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                                                                 LITTLE ANGEL


The same perspective with other eyes








                                 Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson






Published by World Wide Web Witness Inc.

February 2005

ISBN 0 9757385 1 8




There is something about what is little that appeals to many, as with a baby, a young boy or girl, a young man or woman, a young husband or wife; as there is about first learning, at any age.

The baby has to orient spatially, personally, socially and functionally. The child has to relate to concepts and conditions, to others and to the inward world of ideas and spirit, as to the outward one of happenings and reasons. The adolescent has to adapt to responsibility and independence, measure by measure, and to the world of disputation and dispute, conflict and proportion, horror and harmony. The newly married has to learn the meaning of being one of two in consort, of being parents usually, and of management for two who grow in more ways than one.

How many smile automatically at the sight of a baby. It may transport them to the world of beginnings and not knowing and finding out, and the entire potential involved, the growing abilities, the needful agilities, the stumbling and the dreams!

Many may re-create for themselves the world of first vision, first understanding and the seeking of the Lord, and ponder the wonder of it all, the powers developing and the scope for them presented, the criss-crossing of temptation and error, sin and falling, like dappled shade, with the arising to ... to what ?

In The Little Angel we have a more celestial perspective which makes it easier to deal with essentials, and to circumvent undue pre-occupation with means. The Little Angel for his own part ... but then the reader must find out what happens for him - for herself.

Creative licence is taken as in all allegory, and realms can be conceived as places or perceptions or even conditions, while time can be supervened, dispersed or even funneled, and space can turn not into a palette, but an event. In fact, this is not a work on angelology, but in allegory, so that structure and figures may appear which in fact are elements of the Gospel of grace, or expressions of its wonder. How grand is the scope of grace, and by how many means is it to be shown! ... as Hosea 12:10 exhibits, and Matthew 13 illustrates.




Chapter 1

The Little Angel

The Little Angel at work ... or is it at play ?


Chapter 2

Little Angel Delves

Has he fallen ? the question begins.


Chapter 3

Finding Character


Chapter 4

Finding Knowledge


Chapter 5

Reconciliation for Angels


Chapter 6


or otherwise put,

The Commission Ceremony


Chapter 7

Stormy Youth and Professorial Storms


Chapter 8

Academic Blood Letting Disdains Blood


Chapter 9

Entertaining an Angel Unawares


Chapter 10

To the Freedom of the Surf and the Liberty of the Land


Chapter 11

You ARE an Angel!


Chapter 12

And Great was the Fall of it ?

Is it Spiritual Autumn, in one, even in all peoples ?





(I Peter 1:13)

A Spiritual Request is Made to Heaven and
a Spiritual Answer is Given!



There is a sequel to this allegory, and it is to be found here.