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Chapter 5


Angelic Harmony


Little A awakened with the earliest sonnets of the birds. After prayer, as the sun flamed its dawning warning, he spoke with JA.

I have an idea, he declared.

A little one ? JA punned.

Little children can be helpful. Listen. I have been pondering the earth ...

That is a large subject.

But this point can be compressed.

Perhaps with much force.

Judge for yourself. My idea is this. The Earth people are becoming so obsessed with that magical fluting of organic evolution, which they preach on TV, radio, school curricula, through College handbooks, University opinings and the like, as if it were some subterranean gospel, providing a direct route, easy and downwards, to a hell msnamed 'heaven'.

It does not work. You simply do not find creation from what lacks its requirements, like imagination, capacity, wit, understanding, knowledge, and in the case of the universe, mathematics, which are found almost startlingly in abundance, assembly line knowledgeability and the like. It is futility in overdrive,  no use talking about chance. Chance merely means this, lacking means for the introduction of a purpose beyond the mere working of the system. No system, no chance. Nothing, no chance. Chance relies on what is SUBJECT to this or that, and to be subject, you have to be subjectible, and to be that, you have to have avenues of access, and for that, you can be neither nonentity nor disorder, for you have to be definable, directable and the like. Otherwise, there would be no meaning in the term.

Total disorder is nothing: for every time you try to make something definable, it is not nothing, and so not disordered, but quite characterisable. Disorder can mean reduction of available, potential or actual order, as when a room is left strewn with clothes. It can mean, failure to utilise what could be done, as with a half painted house. But it cannot mean nothing; for that has no characterisability of any kind.

Thus there is always some order, potential, actual, impending, expending or whatever.

Chance means that nothing is interfering with this. It does what it is doing without regard to any extraneous purpose, intrusive will or other activity. That however is not 'chance' in the sense of 'anything can happen', but system in the sense that what this is, it duly does, nothing intervening.

If literally 'anything' could happen, there would be nothing characterisable for which it could be said, To this it can happen. It would have to be versatile enough to meet anything anyhow, and hence could not even exist.

Chance, therefore, as a word to explain why imaginative possibilities are introduced into actuality, is like saying that a coma was the cause of your riches. It magnifies a situation, adds a word, and then introduces what it does not have.

That of course is why you never see a system which has no means, or introduce a system which requires none. All systems require what makes them systems, and do what they do. 'Arising' is not only unthinkable chemistry, a fiasco of mathematics, but a failure in integrity of thought. It simply does not happen, whether in a vacuum closed off, or in the universe seen as closed. MOVE and you need a mover; rise, and you need an elevator; upgrade and you require an upgrading work which in turn requires comprehension, application, dispensation of utilities with modifying acuity, plain power to achieve such things by apt and appropriate means and an interface to allow the power to be effective.

It has to be OPEN to something else, for something outside its own parameters to happen; or else you abandon causality.

In which case, added JA thoughtfully, you abandon the power to think, since characterisability and sequence and pattern are inseparable; and once a characteristic is asserted, if truly, then the thing must follow the causative reality which is back of it. Either it is a characteristic or it is not; if it is, then what produces the character remains operative. If you were mistaken in depicting it as a characteristic, then it is not so; and you have nothing. There is NOTHING which is in all things undefinable, since the net result both verbally and operationally IS nothing. It is not then a 'system which' or a 'phase, organ, event series' or anything. That is all.

When however you really analyse, as in SMR pp. 307ff., what you are talking about, you see the extraordinarily compelling, constraining list of requisites which loose thought simply passes over. Omission however produces ... well, it does produce one thing, as a result. It is confusion; but as far as the subject in hand is concerned, just nothing.

Then, continued LA, this means that you simply cannot call logically on 'chance', equals lack-of-purposive -intrusion into some system, as a hideaway for the power, application, understanding of symbolic logic and of symbols, so that you create a language and the executive machinery to interpret and apply its orders. When you say, for example, By chance, I found a ten ton gold nugget (type 'gross'), you do not mean that something which had no power produced the gold, or that the laws of chemistry were in abeyance, those of physics on vacation.

You mean that NO KNOWN PURPOSE put it there and that by NO KNOWN INTELLIGENCE OF YOUR OWN did you 'come upon' it there. Your loci intersected, that is all. There is no chance in the one, or in the other. You thought and decided what to do, including wandering about aimlessly because that was your PURPOSE at the time; it was duly moved into existence by the laws of chemistry, physics and the like, yes and those of meteorology, if a strong wind caused it to tumble down a cliff in order to be at your feet. There was no chance, merely a LACK of KNOWN CONTRIVANCE within the various psychic and chemical and all other phases of the creation, to alter their courses in order to put you there, where it was, at that time.

That does nothing to create you, your thoughts, or its gold location, or formation.

That is why, JA chimed in like a cuckoo clock, thought LA, who was feel rather bright and brassy on this morning of such glorious and even spectacular dawn, you never find it creating itself. What lacks the means does not achieve the ends. Symbolic ends mean symbolic means, understanding, intelligence and the like, first to conceive, then in this case, to make its operation programmatic, harder labour  in the engineering sense yet again; which of course, being far beyond our powers, is why we find the miniaturisation of this equipment millions of time, according to one of their leading scientists - Michael Denton - better for the work, as to size, than we could construct. In this sense, we wholly surpass ourselves, and this, it is not chance, it is what it takes to make what we have.

The intelligence is far beyond ours. It all fits as you would expect of anything which is true, and the amount left for mystery, when once you follow the facts, is zero.

Bring on what it takes, and then take it. Well, we have it, so we have to look for what brought it on, and this is the God whose being is not so delimited as our universe, for what could delimit the ultimate, and how could it be ultimate if it were delimited! You either have an endless circle getting nowhere, this created that, and so on, and ignore the fact that you either have nothing or else you have what is adequate at the first,  in the beginning. In review, you bring on that fact, and act on it. God is. Otherwise you can use magic, which is child's play. Nothing doesn't do anything, and what is inadequate doesn't do what has to be done. Adequacy was always there, and hence we are here.

An endless sufficiency or no go! LA continued.

This is almost contrapuntal, JA grinned, for we are weaving the tartan of truth from the beginning, and seeing how its nature is immune.

Well, we are merely reviewing what it must have had, LA declared. The idea that lots of time will replace absentee sufficiency is like making a moron king on the ground that given time, he will understand Einstein. It is irrelevant how long you take; you have to have what it takes or nothing will take.

That is why this organic evolution thing constantly has people who are evolutionists by training, declaring that NO, in MY field, it is not so, you do not get these uplifts, but you have the system in its own field. There is no answer to the sudden arrival of mammals, or for that matter, of whatever of those amazingly diversified ordinal lifts, of the amazing abundance exhibited even in Cambrian early designs; there is no mitigation of the fact that even these supposedly exceedingly early fields of existence far surpass in variety what is now left for mankind today. Imagine trying to justify a long process by admitting you had more at the start than now, and then asserting that this is a positive process of construction, and explains how we got where we are! It is not merely dim; the light is out!

Absence becomes presence, regress becomes progress. Methodologically, it is  ludicrous, for non-verification in terms of the absolute opposite, becomes confirmation. As to man, caught in this comic vice, he man becomes a sad relic of anything approaching logic.

Culture demands! it is a command performance! chortled JA. In fact, to take the whole assemblage called man, in his setting, one step further, when man does find, to take your case, the ten ton nugget (gross type) of gold, there is an environment above man, his source. Here there is at least as complete purpose as man could ever have, with this difference for the creation of the same in man, which requires comprehension of all its ways, that it is unlimited. If then God wants that man to find that nugget, He is able, as the ultimate environment of all things, to introduce into man's thought the desire to go there, whether by sentimental associative techniques, strange longing, a sense of arbitrary wilfulness (which then becomes the purpose) or whatever else.

Or even, JA continued for him, because God sent one of us to breed the thought by a thought transmissive device, or personally as the case may be. In fact, it is rather like Sunday School children at their annual concert, worshipping the platform, and ignoring the singing and the conductor, when man imagines that the mere underlying material sub-stratum to creation, is what it is about. It is an inversion like those smoggy ones you noted in America, and some other places where your angelic thought transfer gave you virtual access, for environmental interchange; and like those, it obscures.

You know, declared LA,  since it is not really the case that time replaces capacity, or that organisation of bits makes concepts, or that of parts makes orders, or of oddments, makes design, or of chance creates law, or of law, liberty and so forth - all that is mere child's talk, never acceptable in any normal discipline except as asinine avoidance of the issue, wholly contrary to science, school-boy stuff for year II maybe and not worthy of a pass even there ... then they need something else.

What do you mean, something else ? queried JA.

Well you need a factually based approach, and that has to be something else, since the whole evolutionary idea rested on the thought of an engine which, though irrelevant, was supposed to oppose scientific law by inventing what it had no capacity to produce - you know, the fittest live and so the better arrives out of nowhere - it's like saying, one of my children did not die, and so naturally he has had a university education. Since this is the opposite of the empirical facts, of course, some scientists have been ridiculing the Darwin-decree. It is ludicrous in logic as in empirical failure; and is not only non-verified but make a laughing stock.

But how could they still teach it in science? asked JA.

Teach it ? it is a cultural need, to prevent the place of God being given logical thought. You should look up  bfa3.html, thatmagrock/remodelling.html,  and escc1.html with cascade6.html, SMST 7   8, and dd7.html.

I am not too quick on computers.

Then learn ? It is not too late: and you do not have to program.

But I prefer simply to consult the world virtual library and ask the operator to find it.

That is immature, and prevents coincidental research.

But surely we angels need instant responses.

You are sounding as if you have been down here too long.       

In what way ?

This is the instant generation down here. Look at the mere short list.

Instant sex, no responsibility, kids can go to this or that parent, who cares ? Instant money, lotteries. Instant wealth, beach properties, loans freely available to set the cost sky high. Instant war, and instant death, to indulge the ramifications of imaginations without discipline, substituting immediate smashing of bodies for honest thought.

However, just a little time can help a sense of realism and an appreciation of what is really here. While our own perspectives have a healthy uplift, since we know who we are, where the Lord is and where truth is to be found, yet it is good to search, to seek with intensity. You know the sermon on the Mount - Blessed are you who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for you will be filled ? It is true. A good hunger however does not go with instant food! You would never have a real chance to hunger and thirst, instead indulging your need NOW.

Isn't this rather earthy, LA ? I mean, we are not earthlings.

JA, that very term has a spatial orientation, like citing the latitude and longitude of a flower precisely, in a visit to the Botanical Gardens. It is necessary, however, to look at the flower itself. It is becoming a creed of the twenty first century, Imagine what you will, call it science and remove the non-adherents. Immediate satisfaction, wonderful ignorance, glorious irresponsibility, and it is all, you see, for them justified because you MUST NOT BELIEVE in the living God. It does not matter that ALL items REQUIRE Him, and His creation, that scientific method refuses to be subdued by anything else

(did you read dddd3.html and   4, with smst8.html ? with SMR pp. 145ff., divineagenda9.html#1 and thatmagrock/creation.html ? they go well with the list just above).

You MUST by a sermonic law inserted into scientific disciplines in many fields and universities, and slavishly followed into the secondary field, you MUST exclude God.

That, it is their philosophy of science, a mere dictum, of no more value than saying, ug-wumpth three times before breakfast EVERY morning, and especially each one, and especially first thing, in case you should awaken and actually think about the facts and the methods of finding understanding in this or any other field. It is necessary to be dead in order to avoid God, and this  intellectual mortification is like a drug, administering aurally, rather than orally! though it can first be presented orally for aural consumption.

You mean that they just sit down and devise a scheme to remove the evidence by propagandising kids into submission to a Hiterlesque racial theory, with this change only, that it is not the Aryan, but the human race which has the gear for glory ? cried JA. They love themselves like some daft beauty adorning herself with odious mascara, who does not even understand what beauty is ?

No, proceeded LA, not necessarily do they consciously sit down to it: they just stubbornly refuse facts because it impedes their desires, afflicts their conscience, defiles their cultural glory, or whatever thing is their special road-bloc to God; and eventually they become deluded, and in defence, quite automatic with some it seems, teach it and demand blood in some cases - professional blood - if you do not agree, or do not abase yourself to appear to like it. In many  government schools and colleges, kids are covered with this metaphysical soot in the name of science!

You remember that the Director of the Commonwealth Institute of Biological Research, while exposing the follies of the organic evolutionary hypothesis, noted that when rather young he had to be careful not to criticise that idol - as it really was - or his works would not have been published. I read that in youth3.html,  somewhere, and noted similar pages at the same site, in SMR - ah yes, pp.  199-200, 208230, 312.

Thompson stresses how much ill-directed research has been wrought, when topics became fashionable as possible confirmations of evolution, but lapsed when they failed as normal, to provide the goods - as in the ontogeny repeats the phylogeny dictum, applied to embryological areas: a callow guess which has been eradicated by developmental evidence for growth into maturity. It rested on a mere failure to be aware of actual formation from different bases and areas, in different schemas and moulds, yet with that overlying intensity for utilisation which is a characteristic of much creation.

Similar parts can come from different places and with utterly different schema - it is all as creation is. It is brilliant, original, exuberant, with themes and pulses, and intricate delights of cleverness in production, all things having their own totality of enterprise, with the underlying classics of conception. Results can come by this or that means, but in the end, they may have a considerable similarity in overall survey, even when applied to different fields. It is rather like an engineer using the same sort of part in different engines, but making the part as best is suited to the particular production line.

Thus the theory of Haeckel in his Darwinian mode,  is now less attractive to those who study facts rather than philosophical factotums.

Again, the Director, Dr Thompson,  pointed out that on the Darwinian conjecture,

"evolution is essentially undirected, being the result of natural selection acting on small fortuitous variants. The argument specifically implies that nothing is exempt from this evolutionary process. There, the last thing we should expect on Darwinian principles is the persistence of a few common fundamental structural plans. Yet this is what we find."

It is Denton in his Evolution: A Theory in Crisis,  who collects the misnomers, the anomalies, the diversity of contradiction at the micro- and the macro-levels, and sees the theory as myth, proclaiming that continuity has always existed ONLY in the mind of man, never in nature. No less averse to the imaginary engines of Darwin, the folly of gradualism as concert creator,  is  LÝvtrup and of course, in effect, Nilsson. Gould is scarcely happier with the ludicrous concept, not least because it is opposite to the facts he researched in the Cambrian. Yet stolidly, like the Nazi troops in Stalingrad, they continue to their work is ruined, surrounded by the martial facts, and eventually merely taken prisoners of war. What an exercise in delusion, but that, my friend, it is cultural man, freeing himself from God, captive to a stupifying romance, with what is not there.

So  what, LA,  is lost in research on misdirected, highly pre-determined bases ?

Much, and it is not only in academic circles.

Even if results appear when they pursue ludicrous theories like that old chestnut, the causeless direction of the imaginary latent dynamic, the upward movement that has null read-out in observation as in basic types, in past history, it wastes time on obsessive compulsions, fashionable or fervid. Fixity in kind and comparability of result by highly diverse means does not match non-direction, but deposition. This it is and must be, this kind; and this type of thing is desired, and so is to be found, even when it comes by different biological devices.

Thompson dwells on this in some depth and notes that the absence of palaeontological series bridging kinds was admitted by Darwin as a great weakness in his theory, and that the position has not notably changed to this day! Gould's work merely dramatises that fact! Not merely does it not exist, but the opposite, vast aggregations of early designs equipped with sub-varieties, DOES exist in terms of geological approach to the Cambrian era.

What has happened then to research in this theoretically outmoded globe, then, in such vital fields ? asked JA.

By the pursuit of outmoded prospects, they tend to disrelish what has sound grounds. The result ? It is waste in war, where pride of race or place pushes the evolutionary schema into battle, just as it is waste in peace, where it pushes funds into the same field, ex-blood, waste of life, which pushes man into a goddy goofy synthesis, imagining great things concerning himself, like any other boaster, which are not true; and avoiding truth because truth it is!

You see that aspect indirectly in Isaiah 53, where we learn predictively of the Messiah, that they would make His grave with the rich and the wicked, BECAUSE He had done no violence, and had no deceit in His lips. That is the negative side of it: kill truth because it is true. That is the age-old hostility to God, desire to "break Their bonds in pieces, and cast away Their cords from us", as seen of the Father and His Messiah in Psalm 2.

Not only did that Messiah come at the predicted date, but so did that rebellion which not merely erupted in His face, as He foretold, but has done so since, now reaching a culmination of corruption, a climax of confusion, as man marches in increasingly ordered ranks, amidst blood and war, to his appointed end. Diligence in devilry becomes horror in heraldry, as man appoints and anoints himself, not his Messiah, and filled with romances like that of any other drunkard, approaches the precipice with punctilio of manner, and puncture of heart. So it was to be, so it is as you see from Christ's own lips in Matthew 24.

JA stretched up a wing, which involved a certain degree of balancing, since although not being incarnate, they were not actually subject to the law of gravity, yet their actualised virtual imagery (AVI) was so well-done that the effect was not dissimilar. LA paused as the more senior angel spoke.

So do they inculcate corruption in education, OUTLAWING creation in science in many institutions, since it only meets the case of scientific method or metaphysics alike ? mused JA. It is certainly the usual method isn't it: If you cannot win, use force, and you cannot lose! However, it is the race itself that is lost, that is the cost of it, and of all similar rebellion against reason rationality, reality and evidence, and in the end, against God Himself.

You learn about this earth as I did, responded LA. In particular, since all that gradualism is now being dismissed by several schools of evolutionary thought with the untender farewells it deserves, as fraud beyond comprehension and so forth, and nothing has even been produced to provide the upgrade dynamic, which was always merely assumed, it is clear that something better will be needed, unless the race disappears sooner than expected, in a cloud of confusion.

I do not mean that something better will be needed by rational thought, for it has had it from the first, in creation: no, rather that something different will be needed by cultural occlusion. Spiritual brigandage will need to find something else, for if you can fool most of the people most of the time, it is rather harder to fool them all always. Prudence might suggest to the ungodly, something ... else.

I am sure, replied LA, that  culture will need something more attractive than an upgrade mechanism which neither in principle, in practice nor in retrospect does other than make magnificent contradiction of the actual facts of arrival, whether in terms of geological theory concerning rock formation and arrival of new things, or in terms of departure, that is, biota's lavish farewells to our system (SMR p. 252H) as designs disappear en masse, and leave far less than in some of the earliest epochs.

What is there then ? interrogated JA, who had quite recovered his balance, and did a few angelic mini-tours about for exercise to quicken his mind, and relieve his AVI joints, his gaze upwards as his spirit was exposed to corruption on the maxi-scale, such that if it had been seismic instead of spiritual, it would be a read-out of 10, not 8.9 as in the recent tsunami case.

A pause enveloped them. It was as if they heard the sound of many waters, of the Almighty, and sensing His presence, were awed all the more at their review of human pathology, in the sight of angels.

It had on JA something of the effect of the fall of the TWIN TOWERS in New York not so long ago. Wheels were spinning, hate was burning, history was turning the page. The next one was blotted.

Eventually LA recommenced. What then is their next lair ?

There is for some the teleological splendour that beckons man on like a ghostly spectre, to use the illustration of Cambridge's famed Fred Hoyle. Somehow this spectre has the goods, and its beckoning does more than suggest an idea to do; it makes it happen!

However, where is it ? where is the evidence of its so acting ? There is no beckoning in the deposition to which Harvard's Gould refers, in his Cambrian researches, where what is found so sudden, varied, in so many orders, so immense, intense, taking such steps so complexly, so thrustingly, as if to mock all gradualism.

Does a volcano beckon ? Pull from in front or push from behind, it is all one: the facts are the opposite, things decline, vast thrusts in design came suddenly, complete with sub-species in multitudes. JA, I jotted down from just one site, these exposures of the misery of it all! ... OVERFLIGHT  8 (and the spectral), NOGO  3, 23, DDDD  2, DDRAMA 10, MOONSOON  2,    7; News 57, SS  8 (and Denton).

The whole idea is to move back, to make an internal push of such brilliance as man has never exemplified in any sinner; but that does not work. Then the idea is to be moved from ahead, to be brought up as by a mother leading on her toddler, but not merely directionally but in being.

This is to be done, the idea is,  with such brilliance as man as the most spectacularly clever creation, has never himself exhibited; and to find and fund this back push, or forward drawing from something, we look clearly at something very precise. It is precise as to innate power displayed, as to evidence from the past, as to exhibited trends for the future, and  even as to logical possibility in terms of things brilliantly using what they lack to become what they are not, or else having it already stashed away inside, in order to make them what they are not.

It is all precise, since they are what they are, not some magician internalised in surreptitious secrecy, in all things quite undifferentiated from nullity .

What very precise LA ?

Precisely nothing is what we are looking at, except words. Our words however do not create the universe, and so are irrelevant here. It is nothing which is to be seen evidentially to the point, but only its opposite. Nothing: That is most precise. For nothing, the whole realm of upward numbers is excluded, positively; the whole region of downward ones is out, negatively. You have a zero, a nothing, and this, it is to do everything; and if ever there was a sad hypothesis, founded on nothing, fed by nothing, exhibited by nothing, contrary to every discipline: this is it. It is rags to riches in dream, lacking but one thing, anything to the point.

A thing of nothing, it is reprobate, ridiculous and irrational; but then they like to dream, and dreams are far more pleasant than reality, when you war on your Creator.

But what of the teleological idea ? how COULD they invent it from zero ? demanded JA.

The answer flowed like a stream ...

It is because the One who has always HAD to be there for anything ever to be able to be there, since without this, He or the Producer back of it and so forth, and the whole realm of delimited kinds of things would have nowhere to come from: it is because God is dismissed that they try to smuggle Him into matter or mind or spirit or soul or really anything at all.

The spirit of man is then to become some absurd prodigy which it shows only precise inability to become, as it descends continually as God is forsaken.

Its descent is to a God-forsaken matrix of murder, violence, vileness, disenchantment, cynicism, sourness, of dreamy ideals based on nothing and bestialised by anything, or rather demonised on all sides, since beasts are not like these who now strut on the human stage and assume murderous, methodical, blasphemous powers, and strut off again, as if anything to note actually happened.

The base of all this ? JA mused rather than asked. LA was not slow to respond.

It is the humanistic idea of man's reverential wonder, the compulsive off-the-road nonsense about his being great and mysterious rather than grievously wrecked through disintegration of his psyche, and departure from the necessary fellowship with his Maker.

Using just that imagination that has been used so often to desecrate,


as by Muhammad's undisciplined imagination on Christ,


or by Marx's reductionism on man,


or by the works of the many religious plagiarists-cum-innovators,
who use Christ as an additive for their philosophies, which could never stand alone,


or by Romanism's construction of a christ in a wafer
(though he would have suicided if this were really the case at the Last Supper,
He being a man in form, who was not ashamed to call men brethren, and since it was fitting that this should be so as Hebrews 2 requires):

what can mankind do now ?

He can do it all again on a universal scale ? mused JA.

Precisely, LA continued.

He can extend the impulse. Making something entirely new, out of his mind, out of the raving, roving power of his self-hypnosis, the magic of his mesmerism, he can avoid history, dismiss fact, ignore Christ, and making mankind the great entity, instead of merely a part of it as in Marx's idolatry, then proceed to universalise and generalise until the propaganda approach so successful for a time with Hitler, and for a longer time with Romanism, and for quite a time with evolutionism, having done all this, simply ignores altogether.

Discarding logic as a menstruous cloth,  and making man a centre of mystery, his propaganda machine, or better machination looks about. It looks for something to actually do the trick. It is no good being mysterious if you don't have what it takes, so being occasionally practical, they will look for this.

What may work it ? Dream plus personality plus false confidence plus illusion plus force.

What more important for such a guru role, a godless goddiness than a leader very much as in Marx with a class, which became a group of rulers in practice, who ultimately, simply proceeded to place all power in one man, in one system, as if Hitler or Hirohito, or Stalin, the 'Secretary',   had finally succeeded globally. To be sure, once given a base, the leader may help things along, as in Hitler's night of the long knives, or Stalin's Siberia! But the power hunger stuffs itself till it vomits.

Now, it becomes international in this ever shrinking globe as they put it. With global warming merely one challenge for unity, and terror another, with common prosperity a third, they move towards one. But how one since the One on whom they depend, from whom they come, is not accepted ? It is the Spurious One (SO), and it is possible after charm has finished, as so often, only by force. That is how things that do not fit are always done. If it does not screw in, do it properly, or else force it. Here, the properly being excluded, the force is the only other option. Again and again, it CANNOT happen; again and again, it does happen.

What then of the nations in such a combination ? Since all are in, NONE is excluded. Hence comes the antichrist. It is rather like tuberculosis. You see a shadow on the screen, and the thing heals, and there is still some suggestion ? a lurking trend ?

So my comrade, declared JA with conviction, when all the nonsense about matter making itself into man, despite its shrieking revolt continually whenever the thing is experimentally tried at ANY point, or some secreted spirit in man making man what he is not yet, when in fact data banks swell with man's head, but he is no better: it is this which is to act. It will declare itself from nowhere and become evident from nothing. This is anti-science in its final capitulation to politics, since it will not be true to itself.

Things arose, somehow, without cause. Then they dump even the meaning of their speech, founded on causation for the depiction of characteristics, and so should be silent. But in this business, the irrational rules, and they but speak the more. This nonsense they will spout ... or else, somehow, something will act,  spirit in something, somewhere, that is immanent, and somehow operative, but NEVER active, exhibited or shown within the things that are seen. It will be a sort of incorporated spirit, or incorporating spirit, which is a word only, void of processive effects, whether in religious or teleological fantasy, and it will be invisibly making things, though they do not appear.

It is the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome, when the faithful, the true believers are so suppressed in the spirit of seeking advance and security, that they admit to no shame, and live in sham, admiring the clothes that are not there.

When all this is done, what is left ?

There is the desire for it, that's what! declared JA.

This, he apostrophied with a new-found emphasis which LA was glad to see in his friend. There is the shadow left, and despite the impossibility scientifically of having things attributed to what never acts, and logically of having what is outside the creative power of the non-spiritual and non-intellectual to create itself from its omission, there is this lust. They will believe anything so long as it is an occasion to run from the Lord.

They INSIST on worshipping the creation rather than the Creator, as you see in Romans 1:17ff., and running from the spectacularly obvious, they invest things with what they never show, ignore things that constantly show the opposite, imagine things that end literally in nothing (like the 'roaring silence' of one religion), because unless there is a distinct BEING, apart from the creation, that is where you end when you try to incorporate everything in it, and try to bring everything out of it.

Make it something ? resounded LA, grimly: how can it be everything! Make it everything, how can it be anything, a complexion of opposites as apposite as a flying submarine, or a deep sea diving space shuttle ? It is mere words embracing the diversity of creation and ignoring the logical necessity to account for both the FIXITY of the major kinds and the LOSS of the mass of biota over time, while avoiding finding the funding for the commencement of any of it,  avoiding the creation from which the facts will not be deterred in their evidential demands. Magic is contagious for the pathologies of pride. Reality is inconvenient.

Yes, enthused JA. Look at their mess. Nothing fits. What then is the Creator ? Always adequate, or else logically, never providing; there for ever or else never able to come, and in that case,  a nothing which has nothing to show, which is neither you nor I: this is the option. It is an option merely for review. In practice, only one of the options has what is here; and there is no option outside necessary truth. You take it or leave it, and if you leave it, you leave with it any power rationally even to argue! Truth however,  it never changes.

The eternal Creator does not depend on His creations, whether time or tide. For nothing does He wait, for nothing is all that is able to withstand Him, who made all. Even if you thought of a divine artificer making 'god', that one would need to be yet greater, for disproportionately harder is it to create an original thinker, by construction, than merely to be one, given the power without your own help! You have what it takes from the first or you will not get it. There is the Eternal God or nothing. It is not nothing. It is the Eternal God.

Absolutely, chimed LA.

In fact, JA continued,  this illustrates the impossibility of avoiding the issue, and the necessity of the Eternal Artificer back of it all. Delete Him, in your own mind, and if it were carried into practice, and made retrospective, you would be deleted. Gone, he has nowhere from which to come, as if being articulated. Present, He is the eternal condition of the temporal, and Unlimited Basis of the Delimited, the Necessary Condition of the Conditioned, the Indefeasible Basis of Morals, the Maker of Kind, the Depicter of Duty, His word serene beyond any comparison, His Son illustrious beyond criticism.

This Actuality is no part of the structured things for which it is the logically necessary source, and so far from nothing, this Being is abundantly beyond all its creations, and that for ever, unlimited since that implies a delimiting power beyond and hence a system requiring its own construction and defining dynamic, which moves things back one notch, but does not replace the necessity at the first ... unless they want to believe in magic, which many do.

But they WILL not believe ? cried the experienced LA.

Very well. It is an insoluble 'problem', to crucify the truth when it is no longer there for the feat. It cannot be done, except in spirit, and man's spirit not being omnipotent, it IS not done. His spirit thus takes leave of his senses, and his situation becoming untenable, he awaits judgment like a dog fleeing the shop of the butcher, with the fateful evidence in his jaws. With man, it is the words which proceed out of them, which replace the meat.

What then ? They can therefore add a bit of this and that,  and make themselves quite a stew. They cannot go back for that old magic of slow arrivals developing from no source, since facts and logic in glorious combination decline to agree with the nothing-to-man idea, and insist on deposition from what is adequate; they cannot be beckoned forward, always becoming higher creations from a power in advance, since they deny the Maker with just that decisive power to construct, and the current advance is not to be seen, to be tested: for the beckoning spectre is mere phrasing.

LA, declaimed his angelic colleague, it is mere words. Is it a being who can beckon ? does it have a mind to opt for such action ? does it have power beyond to see how to change everything in ways never seen, upwardly ? and that, it would involve complexities of adjustment unspeakable, a procedure so difficult moreover as virtually to dwarf creation itself, if it be used from the first!: Does this spectre or whatever other term for the dynamic from in front concept, does it thus have a prodigious intellect ? Is it not other than God then ? and is it not merely placed ahead, as if to bring us on, so that we can assimilate it into some system, and so not have to acknowledge that God is God and we are creations, with fealty due!

Of what is such a spirit constructed in material system ? Whose mind does it have ? How does it
consist ? It is but a myth without assignable, verifiable or operationally functional  interface with reality, to replace what reality delimited requires, for it to be! There is the splash of creation, there is the fixity of basic kinds, there is the non-show of the means, there is the non-advance of man in himself, and super-man is a writhing idea, even his symbol now dead. The maker of the splash ? the keeper of the Kinds ? the NON-advancer of the same, including man by observation ?

It is what is known as the Creator: whose prodigious skills are exhibited in working models of which we all are  one, whose creations as is the way with creations, gradually burr or blur or decline unless given more intelligent keeping, as is the case in fact and practice; and whose mind is seen in His works. Never have designs been seen to invent themselves; continually, they go! It is endemic, and in view of man's revolt, it is pandemic. It does not come; it goes. The design for earth's solicited maintenance, it is in steps being withdrawn - as in the ozone layer diminution, the global warming, the decay of the earth's protective magnetic field, the use of power in the hands of maniacs, that can destroy cities, the interminable pre-occupation with what is not there, which leaves man vulnerable to what IS!

It declines, man fears, and not without reason; his aircraft has many pilots, who do not know what flying is, far less how to get it done; and they rebel against the manual and its writer.

What then must man do in order to confuse the issue and issue his demands, to enable pride to rule and autonomy to lift its gory head, so often bloodied with inane missions for man ? How can the ultimate deceit for the ultimate contest with One who is the First and the Last proceed ? Thus spoke LA, who was so thoroughly in tune with his friend, that he could not quite resist a sort of contrapuntal injection of his own thought, but since their lives and thoughts were in harmony with the Lord, it became like another voice during a piano concerto, and was pleasing to the ear.

We remember what the Lord did when Israel was in trouble, at one of the pivotal places of its history. He challenged Israel, which received its come-uppance in the ruin of the city when the Romans invaded, a generation after they slew Christ. Remember Isaiah 48:

"Listen to Me, O Jacob,

And Israel, My called:

I am He, I am the First,

I am also the Last.


"Indeed My hand has laid the foundation of the earth,

And My right hand has stretched out the heavens;

When I call to them,

They stand up together.


"All of you, assemble yourselves, and hear!

Who among them has declared these things?

The Lord loves him;

He shall do His pleasure on Babylon,

And His arm shall be against the Chaldeans.


"I, even I, have spoken;

Yes, I have called him,

I have brought him, and his way will prosper.


"Come near to Me, hear this:

I have not spoken in secret from the beginning;

From the time that it was, I was there.

And now the Lord God and His Spirit

Have sent Me."


"Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer,

The Holy One of Israel:


'I am the Lord your God,

Who teaches you to profit,

Who leads you by the way you should go.

18 Oh, that you had heeded My commandments!

Then your peace would have been like a river,

And your righteousness like the waves of the sea.


'Your descendants also would have been like the sand,

And the offspring of your body like the grains of sand;

His name would not have been cut off     

                          Nor destroyed from before Me.' "

There you see it in the more limited case of Israel. They became rambunctious, ignoring the endless predictions and provisions of the Lord, always fulfilled; and yet, despite this He provided for them an escape from the coming Babylonian captivity, and told them of it before it even happened, even as you see in the next chapter, 45. The Lord proceeded to name the Ruler of the next empire who would release them and send them back home from their coming exile, and exposed in verse 16, the Messiah to come, whom He sent, who would be the final pivot, as He was the constructor at the first.

There is perspective and provision, and there is redemption and there is hope; but not for continued rebellion. Israel illustrates it, even for rebellion.

Yet they go on now, just as Israel went on then, and only a few are delivered, to take advantage of the mercy of the Lord, more profound than creation, higher than the heavens, in His own Person, complete, replete and irrefragable. One must always ponder this, even in the midst of massive darkness. It is as if man in the heart of Everest, coming up in the intense horror of its core: yet there is light, there is the tunnel of truth, there is the way out. However, we but look at the way on, when they refuse the tunnel, for that is where we now are. Please resume JA.

Disdaining mercy, reason and reality, despising truth and telling it while asserting its absence, man then proceeds in his rebellious course. What propaganda must he then enlist ? He must even more discount fact than has been done so far. So moving, they run into endless headwinds; and it is small wonder that the Bible calls the effort the Lie (as in II Thessalonians 2:11, which relates to I John 5:10ff.).

My friend, you flutter aptly, cried JA with appreciative zest.

They cannot even pretend logically that mankind advances, since man's morals are becoming as decimated as the biota about him, his social skills supreme in deceit, profusion of selfishness and awesome devilishness that now threatens the world, as well as the souls concerned; his horrific evils are becoming world records; his continual warring and furrowing on the backs of his enemies is becoming a mockery of any dignity at all. He even makes philosophies to mirror his fall, and then falls still further with these academic cartoons in mind. And why is it so ? it is all because he insists on the ludicrous, loves the imaginary and seeks his own will and way.

Vacation from God however is never restful. Be sure your sin will find you out!

The world writhes, worries, is disturbed, seeks resolutions, abandons justice, follows the easy route, and gives up this and that, eventually manhood and womanhood itself, to the disaster controllers.

Stalled, what can they do ? Try to revive the rotting corpses of dead ideas, a laughing stock before the facts of life, merge the dismembered limbs ? What then ? synthesise the ridiculous, erect a leader, thunder on fear and need of unity, make it illegal to tell the truth, insist on domineering as Hitler, Stalin and so many tyrants have done, do it at the international level, much easier with the British Empire and its Protestant basis OUT, and then RULE, RULE and then rule the fool who submits!

That is the biblical picture, and you can see from all these beginnings, how easy the transition will be. The story is a romance, and it is often told; and they will have their contemporary equivalent of Hitler's propagandist, Dr Goebbels; for it is far easier when the people long to have it so, as so many Germans did, and as a vainglorious world in large measure, at first at least, will desire. What sort of message will it be ? You see that in Revelation 13:11-13, that SECOND BEAST, the religious one, subservient, servile, senescent even in its power, living a death.

Perhaps, mused JA,  it will move something like this. Flee from fear, find peace in authority. Flee from terror, find justice in international control. Find prosperity, sink your ideas and diverse individualities into the common market for man. Sell your soul of course, but get a good price. Mystery, wonder and awe, invest that in our race, the ultimate racism, and let us see what MAN can do. That indeed, this last part, is precisely what one world international leader recently said!

What sort of words, then, the propaganda ? Perhaps they will be like these ? There are mysterious forces, strange wonders, remarkable universal actions, to which we must be party. Here is human destiny, and here we now have the technical facility to progress. Let us as one man proceed, for otherwise there is nothing but terror in diversity, ruin in contention and with our power, that ruin is certain.

Now let us be practical, rejoined LA. Let us ask ourselves a question. By whom is all this to be wrought ? by whom, except by the intelligentsia and the culture of the day are these forces to be deployed! which of course needs leadership. For that to be effective, while terrorism twirls its moustache, meteorology appals and asteroids assail (as in Revelation 8, thus fulfilling the fear of many astronomers), there must action. This will be the call, There must be crushing, and financial control, and so organisation to watch everything and everyone, and so with mystery and necessity, at first exultantly and then sullenly considered, there comes this exaltation to which man is, also and always when in sin, so utterly exposed.

Fear prompts, vainglory leads! Like a cow moved by head pressure and tail pressure both, man moves. Such is the degraded scope for manipulation when the heart is rotten, the soul is dead and life trickles.

He wants something up there, and ignoring God, makes an idol. He makes it as did his unspiritual forefathers, and it is his own. Gone is the kindness, the capacity and the power, the brilliance and the love of God from the aspiring heart of deluded mankind. Seething in spiritual inanity, like a pressure cooker leaking its explosive powers, man makes for himself his gods, and serves them, though their cruelty be as the religious assassins, their pride as that of Lucifer and their incapacity like that of a four year old child, given the keys to the car. Amazed at his tiny splendour, to use the mind God made, in order to understand some of the least things that God has done: man becomes a spiritual cinder; and as such, he admires his craft, even as it founders.

A deadened heart needs but little, and an aspiring mind, derailed, runs over any cliff most freely. Man in place has wonders to behold; but off his line, he is mere rupture and corruption, on wheels.

What better than something using the utmost in technology and the greatest in diplomatic deviousness, until there is power in the philosophy, backed up by religious waffle such as we have seen is constant, current and most popular, filled with fancy and deploring mere logic. There will be some concept, perhaps, of glory shunting man off the side-track, and moving him on in a way never seen or known, drawing him out, enlivening him into new something or other untestable, since all the testable things have failed. For man to be worshipped, he will have to have something that is about him, some force, to enhance his ostensible unattractiveness as deluded, shanghaied dynamic.

Divorced from God, it is just a question of which natural thing he will worship, as Paul shows in Romans 1; and in the end, there is man declaring himself God in the temple, that unspeakable crux in II Thessalonians 2, the ultimate in impudence, the pit of intrigue, the Everest of confusion.

Yes, I did notice something in News 5 about that abomination! affirmed the now soaring JA, whose perspectives, he found, were helped by altitude, which spiritually suggests being closer to God whose mind has declared it all millenia ago, and with virtual form, the movements have significance.

We but consider the means; the Lord, He has declared the course. Yes, one can see the magnified midget affirming his own deity in the temple ? the temple of understanding, or more accurately, that of misunderstanding.

Powers, resources, things unassignable, mysterious, ultimate, he loves it, and sees himself as in a mirror (not of course of his own making, but heavily used). His self-regard is hypnotised by the sheer grandeur of his power, which can be disrupted at any second by death; but of this, triumphant life in intoxication, refuses to think. The ultimate drug, that of delusion, manipulates him like a toy.

He brays of power, of greatness.

He will merge with it, or it will be so overcome by his wonderful nature that it will merge with him, or some other marvel of nullity will emerge. Such would appear to be the coming height of his delusion. Born of woman, dead in an instant, this wonder will actually induce a sense of marvel and excellence. His long search for knowledge will probably be confused with wisdom, his gains over centuries, by applying the constant ability God gave him to interpret the world God gave him, will be taken not as evidence of the greatness of the Donor, or the donation, but of the recipient! Such is the program which God has appointed in II Thessalonians 2, and reflected in Revelation 13, 17, 19.

LA reflected, his thought sending gleams of light into the skies, which to some seemed a southward creeping, or even sprint, of the Northern aurora. Speaking meditatively, he resumed the thrust of the concept of JA, who as a brother, seemed almost like a different instrument in the same orchestra.

We are always improving! will probably be the cry, as the constant use of labour with given equipment brings more understanding from the apt instrument God gave men in mind, for use on the apt world He likewise provided. Thus the increasing product of equipment donated,  becomes hopelessly confused with an improvement in man himself. Even such elementary fallacy as that, it would do. They want to believe it, like parents wondering about the letter for their child's report from school - is it an A, or B ? is it not too little rounded to be a B ? and that = sign next to it, is that a double minus or a suggestion that there is none his equal ?

Ludicrous ? Yet with man's pride, when God is involved, nothing is too ludicrous. The universe for many is a gold mine to be grabbed; and mankind, this is a field to be exploited; while for others, more socially inclined, some will be the co-exploiters while those unfortunate enough not to measure up, can be handled in the way tyrants always try. You can see that very picture, in essence, in Revelation 13. Their growing fondness for euthanasia, and scrapping of ... difficult life, is ready for action.

The idea of constant improvement because a GIVEN intelligence (and some of the ancients leave modern man, in nearly all cases, way behind) continues to work for a few years or centuries, as if this were some kind of index to the upward way of man in himself: this is such a buffoonery that it is hard to believe anyone over 7 years of age being gulled by it.

In fact, your improvement of a garden over years, does nothing to show you are improving, nor does your knowledge of gardening do so. You use what you've got for a while, and you get what it gives. It doesn't turn you into a superman, because you used your equipment; far from it. On the contrary, the further mankind goes with higher stacks of simple knowledge, the more his devilish devices become apparent.

This is the test: as he has TIME to use what is GIVEN, and what he cannot make, man gets more knowledge, more power, and then the same old man USES it. In a while, the world could not contain his devilishness and technical pile; and the world would become unlivable for the multiplied desperados of greed and false religion which proliferate That too is PRECISELY the point Christ made: without Him in the mÍlťe of rottenness and evil, the world would become UNABLE to continue for man! Matthew 24:21-22 has that.

But despite the obvious, pride, egocentrism, humanism, secularism, mystery-obsession, irrationalism and ostentatious derision of the Lord, the truth and the Bible will continue to confront the vicious vapidities of man, while at the same time, the deluded powers of the prince of this world will be leading man on, until at last he discovers, too late, it is down, not up, that he has been moving, and that pride leads to a fall.

Falls ? when in Primary school, you fall and hurt your youthful knee, it is a small affair. If in life or business, you fall and hurt your reputation or results, this is more serious. When however in the journey of man, which should be to God, there is a highway to hell pursued with rigour, propaganda, devious controls and twisted dynamic, there comes an end. When this fall is ultimate, when mercy is despised, when truth is deposed and yet used as if to present the Idea, what hope is left for man!

The stress on survival becomes the licence for lordliness; the stress on mystery becomes the grandeur for maestros - look how they still revert to priests with power despite Christ - and the regulatory passion fashioned large because of dangers, this brings about that horrific rule which so many have nearly succeeded in achieving, as their nations expanded, but which none has quite managed to achieve, whether Alexander the Great, Pope, Hitler or Stalin.

When you refuse God, delusion is certain; it is only a question of where (as in II Thess. 2). The gradualism may then yield in the popular passion for magic, to dynamism and mystery, touched with force out of fear, and garlanded out of worshipful reverence, out of God's dismissal ...

LA, you have much to say.

JA, you are patient.

LA, you are right however.

JA you are generous; but the point is simple. The grounds of mankind's rebellion are moving towards a vast synthesis of sin, in which the past and fading dynamic of evolutionism, stricken, stinking and dead, but still exerting some influence on the deluded, this, together with all of these other elements, empty hopes and endless dreams, always aborted, never fulfilled, but fashioned to deceive, seen in so many modern movements, and shown in past monuments to dis-integrity of thought in terms of  man - at last involving man management, with perverted worship together:  these unite to fashion disaster. They are bringing muddled human culture to the very brink of the precipice.

What we need to do, said JA, is help them to realise that this religious stunt is mere shambles; that it is one God and one revelation and one Christ and one necessary salvation, so that they come to see the Jewish people not as an amazing verification of countless scriptures merely, but as a point of dislocation. THEY did not continue as they were enabled to start; hence the Gospel has bypassed them as a nation, and reached the Gentiles.

But as to the Gentiles, THEY also did not continue as many of their nations started, instead joining with international rebellion; and now their  frank disregard of the Christ, is leading them to become mystically secular. The world is in decline, like a consumptive with no thought of cure, rejoicing in the last hopeless tissues of strength.

WHEN it is realised that Israel is on schedule with precision, and has been for thousands of years, some 3500 in fact, and that they themselves, the Gentiles, are so no less, and all for the same basic cause, and that  the result is just what the Lord foretold from the first, then they may begin to wake up. It is not a religious smorgasbord, but a rebellion first of Israel, with due result, then of Gentile after the Messiah duly arrived, with a conflagration increasingly universal, duly predicted in the Bible and at the lips of the Lord Himself, which is duly just. Many will rebel against the justice, while still openly despising the mercy, as in Revelation 9:20.

When this is seen, it is so simple. God is, created, spoke, gave, was in dereliction left by Israel and brought remedy; yet this was in dereliction not only left by Israel the nation, but increasingly and at length abandoned by most peoples,  not only in Israel, but over millenia, in this whole world. Then, having long brought the precisely specified judgment on Israel in its time, He brings it with increasing intensity on the rest, the Gentiles,  in their own time.

That, it is simply a divine confrontation, as ultimately in Revelation 19:19, one in which for the time, mercy and pardon still operate since God is the source and original of all love. Yet love providing its remedy freely, is not justice masquerading as a duffer, so that at last, mercy freely given, freely left, leaves judgment freely available, and in the end, sadly imposed.

What could be simpler! concurred JA.

Their symphony of heart became so electrifying that some of the brigands of nations, who seek to control them, were surprisingly disoriented in a meeting being held in Tel Aviv, one to which the angels had come; and there had to be a long break while the members prepared to re-orient.

The fact that a bomb went off in their near vicinity did not help; but it did aid the ruthlessness with which they continued their discussions of the 'road to world peace'. It was in fact not even a goat track, but they were intractable in desire, fervent in hope, irrational in a childish way in obstinacy, and having seen others nearly succeed in world rule, sought it now as a thing most near, where knowledge could allow the final grasp, missed so narrowly by others in the past.

While this happened, JA and LA were summoned to heaven, and there commissioned for their work in Israel, a sensitive matter requiring nothing less than the Lord's decrees. Delighted they returned, and awaited the developments they knew their Lord would initiate.

While they did so, they watched some children playing, and could not help noticing that some were limping, some had large scars, one lacked a hand, one a leg, and feeling with foreboding the ruin which the devil so gravely and greatly desired for this nation,  so abundant a testimony both to the mercy and the justice of God, they sought to reach, by all means, some.

How merciful, thought LA, that we do not have bodies that are vulnerable, like those!

How this alerts me, pondered JA, to the point that we ourselves, being angels, can wound though no flesh be hurt; and here is an illustration in things physical of the elemental realities of spiritual warfare. And yet, for us, it is ONLY truth which hurts, and we love the truth. Far are we from suffering agony because of a missile; but not so far from enduring agony if we meet a murderous spirit, a liar or a fraud among the angels Ö like Satan.

When they had shared their respective thoughts, each stared happily into the eyes of the other, for there was a contribution from each, that made their team more effective, their lives more far-reaching in comprehension of their own estate; and as friends should, they rejoiced that God had made them so VERY different, so that coming from different angles, they became more complete angels, and  could assimilate the facets of the love of God, and His glory and truth, more readily.

In this way, my brother, said JA, we arrive nearer to the time when we can look even a little longer at the glory beyond all angels, which activates our thoughts, vitalises our spirits and gives peace to our hearts, that of the Lord whose creation is not only of worlds and peoples, the universe and all that is in it, but of a humble and a contrite heart, a teachable one.

What after all, they agreed, is the point of being unteachable! So did their accord grow, as they prepared to face the intensity of hatred and discord which disadorned Tel Aviv.

How good it is for brethren to dwell together with active accord, energetic development and team work! mused JA, citing Psalm 133; but if their thoughts had this measure of relief in their works, they would soon find contrast this Middle East region's  own awe-ful messenger.

What there would be found ? Sin, writ-large in the landscape, dereliction seeking to destroy industry, the work of vision a prey for those who had never performed it, here was a contest between a God-appointed way, in which both agents being  at war, were also at war with God.

Yet the one, intruding on what they did not create, become aliens doubly, seeking to alienate from Israel its divinely appointed and internationally deposited realm, as from all the victorious nations of World War I in 1920.

The UN, to whom the League of Nations had given its labours, deceitfully dismissed this promise, and has sought to remove yet more of the Palestine legitimately given by the nations to Israel, which helped materially in the war, not only through the inventions of Dr Weizmann in England, but in their own fighting unit. Is it not enough that most of it has gone to Jordan ? Is it not enough that Israel is already a rump of the rampaging of the UN ? Is it necessary to take yet more, as if deceit is multiplied by repetition into some kind of morality!

To such things the angels gave thought, as they proceeded to this treble war zone: Palestinian versus Jew, Jew and Palestinian versus God nationally, and the UN versus the League of Nations and the donation of the Nations in 1920, which mirrored the divine direction of Genesis 17, as seen in Galloping Events Ch. 4. The overview is to be seen in Of the Earthy, Earthy Ch. 3 and Let God be God Ö
Ch. 4, as LA pointed out to JA, as they pursued their mutual education.

Meanwhile to Israel that was, that is, to Palestine which was Jewish, was to be Jewish and is a renegade reality, removed and now to be attenuate again; to man versus God in several dimensions!

What war is trebly mounting with wings, as a tornado in the making!