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incorporating the PREFACE to the Third Edition, 1997

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For more description and rapid overview, please read below.

This trilogy is equipped with a very large,  wide-ranging and detailed Index with hyperlinks, enabling, digest-style, access at speed to desired topics and sub-topics. It also has a similar Scriptural Index, with thousands of verses readily accessible for reference, individual study or comparison of treatment or verification as covered in the trilogy. This is a source for intensive investigation as well as Bible study.

Note that in SEARCH the various indexes both for this trilogy and the rest of the publications are presented. They constitute a separate volume.

The triad, The Shadow of a Mighty Rock is now also provided with hyperlinks for the extensive glossary entries, one set for each volume. Whole words placed in hyperlink mode will often lead directly to the glossary. These glossary links are intended to achieve two purposes: to assist at the language level in finding the exact shade of meaning in a word or phrase intended; and to give, at times, pithy summaries or impactive briefs on topics, to keep the mind more sharply to the point. Sometimes these expand even further to give some exposition.

Numerous end-notes and some footnotes also are provided with hyperlink, to allow rapid assimilation and integration of the materials.

A survey in a moment of the chapters may help.

Chapter 1 deals with the necessity that GOD ALMIGHTY IS, that HE HAS SPOKEN and that the record of His only authoritative declaration to the human race in writing, is the Bible.

Chapter 2 takes the issues of life to their logical conclusion, in verification mode; Chapter 3 deals with wriggles, twists and the tortuous efforts of philosophy to detach itself from the Maker of the minds that so writhe; Chapter 4 covers verification in the fields of psychiatry, sociology and physics. Chapter 5 shows the stunning fact that the Biblical perspective and declaration solves the chronic problems over ages, of philosophy, and that with a zest that matches the most lively quest. Chapter 6 covers the implications of the life of Jesus Christ.

Further Bible study is found especially in Ch.7, SMR, in twelve extensive presentations which may form a basis for meditation, discussion, voyages of discovery. The Gospel and what constitutes a Christian, is readily found, Biblically defined, for example in SMR pp. 521ff. (go to top), and in That Magnificent Rock, Chs. 2 & 3. Being a Christian certainly represents an achievement: but it is one of Christ, not of flesh.

Your interest may be, for example, in victory over sin, and the power of God in the midst of evil ('The Mastery of the Mystery of Men'), or personally in Christian growth, in Biblical prophecy generally, more particularly in the prophecies of Jesus Christ, or in other topics in SMR index.

Chapters 8-9 cover first the prophecies of Jesus Christ and their inimitable realisation; and then, the detail of Biblical prophecy. SMR deals with every book in the Bible, and you will find the matters brought ceaselessly to your attention, what was said, and how it eventuated in verifications that know no end.

Chapter 10 deals with the emptiness of the competition, from a logical perspective, on all fronts, and in some detail this is taken up in the underlying principles; and it covers some of the most venomous departures from the peace of God which strive for the minds and the hearts of mankind. In this there is the sadness at loss for many, and a longing for those afflicted by these misled and misplaced errors, to recover themselves - much as a doctor longs for the health of patients. The virus, or here the false teaching, this relates to the enemy; it is the patients who are in need of health.

The formal introduction with more detail, including that on the Appendices, is available from the NEXT SECTION link below. This gives you the bookmap and its parts, for The Shadow of a Mighty Rock, but the quick reference above may help if you are short of time. Meanwhile, the Preface, largely as at first written, is provided below.



As to - The Biblical Christian Faith:
Not Without Reason ... Nothing Else With It
1 Peter 3:15, 11 Corinthians 10:5, Acts 4:12, Romans 1:18-20, John
15:21-23, Psalm 50:17-23, Jeremiah 5:1-7,12-14,20-25,31

God, in Romans 1,

advises us through the apostle Paul that His divine nature

and eternal power

are obvious.

The purpose of this trilogy
is to show the logical certainty :

that God Almighty
that the Bible is His word,
what He has definitively said to our

that Jesus Christ,
the Everlasting Word of God ONCE
as man,
is the only and the necessary Saviour.

It is to demonstrate formally the truth :

that Scripture is the word of God
and so to aid others of my race to find God -
to come therefore
to Jesus Christ, to believe His word, and to know,
honour and glorify Him,
instead of being confused, conquered by sin
or misled by the deluded.

It is some 40 years since my call to the work of the Ministry; and in that period, such aims have been pursued. Nearly a quarter of a century of that time has been spent as a Christian Minister in what is now called the Presbyterian Church in America, while further years have been passed in ministry in the Presbyterian Church in Canada and in that of New Zealand. Both to individuals and to churches, the challenge of Christ and of His written word, the Bible, has been given, sometimes with seething persecution and chagrin visited on the witness, starting in Melbourne, in 1954.

Recently a young professional man asked me if he could study my current work on Christian apologetics. Fascinated by the relation of Biblical prophecy to current and recent world events, he wished to explore that area, accorded two chapters in the work, and considerable detail.

Later, he advised that he was now moving to other parts of the apologetics presentation. There is no harm in such a procedure, so long as the whole logical structure is eventually realised, and one at some time gets back to the beginning! - to Chapter 1. In this sequence, prophecy is in Chapters 8 and 9! Logically, the rest comes first in this schema; then follows prophetic and other verification. Provision has been made to meet more and rather less academic preferences by writing with a relatively broad vocabulary, but at the same time providing an extensive GLOSSARY (some 13000 words on terms and phrases used in this work). This is provided BOTH in one form, on a page by page basis, and in another (with the aid of a computer), as an alphabetical tutor aid. It often essentialises issues.

Extensive bibliography may be helpful to students doing essays as well as for the interested reader and those who wish to verify points.

In order to meet a need often felt, that of re-formulation and presentation in slightly different, or augmented ways, endnotes have been used on an unusually lavish scale. Not merely may these pursue fascinating areas and elements, but they may extend them, inter-relate them, apply them, give slightly different perspectives, to some extent giving the advantage of more than one book. It can act like the cross-wires on gun sights, making sure of the target. EXTENSIONS are used when the matters reach considerable scale and importance.

Now the question is this: Why should this particular NEW work on apologetics be provided ?

While apologetics works are readily available that deal with

or on the other hand, in more or less heavy style,

it has seemed a real need exists for a comprehensive work which combines both and more. Demonstration, verification, analysis, synthesis, identification and application, both logical and personal are needed: all in one.

Again, with the current and now long-standing emphasis on

so academically prized and popularly received, its values perceived rather broadly, it has seemed good to show just how that applies in this field - and just how aptly!

Not merely, carefully utilised, does this method lend categorical support to belief in God; it distinctively puts its weight behind Christianity, which is hand-made for just such an approach, through its own internal emphases. Scientific method points to Christianity like a benign heat-seeking missile.

Further, while the use of pure reason is of great value (and arguments against it, depend on it!), it is best also to expose reasonings to the available and visible world of data. This has the additional advantage over more segmented approaches that it meets, in this, the requirements of scientific method.

In executing this applied phase of the work, attention is therefore given to many fields, from psychiatry to physics, from philosophy to fossils, from history to current events, and especially to prophecy in its quite extraordinary claims and equally extraordinary attainments.

In Chapter 10, a retrospective look at world religions, in terms of select and relevant logical principles, enables the proper vigour and validation to be seen for the Biblical faith, and for this alone. This then is seen in the desolation of the hypotheses, as it were, of intended competition: as might be done, to the extent that the method is applicable, in terms of a verified hypothesis face to face with its erstwhile and unverified opponents. Under such scrutiny, the Biblical faith not merely is left free of any effective assault or valid competition, but effortlessly stands, and stands alone.

Not that such considerations are all. Far from it. Formal, sequential, logical proof that Bible is the word of God is first supplied in the initial chapter, and extended in Chapter 3: the verificatory aspects being given secondary but carefully explored status. The systematic defects of opposing view-types are analysed in Chapter 3 with more in Chapter 10, so that a merely empirical approach is as carefully avoided on the one hand as, on the other, is any rationalistic slighting of the necessary attention to the empirical.

Rational, revelatory and empirical components, each in its proper logical place, combine to show the necessity of public speech from God, and in particular, of divine creation, which is examined in some detail, in Chapter 2: the systematic contributions of vitality, of living things being there considered.

This, like the address to psychiatry, sociology, elements of economics that touch the issue (esp. Ch.4), to archeology, to history (esp. in the Chapters 8-9 on prophecy, but also in the Appendix area, as in Appendix C) including church history, to Bible history, physics at related points, and to theology is specifically intended to help the often beleaguered tertiary student, assaulted ostensibly by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, but more specifically often, by outrageous lecturers. That Magnificent Rock (q.v.) makes further detailed excursions into this field.

These, or the authorities behind them - as revealed both in available literature and in the author's varied experience, whether as a student or as a lecturer - can proselytise students with absurd assurance, barbarous irrationality and hideous misuse of authority. In some cases, indeed, even the lecturers may be pitiably intimidated to the loss of some integrity, by their own administrators. So the whole evil process, tending to be dispersive of truth, can go on!

Such features and interactions, if not their own inclinations, can lead Lecturers, to their following convenient lines against all reason, and even against conscience! Such cases are not unknown. Pilate, in his own place, was one of the first.

Whether in writing or in oral work, indeed teaching of any kind, while I lecture or write, my rule is to be fearless in the use of reason, knowing its constraints mean wreckage for what is against its Author.

Why, however, it is for many, both lecturers and administrators ('Heads of Departments' for example) 'convenient' (as I personally found in one case in Adelaide!) to follow certain cultural preferences, though these be neither rationally warranted nor intellectually defensible, is a point given, in some respects, a striking treatment by noted U.S. Professor Allan Bloom in his work, The Closing of the American Mind. The phenomenon is unhappily not at all confined to the U.S.; but in its indoctrinative and authoritarian arbitrariness, it is unwholesomely visibly in Australia. It is not that I wish to isolate these two countries, however; merely singularise movements where I have lived and taught.

As Henry Morris in his book, The Long War Against God, makes clear, it is God, the true and living God who over many cultures has abidingly been held, not convenient. As for His personal expression in the Lord Jesus Christ, shown in prophecy, history, by reason and through revelation as God made manifest: this is most entirely inconvenient! God gets in the way!

Some of us were recently advised by a radio station that what we were planning to present -

that this would break the law if it were to be broadcast!

There if ever there was a case, is human law openly contradicting the divine law. It WILL not even to allow its broadcast, no, not though we welcome discussion! Is divine mercy to be silenced ? or with what result would that be! Yet it cannot be silenced, for God will not suffer it to be so till all the nations know the Gospel (Matthew 24:14). Actually, the saints of the Lord meet the devil without submission, "and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death" - Revelation 12:11. It will be interesting to see if ANY radio station has the integrity and fortitude to suffer such Biblical preaching on its waves!

So much however for even that element of radio freedom! Is it better then to suffer judgment than to warn to flee from it, whether you be Jew or Gentile! (cf. Hebrews 2:1-4, 6:18, Acts 13:46, 17:31)! If the Jews have suffered a holocaust, is this not what Jeremiah and Moses made clear ? and if the Gentiles approach a parallel of their own, indeed the whole world:

as the Jewish prophets have made clear! (cf. Acts 4:11-12, Isaiah 41:28-42:9, 11:10, 55:1-4, Psalm 2, Deuteronomy 18:15-18, and Ch.9 of this work).

Christ Himself covered the case at the outset, while still on earth (Luke 19:12 ff.), through His parable incorporating the sentiment of a people towards a nobleman who was preparing to depart from them, for a far country. What was it they had to say: we will not have this man to rule over us!

Christ declared this parable as He proceeded to a death at the hands of His own people, who also found Him 'inconvenient' (it being 'expedient' that 'one man should die for the people', it was felt - John 18:14). It was a death

"For the Father judges no man, but has committed all judgment to the Son that all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son, does not honour the Father who sent Him."

Logic is far removed from being a ground for such a removal of Christ's Lordship! Indeed, this apologetic work, dedicated to the exposure of the unique defensibility of the Biblically based Christian faith, shows decisively and demonstrates that it is the ONLY intellectually valid world religion. Nothing else, philosophy or religion, can logically stand.

You have to find something/Someone

In fact, all this - and more, as will be seen to be required - is done; and in this trilogy is carefully attested; and it is here shown to apply only to the Bible as written, and Jesus Christ there identified as living, indeed the Eternal Word of God. Its stark and exclusive fulfilment of test conditions is as obvious as is an aircraft amid automobiles, in a test for flying.

Here shown is both the logical necessity and unique validity of the truth of this Biblically espoused religion... the logical incoherence of competitive principles. Considerable time is in fact given to showing that not only does logic allow no escape from Jesus Christ as true God (foreclosing all options but that presented in the Bible), as only Saviour. It shows in addition that there is no escape from the constraints of logic except as it were, to uncreate oneself, a tiresome and contra-factual testimony (a species of reductio ad absurdum) to the necessary empirical relation of the creation to God... to the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is so whether any of that creation, specifically man, woman or child, wills to have Him rule over it or not. Whether or not such created persons will it, He will rule. The difference is this: it will be ruled out of order and finally dealt with, or ruled in truth and peace. What logic excludes now, majesty will exclude then.

In sum, it is shown that the scriptures of the Bible as God's own and express, unique and authorised word to mankind are academically indicated, formally demonstrable as is also the necessity of Jesus Christ for every man, woman and child. Necessarily indicated logically is this, that God is as He there expresses Himself to be.

Even that, however, be it noted, does not in itself help you sufficiently, if you need help, unless you follow it to Christ, the unchanged and eternal Person incarnate as Jesus Christ, alpha and omega, the beginning and the end (Revelation 1). Those who do not need this help are exclusively those who have it already, and having it eternally, need no addition to the inseparable Shepherd. But for the rest ? How does the Bible relate to the Lord ?

It is like a sign pointing to the Rocky Mountains from the adjacent plain: the sign, however beautiful, clear and even admirable, does not bring you to the heights, the majesty and power of these majestic mountains, unless you follow it and so come to them for yourself. In this respect, what other people have done is entirely irrelevant, if you have not done it yourself. The most perfect sign is no substitute for the following of it. John 5:39-40 has it:

Utterly reliable, they point truly to Him; but they point Him out, as did John the Baptist, so that people should come to Him. To remove blocks, and assist this, is one major purpose of this book; but it is also provided so that those who have come to Him may the more rejoice in Him, or find new depths of conviction in the faith, new ground for action in the faith, and new freedom in testifying of Him. The work is intended to remove needless confusions, a primary purpose being this: clarity in the truth and proof that the word of God is present, available and written in form as the Bible.

There is however another purpose, of manner, style, spirit and a more personal intention (not that the truth is not personal, but as this is not always known, this must be added).

It is this. The necessary analysis and examination, exegesis and presentation could be compared with the work of a doctor, looking at the health of a patient's body, testing, sending away for pathology results, speaking with the patient with concern mixed with reality.

The doctor does not hate the patient; but he MAY hate the viruses that would destroy his body; or the disease which cramps and possibly kills the victim. He may at least want to warn the patient, in love, of the results that will come if he does not take action.

It is now most necessary, in any serious work in theology, to make it transparently clear that the same applies here; but more also, for this operation, the operation of God in conversion, the testimony of the word of God to the truth: it is not merely for time but for eternity.

The various religions which are here exposed, including those false versions of Christianity which Christ and Paul and Peter so amply predicted, in their references to 'false Christs', 'heresy' and 'damnable doctrines': all these are regarded as so many diseases threatening the lives of devotees to them. This is not to have a lack of charity to the victims, any more than a surgeon has any lack of heart to the victims of a road accident. What the surgeon does lack is this: a feeling of sympathy for the driving that placed the patient in hospital. (Cf. I Timothy 4:1-6, Titus 1:13, 2:15.)

Hatred of evil is a colleague and not an enemy of love of the afflicted. Hatred of error is companion, not assailant, of the love of good, and of the love of the lost who, through error are in that pitiable condition.

The exact tracing of a cancer, diagramming of it, and so forth, may not seem a work in accord with love; but on the contrary, the perseverance, conscientious drive and patient application may be motivated by just that love of God which sent Christ to the Cross, not at all for the hatred of the world, but because -





Indeed, here is no simple issue of a prodigality of divine love, expressed in a Person, provided in a Person: it is highly specific as well, focussed as well as featured, practical as well as pure, pursued as well as provided, and its tenor is well displayed in Ezekiel 18:23,31-32 which appear here as testimony of the wonderful willingness of the God of wonders:

'Do I have any pleasure at all that the wicked should die ?' says the Lord God, 'and not that he should turn from his ways and live ?' ...

If you would like to discuss and seek these things, the email service is available, as shown on the Home Page. It matters little how you find Him, but find Him you must if you would live.

Finally, I should like heartily to thank my wife, Margaret for her dedicated reading of several chapters amidst the pressure of Christian children's work and other duties; my son Matthew for his substantial and sustained work in computing, to forward ready availablily for review and editing of the work of decades, and for proof reading two very large chapters, despite professional commitments; and my daughter Christiana, for lending life and artistic strength to what were mere sketches, for providing the Rock design, and for proof reading: and indeed the family as a whole for their convinced support of this project.

My thanks also go to John Kingsmill (Tabloid) for scanning; for initial work in word processing to Arthur Mills, of Snap Art Printing, for later development to David Field of Ace Word processing for a large coverage in that field, to Sue Johnson of Oasis Print for timely and valued aid, and to Ron Boogaart for conscientious and alert enterprise; as to Neville de Boar and the PanPrint team for First Edition printing... in appreciation of patience and perseverance.

This work was substantially formed over some 25 years (1969-1994) while I have been serving in Hinsdale, Illinois, U.S.A., and in Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia. Hence looking back to the past generation, I should like here to express my gratitude also to my parents Mr and Mrs Robert Bruce Donaldson, for their profound Christian testimony and marvellous confidence.

Past all generations is my praise to God for His magnificent and constant kindness and help, given in the ever faithful name of that incomparable, living Shepherd, who is so not only in name, but in deed; practical, personal, inimitable and judicious, almighty, vital and unerring - the Lord Jesus Christ, without whose help this work could never have begun, nor been revised and completed - in this latter part of 1996. This Preface itself has been slightly revised, in terms of the original of August 1992, in November 1997.

Robert E. Donaldson

November 1997
(Updated, August 1998)



Note that since 1998, there has been considerable updating in various places, although this has had no effect on the systematic treatment, merely pointing to later chapters to be found in later volumes, or making minor adjustments, enabling later data coming to hand, to be better utilised. It has not been nearly sufficient for a fourth edition, but does represent something worthy of note. Further, various internal sets of volumes, within the total spread of 161 volumes, a set entitled IN PRAISE OF CHRIST JESUS, have become specialised and incorporate more recent presentations on various topics raised in SMR. The latter however very frequently provides a useful basis for extension, and now cites some such volumes or chapters, being itself stable in its message and method.

Such later volumes do not replace this initial work, but they are geared to later events; since however the Bible has such coverage of all time to the very branch line to heaven or to hell, this becomes at times a more detailed focus rather than revision of any substance. These sub-sets are found at SEARCH.

May 2009


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Section 1: Considerations Compelling to God 1-36

Part A The Deepening Shadow of the Rock 1-3
Part B Dialogue 3-10
Languishing over Logic and
Lost through Language

EXTENSION 1: The First Extension:


Part C Getting Down to it 16-36

Section 2: The Junction of the Rushing Rivers 36-44

Section 3: God has Communicated 44-47

Section 4: Reason, Revelation and Remedy 47-71

Identifying the Remedy

EXTENSION 2: On the Forcefulness with which

Force Excludes Itself 65-67

EXTENSION 3: On Force of Arms and

Force of Evidence 67-70

See also Extensions:

On the Irruptive Concept in Creation 76-81

On Biology and Building 81-88

On a Simplified Schema 92-96

On the Trinity 96-100


1. The Summary Treatment

may yield a useful REVIEW or conspectus of certain elements 88-91

2. The Simplified Schema
(see also Suffering, *7, pp. 1163A-C, and *1, pp. 1174 B-D) 92-96


(102-252J, S1-S33)

Considering Creation and Evaluating Evolution

Section 1: Minding the Method 103-114

Section 2: Design and Theory:

Minding the Marvels of Microbiology 114-119

Section 3: Design and Language 119-125

Section 4: The Passing of a Theory

for which the Bugles did not Sound 125-128

Section 5: Specialised Coves in the Creation Seascape 128-252H

EXTENSION A : On Intelligence (cf. 252E-H) 128-140

EXTENSION B : On Life 140-145

EXTENSION C : On Scientific Method 145-159

EXTENSION D : On Dates, Dynamics and Predictions 159-179

EXTENSION E : On the Curse - Creation Confusion of

Theistic Evolution 179-197

Extensions, in the Endnotes, also include:

On Fostering Friendship with the Facts 208-210

On Change 214-226

On the Full Stop which Begins a Sentence,
with... A Rider on Youth and Society
in Dynamic Disequilibrium

On Dating: Models, Predictions and Dating 235-241

On Dates and Realism with Rates 244-250

Witness to Wonder 252A-C

The Quality of Intelligence 252E-G

Supplement Ch. 2 Cosmologies and Constancies S1- S33


Section 1: The Absolute Inadequacy of Relativity 254-255

Section 2: Cynicism and Scepticism 255-270

Section 3: Conversing Causatively 270-292

Part A. Allegory at the Computer Interface:
Conversations between Two Computers 270-284
Part B. Is There Not A Cause ?
Facing up to Fantasy and Fancy 284-292

Section 4: The Meaning of Macbeth 292-303

Section 5: Meanders of Modern Macbeths 303-313

Part A: The Uncentral Centrist 303-305
Part B: Deuteronomy 32: 305-313
Freshly Made Divinities
(The Hot Dead Kitchen... The gods
who are dead are as the numberless slain:
The Maker is He who always was, and now remains.)

Section 6: Intoxication, Interrogation and Assessment 313-315A

EXTENSIONS: Abrupt Creation, Validity, Mind 315A-316A

G L O S S A R Y (Text underlining signifies special items.) 317-332H

INDEX ..... see Volume III


CHAPTER FOUR: Subjects Of Scholarly Seduction 333-422W

Section 1: Psychiatry 333-353

Section 2: Sociology 353-396

Part A: Authority from the Void 353-374
Part B: The Voiding Authority 374-386
Part C: The Unavoidable Authority 386-396

Section 3: Physics... Waving to Particles: 396-406
The Combining Bonds Between Waves and Logic

EXTENSIONS: include Form and Information... the 406-422P
Comprehension of the Immeasurable...
the Arbitrary, the Irrational, the Irresponsible;
the Mentality of Man who would Mind
the Mind of God; Great Burials (422E-P).

CHAPTER FIVE: Light And The Lord 423-454

Verification by Victory in Crucial Issues ...
Where the Foolish Fantasies of Philosophy Fail,
The Word of God Uniquely Cuts Knots, demonstrating the
Resolving Power over Practical Problems of the Word of God.

Using the foregoing chapters, we are able to make short and
incisive visits to chronic intellectual sloughs, finding the Biblical
perspective constantly able to resolve, explain and account in a
way unique in its consistency and comprehensiveness; and moreover
able to account for the unnecessary existence of these sloughs.

Section 1: Freedom and Determinism 424-427

Section 2: Good and Evil 428-431

Part A: The Base 428
Part B: The Application to the Human 429-431

Section 3: Beauty 431-435

Section 4: The Problem of History 435 ... 445-451

Section 5: Guilt and Shame 436-437

Section 6: The 'Unaccountability' of Wantonness 437

Section 7: Accounting for Those who Cannot Account for 437-439

Section 8: Accounting for the Epidemic of Irrationality in 439-440

EXTENSION 1: On Freedom to Err 440-445

EXTENSION 2: On the Verification by History 445-451

CHAPTER SIX: The Life Of The Lord 455-476

Considering History, we gain ...
the Irrepressible Evidence that JESUS CHRIST IS

INCARNATE TO THE EXCLUSION of all Pseudo-christs;

being both

the necessary and only Saviour and the
only Authorised Lord, and Master for man

This is Verification by Virtue of His Virtue: The Regal Verification.

EXTENSION: On The Force of Fact 468-476

CHAPTER SEVEN : Biblical Conspectus 477-631

Revealed Perspectives on Life: And Resultant Systematics
A Matter of Knowing and Perceiving What is There,
in God's Word

Section 1: An Introductory Conspectus, Drawn from 479-501
The Christian Bible:
Basic teaching on central topics

Section 2: Composition of Eschatological Elements ('The End'). 502-516
Having seen how things are constituted: what
went wrong? and what has been done? and what
is declared to be coming?

EXTENSION: On The Middle East and ...
Contemporary Events 516-519

Section 3: Christian Clarity 520-532

Part A: What is a Christian ? What it means.
An objective examination of explicit
exclusion and inclusion statements in
the Bible, from the lips of Jesus Christ
on this topic.
Part B: Justification of the Concept of a Believer,
and Justification of the Believer ...
himself / herself

Section 4: Facing the Trinity: Divinity, not Divinity Fudge 532-560

Section 5: Salvation and Creation - Starting Where We Are; 560-569
Moving back to Where We Came From.

Section 6: Biblical Perspective on Rest - in the Presence 570-581
of the Ruinous Restlessness of the
'Post-Christian' Era ...
From Creation to the Operation of the 'New Creation'.
Topical Thought: Rest for the Restless and
the Wrestlers: Drugs, Deity and Desire

Section 7: Biblical Perspective on Missions 582-594
Not a matter of proselytising to a point of view
but of exposing people to the Word of that God
who made views possible...

Section 8: Biblical Perspective on Growth: The Upward Call 594-601

Section 9: Biblical Perspective on the Path of Pilgrims 601-610
Christ as Counsellor: To Have and to Hallow

Section 10: Biblical Perspective on Clarity and Confession, 611-619
Repentance and Realism ...
Christ as Confessor - to Receive and to Believe:
Hallowing the Lord in the Heart

Section 11: Lessons in the Lord from the Child - from the 620-623
Childlike and the Childish: A Matter of Marvels

Section 12: Biblical Witness to the Sovereign Singularity of the 623-631
Word of God and the Irrepressible Simplicity
of the Gospel

CHAPTER EIGHT : Prophecy Phase 1 632-732C

PROPHECY... A Valedictory V-Wing of Verification 632-636

Section 1: Predestination before Prophecy: Like Grace 636-643
before Meat

Section 2: Moving into the Field 643-645

Section 3: Introductory Elements, with special emphasis 645-732C
on the Prophecies of Christ Himself

Part A: The Jews 646-647
Part B: Jerusalem 647-648
Part C: The Gentiles 648-687
Part D: The Church 687-691

EXTENSION A: On Primary, Secondary and 691-697
Tertiary Pollution
Some Biopsies on the Tertiary Plague 727-730

EXTENSION B: On the Prediction of Jesus Christ: 697-699
Unless Those Days were Shortened,
No Flesh could be Spared
(Matthew 24:2)

EXTENSION C: On the Predicted Falling Away 699-707

EXTENSION D: On the Delusive Dignity of the 707-709
War Syndrome

EXTENSION E: On the 'Eighth Day'- The Second 709-712

EXTENSION F: On the Work of God's Word on 712-714
the Gentiles in the Past

EXTENSION G: On Predicted Fears and Distress 714-717


GLOSSARY (Text underlining signifies special items.) 733-750E

INDEX ..... see Volume III



CHAPTER NINE: A Light in a Dark Place 751-972
Prophecy Phase 2


will cover the predicted coming and the details of the
prophecies on Christ the Saviour ... 755-774

A. Paralleling Predictions ... 755-763

B. The Predicted Gospel ... 763-765

C. The Predicted Person ... 765-774

Section 2. MIGRANT INFORMATION... This section will give
data on the Jews and their prophesied history, in the divinely
pronounced and humanly protested and contested setting. 774-810

A. The Divine Divorce... 775-776

B. The Complex Drama 775-776

C. Reconstruction and Bringing Back 779-789

EXTENSION 1: On Forests, Flowers, the "Mushroom"
and the Cross 790-794

EXTENSION 2: On the Wonders of the Word of God
in Isaiah 794-810

Section 3. THE OPERATING THEATRE... will give views of
action, of the hub of events, Jerusalem - that great alarm-clock
of prophecy itself being monitored... 810-816

EXTENSION 1: Jerusalem and Eschatology 816-822

EXTENSION 2: On the Solemn Historical Truth about
the Temple 822-829

Section 4. PATHOLOGY... will cover in more graphic newscast,
the signals and scenes in the Gentile world that we all know so
well; and it will lead to the dabbling devices of the dispensary. 836-884

A. General Pathology and Psychiatric Ward... 836-842

B. Idolatry Wing... 842-848

EXTENSION: Current Events in Prophecy... 848-864

C. Visit to the Dispensary with a look at the Extensions on the:

Jesus Jostlers; New Age; and, Whose Word shall Stand 864-884

Section 5. BURSAR'S OFFICE ... Will provide a short reference,
as becomes the information-conscious department, on the prophetic
fulfilment in the date of the death of the Messiah. It will also touch
the international consortium of Europe, the Common Market, its
developments and its air, moving on to anti-Messiah or anti-Christ... 885-972

After a short introduction to the Office, we reach therein


Part A. Date of Messianic Birth ... or Death 886-899

Part B. Politico-Religious State of Things Predicted

for the End of the Age ... 899-972
Elements include:

The Verificatory Challenge of Isaiah 43 - Divine Confrontation 901-902

THE COMING CONSUMMATION: Foothills of this Prophecy
...the Common Market and the Immovable Mountains of God 902-971

1. The Kingdoms of This World 902-904

2. The Era of Anti-Evangelical Energies 904-906

a. The Church of the World

b. The Grand Format: The Holy Roman Empire

3. The Tyros of Modern Times: Fourth Empire Follies 906-909

4. Technology and Personality: Beast Fiesta 909-911

5. Spiritual and Martial Dimensions of the Common Market 911-922

a. The Convenient Church 911-917

b. The Convenient Community - Considerations of
  Clay and Iron 917-923

6. The Illusions of Unity and the Marshalling of Marketeers 923-930

EXTENSION 1 : Extension on the Application of
Scientific Method 931-943

1. Brief Survey of a Plane of Concurrence between
Scientific Method and Scripture 931-936

2. Application of Scientific Method to the
Resurrection Challenge 936-939

3. A Convenient Selection of 50 Items for Verification 939-943

EXTENSION 2: The Date of Birth and Death of Jesus
Christ on Earth 943-946

EXTENSION 3: Where is Rome ? 946-950

EXTENSION 4: Medals, Meddling and Intoxication:

Verification by Drunkenness 950-955

EXTENSION 5: 'The Idea Continues...' 955-957

The Miasmic Message of Misbegotten
Unity... Looking Forward 955-957

EXTENSION 6: The Final Configuration of Political Cancer:
A Sight Undesired 957-959

EXTENSION 7: Daniel's Last Seven: The Messianic Week and
The Day of Salvation 959-965

EXTENSION 8: On Fervour without Facts:

The Political Perversion 965-966


Practical Review of Some Revelatory Results:
Profoundly Authentic, Authentically Profound, This
Word of God - with correlative and negative results
for other kinds of 'words' from aspiring 'gods', with
their adoring devotees: Let him who has eyes see ...
Introduction: Survey of the Scenario and the Scene 975-979


SECTION 1: Retreat from Reality 979-1031

Introductory Perspective 979-983

Part A: The Peace of Truth 984-986

Part B: The Monolithic Singularity of the Word of God 986-996

1. While Antichrists are Multiplied, God is God alone 986-993

2. Muted Metaphysical Mysticism

from the East and West 993-996

Part C: Principles of Spiritual Anti-Pollution 996-1011

1. Meanders of non-Theistic Mysticism 997-1002B

i) Reincarnation

ii) "Consciousness"

2. Doctrinal Disfigurement of Deity:

Falling While Meandering 1002C

3. Progressing to Nowhere 1003-1008

Note on Follies ... the Ultimate Racism 1008-1011

EXTENSION 1: On Buddhism: Blended, Amended
Not Transcended 1011-1026

EXTENSION 2: On Tribal Testimony 1026-1031


SECTION 2: Retreat into Violence 1032-1088H

Religions of Violence at the Faith Level

Part A. On Violence to the Body of Christ 1033-1041

Roman Rule and the Antichrist:

Papal Pronouncements, Power and Privilege

verses Jesus Christ

Part B. On Violence to the Truth 1042-1061

EXTENSION 1: Peter and the Prince 1061-1065

EXTENSION 2: The Christ and the Pope 1065-1069

EXTENSION 3: No Other Name 1070-1072

EXTENSION 4: The Weaving of the Ways for the Antichrist 1072-1074

EXTENSION 5: No Peace Evidenced for a World at War
with God 1074-1080



God spoke, therefore let that word speak...
For eschatological mountain climbers


In what way, if any, is will relevant to salvation ?


A Byway of Radicalism
Some may Happen Still to Frequent



GLOSSARY (Text underlining signifies special items.) 1187-1209


GLOSSARY (alphabetical order) 1211-1218






INDEX . . . for Trilogy 1289-1342


















The Highway of Holiness and the Tree of Death

















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