April 24, 2005 Luke 24:14-53




The First Sunday was the Acme of Worship

Questions leading to Answers from Him
on Whom the Church is Founded




I What kind of conversation ?

Luke 24:13-17

About Him, in sadness. Expectations were precise, but Christ was near and their concerns were the dawn to His light.


II What things
Are You the only stranger in Jerusalem ? How neatly He led them.
Luke 24: 18-24


III What kind of christ ? not kind but case!

Luke 24: 25-28

When it comes to God, the Lord, there is only one, and it is HE! HIS advent is our access. He is the I am (John 8:58), come as Christ.


IV What comes to mind ?

What He did comes to mind, and it should stay there!

If you cannot do what you do in the name of Christ, dont bother to do it! (Colossians 3:17). In what you do, give thanks, for there is for us a brilliant work of the living God.

Luke 24:29-32


V What kind of resurrection ?     Luke 24:33-43

It is one which has continuity, capacity to continue in normal fellowship, but no such limits as before. Life in Him does not end or shrink, but abounds for ever (I John 3).


VI What kind of biblical knowledge ?

Luke 24:44-45

The kind which comes from constant, dedicated study.


VII What kind of Gospel ? not a kind, but the case
Luke 24:46-48

The Gospel of Christ is CHRIST who came, who lived the life of God on earth, who died for sin, who rose in disruption of the finality of death, by remission of sins and the exhibition of what is to be for those who are redeemed by Him, in Himself! It may be changed only by turning blessing to curse (Gal. 1:6-9)


VIII What kind of time ?  

Luke 24:49

THEY had to wait until the Lord opened the door to the arrival of the New Age of the Gospel with its spiritual presence as in John 16:7ff.. This advent and outcome you see in Acts 2.

WE have to wait on the Lord at the commencement, nothing held back, until by faith our hearts are in unconditional surrender
 in His hands, and it is then that we are in His!
He does not live in rebels, but the redeemed (Colossians 1:2, Luke 14:27ff.7). If you fail or fall, repent at once, return and go.


IX What kind of power ?  Luke 24:49-53

The personal power which is that of God Himself (Ephesians 1:19). It was found at Pentecost as He prescribed, applied in their witness and testimony, and led them on His way as the vast Church formed. Doubt Him if you love death; act in faith, for life