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News 31...

"WHEW!" "A Cosmic False Alarm" -

TIME, March 23, 1998 start a major article with these words.

It is the topic chosen by the magazine on p. 47ff.. A "newly discovered asteroid 1.6 km wide was headed for Earth" - it could come within an astronomical hairsbreadth - for some 24 hours, a collision seemed one of the options!

True a little re-computing indicated it was not quite so near - yet still closer than any previously observed asteroid of this size. If this not-so-very large asteroid had hit earth, calculations suggested the unleashing of explosive power some 20 million times that of the Hiroshima bomb; or if it hit the ocean, a tsunami "hundreds of metres high", which of course could be disturbing.

Revelation 8:10 tells of a "star" that "fell from heaven, burning like a torch" fouling one third of the rivers. Called Wormwood, in terms of its bitterness, it poisoned water and so slew many. Far from the popular "star fell from heaven" lyric, it was a wrathful event, determined as one of the multitude of symptoms of sin which are to gather as the waves of rebellion and folly mount on the earth to a more and more explicit repeat of Babel, with augmentations, destined to occur.

Subverting Christianity as far as may be, through false association (forbidden, but overlooked by many church people), infiltration, contamination of doctrine and/or life from some of the clear mandates of the Bible, as in the Uniting Church, the devil has set himself no bounds to his wrath, knowing his time is short; and many churches are affected and falling in this way, some more, some less.

Friends of the world, they frequently move to become, step by step, actual enemies of God - the final delusion which can develop.

Free from the sort of powerful expression - albeit sometimes mostly symbolical, but not at all entirely so - that the former British Empire, formally Protestant, had to contribute, the world breathes easy amidst its glamour and blood-lust, provoking the Lord with its merciless untruth and pretensions avoidance techniques in word and deed.

So the star falls, the waters are fouled, many die and the best of all scientifically governed worlds (read: pretentiously pretend-worlds) is reminded of its impotence, just as it demonstrates in its own midst, its famine of wisdom. It is coming like all the rest, so much of which has already come with a friendly certainty like the rising of the sun - sometimes with beneficent blessing, but sometimes with scorching impact.

Our point is simply to point out that as far as Biblical prophecy is concerned, there are two major results. One is that

i) most of it is fulfilled; and the other is that

ii) much of the rest is seeing a CONVERGENCE of events towards the PREDICTIONS, as of two mighty ocean liners, unable to avoid collision, clearly moving slowly but imperturbably to that fatal moment when both will sink from inevitable impact.

THIS asteroid matter simply serves to stress that modern knowledge is showing that such an event is far from improbable, and evokes the advice that there are those desperately concerned to get money in order to track the multitude of unchartered fragments and pieces which could cause enormous havoc on the earth.

It will of course happen because God has said; as so often in science (that is, the science which deals with facts and seeks to explain - and not with explanations, seeking in vain for facts - science properly so-called), the things told and foretold are made the more understandable as we know more, whether it is of microbiology, astronomy, plagues, massive famines, psychological traumas and fears, or the moral downfall of nation after nation whose leaders appallingly often, are shown fabulous embezzlers, misusers of funds, receivers of "kick-backs", greedy grabbers who can never have enough.

Like some vast choir, multitudes of events rise in tune to a crescendo, the various parts blending contributions to make a message as powerful as it is imposing; and for many, it has times of lament.