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Scenes in Africa, in Turkey and in Silence
TV News, SBS, August 20, '99 .. and news, following days


Cyclotron and transfer ? Superficially, this is an odd mix, ludicrous like jeans, endless and dun exhibits on the sociable young. As to those work pants to be worn on high, once they were a symbol of that communistic flavour, no longer so rich, a flavour perhaps to be sought in some other domain than politics: so often that frustrated brotherliness which tries so VERY hard to be nice, and interesting and fulfilled, sociable and gregarious, whilst laced with ambition or self-will, as if in it too, in some glorious way, the incompatible will suddenly decide to adjust itself ot harmony, marvellously.

It is rather like hoping that irrational numbers will become rational, that repeating decimals will simply forget it and cool down, that birds will forget to migrate or the seas to churn.

However, this is merely a small sign of the confused times, the insistence on ugliness or dissonance, high heels and jeans, elegance in the  slim-wear on top and coarse work clothes for the farm, below.

Much more important than the sartorial signs are the assertorial ones, that similarly have much to say relative to our topic.  We will come to Turkey and Africa, to scenes of significant silence and a certain cyclotron effect; and then to that strange mix of cyclotron, seemingly so determinate, and transfer, apparently so personal, shortly. First, let us look, peek a little at what goes on.

As man insists on his ludicrous United Nations -
a body so well exposed by Shirley Hazzard with a prose sometimes almost as convoluted as what she deplores, yet with just that salient irony which almost makes that too a mockery -
insists on his marvellous marshalling of the world,
on his incredible medical achievements, his engineering wonders, his atomic fuss:
the race massively proceeds, and that very deliberately in a pall of multiplying confusion.

While it proceeds ... mankind largely ignoring either

and at the same time turning
the Lordship of Christ into either This development is of course according to divine scenario (cf. SMR Ch.8), the impresario being utterly reliable and infinitely skilled. There are many exceptions; but the rule continues, the misrule, unabashed. Man is asking with zeal, with crispness, with scholarly disdain, with imperial importunity, for calamity; and it is coming in strangely augmenting responsiveness, as if at last, the imprecations and improvisations are doing their thing. God is patient (II Peter 3:9, Jonah 3, Genesis 15:13-15), but He has a program that while it is very personal, deals with the deliberately self-depersonalising cultural conformism of man.

As to man, he cannot lose himself in his myths (cf. SMR pp. 378ff., 252Hff., Joyful Jottings 3,2A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-3), and soon will meet, as a race, his master. HE has already visited in grace, and will return in judgment (Acts 17:30-31, Acts 1:7-11, John 5:19-30, 6:37,51-54, 8:24-30,51).

But to the cyclotron! It is found in many dimensions: let us start with lust, which is by no means limited to the body.

THE LUSTFUL - in several phases

In Africa, we have already noted the incidence of AIDS in the once so splendid South, where the figures are moving from concern to steely alarm, that sort of bureaucratic gravity which can say no more, because the facts are already shouting too loudly to allow much else! Now in a more northerly region of that sad continent, we hear of AIDS so devastating that a large section, evidently around one third, of the pregnant women have the devastating plague within, HIV infected. Here death becomes a scenario so common that it is almost a cultural norm, not in the splendour of old age, or the tragedy of the accidental, but in rollicking frenzy, the smitten as if at a football match, with their ends like goals, the crowds now mourners, the crisis of the game set to rest.

In the SBS documentary covering this poignant reminder of the cost of shutting the eyes, we were allowed to see a woman looking for her husband, reputedly visiting many women, whilst himself infected. His wife, a strong, upright looking woman of determination, was seen moving about whilst others smirked at her predicament: that husband of hers, quite a fellow! Death stalked with the humour, and tragedy was co-partner with whatever comedy was felt to be present. It was not at all obvious.

She had given up her children (presumably for safe keeping while she, though still looking erect and clear-eyed, firm and resolute) explicitly prepared to die; she had surrendered her money, waiting for death. She strode purposefully, and seemed better than resigned, rather tragically and with fortitude facing the imposition of her husband, seemingly both visiting death on her, and disgrace with disaster.

And the children ? the hospitals can scarcely cope, let alone hope to distance the disease. Meanwhile, a pleasantly dressed local, indigenous Inspector lamented that despite instruction, there seemed no hope, for it was not the spectacle which appeared pre-eminent in her view, in evil: it was their behaviour. This! This, she mused, they WOULD NOT change. Here lay the enduring thrust to extinction.

Who will be left ? and in what conditions ? with more of the cultural failure to condemn what abets the AIDS plague - which is so very human, so imperious, so impractical: the dangerous grows rife, the rife ridiculous in the sober official non-conformism to reality in the interests, apparently, of some impure political purism! You do not need to go to Africa for that... It appears embrangled in the thought of many nations.

It is not that THOSE WITH THIS DISEASE, this AIDS,  need condemning, for they may have contracted it, as possibly this woman did, solely through the folly of others; or gained it their blood transfusion error, as happened to the daughter of a doctor in Melbourne, when the hospital declined to use family blood for a minor operation, as offered, because their program was so safe - and then infected the daughter.

It is not the diseased who are to be condemned; it is the practices which OFTEN lead to the plague,  adulterous or perverted, sensual or disintegrated from personality, drives and dives, diverted from the law of God. It is indeed the pretensions of cultural serendipity which is falsely projected into its tragedy, suffering and slow devastation, as if the 'moral options' and 'sexual possibilities' really were just that, and not a mere act of divorce from God (cf. I Cor. 5:9ff., II Timothy 1); or were better than unrelieved rebellion against His commandments on the one hand, and in the case of perversion, against the mode of our physiological construction, which in normal sexual relations has more safeguards inbuilt - on the other. In either case, the multitudinous provides an impressive assist for plague.

Moral, atmospheric, academic, educational, political pollution rise like fog on the airport of life, grounding more and more of the dreams which would wander, jet-setting over the globe. Yet there is no concern about the return to God, indeed a hunger for variety, variation, God-construction firms and variety in the religious scene, delicious variety, gods who will conform to human desire, allow the worship of man, and in the end, as predicted in II Thessalonians 2, allow themselves to be enshrined into one man.

It is he, devil's messiah, will parade with the utter peak of vainglory, as God, "showing himself that he is God", before meeting rather dramatically, the original and true God (Isaiah 43:10-13).  Always relevant in such ignoble cases is the abasement of such pseudo-sublimity: "Will you say before Him who slays you, I am God ? but you will be a man and no God, in the hand of Him who slays you" (Ezekiel 28:9). This time it will be a universal self-hypnosis of this lust. It will arise without glory, and depart with shame.

THE LITERAL - in various grades.

The cyclotron has for a generation spoken of death, the M-A-D, mutually assured nuclear destruction coming not least through its means; and setting the tone, it needs a little thought. It is an accelerator model to use directed force to release more force. Hence there is escalation. Its symbolism is stark.

The cyclotron of radioactivity is one affair. With the numerous atomic reactors built on fault lines on the earth, in parallel in many cases with river beds for the sake of the water, and with a preliminary site research so minimal as almost to appear a mockery - as was according to an extensive and expert review of research reports, the case with Chernobyl, very probably ruined by earth-quake, in terms of the timing and sequence of events reconstructed: this is merely the literal case.

That literal radioactivity danger to Europe has been assessed as prodigious. All this of course is culturally to be obscured with blissful ignorance, sophisticated assurance that 'science will take care of us,' which being translated means, 'man will conquer', or disdainful mockery since it savours of God to look beyond man to his causes of peril, to their available solution and to the beginnings and endings of things.

This is in PEACE: forget about war! As to that: Massive, or simply demented, terrorist-induced, or racially, religiously, it has the features of a lurid rainbow derived not from light, but from smelting.

THE SYMBOLIC - in a variety of forms.

The other cyclotrons are more figurative; but they figure in the events, just the same. There is that of disease as the new-look, ready-for-the-twenty-first-century, third millenium man brazens out his preferences and looks with withering contempt on their consequences. What is science for, he seems to say, if not to allow us to live long, like gods, to overcome the consequences of admittedly rather odd choices which happen to appeal to us, and to secure a secular society with religion hand-made by man, for man: religion of the man, by the man and for the man. What manner of man then is this man!

There are of course the millions of children dying annually through the mounting famine cyclotron;
and the earthquake signals (cf. SMR Ch.8, pp. 650ff.) - brought to focus in the case of Turkey where: around 18,000 are now confirmed as dead in the latest case,
fears for tens of thousands more,
40,000 homes destroyed,
100,000 homeless with vast numbers wounded -
flash in their warning way.

A major population centre would make for the more cataclysmic yet, and with some chemical, viral, bacteriological or radioactive ... spills from the arsenals of militiary preparedness, there could be a peace-time preliminary to the martial arts that abound on the surface of this planet.

We, as a race, in general can of course continue to do just what we please, and fulfil whatever our social, anthropological and psychological pleasure may be. Nothing really matters, may be the deeming, the teeming deeming of the autonomous mind of man; and we can war and carry on, drained, holding ourselves to be without the money for merely prudent things - as startlingly attested in the case of the atomic reactor dangers in Europe - that is anywhere near sufficient.

We will have our way: that is the call of the coming century. Alas, the wish appears likely to be soon granted. It is not one to choose, if health and truth, peace and love are to have a place.

it all continues like a concerted series of cyclotrons, some more visible than others, in some crazed planet.

It is all as ordered, as deserved, as asked for, as accounted long in advance (Matthew 24, Luke 21). Events read like the very mirror image of prediction, and sorrows clamour in the very midst of rejected mercy. But not in vain: for some come, and continue to come, to become the very children of God (I John 3:1). None is denied on the grounds of race, wealth or lack of it, education or ignorance, sins against man: for the trouble lies in the heart.

It is all predicted as we have seen. It continues as we observe. It mounts in systematic style in the scenes of Israel and Jerusalem, in the rising temper in the Caucasus, in the new liberty of what were once parts of the Soviet Empire, with the Moslem 'mandate' for holy war intact, and the money to pay exacted through oil, the 'pan-Islam' call for destruction of Israel still echoing from its 1991 Teheran source and spring.


While these events continue their grave attestation of human folly, some direct, some indirect as sin leads to its own plagues, there is the other side. There is the TRANSFER.

The curse, as we have been seeing in the previous News items, is to reach a certain climax of impact, but is soundly based in sin. It is however also utterly met in love. The two are both in extremis. The curse has been visited on Jesus the Christ, according to the time, the date, the manner, the parties involved, the place and the result. The gospel has continued precisely as predicted (cf. SMR pp. 763ff.), in detail as to content, scope of impact, results of its proclamation, and terms of reference: predicted some 7 centuries before it happened, in fine lined precision.


It covers all who will come (John 6:37). It is merely a question, now, of who will be received in this setting of liberation through love, liberty through anguish, peace through the greatest war of all, that not on disease, famine, premature death, immorality and all its cohorts of suffering, but that on death
(cf. Hosea 13:14).

This war is executed by the One who looks at CAUSES and considers CONSEQUENCES. HIS WORLD has much of both. There is no fantasy in this. HE has elected to carry off the consequences, and to overcome the cause. That is thorough. Overcoming the cause involves the provision of a new heart, a changed spiritual constitution, an opened eye to reality for many; and overcoming the consequence required the provision of a willing sacrifice of One who would be pure enough to require no penalty of His own, powerful enough to have a moral coverage adequate for millions, being God, hearty enough to execute the love of God and not some idle patronage, public enough to rebuke the fatal fault of sin and dynamic enough to break death in a manner indisputable, inevitable and personal. After all, we are all persons.

Thus predicting His resurrection (cf. Psalm 16, Isaiah 52-55), from 1000 years in advance (THERE is a millenial matter for you, an anti-bug if ever there was one), He carried it out. None could shake it; none could produce His body; none could remove the power of the message of the miraculous Christ preached shortly afterwards in a spell-bound Jerusalem, site of many of His miracles and claims. Nothing could be done. The power of God in the vulnerable vehicle of flesh, starting as predicted babe (Isaiah 7,9; cf. SMR Ch.6), had overcome nation, empire and sin in one stride and stroke. Imagine a military operation giving the enemy 1000 years notice of what the method of strike would be; and then being calmly executed, triumphantly. Imagine the RESULTS of this operation being then predicted for a couple of millenia after that; and then calmly fulfilled in the face of PREDICTED hostility, amongst maximally motivated man!

Imagine? There is more and what is perhaps more amazing, to be imagined.

Imagine people who refuse the TRANSFER of guilt to the grace of God in Christ; the REMOVAL of shame in the breach of the very death penalty in Christ (Galatians 3:1-13); the RESTORATION of the image of God in us, through the REGENERATION not of physical tissue, but of spirit!

Imagine those who refuse it. Imagine the wrath on this wantonry, the justice of it; imagine ... But why imagine. It is TIME to act. HE ACTED. If you are not a Christian, do not look at this and that: consider Christ. Follow His word, for God did not send Him in order for us to be ignorant either of what happened or His identity, lest confused, we had no salvation to behold, despite all His almighty power (cf. Matthew 24;35).  God has always fulfilled and conserved His word. It is so now. Every last part of His doctrine, doings and dealings continues (cf. Matthew 5:19-21, Isaiah 59:21 and history).

Therefore find Christ through His word, pardon through His crucifixion and righteousness, adequate power to serve Him through His Holy Spirit, conferred without question on all who are His (I Corinthians 12:13), with no need to insist on humanly contrived dramas. Simply receive Him in all sincerity with all repentance and all trust, and rejoice. The TRANSFER overcomes the CYCLOTRON. His righteousness provided, our guilt of sin removed (cf. II Cor. 5:17-21). The world will go (Isaiah 51:6, II Peter 3, Matthew 24:35); in love continue while in it, to present, to live the GRAND TRANSFER, life eternal for polluted perdition. It IS wonderful (cf. the still ravished realisation of John, in I John 1:1-4, 3:1-9).

As to sin and its consequences, direct and indirect, sure and steadfast, the very ground breathes it;
the skies declaim it; the race almost shrieks it, the more vulnerable, as in Africa, often acting as the advance guard.

But there is SILENCE to meet this commotion. Silence on any new gospel (Galatians 1:6-9); silence on any variation of truth; silence on any relinquishment to mis-managing man, of the divine power (Matthew 28:19-20, Daniel 7:13-14, Psalm 57, Psalm 62:11, Revelation 11:15). It is only through grace, by faith that one may know God; and at that, only where He MAY BE FOUND (cf. Isaiah 55). THAT is where He is to be sought. It is in the PLACE OF MERCY that He is to be discovered (cf. Romans 3:25).

Man speaks; but the word of God proclaims the counter. Transfer therefore to truth. As to that, it is He, Christ Jesus, "the same yesterday, today and forever" (John 14:6, Hebrews 13:8). He does not move (Habakkuk 3:6, John 8:58).

See also - SMR pp. 623ff..