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Radio News April 29, 2002
Age Magazine, August 230,1988
a good comparison


It is the advice of the President to the Chairman, that he should take serious and effective steps to stop the use of terror in the domestic Israeli scene. The Chairman is to be released from his 'containment' by Israel. He is to be nice, and really ... try to curb the systematic murder machinery so notable in its emission from his land. If not entirely nice, then, he is to try to be nicer than before. This appears part of the message. Mercifully, as we shall shortly see, a later development rather improves this sadly grave, but almost music-hall drama infelicity.

It is interesting that "terror" that naughty no word, is now being used by President Bush relative to the terrorism from the Arab side. It was, however,  always right in this matter (cf. Red Heart, Dead Heart, Pure Heart Ch. 1). After all, it WOULD undoubtedly help things if Mr Arafat found it within the confines of his thinking, to say no more, to arrest the mounting scenes of inhuman horror which come from his territory, much of it pledged as the product of terrorist organisations which do not seem to be disbanded by his domestic efforts. Indeed, when he was still holed up in his lair, surrounded by Israeli forces, and it was suggested that he might order the cessation of such things, it was reported that he DECLINED to do so! Evidently, he is not entirely a Chairman without hands, power or authority!

While that barbarism went on, the pseudo-State Authority, the PLO, could only be held contemptibly responsible, for not crushing the criminals who performed these cumulative, cowardly and revolting provocations, while arming children who in turn were hurt when the Israelis sought to resume order, so that then they could be given as 'evidence' of Israeli brutality. Taunts, arms and throwing of stones, which could find their mark in someone’s temple, went before, incitations to the young as if their lives were for fun, not godly development, and taunts, arms and upsets went afterwards, as if provocation were to be friend of provocation, murder of mayhem and hatred with hollowness.

The situation indeed seems more than a little comparable to that in which a burglar comes to inherit your inheritance, invades your home, starts taking what appeals, and trips, or in some way is incommoded by your house's layout; and then successfully sues you.

It is questionable whether any world in which such monstrosities of distortion COULD occur could be in some way sane; but then, there are billions, and it is not all of them from whom justice has fled, meaning has departed and understanding moves out, decayed. It is just some of the law makers/enforcers. It is similar with Israel. Fancy taking ACTION against merciless marauders! How COULD Israel do such a thing ? Why after all, should Israel act for its own defence, why not abandon its citizens, expose its children, offer its youth on funereal pyres, presented without charge by Hamas and its aweful allies, inhuman, inhumane and hapless! Should not the ‘international community’ express outrage at such a thing ? Who in all history, one might almost hear the protest, has heard of such a thing, that a nation should defend its people, young and old, and not allow someone who does not enjoy them, to slaughter them freely, one hundred here, two hundred there! Astonishing and alarming!

Anti-Israel forces, now the norm in the cultures of the superior, are shocked, it seems, at such national self-defence. Israel however is shocked at the marvels of contrivance, to torture its people, slam human waste into their faces, shrapnel into their bodies! It is a weird world these days, when provocations are to be endorsed, or at least EFFECTIVELY bypassed, and protections are to displayed, before all knowledge, and all outrage apart, as if men were anaesthetised by desire, as if vile in advance of all knowledge.

Perhaps however if the Palestinian Authority has not suffered assassins to hide in its lairs, and removed murderers rather than protecting them, there would have been no seeking. Is it not reported, for example, that it is in Arafat’s own compound that 6 accused of the murder of the Israeli Minister of State, are hiding ? But no! it is WRONG to remove mass murderers, wrong to wait months for their extradition, wrong to insist on an end to systematic murder, and wrong to take action in the end, after so long a time, to seek them out! They should have waited for ever, or acted mildly so that war was not declared! However, how could it not be WAR when war was practised, professed, when no assurance was given in word and deed that the actions of some were the abomination  of all in the Palestinian Authority, that they would not rest till it ceased ?

Was the release, many months ago, of some of those already held in the prisons of the Palestinian Authority, allowing them to practise their black arts, or rather red ones, unrestrainedly again, an indication of remorse ? Does the world HAVE TO cease to think, when Israel is the butt of its ire, the pond of its fishing or the bird of its netting ?

Has martial ardour and rancid rejoicing been the presentation from the PLO, or provocations innumerable ? Has it forgotten the ravaging of Jewish shrines and worship places when Jordan had control of the other half of Jerusalem, before Israel regained it in 1967 ? Does it forget the Mosque sitting unbombed, while Israeli lives are offered in the name of this very same religion ? Does it congratulate devilry, and ignore realities of the land, God chiefly, but man’s own agreements likewise, so that it might cry, ‘Peace! Peace!’

Has this been the word, or the deed ? Is surprise to be expressed at people who do not take it nicely, when


And what precisely is that the Arabs want ? Is it perhaps the reported 76.9% of "Palestine" that was created by Britain, in 1921, as Jordan ? Palestine is cited as constituting some 118,000 square kilometres, and Jordan to have received 91,000 square kilometres of this. Now since the Balfour Declaration was in 1917, and this was supposed to allow for the Jews the creation of a national homeland in Palestine, this meant that around 91/118 nearly 77% went to the basically Arab peoples, in the form of Transjordan. The Golan Heights went to Syria in 1923 (ceded by Britain, equipped with Palestinian Mandate).

Thus 'Palestine' had suffered two depredations, relative to the entity called 'Palestine' in 1917, when the Balfour Declaration was made. Around 23% was left for Israel. In 1950, Transjordan changed its name to "Jordan" which it still retains. It was Eastern Palestine, 'across the Jordan'. It left that designation for the new one. After all, Jordan is less limiting as a name than Transjordan; it is less limiting and more useful when you have grabbed land on the far side of the River, as well!

Thus ‘Palestine’, the residue for Israel, plundered repetitively, it was like someone afflicted by anorexia - that, it is the Jewish part, and still they roar, with bombs, and the UN with words. It is not enough! More, more! They cry like the grave, for its prey; and still they show agitation.

HOW the world has hated the Jew! The actual reality is this: that the LORD appointed this people for His glory (Isaiah 43:21), and they have failed in that so rankly and categorically (cf. Isaiah 1, 30:8ff., 49:7), in the centuries long before the consummation of it all in the slaughter of Christ, that they have foregone His power and protection. Nevertheless, in His faithfulness (Ezekiel 36:22), He HAS brought them back as promised in that chapter, the return of the Messiah thus being imminent, so that the many who shall return to their own Messiah, and may no more serve idols (Ezekiel 37:23-24).

He, God Himself,  is to ‘sanctify’ His ‘great name’ in these events, and not defile it. It is the removal of defilement, not its chronic continuance which He here declares. It is the Messiah who is to institute and keep it so (37:26,24), and it is He who will secure these transmutations in the land (as in Zech. 12:10, 14:5, Micah 7:15, 5:1-3, Isaiah 11). It is the new covenant which is to be the conveyor, the slain Lord, the King.

We do not contemplate rising rebellion here, awaiting its grisly gyrations, but precisely the opposite, a transforming event, a radical alteration of decline, a restoration in two phases, and the dynamic with which to bring it all to pass in the terms of the vision, the vision of purging, purification, radical alteration, albeit in two phases, conjoint, cumulative, irrevocable, covenantal in a New order, without return, or revocation.

This is thus an ultimate event, and it is to this, history hastens (Ezekiel 39:28-29, 37:4, 9, cf SMR Appendix A and see Index on these scriptures). It is here the newly returned Israel is to find the divine power as at the Exodus (Ezekiel 38:8, Micah 7:15) and the nations are to learn what they will never unlearn (Ezekiel 39:28-29); indeed, it is here, in this very precise milieu, that that irrefutable and sustained reality will come to their minds, that Israel went OUT for divine displeasure, not weakness per se, and came back for divine decision, not circumstance, and that it is God who has done what seemed good to Him. That, it is MOST ultimate, and to this hour, the resistance to this realisation is intense, immense, international and focussed not least in the UN!

The word of God, then proceeds on its ineffable, functional, brilliant way.

It has an appointment, and it will surely keep it, when the word of God is the ‘card’. It always does; it knows no other authority! (Joel 2:11).

By a superb irony, in 1948, Egypt seized and occupied Gaza, subtracting this from what Israel retained; and Transjordan took Judea and Samaria, with East Jerusalem, declaring these part of Jordan. It was this that left  the anorexic 'Palestine' for the Jew.

27,000 sq. kilometres of the original 118,000 that was Palestine, had remained. Now that is rather less than half! It is rather less than one quarter! That is quite some effectual division. Israel resumed this, now called "West Bank" area, annexed by Jordan in 1948. Between 1948 and 1967, when Israel regained that part of Palestine called the "West Bank", there would be less! It is reported that the loss to West Bank was  5,700 sq. kilometres. Now, 1967 past, with this recovered, the vast 77% or so, alone, appears missing from the promised "homeland" to Israel!...  A bagatelle ? an inconsiderable thing ? a period omitted in a transcript ?

Naturally this was inadequate for the militant wing of the Moslem movement. Only 77% are you joking! seemed to have been the approach, though this figure does not seem entirely in the forefront of thought. It is NECESSARY to have ALSO half of Jerusalem, Gaza, West Bank.

Various population shifts have occurred in these developments. Thus "Eretz Daily" reports that following the 1948 war, some 870,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries, most refugees. These with hundreds of thousands of European Jews, uprooted in World War II, came to Israel, quickly adding 1.5 million. Somehow, one does not hear much of that 850,000. However could that be ? One feels as if the Red Queen might now say something, or the Duchess toss up the baby, as it turns into a pig. COULD such things actually happen ? Is history afflicted as the greatest fairy story of all, in its marvels of wisdom, as man prepares for his great destiny, ground to powder or governed by God! (cf. Matthew 21:44, 13:43). Who would not pity him as in knowledgeable ignorance, and sadly defective savvy, he makes his way to the legions of the lost ?

Let us however return to our figuring. By contrast, around half of one million Arabs left what became Israel, in 1948, most to Jordan's holding in West Bank, some to Gaza, held by Egypt.  Many more went to Lebanon.

Many of the Jews expelled, went to Israel.

It is interesting to read that of the current 9 million or so in the Palestinian territories, around 6 million are in Israel, 3 million in the Palestinian sector. As to the unassimilated Palestinians, it seems that Jordan does not want them, these Arabs displaced, Egypt does not want them: nobody wants them except in one thing, that it is an Arab desire to have Israel. The ramrod request to Israel ?  TAKE them whether you want them or not. In fact, Israel is to 'take' them in such a way that it is to lose half of its capital, and more of its already restricted and ludicrous fraction of 'Palestine' that was, in the day of the Balfour Agreement, to become its "national homeland".

Israel ? it is to "take" them in such a style that taking more of what remains of the reduced State of Israel, is the method. You add by subtracting, allow people in so that they might take territory from you. Assuredly, we are in the domain of classics! Such a 'solution' as this has all the constructiveness of an atomic bomb. That however has one blast; this has a constant wail.

Again, even taking the more international section of the affair: if Britain was recognised by the League of Nations, in 1920, as the recipient of the Mandate over Palestine, and Palestine was recognised likewise as comprising a territory to which Jews had right to proceed to reconstitute their National Home, how was some 77.9% in 1922 ... lost sight of, in the direction of the creation of Transjordan ? It would seem rather an oversight.

The concept that now more should be taken from the Jews, than merely Jordan, and that Jordan should not be held responsible, as having been granted most of Palestine, for the Arabs of similar religion, if no one else wants them, is one of those imposing oddities of history, which make the use of the word 'justice' seem illusory in some of its affairs, like a stamp put on a cargo, absent-mindedly, when it should perhaps rather have been 'custom'.

If however some Arabs who have not shown murderous attitudes to civilians, and wish to be Israeli citizens, and meet reasonable tests - like anyone else migrating to some land, not wishing to overthrow it and take it for themselves (name any other country which would take immigrants of such a declared purpose ... if you can): if these be accepted by Israel, what then ? That WOULD be a gracious and peaceable proposition, though it should obviously be realised that a national homeland is not one to be FUNDAMENTALLY dictated to, in terms of the culture of others, though to be sure, in the Balfour Declaration, due account had to be taken of this.

In one point, it certainly has been covered: for in leaving the Mosque right in the heart of its capital, Israel has allowed prominence of place and pride of position, historically and topographically, to be taken by the religion of ALIENS! It would be rather like putting a Mosque in Westminster Abbey, or leaving one there, after the territory was recovered.

What is expected of the Jew, is a rarity indeed, a behaviour seldom seen on earth. The hawks quiver, their wings outstretched, their eyes are wide, their view uninhibited; and is it the UN that one sees, marching, marching, to tell Israel of the atrocious follies of imitating the US work in Afghanistan, though perhaps doing so  less severely, in its national safeguarding from promiscuous murders ... promiscuous only ? say rather, those concentrating on the bubbling fountains of youth in the active centres of Israeli, and glorying in their ghastly horrors, like children turned into tigers.

Is this religion ! It is factually that of a false prophet, now equipped with oil (cf. More Marvels
Ch. 4). Was it not that secret document from British Foreign Secretary, Ernest Bevin, which as reported in the Age Magazine, August 20,  1988 (pp. 16-21), in the post-World War II turmoil, showed the frank desire to placate Arabs rich with their oil, with Bevin  evidently passionately pursuing the line that centres of oil production MUST be available.

There was, it is reported, found to be grave risk in alienating Arabs "by appearing to ... endorse the Jewish aspiration for a separate State." How does oil spread softness on the paths of war, and incline the heart to greed rather than goodness, when there is no restraint! It is a world in which restraint in 'national interests' seems increasingly if not obsolete, then all but antique.


It was in fact in 1947, that Britain reached one of its foulest hours. It was an aspiration to the depths which led two British naval vessels, reportedly 7 times to ram the EXODUS, a Jewish ship bought from the USA (the former President Warfield), and used to transport Jews to Israel. The cracked ship was then boarded and hundreds were wounded by open assault.

Why do we hear so little of these heartless and vicious deeds -  the new sort  of 'cricket' if you will - these actions against the Jewish people ? Why do we hear of Arab needs for MORE of Israel, when nearly 80% went anyway from the original Palestine, to Jordan ? and that after the Mandate to Britain was approved, according to reported 'facts'. Why is the West Bank so important, since it is so close to so much of ancient Jewish history, and was in the Palestine supposedly to be for the Jews, so that in its excising, if this were to be done, from Israel, it would make the position yet worse ? In donating a heartland, must you remove the heart ?

Why cannot peaceable Arabs, not motivated by a blood letting war of ravagement on Israel, go to Jordan or become absorbed into Israel ? What is Jordan but an Arab state made from Palestine ? Certainly it did not like having the Palestinians in it, but what was if FOR, itself! Was it then as a dream that one forgets ? But this one, it has frontiers.

The insatiable desire for more and more of the Palestine accorded to Israel, to murder more and more of its citizens, to take more of its capital, to add to the insult of its Mosque, allowing quite generously for the culture of other nations in its occupation, as in the Balfour Declaration, the desire for the surrounding section of the city, it is a parade of horror. It is augmented by the desire for UN people to come into the little section Israel has, and to consider, rather than taking such action first in Afghanistan, what evidences of over-reaction to murder there may have been. Indeed, all these things appear so gross, so absurd, so unjust, so prejudicial, so overweaningly leaning to the nation of power, and against that which is small and without the oil of the Arab, that it is unclear why the UN does not conceive itself as acting to make of itself a laughing stock.

No such awareness seems obviously present however; and if Bevin was at least frank, this is UN scenario, somehow phrased as if it had some semblance of justice and ethics.


It is therefore not altogether surprising to find some semblance of reason and righteousness coming in the clearing fog. Thus Israel has REFUSED to have the UN come with a predominantly civilly oriented body to assess the recent history of Ramallah site, to acknowledge in terms of reference not sufficiently restrained. Perhaps in essence it is a sort of international crusade, not to take the Holy Land from the infidel Moslem, as of yore, but more of Israel from Jewish jurisdiction, as if it were a student stood down.

Is there zeal to find to what extent Ramallah and its allies, had become a terrorist base, or a warren of terrorist enterprises, a repository, a manufactory and a mine of devastating dreams,  and the means of their implementation ? Israel apparently is replete with materials from an ammunition factory down, and has rounded up many suspects. Did Bush do less in Afghanistan ? Does one not recall the most fascinated and intriguing sifting of masses of evidence in partially destroyed Afghanistan, papers innumerable, as they sought to piece together the total evidence for current plans to use atomic warfare against the US ? whether with so-called "dirty bombs" or direct nuclear blasts ? Is not Bush reportedly, in The Australian this very day (April 29, 2001), preparing for assault on Iraq, with perhaps some possible 200,000 or more troops ?

Why are such things looming, a matter of frequent reference, considerable agitation and seeking of partners ? Is it not because of terrorism, the augmenting enterprise of those desiring, for whatever reason, to harass his nation into subservience, so that parts of its foreign policy may become subject to Arab, or at least Moslem direction, dictation and strategy; or that it might disappear entirely, condemned by the mouth of agitators, for whom the submit message of Islam seems hypnotic, despotic and derelict alike.

The USA and Israel parallels are enough to leave one aghast; and the UN interest in Israel, Israel, Israel in such circumstances exposes a nerve that should be more usefully utilised, than in this misguided and misplaced zeal. Is it to be as wrong to defend a nation against the violence of cowards, as against the inconvenience imposed on burglars who trip! Is it to be wrong only when the nation concerned is easy to 'treat', and is the absurdity of such a proposition to be 'pushed' only where the ease of the operation makes of it in some sense, a practical purpose! We have however on a former occasion, considered the various elements which seem to inhere in this insensitivity in the UN, and others, in these matters concerning Israel, and for the present need merely consider the latest development.

Thus the US is reported to be backing Israel in its insistence that the UN Delegation CANNOT come to the land until its composition is to Israel's better satisfaction; that is, until it appears, better equipped with those expert in war and terrorism in particular. To research a nation's efforts to repel domestic murderers, who act en masse, who do so with glee and gloating, with incitations and execrations, as if the national response  were PER SE an anti-humanitarian folly of an erring people, tends to be an imaginative pretext from the outset. It is certainly most eminently selective in its interest. Imagine such criteria being employed DURING World War I - or in World War II, when the US and Britain bombed Germany, its cities with maximal vigour. One does not quite recall ...

This is by no means to sanction or approve in even the slightest degree, what IS unnecessary violence in the defence of your populace from the madnesses of hate, and the rapacities of desire to seize land (let alone when nearly 3/4 of the site in view, has been freely and most generously given to Jordan!). It is however to require that reason operate, at last somewhat, so that a war on terrorism is not turned into a tea party, and a struggle with the power bases of vicious intruders, is seemingly turned into a vast national misdemeanour, at the outset.

Such an approach has indeed been made,  and reported earlier, on this site!


Jerusalem ? is it not a HEAVY STONE ? It is not going for sale, thank you, for its vast clamour is the prophetic glamour: it is all precisely as Zechariah predicted. The answer is not to sell it for oil, or to empty it to the bidders in a sort of anti-rational, anti-Biblical crusade, an oil assisted jihad to match the misled Crusades of the Middle Ages, with the UN now, instead of the Pope then, pushing, pushing...

The answer, rather, is to realise that GOD made the earth, and we did not. God made us and we did not (Psalm 100, cf. SMR pp. 140ff., TMR Chs.   1,  8, A Spiritual Potpourri Chs. 1-9, Wake Up World... Chs. 4-6 etc.). If God wants to have a certain allocation of a land, best not to try to steal it from Him who made it! If God wants to discipline a people (as He did Israel, forecasting the same liberally in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy's closing chapters, and in many of the prophets), then it is best not to try to ADD YOUR OWN EVILS, grabbing the takings, and licking the lips like ghoulish hyenas (cf. Isaiah 51:22-23). Over centuries, many seem to have done just that, right into to the last century.

If again, God wants to restore a people, following far more than a millenium of discipline, to its land as predicted (cf. SMR Appendix A, The Biblical Workman Ch. 1 *3 and Ch. 3 *1), then again, it is best not to try to secure the place for yourself, and make havoc as if the day of Israel's discipline made it right and proper to persecute it as usual, for those of such a mind set! It is costly, and in the end will constitute one of history most amazing horrors, when misled power seeks to ignore the Mind of the Maker, and enforce its own ideas. We are fast approaching that day (cf. Micah 7:15, Isaiah 59:18ff., Ezekiel 38ff.), and it is with a blindness which had for some time been the special function of Israel itself! (Isaiah 42:13-19),

Yet it has no national limits! (cf. Romans 1:17ff.).

The efforts, the peace ? the peace! the hopes, the turmoils, the wars, the blood, the tensions, it is all precisely as forecast (cf. Zechariah 12 and see  The Impregnable Tower Chs. and  8). Soon we may even hear the PEACE! PEACE! when some delusive 'solution' - ex-God, as if man WERE God, in ignorance of His word and will - is proclaimed.

The delightful irony then will be this, that

the MORE the UN or similar pagan bodies insist on their peace, their methods, their principles of flesh and their Babels of arrogance, modern Moses-minus-God, and

the more in the time when it comes, PEACE! is proclaimed, for its brief interlude,

the more they will be fulfilling the word of God, the Bible.

In two domains, it will be:

That intemperate international humanism, that arrogance of flesh, prophetically, is as dangerous to the peace of man in the flesh, as is the rejection of Christ in the spirit! It leads to DESTRUCTION on a scale of its own! (I Thessalonians 5:3-4, II Thess. 2:1:7ff.). In Revelation you read of some of it in Chs. 16 and 19, statuesque in simplicity, in aims, to make war on God; and in divine sentence on the same! Long has God waited in love, having paid for all who will return to Him, freely in Christ (Isaiah 55, II Peter 3:9); but no time is sufficient for rebellion, when it takes it prey.

It is, after all revelation in general, and Revelation in particular, which will have the last word. As to God, He always does, has done so and will. Why not check ? Our site is full of the testimony of it (cf. in particular SMR Chs. 8 -  9, Answers to Questions Ch. 5). God Himself calls attention to it (Isaiah 41, 43, 48), asking WHO ELSE can do it so precisely, without error! Actually, no one. It is as simple as that. Scientifically speaking, it is not even a contest. Science changes traumatically often, dramatically more so, and is in constant efforts to update, update, and its errors are often prodigious to the point of (later) mirth.

It is not so with the  almost 3500 year old Bible, with whatever antecedent records it contains (cf. archaeologist, P.J. Wiseman, New Discoveries in Babylonia about Genesis). Embarrassment it does not know. Error it does not yield.

The error ? it is to reject the word of the Lord and listen to man, that product of clay and spirit, that creature, that creation which has gone beyond all bounds of folly, as if his word were truth, and his thoughts were law. Truth ? If God is to be killed again (if it  were possible, but here, in the minds and thoughts of the rebels, who are myriad), then there IS no truth to know, no atheism to present, it is fatuous rejection of its own parameters; and all talk is mere drafts of air, concerning the realities. You gain nothing but vacuousness, self-contradiction and self-service of a most evanescent, a sort of children's game of make-believe. Man ? as god he is all make-believe. He loves it; but it does not work. History is the laboratory to this effect.

God ? The contrast is entire. He does work. History related to the Bible is the laboratory to this effect.

Feeling pragmatic ? All things to all men, then ... see what works (cf. John 14:11). Nothing else does, or could. Principle, logic and practice are all one. Everything is always all one when you are on the right track. It is the pervasive application, the reconciliation of thought and fact. It is found in one place only.

It is not the UN. It is not the USSR (it had a stab at it!). It is not the land of the grand Revolution of France. It is not the wealthy USA, which unconscionably and rankly has its President pray with Moslems in a public disgrace that may be prelude to some public disaster, alas. It is not in Australia that it resides, this unity of all. Yet in Australia, or in Russia, or in the USA, or even in Israel, there will be some found, who have it. It is after all not our own creation, but the testimony of God. When it is received, it is found everywhere the same: it covers all cases, never fails, never dates.

It is written because God chose to reveal it.

You may care to visit Repent or Perish Ch. 7, and Ch. 2 now ... and even Ch. 5!