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NEWS 113

Britain ?
Alas !
(Wake Up World! Your Creator is Coming ... Ch.3)
now  Sweden!

(Time Magazine, July 31, pp. 67ff.)

One well remembers in that memorable and poignant novel, Goodbye Mr Chips, the old teacher, whose major gift in his classical studies expertise, was emphatically NOT to move with the times, stating the matter in his academic way, with the irony that its applicability to himself did not seem to register with him.

Headmasters of panache and ruthless contemporary initiatives might come and go, but for the time at least, it seemed as if old Chips was just a period piece. The times ? Oh of course, one must move with them, that delectable spirit of the Age and all that. Now there was nice Verdun, and glorious Passchendaele, very modern, very glorious and to come; muddy, perhaps, bloody, of course: but what of it ! It was NEW, and of course glorious. Was not everything to come, almost automatically glorious ? It HAD to be development, and while, indeed, hmmpth, it might involve suffering, there was only one way for the world to go, that is to say, the world that mattered: UP! Evolution had decreed it from its barren experiments, its nothing note books and its kaleidoscopic imagination.

Nature, if not willing to SHOW one scintilla of this magical propension, so readily and impressively attributed to it, must be imagined to show it. If things did not normally go UP, but DOWN, without intelligence and zeal and knowledge, still, that was to be the way it was. It was clear, obvious: UP! 
Magic ? Well, nice magic.

Alas this magic, like all the others flogged out of unresponding nature, like an abused corpse, does not have the grace to happen. In this the illusion is worse than in children's fairy stories, which at least stir the imagination. This kills it. You do not need to worry, in the most progressive of all possible worlds, that UP is the way. Nowadays, of course, in their haste and confusion, many of these addicts of this immature myth of naturalism, are wanting to affirm that it may not go up. Wonderful, so that now the magic which WOULD go up, even if it never actually DID IT! could go down, and this is the superb transition in the marvellous philosophy explaining EVERYTHING. Thus 1) it had to go up so it went up; and now 2) it did not have to go up, so it went up. What an explanation! How impressive! Add that it never did visibly go up, and that it ALWAYS where checkable, shows only one clear direction, DOWN by and of itself and it is even more perfect .

In pointing out such thing, the author aroused the antagonism of the tertiary institution in Adelaide where he was lecturing on Communications; and was told that such things were not convenient. It is so convenient in fact, that millions have died for the inconvenience of facing the truth!

However, let us leave for the moment the unillustrious natural phenomenon of wars and blood and anguish and agony, told delicately by Brooks or indelicately by Wilfred Owen, or noted bluntly by Siegfried Sassoon, and the whole passion of pride which so often at least complicates the wars of nations, and return to corruption. As noted, in Wake Up World Ch.3, it was Britain which suffered through man's cultural upwardness and glorious improvement system of pagan culture. It was that little matter of being so naughty as to seem averse to allowing homosexuality in the Army as a fact of formal life. That had to be stamped out!

Why ? Oh the word is 'discrimination'! You see if people who are to fight, cannot try to seek satisfaction with unnatural methods of sexual approach, dangerous physiologically and infectiously past all norms of natural practice, and not endued with the natural product of children, or able to be so, then this (by definition) unnatural act MUST not be seen as detrimental to the life in the Armed Forces.

If older hands see younger ones in this domain, is their private life to be interfered with ? What a horror! If it leads to death without battle, is that somehow relevant to Army mores ? If it constitutes a snare and a perversion, when people are apart from their wives, is this not to be ignored ? The ONLY morals you are allowed in our progressive world are these : DO WHAT YOU PLEASE and NEVER CONDEMN ANYTHING unless it is quite fatal to what you are doing! QUITE fatal! The ONLY wrong is to condemn. To condemn those who say there are things called MORALS is a natural and progressive necessity. You must NEVER condemn the morals of man, but THIS you must condemn, those who admittedly insist on having them! THAT is SO unthinkable, that the rule not to condemn in this case MUST be broken. Such pariahs from the spirit of the AGE MUST be condemned. It is better not to acknowledge that you are doing so, of course, for it is smoother.

The fact of course is that this IS a form of morals, to condemn those who have them. If it is WRONG to have them, then that is a moral prohibition, distinguished only by disguise. The idea that it is stated or implied that it is WRONG and corrupt or worse, to have morals, is ignored. The fact that you can do anything so long as it is not actually legislated against, and that you must NEVER appeal to morals, even when inventing a new system of morality, must be taken with a ton of salt; but it must be taken.

This plateau of corruption in its pseudo-puritanical precincts, too pure and perfect to allow the 'corruption' of people who do talk about morals but only about the iniquity of those who do, and condemning their morals morally without (allegedly) having any such things themselves:  is it not the very ecstasy of profound confusion, insincere folly and contorted logic! Yes, but you see, it is PROGRESSIVE and THEREFORE RIGHT, even when you are not allowed to have morals. It is a moral platform secured by social sanctions, wanted by people power and hence to be put with Sodom and Gomorrah in the annals of history.

Very well, but now this same marvel of majesty, the European Union (what an ADDITION to the United Nations for immoral masterpieces, called good, and refusing the moral tag)! What then ? Naughty Sweden this time has aggravated the tensions, it would seem, created by Britain in having some residual morals. This northern place had the effrontery to have quashed alcoholism to an astonishing degree. How unprogressive! In Time Magazine, July 31, pp. 67ff., we find that Sweden's drinking in 100 years, over that period, fell from 50 litres per person per year average, to 6.8. Indeed, now about 10% of the population, we read, takes some half of the alcohol. The improvement in national health is noted.

But what is that! That is precious close to moral (which, the reader will recall, is NOT allowable - only the condemnation of morals is allowable, and THAT, it is not allowed to be called a new moral, because the concept must rule, that morals are out - so it goes on the way to the tip!). NO! Have tariffs to reduce alcohol's deliriously delightful arrival at Sweden's doors ? Is the place out of its mind! OF COURSE this cannot be. Sweden therefore MUST reduce those tariffs. Why, say the suave, almost reminding one of the high priest saying that the solution for Christ (the non-final solution, as was the case with the Jews under Hitler likewise, but what SEEMED the 'final solution'), you do not see the point!! Look, bring in the stuff, the prices come down, you see with reduced tariffs, and what! Don't you see! More money will be the stimulus to more refined tastes and it will all work out... you'll see!

Refined alcohol! Refined drunkenness  - or perhaps just that change of attitude through cheaper prices which will NOT (of course not! to be commercial IS to be good) lead to indulgence as so often in so many places for so long. It will NOT reverse the glorious process (delete that word! sack that scribe - put historical process, not glorious!) of reduced intake, increased health and all that: it will no doubt make a better difference, a more sophisticated one. When prices went up, you see, liquor went down, and health went up. Now if you only THINK, the patter goes, you will see that if prices go down again, money you see, more of it and all that, well, in a word, they will drink BETTER and there will be NOTHING to lose, absolutely nothing... oh no! oh no! ... So the silence, the drunken silence comes on, the defences are down, the drink is up (well, raised up more cheaply once more, to the lips),  and another nation has this bid for its corruption.

Oh not on purpose! That is not their explicit intention. Do people usually not shut their eyes before corruption! Oh no... but in fact. That is all. Wicked fact. It ought to progress, and it will, you know, say the magicians of natural progression. Oh! it does not always go up, some say in the new myth ? Oh but with subtle and suitable human intervention, you know, we'll teach the myth to keep at it. It is better that way. We will re-write it, and it will all go up. So say the social ... scientists ? the word somehow does not fit: social technicians, then.

Alas, such literary powers are not like E=MC2, indices of power. They do not make anything happen but delusion. God is mocked by having His works worked by a fitful magic (cf. A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-3),  and the magic is mocked by being taken in hand, before it ever happened. But you see, God is NOT really mocked. It is like a school. You CAN do it verbally, but it ENDS with correction. God can be very patient - in fact (II Peter 3:9), just HOW patient is spelled out in the Bible. But it DOES end. The correction does come. The world WILL go (II Peter 3 proceeds to itemise it), and so will all pretence, such as this maestro of all delusion, that:

  • it will all get better because it has to, and
  • will not necessarily get better, because who knows, but
  • it can be MADE to get better by acting as if one had made the earth, and could direct its paths,
  • which no one has ever directed since the creation,
  • and by making the morals (not of course calling them morals)
  • which no one has ever make stick fast contrary to the word of God since the creation;
  • and using imagination. NOW:
  • THIS TIME, it will be different.

Why ? Because it is always the same ?  The ration of reason has now altogether gone, and even the pretensions of rhetoric are forgotten. It is very like saying, now A=C and C=F and since these have to be so, although in fact A does not equal C nor does D equal F, still, the thought is what matters (the idea is what counts), we get what we want. It follows,  therefore, you see, that  A=F. It is quite clear if you want it to be.

If this is not the grand and predicted delusion of II Thessalonians 2:9-10 and II Peter 3:3-6, what would be! (Cf. News 82, pp. 198ff., 209.)

In fact: Naturalism has NEVER EVEN ONCE shown the requisite power or observable action (cf. That Magnificent Rock Ch.1). Biblical supernaturalism ALWAYS does, and has never once lacked it in all its pronouncements and in all logic and each test.

Poor Sweden, taken in tow by the Brussels navy. Alas this is one Brussels which does not sprout, but just drop one letter and you have it.