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News 187
Advertiser, Oct. 31, 2001

"Finish Withdrawal, says US"

A Compelling Comparison
A Clarifying Contrast

The caption, the headline to the Advertiser news in this instance, is NOT the text of the 'order' of the USA to Israel. It is only fair to note that.

However, it is also fair to note that DW TV in Berlin - referring to an earlier directive of this kind, characterised it. It was not normal diplomatic language! they said. One is of course not diplomatically quite so ... blunt. This clearly appeared  the view there.

The text of the news continues: "The US has told Israel to pull back immediately from Palestinian territory." Again, to be fair, this is only a news summary; and the actual quotation proceeds, from the lips of RIchard Boucher, US State Department spokesman, "We want to see it go through immediately, we are encouraging them to continue this proces and see it go through all the way."  Now it is true that he also called on "Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to arrrest and prosecute those committing violent acts against Israeli." Still, we have come far from the 1990s dancing attendance on the Middle East mini-potentates:


Now we shall make two comparisons by building imaginary scenarios.

The first is this. The US Secretary of State, or of Defence, has just been assassinated. The war on personnel has been continuing for decades. It is partly sponsored from within the US and partly from many self-announced enemies, in violent coalition outside it. This is the latest in a long series. That is our hypothetical situation.

What follows this bold assault ? To the US government, someone says: Get out of the response you have called down on the assassins. STOP NOW seeking to secure them. DO NOT over-react. Be cool. Be pliable. Be reasonable. Stop being so irresponsible.

One cannot see as mute acquiescence, the US government response to this: for would they not cite the ground that their entire nation is under threat for its independence. They value that thing, independence, always have done so.

They do not like having the UN DIRECT THEM, but rather prefer to house it on their territory.

They do not like being TOLD their duty by outsiders, let alone when it is close to national dissolution. EU and UN and USSR participation in the resolution of their little problems with assassins of major officials, would not be attractive. One can be sure of that.

However, it is to be attractive to Israel. It is strange. That, it is justice ?

But let us make a further comparison.


Now let us compare an Arab situation with that of Israel, and try to treat this hypothetical Islamic 'community' as Israel is now being treated by sophisticated diplomacy, and growing international accord.

Imagine then, for here is our new scenario.

There is but one Islamic body in the world. There is no other nation of this kind. It is in Saudi Arabia. Its slim sliver of land is notoriously little, almost contemptibly hidden away in the sand. Its 6 million Islamics are a large percentage of all those scattered in other nations, for, you will remember, there is no other Islamic island or land pocket that rules itself, in the whole world.

In this simple strand of land, indeed in the very heart of its capital city, there sits in solitary splendour, a gold tipped Israeli temple. The people of Israel are determined that, though they have lots of other such temples in other lands, many of which are under Judaistic rule, it MUST have this one left in this ONLY Islamic  land as well. Any thought of removing it or replacing it with a Mosque (which would be the only nationally operative one in the world in this comparison) has been bitterly opposed by Israel, which controls a large percentage of the oil production in this world, which it doles out at fabulous prices, through a Jewish cartel, with the normal privileges and sensitivies of partial monopolies.

There is all but universal agreement by sophisticated citizens of this world, and by the international bodies, that OF COURSE this temple must remain in the ONLY Moslem land, since it is ONE of the Jewish holy places in the MANY lands which Jews control, and it would be especially a torment to the Jewish thought patterns, cultural proclivities and psychic situations if it were to have one hand laid on it.

Meanwhile, the Islamic land, the ONLY such one, we recall, has had many people who fled from it when it was being freed from Jewish control, years ago, people who would like to come back, now that it is not taken by the Jews, after all. The Moslem body has let them in, and given them various parts of their tiny enclave of land; but these Jews continually riot, increase, and are gathered with others of like mind. They kill this or that Moslem minister, brave, or citizen, continually maiming Moslem children and others in public places with bombs. This they do brazenly in the only Moslem land in the world.

Their police and soldiers sometimes show that this is not desirable. When pressed with contempt and other weapons, they sometimes try to reduce the violence or its sources. World international opinion is harsh on such antics.

As to those who so mill and thrust their hatred into the little land they seek to have, more and more, step by step, in this way, they make it apparent that though they have been given in many cases, actual citizenship, the value they place on it is largely one to enable them to take over more of the land, until it too is Jewish. It is a sort of space station to help them rule more and more, but it is not in space, but on earth. It is like an aircraft carrier, giving them easier access to the country which they wish to bring constantly further into their own control, in order to add and add and add...

Indeed, there is a Jewish movement abroad, to rule all the world, often shown in history; and indeed once it nearly took entire control of Europe. Hence the Jews become very agitated when there is any thought of not realising the gravity and importance of this movement, because it is most religious! Some Jews are not in favour of it, but it is found to be basic to their written religious format, in repeated instances, as in history in lavish illustrations.

Meanwhile, these Jews  are making it plain that, just possibly, they might be satisfied with adding half of the capital of this tiny Moslem land, to their other international assets, and using that to control their own part of the tiny and only Moslem land in the world.

You would laugh or perhaps mourn the folly of it.

It is just that WHEN the LORD deals with the invasion of Israel to come, perhaps after a delusive peace, and deals with it vigorously, as we have often seen is what is predicted*1, it will not be at all hard to discern judgment*2 in the process.

That is all.


*1   See: The Biblical Workman Ch. 18,    8, pp. 140ff.;
SMR Appendix A; pp. 510ff., 814-815; CALL  10; GALEV 1,
2 , 3.


Emphatically, one must insist that this is no slur on the Jewish people: it is merely a comparison by putting the actual situation in reverse, to illustrate the impositions they suffer. Certainly there are other elements, but these constitute the pièces de résistance.

Meanwhile, having considered the Biblical references and indications in the references in *1 above, you may now be ready to consider the wonder of the word of the Lord in this instance.

Judgment of the Lord is just, and that is one of the marvels. For one's own part, to judge things of great complexity and variety would be an imposing and undesirable task; for how would one judge the texture without knowing all, discerning the criterion in its application infallibly, and being perfect in heart!

When however God judges, His perfection in its beauty CANNOT be vindictive, since He has borne the vindictiveness of man rather than see him lost; but the divine judgment WILL be according to truth. The words of Ezekiel 37, concerning the deliverance in New Covenant joy of much of Israel, also indicates the depth of divine dealings: "Then the nations that are left round about you shall know that I the LORD build the ruined places, and plant that which was desolate:
 the LORD have spoken it, and I will do it."

First lesson: The LORD is able to deliver from desolation, to rebuild what languishes and restore what is smitten.

Now see the judgment as in Ezekiel 39:17-29, in "the latter days" cf. Hosea 7;15, Isaiah 66, Deuteronomy 32:43 -