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Manual for Young and Growing Christians
covering many topics and emphasising
the beauty, reasonableness and harmony
of God's word


Published August 2003

by World Wide Web Witness


ISBN pending





by Rev. Dr. Robert E. Donaldson



Preface and Contents







It is currently so pressing a distortion which afflicts Christendom, that it seems best to prepare a manual for those who seek to be established in the faith, alert to the deformities being satanically prepared, sometimes now even through denominations whose past, or whose past bodies, in the event of a union, have been sound or even outstanding, and biblically grounded. Relatively extensive, this present work is for reference, and study in areas of desire or need, or comprehensive overview. Its presentation, in doctrinal position,  is exceedingly close to what would have been expected to be said by any Minister at the outset of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, in that its untampered declaration appear excellent. However it is the Bible which is the only basis of this work, in doctrine.


Reason for the faith, which the Bible presents, is given considerable attention; since reason will admit nothing else! The previous works, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, and That Magnificent Rock, with others, have shown this. In this work, however, Apologetics is only one phase, for instruction is here paramount. Nevertheless, this aspect is constantly kept in mind.


With this coverage of doctrine and biblical truth, there is then, a provision of reason for faith, and a trumpet call to battle for the soldiers of Christ, not with swords or atomic weapons, but with spiritual ones, while the feet are shod with the Gospel of Peace. Peace in the heart, wisdom in the mind, faithfulness in the spirit of a man: these are outstanding needs (Ephesians 6, Galatians 5, Isaiah 40:26ff., 26:1ff.). It is desirable that many escape the situation where increasingly those who are in some of the now biblically distant denominations, from whom people should have come out long ago (see Section 19A in this volume), nevertheless continue because of culture, friends or custom, where they no longer belong.


An awareness of the matrix of the faith, of its resolute rationality, its sublime spirituality, its unmitigated authority, since the book of the Lord (Isaiah 8:20, 34:16) is immediately inspired by God, of the very thrust and message of the Bible, is to be sought diligently. The fact that its words are more powerful than dynamite, more constructive where faith receives them, than an atomic bomb built not for destruction but relief: these things need intimate and resolute reception.


But where is it to be found ? In many of the erstwhile Christian Churches, the Lord is as well denied as Peter ever forecast (II Peter 2:1ff.), and the arrest of the Lord’s work as genuine as Paul foresaw (Acts 20:26-29). The teeth of pagan philosophy, irrational, irruptive, destructive, is taking many seminaries, and the sheer effrontery of false christs and false teachers, this is no longer confined even approximately to the Sects (cf.  TOAN 9,10 Epilogue, Appendix - sects, politics and philosophies, their tedious, torturous tapestries).


While this situation has been developing since the early twentieth century, and its dénouements have been numerous in different lands, it is only now that the gloves have been demitted, the ecclesiastical fraud is becoming apparent to many who did not care to concern themselves with little matters like the assault on the Old Testament, then the New, then on Christ: and all of this in the church and in the name of the church, and sometimes, even of the ‘Lord’.


It had to be; if it had not been, then the Bible would have erred for it has laid truly enormous stress on just these developments, coming to their awful culmination just as the Age comes to its consummation, and the return of the Lord draws near (cf. Answers to Questions Ch. 5). The Bible does not know error, and the counsel of God, duly proclaimed from of old, makes contemporary reading as it is fulfilled.


While, however, it is being fulfilled, work must be done, both to teach and to learn. In view of this fact, this volume is presented in the hope and expectation by faith, that it will be used to help rescue many, train others, stir many to their vast responsibilities as Act V, Scene V comes into its final spotlight. Keep the Lord in your spotlight, and know that, if you are His, His light is on your path, which moves upward to the coming day.









The First Number in any grouping brings all in that group.




                    1. God's Search

                    2. Our Search for God

                    3. The Necessity  of the Search

                    4. The Time Element

                    5. Judgment

                    6. God's Motive                                                                                        

                   7. Method

                   8. The Holy Spirit                   

                   9. Regeneration

                  10. Perseverance and Assurance 


                  11. Justification

                  12. Sanctification                                                                                         
                  13. Victory

                  14. Prayer

                  15. Sanctity and Prayer, Suffering and Service


                  16. The Christian and the Bible

                  17. Witnessing for Christ

                  18. Faithful Witness      

                  19. Marriage

                  19A Divorce from Doom, Changing Church

                  20. Career                                                                                                   
                   21. Drink and Drugs


                   22. Predestination

                   23.The Day of Rest, and the Way of Rest in Christ;  
Going‑to Church, Giving

24. Creation


                   25. Covenant

                                The Lord's Supper


                                A Minor Excursion on 'Works'


                   26. The Resurrection ...................
                  see also Section 30 below


                   27. A Question of Gifts
                              for this also see the larger work, A Question of Gifts

                              What gifts does God supply for Christian service ?
                              What is the gift of Prophecy, noted in I Corinthians ?
                             How does this differ from biblical inspiration ? 
                             What   of   'Tongues' ? Where if at all, does it fit ?



                   28. Archeology

                    29. Prophecy


                    30. Reason for the Faith

                   Points concerning ‑the Resurrection Challenge

                   A convenient Selection of 50 Prophetic Items for Verification




                   31. A word on the Bondage of Freemasonry
                         and allied liberties against the faith,
                         including a spectrum of religions


                   32.  The Bible and
                          the Westminster Confession of Faith:
                          The absolute doctrinal standard,
                          and a useful formulation,
                          which gives itself no airs…


                   33. The Pastor and Eldership




                   34. Translations of the Bible


35. Appendix on the Parable of Victory

36. Appendix on the Everlasting Gospel


37. Pain, Suffering and Evil