning the restoration of Israel, whose conversion in significant numbers is one of the impending steps to come (cf. Zechariah 12:10ff.). Thus both the restoration of the Jews as predicted to Jerusalem, and the terminal state of this world, associated with that event (cf. Luke 21), continue while the various passions, residual, oil-regenerated, the various lusts proceed.


As one said to me recently, the world has had enough of Communism, Islam and Romanism. They have been tried; though it might more truly be said that they have tried the world! Nevertheless, with whatever preliminaries, their forceful bloodshed has not proved attractive, their self-confident rehashing of mankind into ideological pawns has not shone like a light, but immersed in a darkness depriving whether women, or ‘the rich’ or ‘landowners’ or the Jews or someone or something or other, in the interests of the new HAVES, the ideological potentates.


These may drive US made cars in Russia, and dine at the Black Sea, in their dedication to the oppressed masses, or swagger with wild sounding frenzies of international insults, as if this were constructive or creative or had force of some moral kind, in the Middle East and elsewhere. They may direct to having more babies, as by the pope in the Italian parliament recently,  while having killed so many of other people’s sons for so long: but there are the new aristocrats in them all. None have proved to have understanding of mankind, but to have much knowledge in his manipulation, massing, direction and governance AGAINST HIS OWN WILL.


Thus has Europe done so much to so many for so long in so many ways in such different, diverse forms of empire and dominion, domination and power; and it is precisely here that the last stand of imperially minded man is to occur. Done with the papacy as in Revelation 17 (cf. Beauty of Holiness Ch. 4), she surges into a new combinatorial colloquys, splashing into new ideological insurgencies, mounting like wave on wave, on the old, until the new humanism with the new religiosity pronounces to man his grandeur, and they love it, until of course its normal oppression makes it intolerable for many, some of whom are granted graciously the liberty of death (cf. Revelation  12:11, & Chs. 13,17).


The Prince of Peace has left this rubble of religious profusion, confusion of concepts, as a mere flight to fancy. He only has stood untouched by the temper of oppression, unmawled by the expediencies of power, seeking not the arm of man by armour, not the subservience of man for a new aristocracy, but the service of man by renewing his heart, restoring his soul to the Almighty Maker, and dying for the difference, so that man might be as free as God made him, not as oppressed as man can make man.


For the rest, there is no rest. Death is so difficult for all of these religious and ideological mirages, for mirages lack power (cf. the trend of the end in II Timothy 3,  a form of godliness but lacking the power of it). Popes die; Christ lives. Popes are but sinful masters; Christ is sinless. For me, the Christ who ALONE is PERMITTED to be elevated above His brethren (Matthew 23:8-10), is better in His resurrected eternity (Revelation 1:18-19), by an infinite degree, than any dying sinner, using a name reserved by the Redeemer and for Him, in order to procure some of His own prerogatives for his own use. Those however, though mauled in name, remain in fact what they are; and being humbly used by the Prince of Peace, remain solid and unsoiled (see SMR pp. 913ff. for a taste of the spirit of the papacy, so infallibly wrong, and so manifestly in collision with the Christ whose name they so glibly use).


Christ, it is He who is the truth, as demonstrated in SMR; but He is also the one desired, for the marvel is this, that the truth is the wonder, and the fact is that the beauty and the life of God satisfies what needs to be satisfied in man, the soul that God made, that man might BE man, and not some butt for power, target for control or succulence for tyranny. It is satisfied only in the God who made it; for without God, it is like a starved child, unable to grow, relegated to immaturity, a walking tomb awaiting its end.



Excerpt from Earth Spasm Ch. 2.

Dickens shows some of the interstices of such things in Merry Olde England, and you can read of Spanish concepts and conquests in one readily combined form, in Story of Native Americans: Invasion of the Coast a title which relates to a fascinating series shown recently on SBS television in this State.

As to that, its topic covers Indians and the advent of Spanish gunfire into Florida and way up to the Mississippi under the exalted, and infamous leadership of de Soto, whose bands took thriving civilisations aplenty, and reduced them to slavery, plague or death with equal equanimity, savagely slaughtering, pillaging and raping the land, as if it were a divine right to ruin, to grab and to gobble up, like some insane turkey.

That of course is merely an example, but its interest lies not least, apart from showing the ruinous rapacity to which man without God can subject himself and with which ruin the lives of others, in the fact that many of the victims had such dignity. The leaders of some of the races at times said such morally attractive things, sometimes noble in tone and tenor, and addressed the issues of the rapacious attacks by the Spaniards with such all but dauntless courage, as to make the invading forces seem rather less than barbarians by contrast. Their power was corrupt, their work was defilement and their success a disease upon the earth.

So does false religion mimic the worst madness.