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NEWS 29 - Feb. 27, 1998
Weather - Important Guest at the party

WEATHER - Long ago, when the world was younger, there was an old saying: Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!

However, there are some weathers which take a salient strength to weather - like the el niño antics which have given Florida

On p. 46, That is merely for the moment. There has been documented in World Watch, Dec. 1994, even at that time, a rising tide of meteorological severities. However our current interest is water. The Greenhouse Effect contribution to increased energy available for storms, melting ice contributing to increased water supplies in the oceans and increased heating as a base level datum, in terms of apparent long-term trends has already set the stage so that President Clinton, some weeks ago, spoke of the need for care in energy production, lest the time should come when parts of Florida's coastline should become submerged! Before that, some islanders in the Pacific Ocean area had asked the world conference on this topic of energy and Greenhouse matters to consider that IF there were not restraint, their WHOLE islands could be submerged, not a mere part of a coastline.

These small items are enough to make the point that the Bible, in its synthetic presentation of the patterns of the end-times, rising to a crescendo as a pointer not to Desert Storm but to World Emergency by divine decree, and one so apt and so active that UNLESS THOSE DAYS WERE SHORTENED NO FLESH COULD BE SPARED, has amongst the many with which we are so familiar, this point. There will be a situation in which one will perceive

As far as the sea and the waves roaring, two things have happened: The phenomenon is highly noticeable on the grand scale, and the grounds for its continuation and augmentation are also present. It is the majestic certainties with which WHATEVER God has to say on ANY point come round more certainly than night following day which is impressive.

The realities arrive like guests to a party; and the grounds for their arriving in even more splendour, and in this case, destruction, are arriving as if they too were among the guests.