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The Flood of Blood,
the Theme of Death and the Tang of Truth 

Time Magazine September 13, 1999,
The Advertiser, even date
(cf. Companion theme - News 74)

Talk ... ?

There, in that gloomy horror,  the September 13, Time Magazine has progressed from its imaginative wonder stories and fantasies of August to the realities of dismemberment, starved minds and impassioned souls.

There we read of cutting off the hands of a 13 year old girl with grisly determination and apparent indifference, making the 'class' she is somehow construed to inhere in, the ground of her partial destruction, while the non-surgical practice of dismemberment, to help people see the resistance is a good thing ? goes on as if man had taken leave not only of his senses, but of his life.

It is these things which are seen, not the causeless upward thrust without a force and concept sufficient: what we see and what the scientific laws note, is the opposite. Organic evolution is as dead in the vital concourse of life as in the world of logic (cf. Repent or Perish Ch.7, That Magnificent Rock, Chs.1,8, A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock -SMR,  pp. 251ff., and Ch.2). It is constant and mounting, as man without God is like a chassis without a motor, and what a proud one! Where there is neither understanding nor maintenance on the ordered basis of the Creator, then downward is the motion of the wisdom of man, and his capacity to control his earth, this also! The physical side is merely an illustration. Design without upthrust in an impactive environment not adjusted to the case: it suffers loss.

Pride ? Its end is in only one direction! When as now, the pride of race becomes the direct opposite of the wisdom of performance, with sheer folly in Communism, Nazism and the various religions of violence, offering  force for faith: then the case is grave (cf. human racism, SMR pp. 1008ff.). When, however, the race in its inhumane humanism and unideal anti-idealisms conspires as if demented, against God by supplanting His wisdom with its own, His laws with its own, His requirements with an impudence of irrationality almost without parallel, though certainly with a past: then one might expect that the end is near.

The more man thinks without wisdom, like an erratic 'teenager lacking balance and depth, as if maturity were merely an extension, not a completion, then the more his prodigious capacities vex his untutored soul, his  illiterate spirit and his destiny: the first two the consequence of wilfulness, the later unmanoeuvrable for all his efforts! And this nearness to the end, it of course is precisely what the Bible has to say of the Age which reaches that precise and multiple series of variables which ours displays, at the level of our ... special current performance! (Cf. SMR Chs. 8-9 in detail, from the Bible, where all this is expounded point by point, pattern by pattern, and development by development, in the predictive contexts.) Accordingly, the time of His return is assuredly drawing near (Luke 21:28).

Force without wisdom, faith without works, push without intelligence, thrust without truth, these things construct as little now as they have done throughout all history. They have an end.

But WHY so much bloodshed ? WHAT is the explanation of this ? HAS NOT MAN since Woodrow Wilson propounded his Yankee idealism, proceeded with his European Unity, with his internationalism in the United Nations, his desire for peace and nice things for mankind ?

By talk, yes.

And since the Atlantic Charter of the Allies in World War II with all the wonderful freedoms and liberties to be obtained, has he yet learned to control his spirit, to direct his thoughts ?

Frankly no!

As a race, he sinks further in disgrace.

The degrees of apparent hypocrisy have perhaps grown, that may be so. The methods of annihilation and wounding may have become more varied: this is so, but advance in wisdom and truth ? The difficulty is this: without Christ, who is it (I Corinthians 1:30), wisdom itself: there is nowhere to go. THAT, of course, is exactly where the caravansary of man is going: and getting there fast. As we have seen, in the philosophy of Paul Davies (That Magnificent Rock, Ch.7), 'nothing' as an operative principle has with an ultra Alice in Wonderland verve and flair, become a real thing, seriously discussed in terms of origins! Nowhere to go to certainly fits in parallel with nowhere to come from. However it does not work that way: neither retrospectively nor prospectively. Things require causes as we have repeatedly at length found. If the beginning is vulgarly vitiated, removed, in thought and theory, it is not so in fact; nor is then the end is not so amenable in history as the beginning in fantasy. Fantasy does not stop history from happening, any more than it enables it. The end ? It is coming very fast: but here is the point.

It is coming as PREDICTED ... in the matter of multiplied DEATH amidst a warring, reviling, blundering shamelessness. It is a disease of spirit and it reeks to heaven. Its arrival is a judgment and its exercise is another. Let us look at the spiritual survey.


Here we see some of the spiritual side of things. It is easy when one has a body to begin to become preoccupied with its wants and feelings. God, however, who is a Spirit, is not inactive! His DONATION of eternal life is a completed work for those who receive it (John 6:51ff., 10:9,27-28, Romans 3:25, 8:29ff., 5:1-11, I Thessalonians 5:9-10). What is not yet complete is the work of judgment (cf. John 5:23ff.).

In Revelation 6 we see certain phases of this judicial aspect of human life on this earth. The symbol of SEALS BEING OPENED is used, as if documents were at length allowed to become active. It is as if a launch were at last ready. Alas, this launch is no more beneficial to the unrepentant than was the atomic bomb to the pleasantness of Japan!

Then we overhear the saints in heaven asking the Lord HOW LONG, how long it would have to be before all the calamities were over and the rest of the Lord's people could be taken (Revelation 6:11) ? The increasingly deadly situation was not for the moment to end, however, since some more of those whom the Lord knew as His, were yet to finish their course on the earth.

Our present point, having provided something of the context, is to note just this:


This is also the actual situation. The complex of events in which this was to happen, is that in which it happens.

THAT in brief is the story of the case. In the word of God, what is to happen, whether it  be creation in kinds that do not elevate themselves with magical potencies into higher conceptions, grander things, but stay within limits, this is the observation, the attestation of the MODE, the METHOD and the RESULTS; or whether it be disposition of history, in its kinds and developments, its details and its procedures:
what is SAID, is what OCCURS.

On the other hand, in the fairyland realm of imaginitis (inflammation of the imagination) called organic evolution, or secular philosophy: what is to happen, whether as in Darwin's nonsense decried on many evolutionary sides for its grandiose dreams and minimal attainments, or the other wild thoughts that come only to go, or as in the political version called communism: what is to happen, DOES NOT OCCUR. What is SAID is not what is SEEN.


As Solomon declared, The curse causeless shall not come (Proverbs 26:2). The curse came at first, and the aggravations accrue. What then is this situation ? It is what is observable.

While spiritual perversion is rampant, so too is the sexual variety. In England a comparatively small result appeared when the question of a man to lead the nation in important ways, arose, and his proclivities became known. The question was asked: Would a homosexual attitude and activity alter his popularity ? Very little, it appears from the results of the survey. Morality is an extra, divine principles of construction are not in vogue*1. It is like Sodom and Gomorrah, whose popularity with the Maker is not unknown, with which history reels in the very mention! Their destruction was perpetual, proverbial, appalling.

But let us return from the cause-effect relationships, to the practical issue of BLOOD, of bloodthirstiness, of painting the earth with the departing forms of man, bloodying the soil, butchered the corpses, death like a game, like a car downhill without brakes, and in this case, perhaps also without driver!