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News 291,

Channel 10 TV, October 7, 2003

A little matter of some 19 dead in Haifa, perhaps 50 wounded. Why not ? Persecute the Jew is the world's little hobby, the Islamic obsession, the jihad destination, the land lust compulsion, the devastation desire. Try to wipe them out, is the Arab refrain heard often enough, the Islamic aggression so clearly put in Teheran in 1991, the Pan-Islamic Alliance to crush the nation, the very existence of which is a 'calamity'.

Now if you do not succeed, judging at least from happenings, the next step is this: Cry that you are being ill-treated.

You did not exterminate the Jew ? appalling old chap, what can I do for you ?

This at times seems not too far from the UN response. A little of Jerusalem perhaps, for the Palestinians who somehow do not seem to FIT in that large section of Palestine which became Jordan ? Unfortunate really, so there is nothing else for it but to fit them into Israel, perhaps with a sharing of sovereignty, and perhaps with that nice feeling of warmth, by having half of Jerusalem.

But how ?  By war ? No, they have failed though many Islamic nations have tried hard enough, with land bases of huge proportions. No by diplomacy: this is the way chosen. What sort of diplomacy is this ? It is called UN diplomacy. It runs like this: if you do not succeed in wiping out the Jew entirely, at least in Israel, then cry 'Foul!' That at least seems to be the introductory passage of the thrust; though it may be softened to taste (add a little butter ?).

No, the foul for many, and in terms of what transpires ... seems not to be 'awarded' for your having sought to murder the nation in the first place; it is for your failing to do so. Now it takes just a little time to grow accustomed to this perspective.

Normally, if you murder or try to murder someone, you are regarded as criminal; but this seems to be  waived in this special case. Here if you fail to wipe out the Jew, after taking over over three-quarters of the Palestine promised to the Jews by the League of Nations and Britain in particular, and following Hitler's very own  'final solution' which became a lost semi-final, but exterminated around half of those about the place: then what ?

Why, then you declare that this is a horrible outcome, and that you suffer enormously. The Jew is still around you, the State recklessly refuses to collapse! Then you start murdering Jews in intimate setting, as in Haifa, and maybe supermarkets, pizzarias or buses, especially if they have children on board; and in this way, you show your suffering for all to see, so that you really convince the nations that you need MORE of Israel, in exchange for having murdered the Jews, with the young Jews still in your Arabian sights.

It is true this perspective takes QUITE a long time, as when eyes adjust to darkness, to realise; but the UN seems to have it so, if not in word always, then in deed; and the nations, they are reputedly honourable people, honourable all, to parallel Mark Anthony's speech after the murder of Caesar. There Anthony  did not really mean that, but by an irony that developed as the assassins' hideous actions and insidious methods grew apparent to the people, he sought to wake them up to the quality of horror and ingratitude which the murder of Caesar had indicated.

So here, it is necessary to wake up to the quality of horror in this charade, whereby the failure to exterminate Israel, despite various efforts in 1948, 1967, 1973, and the failure so far to murder all of its people by blasting them with body parts as people who take over bombs, obliterate all and sundry that they can, is to be met with compassion for the suffering of those who take such actions. You failed! There, there! have land.

Surely, it is alleged, Israel has too much land. Admittedly it is tiny; but then, when the Jew is concerned, zero is too much. That for many Islamic people, for whom submission to themselves, and of course their god, is important, seems to be the desired outcome for Israel. Into the sea ? That was the cry; and there was no mention of rafts...


In the light of this charming little charade, it is interesting to note that Colin Powell was in the last few days in lecturing mode, as seen on TV, and wished to caution Israel.

NOT SATISFIED! is the sign he seems to show; and it is clear: Israel MUST NOT continue to build a wall which has any part of 'Palestinian territory', whatever that may be, since the Palestinians already have far more of Palestine that Israel; and Israel is not DOING ENOUGH. That appears the second part of the message.

What! his message appears to be: Have parts of the wall been left unfinished ? This is not enough to cool the wrath; Israel MUST not do just that, for might she not later finish building the wall where it was going ? Remove, reduce, cease all this action in the face of impending desolation, extermination, annihilation: after all, it may never come to that! Is this not the direction of flow ? not of course in word, but once again, in deed. If it comes from failure to consider, so be it; the problem is this, that it comes...

In this school-master mode, Colin Powell has never looked worse in all the public appearances one has seen. Even Bush  this week, looked far superior. In his speech, on Channel 10 TV today, he showed a measure of actual concern. Yes, he acknowledged, though these particular words did not have anything like his usual bounce in many of his speeches, but rather seemed a little suppressed or muttered, there is a point. It is true that Israel should not feel under any constraint when it comes to DEFENDING ITS HOMELAND, he said.

This was a welcome stress after the forceful admonitions of a Secretary of State who has not condemned the USA moving into Afghanistan or Iraq, in pursuit of the SOURCE of its own enemies who dared to launch ONE attack on the US mainland.



Israel has suffered literally HUNDREDS of attacks, as if a morgue had come to life, and flung parts at everyone: ghoulish ? Yes, that is precisely what this domestic rape of the land suggests. It is a deadly passion, and a passion of death, as if Revelation 6 had a compulsive effects on the followers of the false prophet, Muhammad (cf. More Marvels ... Ch. 4, SMR pp. 1080ff., Tender Times for Timely Truth Ch. 8,  *1).

It is here that one only admire Senator Liebermann, who indicated that the Israeli strike deep in Syria, not too far from Damascus, was not unlike the USA in its strike in Afghanistan,  following September 11!  A just point ... Bush himself actually gave condolences to Israel, on the present occasion, shaking his head in what appeared no small  emotion, at the travesty and tragedy which they jointly suffer when land grabbers want yet more of their miniscule territory.



It was indicated in the UN, by the USA spokesman, that Syria, on whom the Israeli attack had occurred, in terms of a strike on a terrorist camp training entrants for such things as the body parts war on Israel, was on the wrong side in the terrorist war. This is the nearest for some time, to being supportive of Israel, in any outstanding way, other than the recent veto on the verbal assault on Israel which the UN was planning a few weeks ago. The ground of that veto was that the desired condemnation of Israel was too partisan, omitting the provocation. This i an improvement on a recent trend in the US approach in its Road Map; and especially is it so in cases where the international pressure mounts.

What, then, we are seeing is that there is a price to be paid by the nations trying to harass the Jew, to compromise Jerusalem, or to grab land from Israel, to reduce its status: who,  instead of seeking equity, seek Arab expansionism, as if a fox were to support a lion in pursuit of a rabbit, just in case it had any trouble at all, at all ...



The US-backed Road Map is quite within this field, seeking to divest Israel of not a little, in order to appease the insatiable Arab camp, wanting like Hitler, lebensraum, while there is really plenty if you just arrange yourself, and the disproportion of Arab land with that of Israel, both relative to Palestine that was, and to the world that is, is immense, ludicrous,  making the territory Arab and Islamic avarice contemptible in such a case. To be sure, this Road Map is attributed to the Madrid Quartet of not only the USA, but the UN, Russia and the EU, which is intriguing, since all are, or until recently have been UNITED bodies, collectives. They seek now in a supra-collective manner, to collect the issues in the Middle East and direct traffic with their road map, despite the fact that the LORD has already indicated what traffic the road will bear (Zechariah 12-14), and the results of trying to direct it in oblivion of the need of Jerusalem in Israel, its capital and symbol.

It is this fact which is vital, since the Madrid Quartet, involving the EU and hence Europe as it does, shows the antagonism of that latter body to Israel’s future, viable destiny, land equity and racial integrity to be correlative with its growing power; while the UN involvement merely ratifies the reputation of that organisation, drawn from interminable anti-Israeli and slanted motions which it has made or sought to make, even down to the derisible confusion of Zionism with Racism. Perhaps patriotism will become a crime, religion a conglomerate, unity an obsession and with man the maker of his destiny (such as it is rapidly appearing to arrive), make for that unutterable foolishness which Paul indicates is to come (II Thessalonians 2).

Perhaps ? this is the appearance of current events; biblically it is foreseen and written large for millennia, that thus it will be. This in turn is merely the shadows of coming events; but it is far more upon reflection; for the shadows they cast for us as observers, are the concrete realities predicted. It is rather like surfing, and noticing some extraordinary shadow nearby, looking up, and behold,  a 40 wave is near your elbow. The shadow speaks; and it is well to consider its portent!

This Road Map, indeed,  imperils the US as little else does, except of course

¨      for its sexual promiscuity, reaching even to the Anglican 'church'
in the recent homosexual bishop case,  

¨      for its weakness in helping Taiwan (unlike its strength in this field in Truman's day)
against the enslaving communist menace, 

¨      for its vast upsurgings of failing seminaries, departing categorically from the Bible,
and if not thus, then subtly, as well instanced in the effort to subvert the Lutheran Missouri Synod Church (which happened to fail in that case), and the effort to do likewise to the USA
Presbyterian Church where it succeeded, back in the days of J. Gresham Machen, early
in the 20th century, just as the Anglican case noted updates things.

As to Machen, it was this Minister whom the Presbyterian Church USA unfrocked following  his determination and passion to preserve doctrinal purity on the mission field, and to maintain the Gospel there, rather than something else in its place (as in II Corinthians 11 cf. News 10). That landmark is parallel to the far more recent civic one, when the monument to the 10 commandments was moved out of the public space in Alabama, a Sate forever indicted by its move.

As bastions fall, and churches proliferate in their allegiances, while unity moves mar the pitch and confuse if it were possible the very elect (cf. News 152, 121, 122), the USA, not alone in the world, but in the spotlight in these things, moves like an ancient nobleman, being prepared for the guillotine. When will it again be realised that freedom is great, when it is greatly used; and when it is abused, there is slavery already, to the worthless, to the wilful, to the capricious, to the arbitrary, to the self-exalting; and when this occurs, look for the fall (cf. Joy Comes in the Morning Ch. 1, esp.  in this field).

Germany's Schroeder, despite reconciliation in apparent breadth with Bush, is still unwilling to send troops to aid in Iraq. The US, the talk continues, MUST learn that the UN must have a large say in Iraq for interest to occur, in any idea of more nations participating in supervising Iraq; and the transition to self-rule must be fast. NOT SO FAST! says the US, that it is a slender, subvertible thing!



The movement is towards the collective*1, as prophecy requires for the multi-national organ of rule to come  (SMR 886-889, 1074ff., 946ff., 729ff., Biblical Blessings Ch. 2), with Putin adding that the case with the US in Iraq, will resemble that of the former USSR in Afghanistan, unless there is a swift transition to the international frame and approach there.

The commonwealth of Europe at the end, is to be multinational in composition, at length wearying of its historic Roman religious incubus*1, and throwing it off, as shown in the references above, esp. pp. 946ff.. Thus the USA, paying perhaps one billion every week for Iraq, losing soldiers, morale threatened, is it to become like Britain, recently moving more and more into Europe (though still withholding the pound sterling from the tender mercies of Brussels administration) ? and will it come to resemble that former power,  that nation that once became a world-girdling Empire ? It may well be so, especially if the USA exposes herself to the conditions of Zechariah 12:3, by fiddling with Jerusalem, to which she is perilously close!

The prophetic relevance of these things to the End of the Age is multi-fold. Firstly, there is the humbling of those who become, for whatever reason, DIRECTIVE concerning Jerusalem, whether the UN, the USA or the Palestinians, or the united Arab powers, or the Moslem 'world', itself paying handsomely in the background. We have noted earlier the report that Gulf funds were back of  multiplied Pakistani boarding schools (The Power of Christ's Resurrection ... Ch. 2), which had an acute resemblance to terrorist squad training centres; and in these many facets of force, for all their false dedication, and destructive ploys, money and power, subversions and deceits, hidden ways and murderous deeds, al Qaeda's explicit loathing and reinforced forces of destruction, vaunting and vying: yet they do not prevail.

Thus,  and secondly, Israel stays, as per scenario predicted.

Thirdly, as the day develops, precision is a biblical hallmark, not only trends.

Thus, not only do people pay for the privilege of seeking to make of her a plaything for their philosophies/religions/lusts, but Zechariah 12, 14 are fulfilled to the letter. Moreover, the letter is immersed in the rush to the End of the Age in that very locale of Zechariah, which in 14:5 concentrates on the Return of Christ to Rule! In fact, Zechariah 14:5 is very near to 14:1ff. which described the division of Jerusalem into two (as in 12:10 following the time of Christ).

This,  it has happened but once in that Age, namely, in 1948. Thus and fourthly, we reach not the generic, but the geographically specialised.

Amidst all this, the world is trembling on the brink both of disaster and of the Return of Christ which in stamping the truth on the situation, as Judgment does, will provide both magnificent deliverance for His people and impending ruin for many (cf. Daniel 12:1ff.). The track is dry, the hooves are fast, the thunder of it all resounds; yet many sleep.

But in the meantime, Israel, confronted for its naughtiness by Colin Powell ? Its protective wish to be delivered from extermination ? its young slaughtered severally, from time to time, its people terrorised, perpetually, as seems good to the destroyer ? this is too strong perhaps ? Its desire to inhabit the land apportioned, and restored by divine mercy according to the word of God, this is too gross, maybe ? (cf. Galloping Events... Ch. 4, SMR Appendix A, The Biblical Workman Chs. 1, *3, Ch. 3,   *1, It Bubbles .. Ch. 1).

It is well that Bush mollified things; for the peril of these proceedings is eloquent; and Britain has already paid.






Just as Israel is given a precise perspective by the prophetic word of the Bible, so is Europe; and the two are currently developing in parallel, if not in sympathy!

It is fascinating in this context to realise that there is currently much international conversation on the topic of the Constitution of the EU. In a little there are set to determine the matter, including one high-profile issue. IS CHRISTIANITY to be mentioned in this Constitution ? That is the news this week.

Chirac, we read, has been so cautious about Turkish entry that the joint Schroeder-Chirac encouragement for it, in terms of objective conditions to be met, is deemed by one analyst, remarkable!  Schroeder is reported as declaring that Europe had a responsibility to ensure that Turkey does not “drift away into the world of fundamentalism”, and Chirac on January 30, 2003 to have signed into law a condemnation of World War I Turkish genocide against Armenians – during the closing years of the Ottoman Empire.

Giscard D’Etaing is cited as telling ‘Le  Monde’ in Novermber 8, 2002, that Turkey is no part of Europe, and to have predicted the end of the EU, if Turkey were admitted: the ‘cultural’ divergencies and the size of the Turkish population being crucial. Indeed, already there is talk of the EU in a few years, having some 540 million, and it is interesting to see the economic thrust, the religious dubiety, the concern about the MEANING of Europe, the inclusivist and exclusivist parties, the softening attitudes, the resolving insistences on human rights, democracy and versus ‘fundamentalism’.

Meanwhile, former French PM, Alain Juppé has stressed the “Christian-Jewish” foundations of European civilisation. Rome evidences no small move to this position, in its own divergent way, the Pope, in July 14, 2003, is concerned about “fragmentation” in the EU (presumably from his care), and it seems a group of Romanist lands may indeed seek for some reference to “Christianity” in the EU Constitution. What sort of a thing, however, Romanism would promote under such a heading is a fascinating question. In the interests of conformity, it might implicitly seek to reject the Reformation, or to phrase things so broadly as to be meaningless, that wonderful solution to disagreement, the phraseological!

If so this would tend to promote the religiously vagrant, but vigorous position to come in due course, as something more religious than Communism begins to occupy Europe’s thoughts, in line both with its disgust with past history from Communism, and its future integrating possibilities. So the collective corps of the broadening base begins to assert both its nature, and its power. Interestingly, the EU has now devised the ERRF, the European Rapid Reaction Force for some 60,000, working on it over the last two years, while this year NATO has included its own Rapid Reaction Force of 20,000 for specifically NATO matters. This with the Galileo satellite work of Europe (cf. Cascade  of Truth Ch. 12) and the continuation of the functional realities of the significantly 10-nation Western European Union defence arm (cf. SMR p. 957 and endnote),  which for long has been a most useful vehicle of thought and defence potential, makes a growing Europe in defence, in capability of offence, in communication, knowledge of affairs, survey and size. NATO as a US involvement is being rather marginalised, but not too suddenly.

It is notable that France is reported as insistent on the necessity of DEFENCE for Europe, in line with any political affiliation, and the trimming of  sails for rapid reaction, without disenabling the form of former things, shows the freshening wind of dynamic. It is apparent  that forces in Europe are not lacking which insist that it is “unthinkable” that any “other” party should be needed before Europe reacts or responds to any threat (a sideways reference to the USA).

A Document (A/1798) of vast scope is one surveying needs of European INTELLIGENCE, WEAPONS, SYSTEMS, INFORMATION MECHANISMS (logical, astronomical, sufficient) and seeking rapidity, elegance, efficiency and power in usable form, streamlining of means, realisation of ends for Europe’s effective unitary operation. It is entitled “A European defence policy”, is expressed as Resolution 112, adopted unanimously by the Defence Committee, and appears relevant to the Assembly of the WEU, the heading for the document. Its date appears to be 2002, but is scope is very much for the future.

In this presentation, Europe can be seen thinking with integrality at heart, spontaneity in view, autonomy at hand, all the means of a modern State available for wit and flexibility, competence and strength. It reads a little like some of the British work, as the war progressed: tense, terse, determined, clear-cut, intelligent with emphasis on action. Such movements of the branches suggest the direction of the wind.

As Europe updates itself, its Constitution, its power and its identity, the last looms largest. The point was this: Is Europe 'Christian' in some sense, so that Turkey, which is a Christian nation in NO sense, would be out of place in the EU ? Softening on this issue seems to indicate the likely ultimate trend of events. The idea that Europe is Christian in ANY sense becomes interestingly anomalous, except of course for the number of churches, many of which are imbued with Romanism (cf. SMR 1042ff.), a sect of ancient lineage but vast collision with the Bible.

Further, is Europe’s policy in some way co-ordinate with the Bible ?

Is its message like that of Christ ? Does it await His coming, which is near
indeed ? One has not noticed such a thing. Indeed, some recent movements are little less than  staggering in their anti-Gospel flavour, like the French Revolution; and indeed France also is involved as the lunge and plunge of Europe proceeds towards the end appointed (The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 2, News 121). Moreover, as seen in the discussion of the Roadmap for the formation of which the EU is one party, there is a slant so great as we have often noted, that it resembles a 45% tilt on a table laden with goods (cf. It Bubbles … Ch. 1).

This is by no means to ignore the marvellous courage and constancy of many over the centuries who have in Europe stood for Christ, or the once vast contribution of Switzerland, indeed of England, or the existence of Protestant Churches often of considerable missionary impact; but the fact is that one of the missionary societies has for decades listed Europe of a MISSIONARY FIELD! As to England, see the preceding chapter and A Question of Gifts VII, the The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 2 on the Methodist contribution, together with Divine Agenda Ch. 3  which traces more of the interstices and intermeshing of the fall.

The book of Revelation 13, 17-8, as shown in the references above

(SMR 886-889, 1074ff., 946ff., 729ff.,
Biblical Blessings
Ch. 2 -
and see Regal Rays ... for overall treatment of this biblical book),

makes it clear that Rome will not forever stride the earth on the back of the political power of Europe, directly or indirectly, as one astride, but will be by common consent consigned to the earth!

It is too limiting for the aspiring modernity of man, too morally marred in Inquisition and multiplying sexual perversion cases premissed not least on its anti-biblical but predicted limitations on marriage (cf. I Timothy 4): even from the point of view of the Cloud 9 bureaucrat, the Secular Society Inc. (cf. Divine Agenda Ch. 7, with The Pitter-Patter of Prophetic Feet Ch. 2) it is not going to DO!

Just as there has been Romanism's arrogance in the person of papal aspirations and talk (cf. SMR pp. 946ff., 1032ff.), so there is a more direct and humanistically controlled lust which will outstrip this in sheer cloud-racking explosion of man's farcical fiasco of trying to be God (II Thessalonians 2 takes this from any type of mere trend watching, into the realm of explicit biblical prophecy!). Man wanted this sort of elevation at the first (Genesis 3:5), and he seems all set to demand it to the last. However, a little fillip ?  a little more ? a lot more ?

So does the culturally developing man, parallel in spirit to the developing symptoms of aids for the body, find his appointed place,  yes even for millions. Culture demands, and those who follow it, find its damning tyrannies somehow acceptable!

"Your heart was lifted up because of your beauty, you have corrupted your wisdom by reason of your brightness" (Ezekiel 28:17) comes the divine exposé. While this verse refers to the archetype of such evil, that example has its outcome readily enough in those who follow that way!

Thus jointly does Europe begin to soar, to decide,


to resolve itself,


to augment itself,


to seek more universalisation,


more economy, more power, broader agreements,


distancing anything too specific,


becoming a moral vacuum with videos available for former times,


with independence, mutual consent, democracy gradually reinforcing its concepts,


without too much concern about what sort of things liberty will allow,


or what tyrannies its monolithic self might this time seek to impose.


In the Holy Roman Empire era, it had a being, and an identity, and an Inquisition. There is scope still for a new sort of inquisition, tyranny and arrogant impulsion. Russia grew large and tried it; Hitler grew significant and sought it; China has grow stronger and insists on its own parallel to it, right down to religion, including the Falan Gong, just as France tried it under Napoleon. The point is that now it can be done … more cohesively. Europe is awakening, stirring, examining its past, its future, its economics, its strategies, its meaning, its power, its intelligence resources, its weaponries, its autonomy …

In this field, little Israel is too distinct, its past too definite, its challenge for all its national unbelief, too specific, its book too resourceful, its littleness too upsetting to vast swathes of human flesh, dressed in Islam. The address to it, and the address to the new  address for Europe, is becoming rather like a dress rehearsal for the last act.

So does the End come running up, as it does when you race towards the line, as if it had feet of its own. And this world is running very fast, precisely on the track where the lines are drawn. Soon the Mentor, Coach and Creator, the King, Saviour and Judge, Jesus the Christ,  will intervene. It is well that He will, for it is HE who has defined man, and in so doing, defines destiny. The destiny to be with Him, who made our power to make, who created our creativity, and whose is splendour, is unutterably lovely, and blessed are they who run not from Him, but to Him who comes.